“Hey man, whatcha doin”

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“Hey man, whatcha doin?”

My co-worker sits, with his back towards me, at the table and chairs in our hotel room, as I look from the bathroom to the front of the room.

My co-worker is shirtless.

He had stripped off his dirty grungy button-down short-sleeve shirt the moment we walked into the shared hotel room, the fleabag hotel, after he cranked up the A/C to high cool, so that our warm-heated bodies could get comfortable after the humid Florida heat that we have been in for the longest duration of the past few days.

The flush of the toilet echoes throughout the cheap-ass room as the sound slowly diminishes once it completes its cycle.

There is a slow murmuring coming from where my co-worker sits, bare-chested.

“I needed that piss,” I say as I exit the bathroom and walk toward him.

I leave my jeans unbuttoned, brushing my work-calloused hand over my exposed pubes of my unzipped open Levi’s.

I fondle my manly-sized package, feeling my cock, slowly stiffen and shift in my pants as it responds to the arousal.

I continue walking toward my buddy who occupies one of the two chairs around the cheap lopsided hotel table. I pull my own dirty white cotton tee shirt over my head while all the time raking my filthy fingers over my own hairy chest after tossing the discarded tee on the threadbare-worn carpeted floor.

“Hey, whatcha lookin’ at on that laptop?”

As I look over the broad manly shoulder of my seated pal, I see that his pants are unzipped and unbuttoned too. His right hand is busy fondling his own growing erection through the roughness of his soiled and dirty jeans.

“I have been fucking horny all day,” my pal, says he yanks his swelling cock out of his cramped Levi’s.

On the laptop screen, an image of a big-dicked dude pounding the pussy of a wispy blonde longhaired voluminous babe is all that I see, as I am able take a gander at on the screen.

“Look at the pussy on that bitch,” he says to me, as he strokes the length of his hardening 10-inch cock. A glistening drop of pre-cum seeps from the end of manly member.

“Look at that guy’s cock,” I say,” he is tearing up that hot blonde bitch’s shaved snatch with such intense fury.”

My buddy, Keaton, stands from his seat, yanking his jeans down over his workboots, and sits once again, bare-assed on the cheap hotel chair.

“DAMN, Keaton, you are horny,” I say to my bud as his cock plops against his thick hairy bush of his pubic nest in full view of me.

I stand behind my friend and pull my own jeans down to my boots, before I sit on the edge of the cheap comforter-covered bed, nearest to his seated position at the eryaman escort table.

“You are hard too, my friend,” Keaton says to me as I give my cock a strong tug or two, freeing it from the matted pubes of my groin.

I feel the goose bumps rise up over my body as the cold A/C washes over my exposed naked body. My nipples rise and project their pointed tips. They thrust outward in the air. It feels good, their hardness, like little soft arrowheads on my rippled muscled chest.

Keaton shifts in his chair to the side and moves the laptop to the center so that I can see what is being played out on the screen of his laptop.

“Can you see the fucking on the screen, Michael?” he says to me as he shifts the laptop so I can partake in the sex show, too.

“Damn, man, when was the last time that you pleasured that tool of yours?” Keaton asks me as his right hand strokes his member, grabbing himself, ever so roughly.

“It has been far too long,” I say, “I don’t have a steady pussy like you to pound on, like you do.”

“I have the girlfriend, yeah, but her legs are squeezed so tight together, I have not pounded that twat in weeks,” Keaton tells me.

“So she has cut you off?”

“Yes, she has denied my cock entry to that snatch of hers,” he tells me, as he steadily glides his hand up and down his cum-glistened shaft.

Keaton smiles at me.

I smile back.

I unlace my boots, pull off my socks and discard my jeans to the side of the bed.

I sit naked on the bed-edge steadily stroking my cock as the man continues to ram his cock in the well-lubed pussy of the girl on the screen, before Keaton and myself.

Drops of pre-cum is dripping from my hardened cock as I watch the fucking of the couple that is being played out before me and my friends on the small computer screen.

My legs are spread are wide, as wide as I can make them, while I carry out, my self-masturbation of my steely-hard rod.

Keaton stands and kicks off his unlaced boots and removes the last stitches of his remaining clothes from his taunt athletic body.

“You mind if I have a seat next to you on the bed, Michael?”

I shift my position on the bed, moving closer to the head of the bed, while Keaton takes his place closer to where I was seated before.

He resumes a similar stance as me.

Legs spread-wide.

Cocks, steel-like, each is projecting out in absolute stunning splendor between our muscular haired thighs.

Keaton looks over at me.

I do the same of him.

“Any girl would be lucky and happy to have that 9-inch cock in her twat,” Keaton sincan escort says as he reaches for my tool.

I move my hands away, exposing my unobstructed cock for his hand to grasp.

He wraps his hand around my tool and slides it down, before stopping at the base, squeezing hard, before he resumes his gliding, back up its length.

After travelling the full length of my tool, one time, he spreads the discharged juice he pumped from my inner most depths across the mushroomed head of my cock.

I hear myself, gasp, at the sensitivity of my member.

“That’s a nice seepage of juice, you got there, bud,” Keaton says to me.

He leans down and takes the discharge of his gentle pumping of my cock into his mouth. The second stroking of my cock by my fellow work-bud, delivers more of ‘me’ for my friend to swallow down into his throat and into his belly.

I sigh at the ecstasy that my friend has induced upon my being.

His cock continues to leak its own mixture of maleness from its hardened state.

His discharge joins the other invisible sexual discharges that are sure to be laced and spotted upon the comforter of this cheap-ass hotel that we occupy by the busy north-south interstate road.

“Will you suck on me, Michael?” Keaton asks as he removes his hand from my groin.

“Yes,” I say, “do you wanna do a 69?”

Keaton smiles at me.

I fall back on the bed all the while scooting my ass and the rest of my body to the center of the bed. I feel the cold air from the A/C as it hits the crevice of my ass. A big release of cum exits, from my dick, at the sudden change in temperature as its coolness hits my hot cock.

As Keaton positions his cock over my face, it hits me and drips on me with his juices, as they leak onto my facial cheek.

I once again feel his warm mouth as he devours me wholly in his gullet. I sigh, loudly, at the consumption of my cock into his mouth.

He reeks of sweat and hard work as I roam my two hands over the globes of his gluteus maximus, feeling the power that manifest there in the strength of his muscular butt, as I push him further down into my mouth. I swallow his cock down to its hilt.

I feel the cum leave his hardened cock, washing my throat with its eternal life-sustaining essence as he skull-fucks my mouth.

I lift my own ass, off the bed, fucking his mouth, as well, with the steady gyrations of my hips as I thrust upward on my back. I feel my own discharge continuing as he suctions me between his rosy red lips and flushed cheeks of his face as he accommodates my length and girth in the hot chamber etlik escort of his saliva-filled cavern.

“Oh, oh,” I exclaim once I remove my mouth from the dangling hard cock that hovers over my face.

“That feel good, buddy,” Keaton ask me in-between sucks of my cock.

“Yes,” I say.

“He is still tearing up that pussy,” Keaton says as he glares over at the continued fucking on the screen between the man and the woman.

He buries his nose in my saliva soaked pubes and sniffs me.

I feel his snout brush against my fully loaded sperm-laden balls. The warmth of the air from his nostril causes a large discharge of cum from balls. I feel my tensed balls give up its bounty to Keaton’s machinations on my cock.

I jerk, body-wide, as I deliver another cum-blessing into my buddy’s mouth.

I glance towards the screen, it is the same woman, yes, but the man is different. She has a new cock, a larger cock being rammed into her stretched and readied twat, the previous studs cum leaks out from the eaves of her pussy as the new man thrust his own steel-hard member into the woman’s loosened receptacle of man.

Keaton extends his tongue and lets his taste-bud riddled organ travel over the outline of my man-appendage. He traces over each vein, each blood engorged vessel that fuels my massive erection that he worked to its full hardness.

He stops on my crown.

My blood-enlarged repository gland and sucks me. He wraps his tongue around it, letting it work its magic as it tickles the excited piss-slit.

I fidget.

I jump.

I can feel the building in my nuts with each suction pump-action by him, each glide of his tongue, encircling and encapsulating my tensed and hard cock.

“I am gonna cum,” I scream out.

“Give it to me!” Keaton screams, “Give me that nut, Michael, unload it in my mouth, bud.”

“Oh FUCK,” I scream out before he can complete his sentiment.

I feel string after string of white gooey cum unload from my cock, as it is being pumped anxiously and taken willingly into Keaton’s awaiting mouth.

As the last gobs of cum empty from my cock, I collapse under Keaton.

He slings himself off me, as he stands over me and jacks his load onto my furry chest. His seed coats my densely hairy chest, mixing with my sweat and odor of the play and the workday.

A synonymous ‘Fuck’ rings from his tonsils as he spills onto me.

He falls onto his back, next to me, in a similar position.

We both heave a chorus of sighs, as we are both relieved of our blue-balled burdens.

Another shout comes from the laptop porno flick as another man relieves his load into the blonde shaved twat on the screen.

“That felt good,” Keaton exclaims as he comes off his own sexual induced high.

“I agree,” I concur, as I once again feel my cock begin to stiffen again from the intense coldness emanating from the over-worked A/C unit of this dingy hotel room, in the god-forsaken town of Perry, Florida.

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