His Ch. 08

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She closed the car door and started the engine. Her pussy felt the blast of cold air from the air conditioner first. She spread her legs to savor the sensation. She drove down the street and after she turned the corner, she stopped so she could try to figure out how she could do this task.

She cringed at the idea of going into a public restaurant, fulll of strangers and telling them that she was the pet of her Master. What would be even worse would be if there were people there that she knew. That thought really bothered her, but she knew she had no choice, so she pulled back onto the street and headed to the mall.

She was very aware of the rubber constricting her ass and her tits as she drove. She felt the tightness of the crotch cutout around her pussy. It was smooth, yet felt like it was molded onto her lips in the position she was sitting. The opening was low, between her legs, and she discovered she could barely slip a finger into her pussy through the opening. She tried to imagine how it would feel if He were to fuck her through the hole.

She squirmed a little at the thought. It had taken her mind off of the current task.

She drove into the parking lot and parked as close as she could to the entrance to the cafeteria. She checked her makeup and got out. She pulled her skirt down and tried to look as inconspicuous as possible. She opened the door and kuşadası escort went it.

Surprisingly, there weren’t many people there. She looked around and then realized it was too early for dinner and too late for lunch. She was relieved to see that there wasn’t a crowd, and then she suddenly was stunned to realize that there weren’t 14 groups of diners in the room. How could she fulfill his requirement.

She went to the ladies room and tried to think. Should she wait for more people before she started the task or should she come back later, or should she forget about it and just go home. Should she call Master and explain the situation. Surely he would understand and make an exception.

She rejected that idea quickly.

She screwed up her courage and went into the dining room. She decided it would be less dramatic if she ordered food and sat at a table like the other diners. At least the staff wouldn’t ask her to leave then. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t allow her to hang around waiting for more guests.

She took a tray and gathered some dishes from the serving line and then sat at the edge of the room, facing the side. She looked around and planned her mission. She took a couple of bites and then forced herself to get up.

She walked to a table across the room. The four people were laughing and talking as she approached. She kuşadası escort bayan went to the lady nearest her and paused next to her. They stopped talking and all looked at her.

“I am the pet of Master D,” she said.

They smiled and went back to their conversation as she turned and quickly walked back to her table. She didn’t look back, but when she was seated again, she carefull looked and saw the lady that she had addressed smiling at her.

She was relieved. That wasn’t so difficult, she thought.

She chose another table and went to them.

“I am the pet of Master D,” she said.

“Excuse me?” the older gentleman asked.

“I am the pet of Master D,” she repeated.

“Good for you young lady,” he laughed.

His wife and the other couple smiled at her and she could hear them whispering as she went back to her table.

Her stomach was still churning from the anxiety, but she was starting to relax a little. She looked around and saw three tables next to each other. She decided she should get it over with as quickly as possible, so she quickly strode over to them.

“I am the pet of Master D,” she said to each group as she passed them.

It was getting easier, and she was starting to relish the mystery of her task. What did they think? Did they know what she meant? Did they have secret lives that would escort kuşadası know the meaning. Do they have pets or are any of them pets for a Master. The idea races through her mind and she found herself becoming excited at the idea that she was admitting this need to strangers.

No, admitting wasn’t right. Confessing? No. Taunting them with it? No. Bragging about it? No.

She was telling the world that she was proud to be under her Master’s control, and then with that realization, she stood up and eagerly, yes eagerly through the room and stopped at every table and smiled this most radiant smile and she proclaimed her ownership to all. If she could have stood on the top of the world and yelled it she would have.

“I am the pet of Master D,” she loved to say that now. She loved to hear the words. Somehow it was liberating to give herself to Master and to confirm that to everyone she saw.

But the important realization washed over her then too. She had been telling herself “I am the pet of Master D.” And now she really felt that she was. It seemed as if a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders. She was almost limp and exhausted. She moved from group to group, almost like a missionary ordained to spread the good word.

She completed her task and she went back to her car and called to tell her Master that she had complied with his instructions.

“Yes, I know,” he answered.

“What will You have me do next Master?”

“Go to 34th and Main. You will enter and receive instructions there.”

She wondered what was at that address, but she started the car and started in that direction, content to follow Master’s orders.

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