Holly’s Adventures

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As the man on screen fucked the girl faster and faster, her moans escalated into shrieks. I pumped my cock at the same tempo as the man. Suddenly there was a knock at my door.

“Fuck!” I muttered angrily to myself. I turned off the TV and threw on a robe. I stood up and made sure the couch didn’t display any signs of its use, then answered the door.

On the doorstep stood the only reason this interruption was okay, Holly. Holly was my 18 year old’s daughter Jenny’s best friend. The cute, spunky redhead grinned at me and I couldn’t resist the smile she always brought to my face. I had known her since she and my daughter met in kindergarten, and they have been inseparable ever since.

“Hey Mr. Benson.” she said and as usual invited herself in. I closed the door and followed.

She skipped into the kitchen and jumped onto the counter. To anyone else all of this would be unimaginably rude, but with Holly it was the norm.

“Want anything to drink?” I asked opening the fridge and studying its contents.

“Orange juice with a shot of vodka.” She said casually. I threw her a look and she rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine, minus the vodka.”

“Coming right up,” I said “Oh and Jenny is spending the afternoon with Derek.”

“Uhgg, I know. If I hear about his dimples one more time, I swear, I’ll explode!” She groaned. I chuckled as I poured the orange juice.

“I mean,” she continued as she jumped down from the counter and plopped herself down on the couch “she’s so convinced I would be happier with a boyfriend, she keeps setting me up with these complete duds! It never occurred to her maybe I don’t want a boyfriend!” she complained.

“But if she did, I bet it wouldn’t be hard for her.” I couldn’t help thinking as I followed her into the living room. With her petite frame, gorgeous features and laid back attitude, she was a stunner. The fact her breasts had blossomed into what looked like at least C cups didn’t hurt either. I snapped myself out of my thoughts and continued the conversation.

“She’s Anadolu Yakası Escort just doing what she thinks is best for you.” I countered.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess so.” she sighed. “So whatcha watching?” she asked and grabbed the remote. Before I could stop her she turned on the TV.

Her jaw dropped as screams and grunts of pleasure filled the room. On screen, the man and woman were both close to cumming. Suddenly the man pulled out and continued jerking off. He sprayed load after load of white, sticky semen on the girl’s chest, face and stomach. The screen went black and the credits rolled.

Surprise and shock plastered Holly’s face as she ever-so-slowly raised the remote and turned off the TV.

My stomach twisted as I tried to come up with something to say to break this awkward silence, to explain myself, anything.

Suddenly Holly turned to me, and a mischievous expression filled her face and made her eyes sparkle. “Well, Mr. Benson!” she said mockingly. She swung herself around so that she was straddling me. She leaned forward and began to kiss me.

Every fiber in my body, especially my hardening dick screamed yes, but I forced myself to push her away. “I’m sorry for what you just saw Holly, but I can’t do this, it’s wrong.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Oh Mr. Benson, I’m not the little girl you used to know.” She said as she ground into me. I forced my befuddled brain to think of another excuse.

“Jenny! She’s your best friend.” I said quickly as if the thought might run away. “She would never find out.” Holly said. Before I could say anything else, she reached beneath my robe and grabbed my cock through my boxers, making me groan. “I think you want this more than you are willing to admit…” she whispered seductively in my ear. In an instance she had leaned down and sucked my dick into her mouth. And just like that, what excuses my dazed brain had been able to produce, vanished.

Holly sucked my head, then slowly began to take more and more of my cock. Kadıköy Escort I wasn’t extremely big, but I definitely wasn’t small either. My 7 1/2 inches fell somewhere in between. Finally Holly took all of me down her throat, something even my ex-wife even had been unable to do. It felt like heaven. She began to alternate sucking my dick and sucking my balls, squeezing and pumping and even deep-throating, until I felt myself quickly approaching the edge. I shot load after load down her throat, and she managed to swallow everything.

I sat there gasping as she got up and stood in front of me. “Wow.” I managed to say when I had finally caught my breath. She raised her eyebrows at me and said “Well it’s not over yet.”

She began to strip by pulling off her shirt, revealing a hot pink bra. Next she unbuttoned her shorts and let them slide off before kicking them away. My eyes roved her young, toned body hungrily as she stood in front of me with nothing on but her underclothes, which she proceeded to get rid of as well. I stood up and got closer to her, then pulled her to me and began to kiss her, running my fingers through her soft carrot-colored curls..

I carried her to the couch and lay her down. As our kiss got hotter and hotter, my cock began to harden again. I began to place kisses down her body until I reached her breasts. My mouth hungrily enveloped one of her nipples, making her moan. The other one I rolled between my fingers. She ran her fingers through my hair and I continued my trail of kisses, not stopping until I was right above her pussy. It was shaved naked and leaking moisture. Slowly I licked up her slit and then stuck my tongue inside her folds, tasting her fresh juices. I circled my tongue around her clit, and began to probe her opening with my finger. I stuck a finger inside, feeling how tight she was. Meanwhile Holly was moaning and gasping for air, pushing my head into her pussy. As I worked my finger in and out of her, I attacked her clit with my tongue. By now, Holly was almost cumming, Ataşehir Escort crying out every time I pushed my fingers into her. “Omygod Mr.Benson, YES YES, oh GOD!!!” I finally managed to get two fingers inside her tight hole, which pushed her over the edge. She squirted again and again, until finally she just lay there, swimming in the afterglow of her orgasm.

By now my cock was rock hard from watching her cum, and I was aching to ram it into her tight hole. I kissed her until she returned to reality. She kissed me back, but suddenly pulled away.

“Oh god Mr. Benson, I’m so fucking hot, I need you in me.” she whispered. I nearly came at those words alone.

Breathing hard, I rubbed my stiff dick along her slit, then slowly pushed inside. I groaned as her tight pussy squeezed around my cock, and I began to push in and out. At first she squirmed a little but then a look of pleasure filled her face. She began to moan and suddenly I had an idea. I lifted her up without moving my dick, and pushed her up against the wall, impaling her on my length. She gasped and I began to ram into her with renewed intensity. Now she cried out every time I thrust into her, which I kept doing faster and faster.

“Oh Mr. Benson, yes FUCK ME, OH GOD, fuck yes HARDER HARDER oh MY GOD YES OH FUCK!!” She screamed, bucking her hips to meet my thrusts. Hearing her screams made me groan and swear as I pounded her tight pussy. Her legs were wrapped around my hips and her hands were on my shoulders, her nails digging into my skin. “Fuck MY PUSSY yes! RAM your COCK INTO me! FASTER FUCK YES!” I opened my eyes and admired the hot sight before me. Mouth opening screaming obscenities, tits bouncing as she rode my cock.

All of a sudden her tight hole tightened even more. “Fuck FUCK I’M GONNA CUM, oh FUCK me harder HARDER yes YES YES!!” she cried as I reached down and flicked and played with her clit. Hearing this and feeling her sweet pussy contract around my cock sent me over the edge. I squirted stream after stream of cum deep into her body. We both collapsed in a heap on the floor, clinging to each other’s hot, sweaty bodies. Suddenly I noticed a bit of blood on my dick. “Were you a virgin?” I asked, shocked. She put her finger up to her lips as if it were a secret. For now, I was too tired to continue on the subject.

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