Homebound Ch. 05

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Authors notes: small time skip in this one, mostly because I don’t know how to write hand jobs differently and I want to get to the Kelly Max scenes, because writing the dialogue between those two make my insides feel nice. Maybe because I write her like a woman I would want to date. Tfw no tanned muscular tomboy gf. I was a different kind of horny writing this one, Cause I don’t really remember writing this part. Also, hey hey (people) we can finally use the big cock tag woo hoo (I never thought I would write that sentence). One of my real-life friends found my writings, I guess that’s what I get for including my extremely niche humor in these stories :/ felt like Light when L was staring at him.

Chapter 5: a Meaningful Mouthful

With a turn of a doorknob, Max strides into his kitchen from the garage. “3 more chicks gave me their numbers! “My brain muses as I open the refrigerator, grabbing the last of the Flooom bottles, turning the bottle around Max idly reads the label “A Flooom of flavor every mouthful! Enjoy the chilled creamy latte” I read to the empty kitchen with the shake of my head “latte? More like flavored milk” I joke as I continue to sip the drink, mm tasty milk.

Brrt Brrt flash

My phone vibrates. Opening the message, I start to read.

“Hey Max, I’m out shopping need anything special?” my mom sent me.

“Yeah, we are out of Flooom can you pick some up?”

“I got that on my list! I found my old juicer in the garage so I’m going to make us juices in the morning now too! don’t forget to throw the bottles in the recycle!!!” she sends me.

“Get blueberries for mine, and yes ma’am” rolling my eyes at the recycle comment, but that’s one of the only things she’ll get mad at and its nothing really to throw it in a sperate trashcan. I then notice the notepad that my mom uses for our measuring. “I’ve been slacking on recording the results! Kelly would kill me if I left out even a single detail! Dang it, now I miss her again. “My flow of consciousness spills out. “I guess I’ll text Mindy or Ashe or maybe Britney.” I tell myself walking up the stairs, still getting used to the feeling of my meat slapping my thigh as I walk now.

Making my way to my bedroom, I wiggle my mouse to wake my computer up, I navigate to my excel spreadsheet that I’m using to keep track of all my glorious growth. Laying the yellow stripped paper with small stains flecking its surface. My huge cock jumping a little from what caused those stains.


5’8″ tall, shoulder 2 shoulder 23″, biceps 18″ chest 36″ quads 24″ Calf 18″ 5 inches soft, 8.5 inches, large golf ball sized nuts.


5’10” tall, shoulder 2 shoulder 25″, biceps 20″ chest 38″ quads 26″ Calf 20″ 6 inches soft, 9 inches hard, tennis ball sized nuts.

Spinning the pencil in my fingers while I finish entering the data. “I’ve gained nearly a foot in a week and gained like 80lbs, should I be concerned… Nah. I’ll be fine, probably, besides how would I tell my doctor ‘Hey doc I started getting hand jobs from my MILF of a mom and it made me grow bigger and get more powerful oh and my cock has grown like 9 inches” I joke in my mind.

“Man, I can’t wait for mom to get back, I need my balls to be drained. Speaking on that might as well get out of my cloths “with that I stand up and lift my grey workout shirt over my head. Reaching for my shorts I stop, “Gotta give my mom something to work towards.” I tell myself.

Brrt Brrt flash

“This is principle Vikors, a there has been a plumbing problem in the second story bathroom, tomorrow’s classes have been cancelled, stay safe and have a good day off.” the text reads out.

“Huh neat a 3-day weekend!” I say to the phone screen, then a notification comes up for another message, it’s from Ashe, the brown-haired girl from my study hall.

“Hiya Max! did you get that message from the principle?” The ‘papyrus’ font reads out.

“Hey Ashe, yeah nothing like a 3-day weekend to put a smile on my face.” I reply.

“ha-ha yeah, what you up to?” she asks.

“, what do I say, waiting for my daily hand job isn’t something you tell a classmate, and I don’t really want to lead these girls on. “I contemplate, thinking on that It leads me to the next logical step, Kelly. “I really am going to ask Kelly out aren’t I” I question myself aloud, the angel appears on my desk, “she’s looking smaller and smaller everyday “I observe.

“You need to tell these girls that you are not interested in them.” she lectures to me.

“Your right your right, but what’s the problem with a little fun?” I think back at it, oh yeah I was texting someone.

“Just working out rn, how about you” heh I’m a genius.

“You must be really hitting it hard nowadays; I mean it’s really starting to show!” she shoots back.

“Yeah, Kelly left me a detailed routine to follow, and if I didn’t, she said she’d beat me up :(((( “

“you two are just peas in pod, when did you guys start dating like sarışın gaziantep escort 3 years ago?” this again.

“Lmao, that makes 4th time I’ve answered this, no me and her are just friends and not dating.” I correct her.

“I don’t believe you :p” Ashe texts

“And that’s the 4th time I’ve heard that. Could you give me some insight, do we act like a couple?” I ask genuinely.

“Uhhh yeah! Just the way you two talk, look at each other, and check each other out!” she answers.

“I thought I was a little sneakier about that, I guess I’m as slick as molasses :/ wait what do you mean each other?”

“Duh, she has her eyes on you all the time, and I bet when she sees how much you’ve grown, she won’t be able to keep her hands off you!”

Something about all of this isn’t sitting right with my spirit, “if this is rude tell me because I don’t want it to be, why did you ask me for my number Ashe?” I ask her.

She sends me a gif of Heisenberg going ‘huh you got me’ “listen Max, you cool guy… and now you’re a capital H hunk now, hell I’d probably ask you on a date, but you and Kelly just have such a fun relationship to watch that I wanted to give you a heads up, a lot of the hotter girls want you now and don’t give a rats ass about Kelly.”

Stunned by that revelation, I slouch in my chair, a bit at a loss for words. Finally, I grab my phone again and start typing “wow, thanks Ashe for the heads, I owe you one!”

“Just keeping an eye out for blooming young love, BUT… if you are still working out, treat a gal to a picture of that torso you got, mama wants to see some abs!”

“a cheap price to pay, this stays between us, right?” I tell her.

“of course, show those saboteurs that doing the right thing can get rewarded!”

“Fine enjoy” I send her a picture of me flexing my hand over my shoulder, showing off my deep-set abs, razor like obliques, bulging pecs and biceps.

“you’re not juicing, are you?” she asks.

“lol no, I guess I’m having my second go at puberty!” I jest at her.

“Much to everyone’s enjoyment, text you later Max!!”

“Well then “I say to my phone, putting it down on my desk I hear the garage door turning on. “Guess I’ll help her with her groceries” standing up I walk out of my room. striding down the stairs, I hear the rustling of plastic bags.

“Max, get down here and help me unload the groceries” Gwen calls out to me.

“Coming ma” I call out to her as I stomp down the stairs. “hey mom, it looks like I’m getting popular with the girls!”

“Ooh. Don’t be stingy, fill in your mom!” she tells me, both hands filled with bags, with a small heft she lifts them all onto the table.

“Well in the past couple of days I’ve gotten like 6 girls numbers, it kinda feels weird getting all this attention” I tell her, one of my hands with bags the other with a 32 pack of Flooom, its Flooming with flavor.

“Really Max, oh I’m so happy for you!” she replies with small clap “Any of them hotter than Kelly?” she jokes.

“Moom, no none of them are, and I didn’t even ask for them, they’d just come up to me whenever I was free and force the numbers into my hands” I say to her, bringing in the last of the food stuffs.

“That’s not the worst problem you could have, now you know how it is to be Kelly” she replies a bit smug

“I guess I won’t make fun of her for all the male admirers she gets all the time, I told you she dropped her phone in the ocean, right?” I ask.

“Oh no, did she back up her data?” mom asks concerned.

“Yeah, she has one of those ‘anytime you get near Wi-Fi’ it backs up kinda deal, man your so concerned about her data security practices and how dudes see her.” I tease.

“Well, she’s been gone for what 2 months-ish in a tropical state, on the beach, in tight bikinis, and a high-definition camera. All I’m saying is…” she takes a step closer to me and puts her chin on my shoulder “when you two start fucking like rabbits, maybe those images will help with foreplay” she whispers to me with a small nibble on my ear.

“Jeez mom, your dirty talk is pretty good” I tell her, shifting my shorts to give reprieve to growing python.

“How do you think your father and I used to fuck?” she tells me, squeezing her tits to bulge over the sports bra she was wearing.

“Did you only wear these yoga pants and bra to the store?” I ask as I start to lean towards her, my new height allowing me to finally be taller than her.

“Max, just cause your taller doesn’t mean you can just dominate, and yes it made me feel sexy!” she playfully protests, slapping my chest lightly. “Let me put the cold stuff away first then we measure!”

“Dang mom, are we prepping for a long winter?” I ask marveling at all the food she bought “and… Protein powder?”

“Max, do you know how much you have been eating? It’s like we are going through 3 people of food on just you” my mom informs gaziantep sarısın escort me, putting the last of the colds in the freezer. “And nothing like some protein powder to help a growing man pack on the muscles!”

“Sorry that our little family bonding sessions been doing wonders for my health” I tell her with a flex of my arms “speaking of which, I’m feeling a little pent up today mom” I say reaching my hand down and squeezing my trouser snake.

With a gleam in her eyes, she reaches for my hand and leads me from the kitchen to the living room. Grabbing the notepad, I had brought back down, her practiced hands unroll the measuring tape and start to get to work. Now standing at 6′ tall, it feels amazing! Having to reach up a little, she pulls the tape taut around my bicep 20″ of baseball like arms, she then wraps the smooth plastic measuring tool around my chest, her face lost in thought.

“Probably fantasizing about me ” I think. With a final tug she reads out 40″ around my pecs in real great definition. Stretching the plastic tool across my shoulders she gets 26″ across.

Rubbing both hands down my rock-hard abs, playfully picking at my now defined obliques, she gets down on her knees to get to the rest of the measurements. Yanking up my shorts leg and pulling the tape tight, gets 30″ around, and finishing with my calves at 20″. Placing both hands on the quads and starts to massage me “Max, your legs are getting HUGE! These are like, twice the size of your father!” she coos. Looking down into her eyes with a small smile.

“Pull it out” I command her.

“Yes Max!” she says biting her lip and shuddering from the authority I gave my tone, Grabbing the hem of my shorts and with a swift yank, my growing cock flops out almost hitting her in the face, dumb struck at the size of it. “Fuck Max its getting so huge, you almost as big as the plumber.”

“Good, I want to get bigger than him” I tell her with a deep power permeating my voice.

“Alright I’m getting… 6″ soft, no wonder all the girls like you, if I saw you walking down the hallway with that… thing slapping your thighs, mmm id show you things you’ve never SEEN before!!” she coos.

“I’m right here, show me” I throw out, seeing if I can get lucky.

“I told you stud, only if you’ve been a good boy.” She says nuzzling my cock into her cheek.

“Oh yeah, mom, no school tomorrow, pipe burst and flooded the place!” I inform her, while ogling her tits

“Then…. I want to see how much stamina you’ve got tomorrow!” with that statement, my cock finally reaches full hardness, looking bigger than yesterday.

“Now look what you’ve done, measure it fast, my balls are feeling heavy” I say giving the now baseball sized nuts a squeeze.

“Alright, hold it down a little” she asks rolling the tape down the center of my soda can thick cock “and… 10-inches…oh” she states a little exasperated, quickly she writes down the number. Ogling her tits, my cock twitches and lets fly a gob of potent precum, causing mom to jump when it splats against her upper lip. Sputtering a bit, she looks at me with a faux stern expression. “Max! Aim that cannon somewhere else.”

“Ok how about here” I contract my pelvic floor muscle and squirt another gob straight onto her tits “or here?” and point it further down towards her crotch “there’s my favorite mommy!” and then lifting it up I blast her face, which was easy since she was like 4 inches away from it!

“Gah, Max, please… make me dirty, cover me in you nasty gobs of cum!” and with that like she has over the past few days, starts to jerk my cock. Although it is getting harder and harder to handle my growing log.

“Man mom, my cock is getting a little too big for your hands” I say confidently.

“I know honey, I’m not even doing arm workouts anymore, this routine is more than enough for me to keep them nice and toned” she coos lovingly pulling my massive cock next to her face and nuzzling it.

“Mom be careful you want me, gahh ffff, you want me to blow so soon?” I ask as her cheek is stroking my meat.

“I don’t care cover me please! Cover you mother in all your CUM” she shouts at me, unable to resist anymore, I can feel the baseballs hanging under my cock jump and contract, emptying there reserves of my lifegiving soup. The first shot went straight over my mom’s shoulder and hit the front window and curtain, so powerful that I was knocked off the guide rod and came down with a small crash. Now with nothing to cover the windows, our act now out in the open! The idea that our neighbors watching me cover my mother in my syrup only pushed me further and further into my shooting, ripping my rod from her grasp I start to double hand jerk my magnificent meat, my nuts slapping the back of my hands from the force of me jerking.

“NOO, MAX we can’t be out in the….” Her protests drowned out as I point my angry purple helmet at her gaziantep sarışın escort bayan mouth and fill it with my cum! Shot after shot, painting her mouth and face white with my goop, blasting up her nose filling her sinus with my musky ball juice.

Satisfied I move down and start to blast her massive growing tits, mixing my semen and her breast milk in the fabric of her stressed and overstuffed tit holder, each bolt of cum slamming into the fun bags, making them jump and jiggle within their cloth prison. Starting to feel my orgasm flag a bit I finish off painting her soaping yoga pants with my white ball paint, enriching the nylon and spandex with all my nutrient rich excretion. With the final few blasts, I aim above us to give us a tasty pearly rain!

With a small gurgling noise my mom starts to gulp down all my cum, me weakly jerking my flagging rod at the sight “that’s so fucking hot “I tell her as she tries to wipe the stick substance “sorry mom I guess I got a little carried away” I start to apologize.

“Don’t worry Max, I… I asked for this! Fuck if someone watched us through the window, mmMMMm” she shudders in a small orgasm “could you… could you clean up here I need to take a shower, or well, a water shower!” she jokes, I subconsciously lick my lips thinking about the feast that I have laid out before me.

“Sure, mom I’ll get to it!” and with that I pretend to go and get a mop from the garage, waiting to hear her footsteps up the stairs, and upon hearing her door open, I sneak my way back into the living room. first, I lick the window cum, not caring if the neighbors see my huge cock or my feast. Licking up the large splat of white substance I then follow it to the pool that formed under my mom’s legs.

Arriving at the opaque white pool, I get down on my knees and start to scoop the body changing goop into my mouth, not caring if I got it anywhere else on my face, “Why would I this nectar is turning me into a god! ” I think smugly as the waves of pleasure and power start flow through my body, resting in my cock and giant sperm factories. Looking down I notice that it’s all gone, I let out a growl being denied more of my mom’s delicious juice.

“Wait those yoga pants, there more soaked in there. “I hear the demon tell me, not having enough will power to overturn the decision I comply.

Following the trail of pussy juice and dripped cum, I mindlessly walk up the stairs to my treasure. Just then cresting the top I see that my mom left her door open, and was still in her cloths, denying me my due, that delicious juice. Before I can make a move, she starts to strip out of her bra, squeezing those massive cum and milk covered tits out of the sports bra! hands pushing into the creamy chest to help free them from their prison. Suddenly, a resounding ripping sound fills the air, and both of her tits flop out of the now ruined garment.

“Well shit” is all she announces.

Following that she bends over to start remove her soaked yoga pants, unable to control it any longer, I wrap both my hands around my now granite hard cock, both of my hands starting roughly jerk my massive fuck stick. Dragging the tight pants down her legs, she reveals that tight looking pussy, glistening and dripping more of her essence! Standing up and stepping out of the pile of cloths, and quickly turns around to go to her bathroom and she spots me in the open door!

“OH, MAX what are… what are you doing” she starts sternly but stuttering when she sees my marble pillar being pleasured.

“Just enjoying the show mommy!” I tell her confidently “besides its nothing you haven’t seen before or tasted before!”

“I know but, you can’t… you can’t see me like this” she weakly continues, and being at a loss of words, she vainly attempts to cover both of her tits and beautiful slit while she retreats to the bathroom. Those massive white melons jiggling in her grip and her hips swaying just for me, all while I still crank my python, cum slit still pumping out my pre in front of me.

Hearing the water turn on I make my way across the room to the discarded cloths, with a small glance towards the bathroom to see if my mom was watching, she’s already in the shower, steam flowing over the top of the glass, filling the air with its humid warm mist. Refocusing on what’s ahead of me, I reach out with a shanking hand, the other still jerking my meat off like no tomorrow, me lightly squeezing my pelvic floor muscle to pulse the hardness through its veiny length. Grabbing the soaked yoga pants.

Feeling a sudden surge of confidence, my growing and now almost massive body, I walk into the humid bathroom, warmth wrapping around my entire body. My mom less than 5 feet away from me showering off her bare nakedness, trying to cleanse her skin of my cum.

Lifting the pants, feeling its wet slick surface in my palm, and moving it over my mouth I squeeze the bunched-up material and let its rich juices cascade down my mouth, the sweet and musky scent of both our essences mixing in my nose and fill my mind. Basking in the intoxicating feeling my hand clenches harder and harder extracting every last drop! Somehow her bra also found its way into my other hand, using it as a milk soaked cum rag on my engorged cock.

“Eat them. “the demon tells me, standing nearly up to the edge of the bathroom counter in my mind’s eye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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