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She blinked three times as the mid-morning sun tried its best to wrench her from sleep. She tried without conviction to untangle her right calf from the cream colored sheets, as her mind drifted hazily to her 7:30 flight. Before she could focus her thoughts, a strong arm, exactly the color of coffee with just the right amount of cream, slid across her bare breasts. A barely audible sigh escaped her lips as the toned thigh of a former track star draped across her own. Slowly she drew her arms around his warm body as she breathed in the heady scent of his skin. In one seductively slow movement they shifted so they could both feel one another in all their naked glory.

It had been five years since Katherine Bradshaw had been in Baton Rouge. After graduating from LSU she had moved to New York where she accepted a job with one of the largest PR firms in the country. She loved her job and New York, but she never meant to stay away from home for so long. Every year since graduation she and two of her sorority sisters had taken yearly vacations together. This year they decided it was time to return to their old stomping ground, then fly to New Orleans for the rest of the week. The vacation would be the perfect time to relax and prepare for the busy season coming up. The three sisters were thrilled to be back in Baton Rouge and it was perfect timing since it coincided with their friend’s guest lecture and book signing on campus.

Juandia, Graciela, and Katherine arrived in the city just in time to enjoy an early dinner before heading to Lilit’s lecture. They watched, without envy, as a new generation of college students flirted and fondled, kicking College Night off to an early start. The minute they set foot back on campus they felt that old familiar rush of “Fighting Tiger” pride. By the time the trio reached Johnson Memorial Auditorium, they felt as if they had never left.

Lilit’s throaty sensual laugh could be heard long before they entered the room. It was clear she had already seduced the lecture guests, both students and faculty. Juandia, Graciela and Katherine waited near the entrance of the auditorium for their friend to notice their arrival. Once Lilit caught sight of them she ran across the room, her silken locks dancing merrily with the collar of her vintage suit. The old friends didn’t want to monopolize the famous author’s time so they chatted briefly then let her mingle with the other guests.

They watched with amusement as Lilit left their side to charm the rest of her fans and critics alike. Katherine wasn’t sure how she heard the name over the din of chatter, but it caught her attention.

“Hey, Dr. Stevens! I didn’t know you were a Lilit fan,” the excited voice of a freshman said. Stevens, Stevens, why did they name sound so familiar? Slowly, as if afraid of what she mind find, Katherine turned toward the student’s voice. There stood Dustin Stevens. Though five years had given him a title it hadn’t changed him much. His dreads were still barely to his shoulders, though the trinket shells that once adorned them were gone. His lean athletic figure was clad in a powder blue collared shirt. Tan slacks clung tantalizingly to his slim hips. Though she tried, Katherine couldn’t focus on the words of his response but his voice still had that deep rich haunting quality she had heard so many times in her dreams. Everything in the room stood still and spun at the same time as he turned in her direction. Their eyes met and five years disappeared. A slow smile spread across his perfect lips as he closed the distance between them.

“Kat Bradshaw,” he said simply as he took her in his arms with a friendly embrace. If anyone had been paying attention they would have seen that embrace last longer than necessary. Katherine’s mind went blank, but Juandia and Graciela saw the way the two let their bodies enjoy the heat from one another much longer than should be decent in public. The rest of the night seemed to drag by for Katherine, yet she applauded extra loudly when Lilit finished her lecture.

“Uh, y’all,” Katherine began hesitantly. “I . . .I,” she searched for a way to explain the situation, but her sisters didn’t need to hear it.

“Go,” Juandia said with her sultry accent. “Get ya self barked at tonight, aight,” her pearly white teeth were displayed perfectly as she laughed out loud.

“Yeah, go get the chewin’ ”, Graciela said with a giggle as she used their favorite slang for oral sex.

“Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard that,” Katherine said with relief.

“Are you sure y’all aren’t mad?” she asked.

“Of course not, girl! We know how you felt about him and after the way he hugged you, it’s obvious he felt the same way and still does.” Graciela replied.

“Yuh, and ya know Gotdamn well that we’d do da same if our old flames were hur.” Juandia said, her island istanbul escort flavor punctuating each vowel.

Before she realized what was happening, Katherine was walking down the hallway of the student union with Dustin Stevens. They were silent and didn’t touch, Katherine longed to say a million things but she was afraid she would break some magic spell if she spoke.

“I need to drop some things off in my office,” Dustin’s smooth voice slipped into the silence so naturally. Katherine didn’t even stop to notice that he carried nothing with him.

“Sure ‘Dr. Stevens’ ” she replied with a sly grin as she used his formal title.

“Katherine, you haven’t changed a bit,” he emphasized her given name rather than the nickname she had used in college. As he spoke he drew back a few steps to admire the way her mid length black skirt clung perfectly to every curve of her body.

Katherine felt an uncontrollable heat rising within her as Dustin opened the door of his office. She tried to take everything in and ignore the intoxicating scent of his cologne. The room wasn’t large but every inch of it seethed with his presence. Fraternity paraphernalia decorated much of the white cinderblock walls. A thick Persian rug covered the hard tile floor. Her eyes drifted to the scholarly awards that hung discreetly on the back wall. Before she could bring them into focus she felt his familiar touch on her hip and the urgent heat of his body as he pressed against her.

“Kat, I’ve missed you,” he murmured just before his teeth grazed the side of her ear and his tongue flicked gently against her left lobe. She almost sighed his name, but her breath caught in her throat and his hand slid purposefully up her body to her right breast.

“I would ask you what you’ve been doing for the past five years, but right now I don’t really care,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Me either,” Kat said, finding her voice at last. She was surprised at the forcefulness she heard in her own voice as she turned around and took his bottom lip gently between her teeth. She kept her eyes open just long enough to see a look of mild surprise and pleasure cross his deep brown eyes as she began to unbutton his blue shirt. Their kiss deepened as they both fumbled recklessly with one another’s clothes. Katherine unbuckled belt and fly in one deft movement as Dustin’s gifted hands slid beneath her skirt. His breath grew faster against her mouth as she gently stroked the full length of his erection. He gave her ass a few more intense squeezes then unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor exposing her sexy lace thong. Their lips parted for the first time since they had begun kissing. They gasped for air as he unhooked her black bra. He admired her full breasts as he slipped his hand inside the front of her thong. His fingers found what they were looking for and he pushed them inside her already wet center. He bent and placed his mouth aggressively on her left breast. He flicked his tongue against her already hard nipple until it seemed it would burst from pleasure.

“How thin are these walls,” Kat gasped between moans as his fingers continued to caress her clitoris.

“There’s nobody else here,” he groaned back while her hands continued to stroke him. He moved his mouth to her right breast but only for a minute. He dropped to his knees in one swift movement and pulled the thong off her hips with his teeth. Their eyes met as he placed one hand on each of her cheeks and lifted her as if she were a feather.

The janitor down the hall adjusted his headphones and looked behind him. He was getting too old for this, now he was hearing things. Little did he know, it wasn’t his imagination. Katherine’s scream could have been heard all the way to New Orleans as Dustin pushed her up against his office door and entered her in one quick movement. His eyes met hers once again as if to see if this was ok, but all she could do was moan as he plunged into her creamy wetness once again. The plaques and trinkets on the shelf by the door began to tremble as the two rocked against one another and the door. Finally, he groaned and pulled her down with him to the Persian rug. She sighed over and over again trying desperately to catch her breath and she rode the heat of his erection. He pressed his hips against hers and watched her breasts bounce up and down for as long as he could stand it with touching them. He grabbed one handful of breast and one of ass as she freed her auburn curls from the tortoise shell clip. He wished for a moment that there were a mirror on the ceiling of his office so he could watch her perfect ass as she rode him. Her smooth walls slid up and down his hardness a few more times then he rolled her over and drove himself into her. She arched back and wrapped her legs around him. Her arms spread out across the rug escort bayan searching for something to hold on to, at last she threw her arms around his neck and his pulled his mouth against her own. Their lips and tongues became one as the sweat from their bodies blended together. Katherine ran her hands through his short dark locks, then held on tight as she felt the growl rising in his throat. She heard herself scream his name, but in reality all she managed was a long shrill moan as they both climaxed.

Their bodies continued to throb with pristine pleasure as they relaxed against one another. Dustin groaned slowly as he rolled over to discard the condom in a nearby wastebasket. He rested his head in between Katherine’s breasts and she sighed quietly, contentedly. The silence fell around them like a blanket, warm and comforting.

The minutes drifted away and Katherine felt her body relaxing more and more, she wondered dreamily if Dustin had fallen asleep.

“Kat, kiss my body . . .just like you used to,” he said softly. It was as if he could read her thoughts. Kat moaned slightly, her body was spent yet she could never resist his requests. Slowly, she lifted her self off the ground and placed one knee on either side of his bare thighs. She lowered herself gently against his body and kissed his mouth. She kissed, teased and nibbled his ears and neck as she watched his eyelashes flutter ever so slightly against his cheek. She made her way down his body with her tongue and lips, exploring every inch of his smooth mocha skin. His breath quickened as her tongue lingered just above his left hip. Her tongue traced an intricate pattern across his navel and back again. She indulged herself frivolously with the taste of his skin as though he were some exotic dessert. She pushed his legs further apart and gently sucked on the inner most part of his thigh until he breathlessly begged her not to stop. She closed her eyes and made love to him with her mouth.

Again the two lovers found themselves side by side in a state of sated bliss. Dustin ran as his hands gently across Kat’s bare skin once more then raised himself from the rug. His lean body collapsed elegantly into the leather desk chair. His naked form was impressive and it was obvious to see why he was so confident. Kat raised herself on one elbow to admire the view.

“Bring your ass here,” he said with a commanding smile. Kat sighed and stood up as though her legs were new. He grabbed her hand and pulled her astride him in one swift movement that caused the chair to wheel backwards. Their lips met again and again and they laughed like young lovers. They kissed one another slowly then deeply as if they could never get enough.

At last they paused long enough to catch their breath.

“What’s for supper?” Kat said innocently as she rubbed her bare stomach.

“You,” he replied simply. He lifted her to the desk and wheeled his chair between her legs. He began leisurely tasting every bit of her essence. Her moans grew louder and louder as the movements of his tongue grew swifter. His tongue continued to explore her womanhood even after she climaxed and screamed his name over and over until it became a breathless whisper.

“Let’s go,” he said as he rose from the chair and tossed his shirt over his left shoulder.

“Hmmm,” was all Kat managed as she melted from the desk to the floor.

“Come on,” he said as he headed for the door.

“Don’t you think you should get dressed,” she asked bemusedly.

“Why? You aren’t,” he stated.

“I’m not?” she questioned with mild concern.

“Nope,” he said as he lifted her off the ground and out the door.

The hallways of the sociology building were of course vacant on Friday night and nothing but an ancient live oak adored gracefully with Spanish moss saw the two exit the building and drive away in the pale Louisiana moonlight. Kat thought she should feel strange to drive through Baton Rouge completely naked with her college lover at her side, but something about it felt oddly right. His hand caressed her left thigh possessively as though her body was his own. He watched with pleasure as she leaned back into the leather upholstery and stroked her own breasts.

“Watch the road,” she admonished without looking over at him.

“Whose driving, me or you?” he shot back.

“That’s up for debate,” she replied seductively as she reached over and took him in her hand.

“Can’t you wait till we get some food?” he asked.

“What’s a matter, can’t handle it?” Kat challenged.

“Oh yeah, I can more than ‘handle’ it, but I don’t think you can,” he said defiantly.

“Ooo, is that a threat?” Kat said in mock terror.

“I don’t make threats, just promises! Don’t think I won’t pull this suburban over and lay your ass out in the back,” he added.

Kat Bostancı escort raised one perfect arched brow as if contemplating that idea. Her body tingled with anticipation as he cut the engine. Dustin reached behind her and pulled athletic shorts and a Bob Marley T out of a gym bag. A look of disappointment crossed Kat’s face as she glanced up at the glowing Harris Teeter logo.

“What do you want to eat?” he asked with a wicked grin as he tossed his shirt at Kat. He knew she was hoping that he was going to make good on his promise, but there would be plenty of time for that later. Kat slide into the shirt but left it unbuttoned as a sly smile crossed her lips. She longed to make some smart retort, but refrained.

Two hours, some dinner, and a few glasses of champagne latter, the two found themselves entangled on the black leather sofa. There was no discussion of the fact that Kat was leaving in less that 48 hours for New Orleans then back to New York. In fact, there was so discussion at all. The two kissed as if the world were coming to an end. Minutes turned to an hour and then another. At last, the two separated, lips swollen with pleasure they gazed into one another’s eyes. Neither of them spoke as he stood, took her hand, and led her to his bedroom. Her eyes glanced slowly around the room, but she couldn’t focus on anything but the feeling of his hand around hers. Something flickered in her heart at a picture frame she saw nestled on a wooden shelf, but he gently pushed her onto the bed before she could get a good look at it.

“Oh, so its gonna be like that?” she asked in a husky whisper as his fingers tangled up in her hair and pulled her on top of him.

“It can be however you want it,” he replied as he pulled his shirt off her body slowly but forcefully.

“I want it like that,” she murmured lustily. “Yeah . . .baby, just like that, uuhhhuh, don’t . . .stop . . .” she begged as their bodies rubbed against one another.

“Damn, I love that shit,” he said gruffly as he tugged at her hair and thrust into her.

“Ahh,” she gasped as he penetrated her again with more force. “What shit?” she finally managed to say.

“When you call me baby and moan and shit,” he growled as he rolled her over and pushed her leg over her head.

“Ahhh, yes, baby!” she screamed in ecstasy without even meaning to.

“Yeah like that!” he said as he plunged inside her body again and again. He tried to enter her slowly so she could feel each exquisite inch of him, but his pace quickened, as he could no longer contain his passion. Each sigh and scream spurred him on as he rode her. His name was followed by the names of several deities as she climaxed. He felt her walls tremble and he slowed to let her take in every bit of him a few more times before he finished with a low growl.

The early morning hours lulled them gently to sleep in one another’s arms. At some point, Katherine woke and tried to figure out what time it was. Her mission was half hearted because the only thing she could see in the dimly lit room was the photo of herself at homecoming all those years ago, with crown atop her shining curls and Dustin at her side. She nestled herself back against his naked body and drifted asleep, wondering vaguely if the photo was real or a dream. Many hours of her vacation were spent fast asleep in his bed. The two slept like war weary soldiers as it’s often been said, “Love makes hunters of us all.”

It was night again when they finally awoke, refreshed and eager to enjoy one another some more. The two touched, kissed, teased and made love as if time was coming to an end. He left her side only long enough to bring fresh fruit back to her, which they ate in the most intriguing ways. Time and space seemed to have stopped as the lovers drifted from making love into sleep once again.

When Katherine awoke again she realized that the past two days had been a blur of all the fantasies she had ever had of her college lover. She also realized that she had missed her flight to New Orleans. Before she could really stop to care, Dustin’s arm slid across her and they found themselves in each other’s arms again.

“Turn around,” he murmured. She turned obediently, expectantly. “Bend over,” he continued as he clasped his hand in her hair and gently pushed her head down. Her body responded to everything he said on command. He entered her from behind and it wasn’t long before she was screaming his name as well as god’s again. Her body could no longer tell the difference. She had thrown herself at his feet like a weary soul at some obscure pagan altar.

The silence afterwards made her realize how loud she had been and she relished in the stillness.

“Kat,” he began slowly. “I never thought I would say this . . .”

“No, not now,” she interrupted, knowing exactly what he was going to say.

“Stay,” he whispered finally.

“Shh,” she responded with a slow smile as she kissed him softly.

The warm Louisiana air caressed their bare skin as the sheer curtain danced sensuously at the open window. And all was still . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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