Homecoming in a Freeuse Town

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Adriana Chechik

As she swallowed, gasped, leaned her head back, and took a warm bath in the homecoming king’s piss, Alice thought back on what an amazing day — no, what an amazing month! — it had been.

Just three days into her senior year, Alice — a beautiful blonde girl who was rightfully proud of her slender, sexy body, even if her tits were not as big as some of her friends — had turned 18, making her eligible for freeuse. It was a moment that she (just like all those friends) had been waiting for and fantasizing about for years, with a combination of nervousness, excitement, and very erotic anticipation.

The day of her birthday, her friends and family, following longstanding tradition, had organized an amazing celebratory anal gangbang. It still made her smile to think of how sweet and gentle all the men had been. They all used plenty of lube before fucking her hitherto virgin asshole. She was given plenty of breaks between men, allowing her to catch her breath and grab some water. The men even asked politely before going ass-to-mouth — a request she had naturally agreed to, as she had no desire to miss out on anything!

Alice knew she would never forget the flushed, embarrassed pride she had felt as she squatted over a large glass bowl, with her back to all the men, spread her cheeks, and expelled all their cum (their combined volume was really quite remarkable). Turning around, she had then lifted Kartal escort up the bowl to her ruby-red lips and gulped it all down, to a round of cheers and applause so deafening that it almost drowned out the sound of flashes and shutters from the dozens of cameras immortalizing the scene.

Thrilled to have entered the adult freeuse world at last, she was shocked when just a week later, she was elected homecoming queen, and her longtime secret crush Jason, the football team quarterback, was elected homecoming king! She had never confessed her crush to him, and she felt butterflies in her stomach as she considered the fact that very soon, on Homecoming Day, she was going to become intimately familiar with him — in front of the whole town, no less.

The big day finally arrived just three weeks, to the day, after her birthday. Her cunt still tingled as she remembered the thrilling feeling of kneeling down on the big stage that morning in front of Mayor Jensen for her coronation, and hearing her friends, family and neighbors cheer as she took his (surprisingly large) cock deep into her throat while he gently placed the homecoming crown on her head. After a few minutes of throatfucking in front of the microphone, so that the enraptured crowd could hear each and every gag, the mayor had pulled out and covered her beautiful face with his cum, to another big round of applause.

That Kurtköy Escort crown, of course, was all she had worn for the rest of the day.

Jason, meanwhile, had also had a great day, leading the football team to a come-from-behind victory over their rivals, the Towson Tigers. When the game finished, the whole town spilled out into the streets to celebrate, cheering as Alice and Jason led the parade on their float.

Alice spent the parade proudly walking back and forth from side to side, displaying her lovely body and holes in every position she could think of, and enjoying the constant gropes from the men who crowded around on all sides of the float. By the end of the day she was pretty sure there wasn’t a single man in town who hadn’t fingered her asshole or mouth (or both), slapped her tits, or spanked her ass.

By the end of the parade, her breasts and ass were both bright red, as she and Jason posed in multiple positions for the newspaper photographer. She knew that the picture would be the top story the next day, just as it was every year. She smiled as Jason’s big, rough hands spread her gaping asshole for the camera, knowing that the whole town would enjoy seeing deep inside her the next morning.

Now everyone had gone home, and she was in a private suite with Jason. Tradition dictated that the homecoming king got sole use of the homecoming queen that Pendik Escort night.

Alice’s heart had pounded in her chest as she rested her face on the floor, arched her back, and reached behind her to spread her cheeks as wide as she could. She had greatly enjoyed the way that Jason had been eyeing her asshole throughout the parade, even sneaking his fingers in from time to time, but now the time had come for him to fully enjoy it.

For Alice’s part, she’d had a great time at her anal gangbang ten days earlier, but nothing could compare to the moment that her fantasies came true, as Jason finally plunged his long cock into her tight, pink anus. Knowing that this moment was taking place in the town’s official homecoming suite, with cameras broadcasting it for the whole town to enjoy and recording every second so she could remember and relive it for the rest of her life, just made her that much wetter.

The rest of the evening was a passionate whirlwind. She lost track of the number of times he made her rim him, burying her tongue as deep as she could in his delicious, musky asshole, while he moaned in pleasure.

Her own ass tingled from the multiple spankings he had given her as he repeatedly fucked her ass, then spun her around to clean off his cock with her mouth (she couldn’t get enough of the earthy taste of her own ass on his cock), then spun her back to fuck her ass, again and again and again.

Now, after countless orgasms for both of them, she was in the bath, enjoying the warm sensation of his piss on her skin, and savoring the wickedly dirty taste of it in her mouth.

It was truly the perfect end to a perfect day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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