Hostages at the Sorority

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It was spring break and almost all the girls from my sorority had gone home or away for the break, everyone except for Amanda. Amanda was a psychotic bitch and I couldn’t stand her. I had plans to go away for the weekend so I was happy to be getting away from her. Jack, one of the boys I always hung out with, asked me to go away with him for the weekend, to his parent’s beach house. He was inviting a couple other girls from a different sorority and all the guys in the frat that didn’t leave for break.

I packed a small bag and started to get ready. Jack wasn’t the nicest guy in the world by any means. He was in a fraternity a few houses down the street, and he was always the worst to his recruits during rush. It wasn’t like it was all in fun; he was really mean and hurt the other guys. I had hooked up with him at a party, we were both really drunk, but he was a little too rough. Not that I didn’t like it rough, I did, but he would squeeze my nipples a little too hard. I was dreading going away with him but there would be other guys there, and at least Amanda wouldn’t be going.

I put on a short, tight white tank-top dress and a pair of flip-flops. I put on a light pink thong and I didn’t wear a bra. I really needed to hook up with one of the guys this weekend. Midterms had really stressed me out and all I wanted to do was unwind. I put on some black eye shadow and mascara and let my hair down sort of messy. I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought I looked really good. I had large 34DD tits and a small waist, curvy but thin. I was slightly tan from sitting in the tanning beds all winter.

I walked out into the hallway to grab a few things from the bathroom and saw Amanda coming my way. She bumped into me hard making me catch myself on the wall.

“Move bitch,” she hissed as she mugged me.

“Fucking hood trash,” I mumbled as she walked by.

“What did you just say?” she demanded turning around.

“I said you’re fucking hood trash,” I said narrowing my eyes. She was probably a 34C and she was really skinny, she didn’t have much of an ass at all. She was wearing a tight pair of cheap jeans and a black tank top that had some type of writing on it. I’m not sure why she wanted to join this sorority or who even decided she would be a good fit. She didn’t have very good grades, she was constantly smoking weed, and she was dating some black thug.

She huffed at me and turned back to where she was going.

I grabbed the stuff I needed from the bathroom and went back to my room. Maybe I wouldn’t have to see her again before I left, I thought. I played a game on my cell phone trying to pass the time before eight o’clock, when I was supposed to meet everyone at the frat. The front door slammed downstairs and I heard Amanda’s boyfriend. There were a few more voices though, ones I didn’t recognize.

Fuck this, I thought. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs. I would just go meet Jack a bit early; it was better than hanging out here. As I came around the corner to the staircase I could see that there were three big black guys standing in the entryway of the house with Amanda. One was Amanda’s boyfriend but I didn’t recognize the other two. They were thugs, dressed in baggie pants and black hoodies.

“Look bitch I don’t care if you want to get fucking gang-banged but you can’t do it in this house,” I said walking down the stairs.

“I thought you fuckin’ said everyone would be gone,” one of the guys said to Amanda.

“She’s supposed to be!” Amanda sounded worried and they all turned to look around the corner that I couldn’t see beyond. I walked down the rest of the stairs and when I turned the corner I saw another guy holding a gun.

“You’re not supposed to be here baby,” the guy said holding the gun to me. I quickly started to back up on the stairs.

“No, no. Come on down,” he said calmly. I looked at Amanda and she looked really worried like the situation had gotten out of control. One of the guys grabbed my arm and pushed me toward the living room. Amanda’s boyfriend didn’t seem very friendly to her anymore, also pushing her to the living room. We both sat on the couch and watched as the guys formed a circle and started talking. I could barely make out their conversation but it seemed as though the cops were looking for them. They needed a place to hide out for a while and apparently, “Mandy” had offered the sorority house. What an idiot, I thought. I heard my phone buzzing in my bag and so did the guy with the gun.

“Don’t touch it,” he said and went back to his conversation. Every once in a while they would look back and stare at one of us and smile at each other. My phone rang again and the guy looked back and shook his head at me.

We had been sitting there for about a half an hour when I realized it must be past 8:00 now because my phone hadn’t stopped ringing. Finally the guy with the gun walked up to me and pulled me off the couch.

“Who’s calling you 500 times in row,” he said calmly. I looked, as the other guys sat down next to Mandy. Bostancı escort bayan She was trying to plead with her boyfriend.

“I’m supposed to go away for the weekend. They should be picking me up soon. They’re probably outside,” I murmured softly. He looked me up and down and took the cell phone from my bag. He grabbed my arm pulling me to the kitchen.

“You need to call your friend and tell ’em that you got other plans,” he commanded.

“Ok, ok.” I said nervously. I looked at my phone and realized that Georgia, a girl from another sorority had called me seven times. I hit call on the phone and looked up at the man standing in front of me. He slid the gun into my stomach.

“Don’t fuck up,” he whispered. I nodded my head and held the phone to my ear but he brought it back down and hit the speaker button.

“Hello,” I heard Georgia answer.

“Hey it’s Morgan,” I said as calmly as I could.

“Morgan, where have you been? Jack is freaking out! You were supposed to be here like a half hour ago. He wants to leave,” Georgia said hastily.

“Yah, something came up, I’m not going to be able to make it.” I said

“What do you mean something ca . . . Jack wants to talk to you,” she said as I heard her phone rustling.

“Where the fuck are you! I can’t believe that you are bailing. I had big plans for you this weekend,” Jack yelled. He seemed really mad. He had a horrible temper. I looked through the kitchen door and saw the three guys had taken off Amanda’s shirt and were pawing at her tits. Her boyfriend was unbuckling his pants. Fuck, I need to get some control of this situation, I thought.

“Morgan!” I heard Jack shouting from the phone.

“What,” I said, snapping back as I felt the gun push into me. I looked up at the guy holding the gun and realized he was the one in charge of the group of guys. I hadn’t realized it before but he was really hot. He had huge pecks that I could see from below his beater and hoodie. His eyes were amazing, light hazel almost green. He had big lips and perfect dark skin. He was a big guy, tall and completely ripped.

“I met someone. I’m spending the next few days with him,” I said biting my bottom lip and looking seductively at the thug holding me hostage. I put my hand on the side of the gun and slowly moved it away from me as I stepped closer to him. He smiled a little and licked his lips.

“Fuck you Morgan, I always knew you were a slut . . .” Jack continued to yell into the phone.

“Bye Jack,” I said pressing end on my phone and staring at the man in front of me.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked tilting my head and handing him the phone. I pressed my tits against him as I stepped even closer.

“Yeah,” he said looking down at me.

“Is there anything else you wanted?” I asked and I pulled the zipper of his hoodie down a little.

“Maybe I can show you my room?” I said looking up at him seductively.

He smiled and turned me around. He pressed against me and wrapped his hand around my waist and tucked the gun into the back of his pants with the other. He walked, pressed against me, out into the living room. I could feel his cock harden. Amanda was now bent over the arm of the couch and moaning as her boyfriend fucked her. Her tits were bouncing as another guy rubbed his cock through his pants and squeezed them. The other guy was positioned in front of her, unbuckling his pants. My heart started pounding, I did not want them taking turns on me. I pressed my ass into the guy behind me as they all stopped to look at us.

“No one leaves, no one comes in,” he said holding my waist. His hands almost touched as he wrapped them around my stomach. I sighed a breath of relief as he continued to walk me out of the room and toward the stairs.

“Ay, T where you takin’ her man?” One of the other guys shouted from the other room, laughing. He didn’t respond, he just kept walking me to the stairs. He let me take a few steps ahead of him and I swayed my ass as I stepped up the stairs, knowing it was right in his face.

When we got to my room he shut the door behind us. He took off his hoodie and I could see his huge muscles from under his beater. He had tattoos all over his arm and more that disappeared underneath his shirt. He stood next to me and unbuckled his belt.

All of a sudden I got really nervous, the situation finally hit me and I started to panic. He took a step toward me and I took a step back. He smiled and pulled me into him. He took a few more steps pushing me against the wall. I could feel his cock hardening against my stomach. He leaned down and looked at me as his hands fell down my waist, to my ass. He squeezed it and pulled me against him harder. I put my hands on his chest and softly tried to push him away. He held me tighter and leaned down to kiss my neck. I pushed a little harder and he leaned away to look at me. He slid his hand up my thigh and under my dress and his fingers ran over my panties. He smiled at me and pulled them down around my thighs. Escort Bostancı

“You can push me away all you want but, your little pink pussy is dripping for me,” he said raising my chin to look at him. I tried to close my legs and as I did I felt my panties against my thighs. They were soaked. I was so nervous, I didn’t realize how turned on I was by this man. He grabbed my hand and placed it on the bulge in his jeans. I moved it away and he put it back, this time placing his hand on top of mine and rubbing it up and down. He kicked my legs apart and put his hands up against the wall so he was hovering over me as I rubbed his cock. He had me do this for a while as he stared at me. I knew he was making me submissive.

He let one hand off the wall and rubbed it against my pussy. He pushed one finger into me and I gasped. My body flushed and my nipples hardened as he moved it in and out of my pussy. He stepped away from me but kept his finger in place. With his other hand he unbuttoned his pants and let them fall to the floor. I heard the gun thump against the carpet. He rubbed his cock through his boxers and licked his lips as he looked at my nipples. They were hard and clearly visible through my white dress. He leaned over and softly bit one through my dress. I moaned and held the back of his head. He stood back up and raised his chin as he looked down at me, pulling his finger out. He knew he had found my weakness. He stepped out of his socks and shoes and then out of his pants. He backed away from me and when I moved my legs together again my panties feel to the floor.

“Take that dress off, show me those pink nipples,” he commanded as he took off his beater. His body was amazing. His muscles were covered in tattoos and I couldn’t help but let my eyes trace the V just under his hips. His hand rubbed his chest and he bit his lip, as he looked me up and down.

“You’re not going to like it if I have to ask again,” he said.

I was determined to keep some type of control over what was happening. I ignored his demand and cupped my hands over my breast so he couldn’t see my nipples harden even more. Within a second he was on me, yanking my hands from in front of me and ripping my dress down the middle. He pulled the straps of my tattered dress off of my arms and lifted me up. I instinctually straddled him and he kissed me hard. He squeezed my tit hard with one hand as he held me with the other. He pushed me against the wall and lifted me higher so my tits were in his face. I wrapped my legs around him tighter and held his neck as he squeezed both my tits. He began to suck on them and circled his tongue around my nipples. Now I needed him bad. I was moaning and writhing against him. My pussy pulsed against his abs as I realized how bad I wanted his cock. I slowly released my leg’s grip, sliding down him. As I slid past his cock I pressed into him more. He looked down at me and smiled knowing that I needed him.

I shimmied off what was left of my dress and he stopped me to look at my waxed pussy before I got on my knees. I pulled his boxers away from his hips and they barely stretched over his cock. I couldn’t help but stare at the size of his big black cock. I ran my hand down the length of him. His cock was more than twice the length of my hand. I rubbed it up and down and looked up at him. He wasn’t smiling any more; a serious determined look had replaced his grin. I grasped his cock in my hands and began to stroke it up and down. I ran the head of his cock across my lips and then slowly started to lick the length of him. Finally I put the tip of him into my mouth and sucked a little before pulling it out. I did it again taking more into my mouth and massaging his cock with my tongue. I did this again and again until I couldn’t get any more into my mouth. I held the base of his cock in my fist and swallowed all that I could of him. I bobbed my head up and down and he pushed back into my mouth. I could feel my pussy drip down my thigh and I moaned on his cock.

He took hold of his cock and slid it out of my mouth.

“Get up,” he ordered. I stood up and he looked me over before cupping my breast. He pulled me close to him and had to lean over to suck on my tits. I moaned and my legs began to shake. His big lips on my tits felt so good. He stood up and lightly pinched my hard pink nipple.

“Get on the bed,” he said looking from my nipple to my eyes.

I laid down on the bed and spread my legs for him. He stood in between them and I saw his cock twitch, as he looked me over.

“Have you ever fucked a black guy before?” He asked positioning the head of his cock on my pussy lips.

“No,” I whispered. My back arched and I tried to push onto him. I grabbed my tits and rubbed them as I circled my hips, rubbing my pussy against his cock. I actually hurt with the need for him to be inside of me. I was completely his now and he knew it, as he made me wait. He pushed the head of his cock into my pussy and my body sprang up. I arched my back and head, all the way off the bed and Bostancı Rus Escort my pussy squeezed around him.

“Uhhhh, oh God!” I moaned loudly. He slid his hands down from my knees to grip my thighs. He held himself there as I tried to push farther onto him.

“Beg for it,” He commanded. He acted calm but I saw his muscles tense and felt his cock pulse in me. He wanted it just as bad as I did.

“Please, please baby. Oh fuck, please give it to me,” I begged him.

“Give you what?” He growled as he pushed just a little bit more into me.

“Ohh fuck!” I screamed.

“Please fuck me with your big black cock,” I moaned. My pussy squeezed around him as I said it. Nothing that dirty had ever come out of my mouth before.

“Good girl.” His words were practically a whisper as he slowly pushed into me further and further. My moans were almost screams as he pushed all the way into me. He held himself there for a few seconds breathing heavily. He completely filled me and I squeezed my pussy around his cock making him frown and exhale a short breath. If I wasn’t so wet I think that his huge cock inside of me might have really hurt. He was the biggest I ever had and I wondered if he had ever been in a pussy this tight before.

He started to fuck me slowly at first, letting me adjust to his size. I could already feel my orgasm building as he pumped in and out of me.

“You like that?” He asked as he started to fuck me harder and harder.

“Yes,” I whimpered.

Just as I was about to cum he stopped and lifted me on top of him. He moved onto the bed and laid down so I was on top of him now.

“Show me how much you like this cock,” he said as he gripped my thighs. I started to grind on top of him but he was too big for me to slide my pussy up and down on. I pulled my legs up so my feet were near his shoulders and leaned back, supporting myself on his thighs. I began to push my hips back and forth, using his cock to fuck me. It wasn’t long until I felt I would explode

“Ohhh I’m gonna cum,” I whispered as my body flushed. He grabbed me and pulled me up as he sat with his back against the headboard. He lightly held my throat and made me look at him.

“You don’t cum unless I tell you, you can,” he said.

He started to pump into me hard. It took everything in me not to cum on his cock. He squeezed my ass and made me bounce on top of him as he fucked me. I leaned into him making my tits brush against his face as I moved up and down. I wanted to feel his mouth on me again but he knew if he sucked on my tits I would cum. I whimpered in agony, needing release so bad, as I grinded against him.

He liked me like this. He started to fuck me hard and grabbed my legs, pushing himself off the headboard so he was on his knees, with my legs wrapped around him. I felt him tense up and he growled as he shot his cum inside of me. He slowly pushed himself in and out of me pouring the last drops of his cum into me. He guided my body on to the bed softly and pulled out of me.

“Show me where the bathroom is,” he said as he stood up and walked to the door.

I grabbed a towel and tried to wrap it around me but he took it away and put it around his neck.

I brought him to the bathroom and he turned on the shower and instructed me to get in. He got in behind me and dipped his head under the water. He put the soap in my hand.

“Wash me,” he ordered. I lathered up the soap in my hands and stroked his cock under the water. He put his hand against the shower wall, leaning over me and watching me as I stroked his still hard cock. I lathered my hands some more and as I reached past him to put the soap on the wall I kissed his chest. I then stroked his cock with both hands before cupping his balls and moving the soap around. He pulled away from me and let the water rinse him clean.

“Your turn,” he said grabbing me from behind. He held his hand over my stomach and pulled the showerhead down to my pussy. As the water hit my clit, I gasped and my legs buckled. He held me up but, slowly moved his hand to my pussy. He slid his finger into me and I moaned and leaned against him. He fingered me for a few seconds before he washed his hand off and put the showerhead back on the hook. He backed against the wall and watched me lather the soap on my body.

When I was done he turned off the shower and dried himself off. He handed me the towel to dry off but wrapped it around himself when I was done.

I grabbed a long dress from my closet and a pair of panties as he was getting dressed. He put on his clothes but left his hoodie off. He put the gun back into his pants and grabbed my hand as I went to put on my panties. He threw them onto the floor and picked up my dress. He held it up and then threw it on the floor too.

“No panties, I want easy access. Go put on something shorter,” he said.

I nodded my head and went back to my closet. I grabbed a dress that had shrunk when I washed it. It was just like the dress I was wearing earlier but peach. I had been wearing it as a tank-top because it was too short to wear in public. I put it on but it barely fit. My tits were popping out and it just covered my ass. I grabbed a pair of high stilettos. I wanted to be a little taller so I could feel his cock against my ass when he pressed into me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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