Hot, Wet, And Pregnant

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Big Dicks

My name is Ellen Jane, and this is the story of my life up to now. I got married right after high school to get away from my lecherous stepfather, if I had to lose my virginity, it would be to the man of my choosing.

I was a plain girl and attracted the plain guys in school. We went to dances, and the movies and I petted some but I would never give up my virginity I never got drunk enough or carried away enough to want to do that with any man.

Jimmy Joe was different from the start, he was sweet and gentle and he never pushed for more then I was willing to do and he told me all the time he loved me and wanted me to have his babies.

Two weeks after graduation I took a job as a waitress at the “Doxie” and ran away and married Jimmy Joe. Clyde his daddy bought us a trailer and put it on his farm and so I had a home, husband, and responsibilities. It didn’t take long before I figured out married life wasn’t all I had hoped it would be for me.

Jimmy took me to the closest motel after our wedding and the sex hurt like hell it was awful he came about two seconds after his cock was buried in my bruised pussy. Several months later I am here to say it hasn’t got a whole lot better just doesn’t hurt as much.

I don’t care much for sex. That’s the truth. I do it because you’re expected to as a wife.

Jimmy Joe works for his dad. He’s often gone from before dawn to way after dark seven days a week. He drives a semi and delivers machinery his dad had sold or repaired all over three states. Mostly what he does at our house when he’s home is eat, sleep, and fuck me when the urge happened to hit him.

No finesse that’s my Jimmy, He kisses me, tumbles me into bed, sticks one of his fat callused fingers up my pussy to see if I’m wet then wet or not, follows that up with his cock. Ten minutes of pushing, shoving, and sweating and he comes, usually with a rebel yell hits my ass, and tells me what a great fuck I am and goes to sleep.

I’m left crying in the bathroom as I use our shower massager to get any kind of relief at all.

As fate would have it if you fuck often enough, without precautions you’re bound to get caught. Since Jimmy Joe wanted babies we weren’t using birth control. Two months into our marriage, I turned up pregnant. It was about six weeks after I found out I was pregnant, that this story really starts.

That night he fucked me and went to sleep, after coming home late from a run. As usual he left me unsatisfied and hungering for something I just wasn’t sure what.

I got mad instead of having a good cry. I was itchy to do something, anything and so I called a girlfriend to pick me up. I couldn’t drink beer but I could dance and listen to the music and have all the diet coke I wanted. She came and we hightailed it to the “Doxie” a local watering hole where I worked most weekends.

The night was perfect, full moon, temperatures were only in the seventies later in the year they would be hot and wet with the Louisiana summer skeeters set to eat any one alive who came out after dark but now it was perfect.

As if it was meant to be we ran into the twins Carl and Randy Maxwell. They were old friends from high school.

We played a little pool had a couple of drinks and joked a lot about having an orgy. Somehow the guys seemed to sense that Tootsie and I were bound for trouble and they meant to be there for the ride.

God those boys were hunks packing huge topkapı escort cocks tucked tight into jeans that didn’t hide a thing and muscles. Working hard all day at the grain elevator made those muscles hard as stone and big as boulders. I get wet just thinking about old Randy in my pants.

Up to now I had never cheated because I wanted my baby to know its daddy. Too many of my girlfriends were never quite sure who had fathered their children. This night I got to thinking I was already pregnant no problem there, and as the thoughts of Randy’s hands on me, and his cock up my pussy kept percolating in my brain I got hornier and hornier.

I had never been with a man but Fred and he couldn’t be normal or not all my girlfriends would be raving about what great sex they were having with their men.

I wanted to see if all men were like him, or if there was something better out there. Finally I made a bet on the pool game we were playing. Loser had to suck the winner to orgasm.

Tootsie my girlfriend spit out her mouthful of beer and asked if I was sure. I nodded; she agreed to play as well. What were the guys going to do look like wimps? Never happen with a southern man besides they were winners either way.

I lost the first game. I was good at oral sex its how I stayed a virgin in high school. I took Randy and had him filling me with his seed in minutes. We played again. This time he lost and suggested we go out to the truck for privacy. I agreed and grabbed my sweater.

Fred had never touched me below my breasts it was all right to suck him off but eating me he thought was disgusting. I was quivering with need and with nerves and a deep desire to find out at last how it felt to have a man kiss, suck, and lick you to a climax.

He got me comfy on the seat and I thought it only right to tell him I was pregnant. He laughed, “Then I can fuck you later and I don’t even need a rubber”.

I smiled and pulled my jeans down and he bent his head. I kept my pussy shaved because I hated getting my hair caught in my jeans zipper and I hate panties, to confining. Randy groaned in appreciation and kissed me smack in the middle of my mound.

“Oh girl, I am going to make you scream.”

The first feeling of his hot wet mouth and his long tongue licking up my slit and poking into my wet pussy almost sent me over the edge.

Meanwhile as I moaned as softly as I could, Tootsie and Carl joined us. They climbed up into the truck bed and got comfy on the air mattress. I got the feeling Tootsie had been there before a time or two.

I could hear her moaning as Carl got busy and felt Randy laughing into my pussy. He added two fingers to the stew he was brewing and I found myself arching into his hands my body on fire begging him to do something, anything to end this pleasurable torment.

I heard his zipper go down and felt a hot hard wide thing push against the mouth of my pussy. It was twice as big as Fred’s I got up on my elbows and watched as he wet it and then gently, slowly pushed inside me. He stretched me to the point of almost pain and within a minute, he was way past where Fred’s cock usually traveled, and I was feeling sensations I didn’t know were possible.

I found myself swearing at him telling him to shove his huge man cock deep into my hole and fuck me senseless.

He laughed but took it gently as he remembered even if I didn’t at the time I was pregnant. I kept climbing fatih escort and climbing almost incoherent with need and then he said “Now Ellen Jane, now come on my cock now as I fill you with my come.” He added his fingers to the mix pulling and twisting my clit and I came.

I screamed, and he only managed to cut off part of it by covering my mouth. Just as he did that and I quieted down I heard my girlfriend say, “Now Carl stuff it in my ass, and fuck me”.

“In her ass?” I thought. Then all rational thought was over as I went riding another wave of pleasure. Once we were recovered from our first encounters the guys thought we should take our party out of the parking lot since I was married and a screamer.

We followed them to a beautiful glade near the river with overhanging trees and lots of privacy that they assured us was the perfect place to continue our adventures.

We settled in on some blankets under the trees and opened up some brews for them and a coke for me.

Tootsie and I got a chance to talk on the way there and she offered to trade me partners if I wanted Carl to teach me how to ass fuck. She said he was the best in the county and I believed her from the satisfied expression on her face. I was getting quite an education this night.

Maybe I should have felt guilty and maybe guilt would come later, but for now, the sexual pleasure was overriding everything else. I wanted and needed to know.

I told Tootsie, if Randy wouldn’t get jealous I would like Carl to show me. I told Tootsie she had to remember that it would probably be the only chance I ever got.

She brought the subject up and Randy laughed and pulled her close to him. “Fucking you is always a treat and if we get to watch her first ass fuck how can you beat that?”

Carl just smiled and helped me lay down on my back and then gently pulled my jeans off and pushed my t-shirt up over my head.

“I always thought you were beautiful Ellen Jane but you really are gorgeous. ” He gently rubbed his hand over the small lump of my belly and said, “I love pregnant women, they are so passionate”.

With that he lowered his head and started to love me with his tongue when I had another climax almost as good as the one his brother had given me earlier he reached into his pocket and got out a tube.

“This is ointment. I am going to push a lot of it up your gorgeous ass and rub more on me. First I am going to use my fingers on you and when I think you’re ready this cock is going into your ass and we are going for a ride.”

I felt the shivers running down my spine as I nodded. He was almost as big as his brother was, and I couldn’t imagine how that was going to work. Soon he had two fingers in my ass as he ate me to another climax when I howled with my orgasm he stuck another finger deep inside me and I heard his brother say “Go for it Bro”

I felt something hot push gently against my ass and a faint pop. I felt fuller then I had ever felt with the urge to bear down. Just then he said, “Try to bear down like you were on the john it will open you up”.

I did and he slid in with the help of all the lube he had pushed in earlier. He felt hot, I felt full, and then he started to push his cock in inch by inch. I heard him swearing telling his brother how tight I was, how hot I was, how good I felt to his cock. I pushed back, and laughing he called me a natural as he gently paddled my round firm eyüp escort ass making me jerk and holler and cry out as the sensations coursed through my body.

Randy came over and started licking my clit as Tootsie used her mouth on Carl’s balls I could see her licking him and pushing his cock deeper inside me. I felt a ball of energy, hot liquid pleasure growing inside the pit of my stomach and it just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Carl started moving back and forth, out to his cock’s head and in to his balls and I started to moan louder and louder until finally I was consumed in the flames of such exquisite pleasure I couldn’t describe it then or later. Carl moved faster and as I screamed out loud he joined me flooding me with his come. It only made me want more and more and I clenched him tight not wanting him to pull out.

I could hear them laughing at me until I relaxed as I came back to my senses. Carl pulled out and using his handkerchief cleaned him and me up, then pulled me to him tight, and wrapped his arms around me.

“How do you feel now that it’s over?”

I smiled “Like I want to do it again.”

They all laughed but it was true and we did. I was almost due to deliver the last time we all went out. Randy and Carl both fucked my ass to the feeling of my baby kicking. It was different then those first climaxes but it was long and sweet and made me feel like I was melting into a puddle of contented woman. I knew that I could never go back to ten minute fucks and the feeling I was just a piece of furniture at my house.

They took me to the hospital when my water broke I delivered a beautiful boy.

They called Fred when it was over. He was out on a run and his daddy; the baby’s grandfather said he would see me in the morning.

The next day I moved in with Tootsie and her father the town’s best divorce lawyer who agreed to take my case.

I had no money but he was single and he told me we could work it out. Tootsie just laughed and said from what her mother had told her before she left him for a traveling salesman, I was in for a treat.

It took months but I got our trailer, which I moved into a park and I received child support, and money to go to collage so that I could finish my nursing degree. Fred he didn’t seem to mind. He hardly ever visits his son, and has a new girlfriend and seems to be happy, as he ever was when we were married.

I still see the boys a lot but Tootsie’s father and I spend a lot of time together. He is over fifty but keeps himself well and makes me happy.

I have fucked more in the last year then in my whole life and have learned pleasure is my right. I will never forget that.

I may be pregnant again and Tootsie’s daddy James says he always wanted a son and if that’s what I’m carrying and it’s his he will marry me. It would mean a great future for my son who he already treats like his own, and I guaranteed him the only time the boys and I fuck is when I want anal sex, so there is no doubt who the child’s father will be.

James laughed and said if that was the only reason, I was fucking the twins I could end that affair right now. He could solve my anal desires and I wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of my bed to be fucked anywhere.

I am looking forward to feeling his long, thin cock shoved deep inside me as his fingers bring me to that pleasure I have learned to love.

I do find myself laughing at the idea that Tootsie my best girlfriend from kindergarten could end up being my stepdaughter, and my new son would be her brother. What a strange world we live in but I am happier now then ever in my life and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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