Hotter Than Fiction

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This story contains bisexual male sex and incest roleplay. Please take a look at the following tags before reading:

#Bisexual mmf #Bisexual male #Anal #squirting #Age gap #Incest roleplay #Big cock

For Nils and Liv

Chapter 1

This is the story of my first bisexual mmf experience. Where do I start? How do I start?

Ok, how about…

I was nineteen when I had sex with a bi couple for the first time. So, yes; this is the story about a young guy who hooks up with a hot couple for nonstop hot sex.

But before I get on with the story, I guess I need to introduce myself. You can call me Dee or D. I am a tall, muscular, blue eyed, dark blond hair, bearded Nordic guy. You can pick your favorite character from the Vikings series and imagine it’s me.

I have a very nice ass and a good looking, naughty and healthy cock; I won’t tell you how big it is because size doesn’t matter. Ok it’s a bit above average…and size does matter!

I am pansexual which to me it means that I enjoy having sex with most gender types and sexual orientations.

My favorite sexual activity is having sex with males and females at the same time, also known as mmf sex, but mmmf or mmmmf and mmmmfff and other variations and combinations that include both m and f are also acceptable to me.

I mostly enjoy having sex with people who are a few years older than me, but as I am getting older I can sense that I am also getting interested in younger guys and girls. So this is my first fetish; age gap.

I enjoy many different sexual activities and fetishes. I love tits. Size isn’t as important as the shape of the boobs and their nipples. I fucking love nipples almost as much as I love balls; I mean testicles. Pussies and clits are my friends as much as I am theirs. Big ones, small ones, wet ones, tight ones and sloppy ones. I fuck them and eat them all until they squirt, cream or just fizzle in my mouth or on my cock

Cocks; oh my fucking goodness, how I love those funny, spongy, muscular, majestic rods. Size…to me matters quite a bit. I guess sometimes it’s fun to suck on a tiny one, but the bigger ones are more versatile. I prefer clean cut ones, with pristine mushroom heads. I love jacking them, licking them, sucking them and taking them deep inside my fucking tight booty hole. A big cock is always much fun to play with than a tiny one.

I love fucking and getting fucked, sometimes gently and sometimes hard. If I trust you, you can even do much naughtier things to me, but we’ll get to that later.

Otherwise I am a simple, easy going guy. You don’t have to buy me dinner before you fuck me and I prefer not to spend a lot of money and time before you let me play with your naughty parts. Believe it or not I’m kinda shy and I prefer not to date in a traditional sense. This brings us to the very beginning of our story.

Our story starts in 1997, a bit before the time of smartphones, tinder, Facebook and internet dating. Naughty people would their sex partners through placing or answering to contact ads in raunchy magazines.

I was still me, but without the beard and I had less muscles. I had a beautiful head of dark blond hair and I was extremely virile.

Long story short, I had just turned nineteen, living on my own in a smallish city up north somewhere in Norway where winters are harsh and people are attractive and horny. Well that last statement is up for debate, but let’s say it’s a hundred percent true.

One beautiful early summer day I came across an adult magazine that belonged to a roommate of mine who had just moved out of my apartment. As I paged through articles about cars and wrestling and nude pictorials of two beautiful girls, I came across the dating ad pages.

Couple looking for fun with couples

Group looking for single women

Woman looking for BBC

BBW looking for sugar daddy


Bisexual couple looking for bisexual young man

There was a picture of a woman from neck down, awesome big tits and juicy nipples, golden blonde bush covering her crotch, wearing fishnet stockings; the left one was pasted with what seemed to be a man’s thick semen. Very sexy photo, but what was written under the photo blew me away.

Hot married couple, both bi, very good looking, healthy, virile, clean, we smoke, drink, no drugs, love sex, can’t get enough of it

Male (32) : muscular build, extremely well hung, power top

Female (38): hypersexual, loves sex with younger men, tight pussy, big tits, extremely hot

You (18 to 21): attractive, clean, polite, no drugs, healthy, must love cock.

Husband will fuck you. No excuses. Experience not necessary, but must be willing to be fucked by husband and wife.

Again: husband has a very big cock and you must let him fuck your ass with it!

Time wasters need not apply.

We are experienced and we will treat you right. Our regular live-in boyfriend had to move out, so here’s your chance to take his place. gaziantep masaj salonları If you are a good boy, we promise you will have a good time and you will be taken care of.

All applicants must send a face photo. No dick-only photos. Doesn’t even need to be a nude photo, but we need to see your face and body in the photo.

Blurred or blurry photos will be ignored. You won’t get a second chance with us. Again, you must be willing to fuck her (a lot) and let him fuck you (a lot). If you’re not up to it, don’t apply.

Send us a sexy note and tell us what sexy things you want to do with us.

Maybe we’ll see you soon

Mother of all cocks and fucks! This was just unimaginably hot.

Let’s see. Hmm.

Young guy ✓

Bisexual (I already knew it of course)✓

Polite ✓

Clean ✓

Healthy ✓

Good looking ✓

Ready to fuck ✓

Willing to get fucked ✓

Extremely hot and horny ✓

They were looking for me. The magazine was a couple of months old, but there was still a chance they hadn’t found what they were looking for, or maybe they wanted me anyway.

Come on, it’s me. I’m handsome. No, actually women usually call me beautiful, and some men call me pretty. I’m young. I love pussy. I need cock. I’d choose me and get rid of any other guy I’m currently fucking. I will respond to this ad…but how? Ok…here’s the instructions:

Place your reply in an envelope. Seal the envelope and write the ad’s code on the top right corner. Place a postal stamp on the envelope. Place the envelope inside a larger envelope, then send to the following address (magazine’s publishing office).

I know, if you have read my other stories, some of them start the same way as this one, but this is the true story that inspired those other ones; it may not be as outrageous as those other stories, but it’s hot enough to make you wonder if it’s really true or if I am just bullshitting you. You make up your mind. But sometimes truth is hotter than fiction.

Back to the story:

Guess what? I wrote a letter to the hot couple, hoping that I would become the next young guy they were going to take care of. I mean, who doesn’t want a sugar mommy and daddy?

All right. There’s your chance buddy. Let’s do this right now. A pen and paper and here we go:

Dear hot married couple,

My name is Dee and I think I can be your next boyfriend. I know that I really want to be your next boyfriend. Everything you say in your ad is exactly what I am looking for. I check all the boxes. I have some experience with women, but I have never been with a man, although I know that I really want to…be with a man.

I would love to taste her pussy on his cock and balls after he’s fucked her pussy, or to lick and taste both of you as you are fucking. I would absolutely love to get fucked by him hard. I want to lap up his cum from her pussy. Oh so many things I want to do with both of you.

I was hoping that you would be interested in giving me a chance. Included with this letter, is a picture of me from a couple of months ago. It’s taken at a friend’s wedding.

I truly hope to hear from you soon,

Kind regards,

Dee Kay

This should do it. Not too much, not too little. Straight to the point. If they like my picture they will definitely want to fuck me. Why wouldn’t they like my picture? It’s a good picture and I look lovely in it. Maybe I look too young and they think I’m not legal? Fuck them. Where’s their picture? Who are they to judge me? I will get this position. I will!

And with that, I dropped the envelope in a mail collection box and off it went to change my destiny.

Chapter 2

One month passed without hearing anything from my prospective sugar parents. I hadn’t given up hope. I was checking my mail every day, twice a day.

Then it was finally there.

An envelope from an unknown address with beautiful handwriting with a beautifully hand drawn heart next to my name. With my heart pounding and shaky fingers I opened it. A beautiful folded letter with a picture of an amazingly good looking semi nude couple sitting at an outside table of a café with other semi nude people in the background. With semi-nude I mean most of the women there were topless.

Obviously the picture was taken at some sort of resort. The man looked like a dark blond Magnum PI (Tom Selleck) with lots of dark blond hair all over his chest and body, and the woman looked like a big breasted Bo Derek/Heidi Klum with prominent Nordic cheekbones, a lovely maturing body and beautiful golden blonde hair. Her tits were the shape of big teardrops with just the kind of areolas and nipples that I absolutely adore.

Last but not least, they both had smiling, naughty but kind greenish blue eyes that sparkled with a healthy amount of joie de vivre.

I started reading the letter:

Our dearest, hottest Dee,

We are pleased to inform you that we gaziantep masaj salonları escortları have approved your application and would like to meet with you for a test date. Your picture knocked our socks off. You look so fucking beautiful and we are both connoisseur of beautiful young men.

We’re hoping to meet with you soon. In fact the sooner the better. So right after you finish reading this letter, go pick up your phone and call us. One of us will be there to take your call. If by chance we’re not home, call again soon. We would really love to see you as soon as possible.

Call: xxxxxx822

Lustfully waiting for your call,

Nils and Liv

Holy Popeye! What the freaking fuck? I’m too shaky. Excited? I’m fucking shaking. Mother of all farts. Oh no! Oh yes!

Shut the fuck up, you idiot and call them.

Oh no! I’m not good at talking on the phone. What if I freeze?


Young man, get it together. It’s now or never. Ok?

After about fifty-seven minutes and forty-six seconds of deliberation, I finally picked up the phone and dialed the number. I waited for a couple of seconds, or centuries, then a beautiful melodic voice said, “Hello? Liv speaking.”

“H…hi Dee…it’s Liv…f…ok…hi Liv… it’s Dee from the…well the magazine contact ad..thingy?”

Fuck. I messed up. What did I just say? No. Pause. Erase. Rewind. Please, help!

The sweetest laughter caressed my ears, soothed my soul and tickled my balls.

“Oh my God,” Liv continued laughing sweetly. “Oh…I think I peed my panties. Oh…help. You are so fucking adorable.”

Am I? I made her pee herself? Why is she telling me this…and why am I getting turned on by hearing it?

Mother of all weirdos!

Well…at least I am adorable and she still hasn’t hung up on me. Wait…has she hung up on me?

“Are you there?” Liv asked.

“I’m here,” I replied hurriedly. “Are you there?”

“I’m here sweetie,” she continued laughing sweetly. “Ok…well…I’m so happy you called. Nils isn’t home right now, but he was also hoping that you wouldn’t chicken out and call.”

“Chicken out?”

“Since the ad was published, we’ve had at least three guys wasting our time,” Liv began to explain. “A fourth one even met up with us, but when he saw Nils’ cock he chickened out.”


“Oh…I am so sorry honey,” Liv apologized very sincerely. ” I got ahead of myself. I can get a bit…you know…when it comes to sex. I just love sex and I am not ashamed of it. But…fuck…I am rambling on.”

“No, go on,” I said softly. “You are calming me down…and I am also…your voice is so lovely.”

“Oh my god!” Liv exclaimed excitedly. “You must be…no you are…the sweetest thing…can you meet up with us today? This evening? Say at eight?”

“Yes,” I replied after pausing to think about any excuses not to meet with them that quickly.

“Ooh,” Liv giggled girlishly. “So excited. See you at eight then. Bye sweetie.”

“Bye,” I said and hung up the phone.

Shit! Eight o’clock, but where? I picked up the phone and dialed the number again. Liv started laughing her ass off. She gave me the name of a pub downtown.

“You…are the funniest…oh I am already in love with you,” Liv said in an absolutely sincere tone. “I need to change my panties!”

Ok. Liv pissing her panties has given me a full hard-on. Why?

Why not? Why anything? Everything goes when it comes to sex. Weirdest things can excite someone and disgust others. I think I like pee. Good for me!

“See you soon sweetie,” Liv ended the call cheerfully and then the countdown began.

Four hours. I needed to take a shower and shave my peach fuzz.

Chapter 3

Wearing my nicest blue jeans and my cleanest t-shirt, I arrived at the destination pub. Summer days in Scandinavia are bright and long, and at eight in the evening I could clearly see Nils and Liv sitting at a table in the outside serving area. Both of them looked much more tanned than they were in their picture.

Nils was wearing a relaxed light blue t-shirt and white short shorts. Liv was wearing a very light and airy yellow summer dress with beautiful floral patterns that perfectly showcased her tanned cleavage and big tits. The straps of her fancy designer bra sat loosely on her delicate shoulders. She wore her shimmering golden hair in a beautiful messy updo.

At first they didn’t notice me, although they clearly had their eyes open and were looking for me. Finally Nils’ beautiful sparkling eyes focused on me and a warm smile quickly graced his handsome face. There was some residual beer foam in his dark blonde mustache which somehow made him look sexy as fuck. Then Liv noticed me and she immediately blushed and started to laugh sweetly just as she did earlier on the phone. They both rose to their feet to greet me.

“Oh my fucking goodness,” Liv said giddily as she masaj salonları gaziantep pulled me into her warm, jiggly-boobed embrace. “You look so yummy.”

“Excuse her French son,” Nils said in a booming, masculine but kind voice. “Liv swears like a sailor when she’s excited.”

“Fuck you Mr. Perfect,” Liv laughed at her husband in an angelic voice that was in stark contrast with her choice of words. “I fucking swear whenever I am happy or sad or…ok sorry honey. Have a seat.”

“Beer, son?” Nils asked me as he studied my face intently.

“Just order him a beer,” Liv interjected. “Unless he doesn’t want one for some reason?”

I must have been blushing like a hot radiator because I suddenly heard a waitress’s concerned voice asking me, “Are you ok darling? Your ears are as red as a couple of tomatoes!”

“I’ll have Diet Coke please,” I said to the waitress.

“One Diet Coke coming up,” the nice waitress said and then she winked at me.

Liv grabbed a pack of cigarettes from the table and offered me one; I politely thanked her, “I don’t smoke, but thank you.”

“You are just adorable,” Liv said as she pulled a cigarette out of the packet using her lips. “Nils and I have tried quitting twice already. I hope you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” I declared truthfully.

This was back in the mid nineties and it was almost impossible to find any cool, attractive grownups who didn’t smoke. Liv smoked her cigarette sensually and it was clear that she really enjoyed holding the smoke within her lungs.

After the waitress came back with my beer, they asked me a few basic questions and I answered them all as truthfully as possible. I told them about my family situation, about my struggling to make money working as a photo lab technician to finance my future studies.

Then it was Liv and Nils’ turn:

Nils started by saying, “We met in Gran Canaria ten years ago. We first fell in lust and then fell in love very quickly. We got married within a year. We are both bisexual and hypersexual, so pretty soon we realized that we enjoyed adding a third person into our sexual activities.

“We started experimenting with men, women and couples…and eventually groups. Then we both fell in love with the same guy, and we both realized that we truly enjoyed having a third person in our mix. Kai lived with us for a long time, but he had to move out of the country to study dentistry. We don’t think he’ll be coming back to live with us, but he will probably come and visit us soon. So…we are not just looking for a hot date. We’re looking for a young unicorn to start a polyamorous family with.

“We are open to adding a female to our family at some point in the future, but right now we need a hot young man to…you know. I mean…we definitely would want to have a good time with you either way, but ultimately it would be ideal if you wanted to be our full time lover and live with us permanently. So…if we have good chemistry…which I am very hopeful that we do…the possibility of us becoming a family is there.”

“We are looking for fun and possibly a young boy who can become our…permanent partner or adopted son. You know…we don’t have our own children, so you can be our son…but we’ll get to that later,” Liv added. “Yes, we have talked about this, and yes, I know that this is probably too much to think about right now. We have a very strict rule in our relationship; no jealousy. Life is too short for bullshit like that.”

“That’s probably a bit too much and too early info?” Nils asked his wife in a careful tone.

“Oh well,” Liv said, looking at me. “That’s what we need, someone to start a family with. Too soon? Fuck that. But Nils is right, we need to find out if you and us will click together first.”

“So…we have a couple of options here,” Nils said in a serious tone. “We normally don’t take anyone to our home for the first date, but I think Liv agrees with me that we can trust you and take you to our place instead of a hotel.”

“I agree a hundred percent,” Liv cheered. “We’d be much more at home…well…at home than in a hotel. There you can scream as loud as you want and nobody will hear you.”

“Are you planning on killing me?”I asked jokingly.

“You haven’t seen his cock yet,” Liv said. “The last applicant Leif tried to fuck…screamed and ran for his life!”

I thought that Liv was joking, but later in the evening I found out for myself that the guy who ran away was a real person and he had a very good reason to do so.

We finished our beers and got into Nils and Liv’s car, then we drove off towards our new friendship.

During the drive we talked about my family, how disappointed my dad was in me and how he effectively threw me out of the house, and how my mother really didn’t care to stop me from leaving. We talked about the discovery of our sexual orientation, about our favorite movies, sports and other stuff.

We were very happy to find out that we were supporters of the very same football team, and that we liked the same type of movies and that we detested the same kind of music. This was a good start indeed, especially since all of us were hoping to expand our relationship beyond just sexual activities.

For me, not having a supportive family has always been a great cause of sadness and regret, and if I were to live with Nils and Liv, my financial situation would also improve drastically.

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