House Call

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Eve smiled to herself when she heard the tell-tale soft pitched “beep” of her cell phone. That sound announced that she’d received a new text message. She really only communicated via text with one person; Dallas. It was often their preferred means when they were apart. She supposed they each liked the brevity and immediacy of the mode. No wasted words or wasted time.

As she flipped her cell phone open, she recalled their late night phone call from a few days earlier. They’d chatted for a while about various things but the overriding tone of the conversation was very sexually charged as was often the case with them. Since the mere sound of each other’s voice made them both hard and wet, their phone conversations were often quickly reduced to raw, hot sex in fairly short order.

Eve had talked Dallas into an intense orgasm the morning before and he’d said that tonight would be her turn to lift off. As she spoke, she could hear his heavy breathing and the distinct broken sound of his hand pounding fast on his cock. Those two sounds together alone without any words whatsoever always made her pussy wet and her clit rock hard. He’d barely needed to say anything before she blasted into oblivion, her moans resounding deep and full.

“That’s it baby,” he whispered loudly. “Come for me. Keep coming hard. I love to hear you come for me.”

It was then Eve had shuddered and sighed as her orgasm subsided. She ran her hand across her erect nipples which sent the final hot jolts through her quivering body.

“What are you going to do about it?” the text message read. Again Eve giggled as the answer she intended to give flashed across her mind’s eye. She loved the sexual banter they often got into; she had felt the temperature rising all afternoon as they’d sent messages back and forth. It had started with her inquiry, “Have you come yet?”

She was referring to the fact that Dallas had not come two nights earlier when he’d brought her to orgasm so quickly. He’d said he’d had a few too many beers watching the game and it was her turn anyway. So she’d found herself wondering today if he’d taken matters into his own hands, so to speak, and was delighted and aroused when he answered “No” to her question. She’d then flirted back and asked if he’d like to come later on that night to which he replied,” No. I don’t like to do that.”

Eve, knowing he was kidding of course, had responded, “Finally! I’m speechless.” Dallas came back with an immediate, “It was just a joke!!!” She had him hooked now and waited a few hours before teasing him with, “So, are you still horny and chuckling?” An instant “Yes” was shot back from Dallas.

“That makes two of us then,” had been Eve’s final flirtatious retort. Now she knew that he was hot and horny and he knew she was too. Perfect. It was his response to that statement which she was musing over now.

“Hmmm, what am I going to do about it?” she read again.

Dallas had a very discreet and subtle way of letting her know when he wanted to be dominated. Sometimes she wondered if he was even aware of the cues he sent her. When the hit came, she was usually more than ready to take the lead however. She raised her fingers to the keypad and, unlike the current teenage population, clumsily punched in her response, “Instruct you to get hard, fill your ass, pinch your tits, clear that mind of yours and call me for further orders.”

She poured herself a full glass of an izmir escort Argentinean Malbec and walked outside to sit on her terrace. It was a beautiful crisp spring night and she felt her desire surge through her like sap rising through a tree. She’d been feeling randy for days, what with the spring season in full bloom. Work had picked up a bit for her too, but still she’d found herself hot and distracted over the last few days. In an effort to assuage the craving, she’d begun to cruise the internet looking for a potential playmate to set up a “casual encounter.”

She had a recurring fantasy and had decided to work on making it happen. That was one of Eve’s specialties; she had the gift of an extraordinary imagination and often had both the desire and courage to try to make her dreams come true. With Dallas, she’d discovered a willing and eager partner, a mate who not only allowed her to pursue her desires, but who was enthusiastic about participating. Other than his exceptionally superb ass, this quality was one of the things Eve loved most about him. Because her imagination was limitless and because he encouraged her to plumb it’s depths often, she felt it was possible to stay with him forever.

She’d surfed a site she’d used before; she looked under M4MW (men for man and woman) in Dallas’ hometown. Though in her fantasy the mix wasn’t going to quite work out that way (at least not initially) she thought that was the best place to start.

“Zzzz. Zzzz.” Eve’s cell phone, almost always set on the vibrate mode, buzzed on the tabletop next to her. She picked it up and read “Dallas” on the illuminated screen. “Mmmm,” she softly moaned to herself as she flipped open the phone. “There’s no way you did all of that that quickly!” she stated, her voice husky with desire.

“No, but I’m hard already,” Dallas whispered low and tight, his craving evident. “I thought you might want to do the rest with me.”

“Ahhh,” Eve moaned. “Are you smooth, baby?”

“Yeah, I’m still smooth,” he said.

“How about your tits? Are they smooth; the way I like them?” asked Eve in a slightly more insistent tone.

“No, I haven’t shaved them in a while.”

“Where’s your cock ring?”

“In the drawer,” he mumbled.

“Go get it then,” Eve ordered. She heard him rise quickly and pad across the room. She could hear the sound of the drawer glide then what sounded like him rummaging through a pile of objects.

“OK,” he panted as he made his way back to the bed.

“Put it on.” Again Eve could hear Dallas, who’d now put his phone on the speaker setting, wrestle with the leather ring pulling it around his hard cock and balls and snapping it closed. “Is it tight?”

“The middle snap,” he whispered, his breath coming harder as he spoke.

“Hmmm, does it feel tight enough?”


“Are your balls all hard and firm the way I like them?” she asked, her questions firing at him at a more rapid rate as her longing rose.


Eve absolutely loved to hear Dallas say yes to her. He had a way of drawing it out two beats longer than necessary, front-loading the “y” sound so it felt like amplified yearning and he pulled a long length on the “s” and made it slid across her ear like his tongue slipped over her shaved cunt.

“I want you to shave your tits for me now,” Eve stated matter-of-factly. The minute she said it she could feel Dallas’ alsancak escort hesitation cross the 1500 miles between them like lightning. He was hard and hot and he wanted to get fucked now; she had every intention of making him wait.

Again, she heard the creak of the bedsprings as he rose and made his way to the bathroom. Eve could picture him perfectly standing naked before the wall of mirror above the double sinks. She heard him open the middle top drawer and remove his razor. “Put some shaving cream on your asshole,” Eve whispered. “Cover your cunt with cream.” The “shhh” sound from the pressurized can was audible as it released the foam.

“My eyes are closed and I can see you clearly,” she barked between the gasps that had taken hold of her now. Dallas heard her heavy breath as he turned on the faucet and ran his fingers through the warm stream. His cock felt as hot and hard as iron and it stood straight before him. “Shave your tits completely smooth for me baby,” she whispered.

And then he did exactly as he was told. “OK, I’m finished,” he whispered.

“Where’s your butt plug?”

“Right here,” he stammered.

“Good. Listen: tomorrow I want you to wear your cock ring all day for me. Cinch it to the tightest notch. I want you to know it’s there, that I’m there.” Eve knew that every time she and Dallas free-fell like this, there was a risk.

“OK,” he replied, his voice soft and pliable, like cotton candy on a tunnel-stick in August.

“Spread your legs and move the plug around your asshole. Slide it through the cream.” Dallas started to moan as he complied with Eve’s wishes. She heard the unmistakable muffled “thwack, thwack, thwack” of his balled fist slapping against his stiff dick. “Faster baby. I’m almost completely naked now,” Eve said in a voice as smooth as butter yet hard like a whip.

“Where are you?” he asked.


“You’re outside naked?”

Eve hesitated for a moment. “Yeah and I’ve got three fingers lost deep inside my cunt as I make you picture perfect in my mind. Listen. I want you to do something special for me, no questions asked.”

Dallas responded instantly, seemingly without thinking. “OK.”

Eve knew she had him now; hook, line and sinker. The reality of that was pure bliss, yet dangerous. They were walking on that sharp edge together again, getting a joint thrill from the charge. “I’ve found a guy for us, baby. The deal is this: he knows I’ll be out there soon. I’ve sent him pictures; he can’t wait. In the meantime though, I’ve told him if he wants me, he’s got to go through you first. Literally”

Eve listened to the silence between them carefully; she could feel Dallas working out the plan, realizing she was upping the ante. For a straight guy who had grown fond of cock up his ass the idea of meeting up alone with this guy was both weird and a turn on, just as Eve had predicted. There was a long silence, a suspended deadly alive space, which was not unusual lingo within the Dallas and Eve dialog.

More silence. And then, “OK. Where do you want me to go?”

Eve’s fingers were sliding fast across her smooth pussy as she listened to him acquiescese with such subtlety. He’d just bent over and spread himself wide open for her. She adored him for it. “Now, I want you to slowly sink that plug in your ass while I tell you what you’re going to do.”


“You’re buca escort going to go to his house; he doesn’t live too far away from you. This Friday night at 10 o’clock. Think of it as a house call.”

“OK,” stammered Dallas, his voice cracking from the fury of his fast and heavy breathing. “Ahh baby, I’m starting to shove it in.”

“Good. Do it slowly. The door will be unlocked. Walk in and go into the living room. Strip your clothes off and then get down on your hands and knees on the floor and wait.” Eve’s words were slightly clipped as they fell from her lips. Her index and middle fingers were curled up inside her, stroking fast on her spot. “He’ll come in then, naked, and stand before you.”

Panting, both hands working fast on his cock and asshole, Dallas asked, “Do you want me to suck his cock and make him hard for you?”

“No. I want you to call me then. Don’t speak when I answer, just put the phone on speaker and then let me hear you start sucking his big, soft cock. He’s hung, baby, but you’ll be able to take most of him before he gets too hard. I want to hear you trying to gag him down your throat for me.”

“Do you want me to lick his balls?”

Yes. And then his sweet pussy hole too. I want to listen while you slurp and lick and slide and swallow all of him.”


Eve talked on, “Once you’ve made his thick cock rock hard with your mouth, I want you to wrap your hands around his girth and start to pull on his rod nice and slow. As you’re doing it I want to hear you two tell me how good it feels.”

“You want to hear me tell him how much I like sucking his big, hard cock?”

“Yes!” Eve called out as she bucked back hard against the chair, the cool night air biting at her hard nipples as she rolled through her first orgasm.

“I’ve stuffed the whole plug inside me, baby,” groaned Dallas.

“Good, because now comes the next part. Literally,” Eve whispered. “The guy’s roommate will come out then, his dick already fat from watching you suck off his friend. He’ll walk over and stand before you too, the head of his cock swollen and dripping with pre-cum.”

“Mmm. Do you want me to swallow him too?” Dallas asked, the sound of his voice raspy, yet the tone was submissive. Eve loved when that happened; when he was so stirred up and hot, he sounded like he’d do anything she asked of him.

“Yes. I want to listen as you alternate sucking both of their cocks. Use both of your hands to stroke them and keep them hard for me.”


Eve could tell that Dallas was just barely holding on, his orgasm rising as she recited her story to him. “Squeeze down on the plug in your ass now, baby,” she said as she rubbed her flat palm against her stiff clit.

Dallas closed his legs and squeezed tight, his ears straining to hear the continuation of eve’s tale. “What now, baby? What do you want me to do now?”

“Hold still while the roommate greases up his nice cock for your beautiful ass. That’s what I want you to do. Keep sucking on the big cock and spread your legs and arch your ass for him.” Eve could feel the building tidal force of her pleasure bearing down upon her. Her pussy was drenched as she swished hard back and forth over her pearl.

“Ahhh shit, baby. I can feel the head of his dick splitting me open. Ahhh, I’m going to come now…now!” Dallas yelled out as Eve heard him shudder and break against the bed.

“He’s buried all the way in you. Now, open your mouth wider and swallow the big load that’s just starting to shoot out. Feel how hot it is against your tongue.”

Dallas growled low, “I’m taking it all in for you, baby. They’re filling me from both ends. Can you hear us? Can you? ”

“Yes,” Eve said. “Yesss, baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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