House Hunting

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I had gone to the basement of the home I was viewing and began to poke around. The owners were at work so other than the work crew building the addition outside I was alone. I had walked the whole thing when something caught my eye through the window on the east wall which looked out on the neighbor’s backyard. When I focused on what it was my heart began to race. The young girl next door was in the backyard next to the picnic table wearing only a towel. Now what is she up to I wondered. The local community college student(she had a bumper sticker on her car which I’d seen her pull up in shortly after my arrival) removed her towel and set it on the table. WOW!!! Her body was that lean yet womanly curvaceous kind that allowed her to have a heart-shaped healthy ass without looking fat. The thong left nothing to the imagination. She had shoulder length brown hair, a short oval face with high cheekbones and nice 34 or 36c tits. A Forrest Gump moment please- I was droolin’! She began applying oil to her legs and that was when I unzipped and began stroking my very hard cock because she had to bend over to do it. That ass! It dominated my entire field of vision. When she started applying it to her ass cheeks I almost blew it all over the floor.

“Make sure you clean up if you bust a nut.” I froze in midstroke and slowly looked over to my left to see one of the workers from the crew standing there looking out the window. I hadn’t even noticed his arrival(small wonder)and just stood there mouth agape until I realized that I was still standing there with my cock in my hand.

“Uh, I uh, umm-“

“Listen bro don’t worry. We’ve all been down here spankin’ it to this chick all week. We’re pretty sure she knows it too.” He smiled. Somehow that put me at ease and I began pumping slowly.

“There you go.” he said as he began pulling his own meat out. It was already at full mast and maybe 7″ long, about my size but not as thick. Not bad though. He noticed me looking and turned towards me and began pumping it leisurely.

“Go ahead and get a better look bro I don’t mind.” he now had his pants around his ankles and I could see his plum-sized hairless balls hanging between his legs. From this angle I could see that his thick cockhead was dark red and slowly turning purple with new blood racing to engorge his already raging cock even more. He was getting more aroused from me looking!

“Hey, don’t freak out or nuthin’ but me and the guys are from outta town and this is our third job in two months so I haven’t had any in awhile. The way you keep staring at my cock makes me think you want to touch it and to be honest, if you did I would love it.”

This had gotten really strange in a very short period of time and I didn’t know what to think. I knew what I wanted to do but I was afraid…afraid of getting caught and afraid of being branded a fag. Wait a minute, who was I afraid of, him? He was the one who suggested it so he sure as hell wasn’t going to ridicule me. The owners were at work and wouldn’t be due back for hours.

I reached out and for the first time since I was a teenager I touched another cock. It was very hot to the touch and gently throbbing. Ataköy Escort I began to pump him slowly as he began to softly moan. It looked very nice–nice enough to eat. In seconds I was on my knees and looking it head on so to speak. He began moaning even more and I took the head into my mouth. A surge of lust coursed through me and I took his whole cock making sure to keep my teeth out of the way.

“Oh God that’s awesome man, swallow me whole.” His hips began to involuntarily pump which began forcing his still swelling cock deeper into my throat. My own cock was rock hard and leaking lots of juices. His thrusting became even more frenzied and I almost choked several times. I realized I was moaning almost as much as he was and began kneading his balls which were shrinking up against him.

“Oh yeah you like it when I fuck your mouth like that don’t you?”he asked in a pant.

“Um-hmm!”, I responded.

“Then I’m going to fuck the shit out of your throat and blow all of my hot come down it!”, he almost yelled as his hips picked up the pace and I had to grab his thighs to hold steady while he pounded in and out of my mouth. His sperm filled balls were bouncing off of my chin on every stroke and my saliva mixed with his pre-come was beginning to drool out from around his cock and hang from my lips as it was forced out by his thrusts.

Within seconds his cock started to jump around in my mouth and he began whispering over and over that he was going to blow. Suddenly his cock twitched twice and swelled even more and a jet of sperm shot into the back of my throat while I was on the backstroke. He was moaning unintelligible words the whole time. His cock twitched again and then began firing jet after jet of sperm until I couldn’t keep swallowing the musky salty come fast enough and it started to leak out of my mouth. Finally it stopped shooting and began to just ooze even more. I just kept swallowing as fast as possible and began stroking what was left into my mouth by hand until he went limp and pulled back.

“You missed some,” he said as he indicated with a nod a small pool that had collected on the floor below me. I kneeled down on all fours to lick it up when I felt a hand on my naked ass caress my left cheek. Panic set in as I realized some of his friends must’ve come down to see where he was for so long.

“Caught him jerkin’ off to the girl next door so I joined him and he wanted a taste,”the first one explained.

“He’s really good with his mouth but I don’t know about his other hole.”

“I uh haven’t tried that before,” I stammered, fear thickening my voice. I began to stand up when the man behind me pushed down on my lower back with a lot of power forcing me to stay on all fours.

“Well you could have fooled us,” he said.

“Why don’t you just relax a little and think about what we’re offering. We’ll go slow and stop if you need us to.” As he was speaking I felt a finger begin to gently massage my exposed anus. It felt really good and I made a noise of lust as my hard cock twitched a little.

“I guess that’s a ‘yes’ ” he said and I felt his tongue replace the finger and then I really Ataköy Escort Bayan began to moan. When I opened my eyes a few seconds later another man, the third on their crew had pulled his pants down and was jerking off to the scene in front of him.

“Why don’t we move this to the couch,” he said as he stood up and began taking his clothes off.

As I undressed I noticed that there were four of them and all were getting undressed. A lump of fear perched in my throat.

The second one who had been playing with my ass said,”Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get off and that you feel no pain. Coming with a dick in your ass makes you pop like you wouldn’t believe.”

Three heads began nodding in agreement as the two I hadn’t seen until a moment ago paired off and went down on each other.

The other two approached me and the one I had sucked off said, ” Allow me to repay the favor,” and laid on his back motioning for me to hover over him in a 69 position. As I got down on all fours on top of him he took my raging hard-on in his mouth while I reciprocated and began sucking life back into his. The other one knelt behind me and began rimming my asshole again which had me moaning like crazy.

After a little while Jim, the one 69ing with me was hard again and began licking my balls. Bob, the one rimming me switched to fingers and began teasing my wet hole until I had completely relaxed allowing him to fit his index finger in up to the last knuckle. I will say that their was a slight burning sensation as it slid home but it felt good and really naughty to have this guys finger in my ass while I 69ed with another guy. He slowly slid it in and out while massaging my ass cheek with his other hand and it felt awesome so I began to push back to get more. That’s when he added a second finger and it felt just as good.

After a few minutes of that he said kind of breathlessly, “I think you’re ready for the real thing,” and slowly withdrew his fingers.

As I felt him reposition behind me I didn’t get scared because if it felt as good as his fingers then I was in for a good ride. He put the head against my hole and slowly began pushing. I felt a fair amount of pressure and a little pain as my sphincter began to stretch to accommodate it. The head being wider than the rest I of course began to feel more pain and grunted but he just kept on going while he said, ” if I stop with the head halfway it’ll hurt worse, but once I pop past that little ring of muscle we’re home free.”

Suddenly he was in and I could feel my ass beginning to fill up. At first it was a lot of pressure and then he began his out stroke and it felt even better. He pumped in and out of me slowly, never going all the way in or out , just letting my ass get used to the intrusion. After a while he increased his depth and began feeding more and more on each return stroke. I loved it. My cock was oozing a ton of pre-come and I began bucking back at him as the pleasure intensified.

“Fuck my butt,” I said.

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna fuck your butt,” he said as he slapped my ass.

That was too much. My orgasm came on like a freight train. Escort Silivri I began fucking my ass onto his cock like mad as I yelled I was coming. My hips were pumping back on their own as my orgasm took over. My body broke out in the chills and a little electric jolt shot through me as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me and I began squirting cum into Jim’s mouth as Bob’s cock stimulated my prostate, slamming in and out of me.

As it subsided I came back to Earth and realized Bob still going at my ass when he yelled something and I felt his cock inflate to an enormous size and then start bathing the inside of my ass with lots of hot cum. It felt good and soothed my now slightly sore asshole.

Bob pulled out and I noticed I still had a hard cock in front of me. I devoured it even though I had just cum, but Jim pulled out of my mouth and went over to one of the other guys and said, “No offense but I want a little booty and you need a little rest.”

He was right, I needed a breather. I watched as the last guy on their crew get down on all fours and let Jim start fucking him in the ass. As I watched I could see the pleasure begin to tell on the face of the man he was screwing. I knew exactly what he was feeling and started to relive my most recent experience. Pretty soon I was hard and stroking off.

The third guy who had been sucking off the one Jim was currently fucking was hard as hell and came over and asked if I was ready for more.

“Damn right I am, only I want to do some fucking now. How about you?”

“Sure, I like it up the ass to,” he said as he turned around on the couch and got down on his knees. He spread his ass open so I could get to it and began licking it and getting it as wet as possible so that I could slide right in. After a few minutes his anus loosened up and I put my head at the entrance. I started to push as I watched his hole start to disappear from my cock pushing the skin inward and then the girth of my head was stretching him wide. As my head slipped past his anus I hadn’t realized how fast I would slide in but suddenly I was in up to my balls and was afraid I might have hurt him. He let out a low moan and looked back at me and smiled.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ve done this a lot and I’m ready whenever you are.”

To punctuate his statement he started fucking me with a nice steady rhythm. I looked down and saw his white round butt cheeks start bouncing and I felt the need to really fuck, so I started pounding in and out of him as he yelled his agreement. I had hold of his hips and began slapping his buns every now and then while I pummeled his ass, saying things like,”yeah you dirty little whore you like getting assfucked don’t you,” and he kept saying yes to all of it. It turned out to be more than I could handle and pretty soon I emptied my balls deep into his cute round, white little ass.

I noticed he had shot his load while I fucked him and we all began to clean up. After a little while we were done and I said goodbye to everyone and left. One interesting side note to it all was that when I reached my car the girl next door was sitting on the porch smiling and nodded at me when she saw me look at her.

“Hope you liked everything you saw.”

“Every last bit of it,” I replied with a big grin.”I think we’re going to be neighbors.”

“I can’t wait,” she replied. “Goodbye.”

“See you soon.” And then I left. And the rest is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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