Houseboy Blues Ch. 03

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Herman nudged Koh in the chest with his elbow. “Wow, look at that one. Yessss! Oh baby, check out those panties!” Beige dress, dark pink panties – Herman had a winner. And what beautiful legs were, attached to those dark pink panties; long, lean, and suggestive. Koh was amazed at Herman’s brilliance, not just that he had installed the hidden cameras, but that he had gotten Jane’s approval for it. Koh wasn’t nearly as obsessed with underpants as Herman, but he enjoyed watching girls who didn’t know that they were being watched. He had to admit though that checking out upskirts was fun, seeing how much enjoyment his new best friend got from it.

As soon as Herman heard that Pete was coming over to visit he checked and rechecked the cameras. Pete was the Donkey pimp – metaphorically speaking – having a remarkable ability for finding attractive, slutty women who were into fetish porn. Herman equated Pete with girls, hot girls, and if the past were anything to go by, they’d be wearing micro-minis. Herman didn’t want to miss the show. Ordinarily he would have hung out in the living room and wagged his dick in front of the women, being a general nuisance, but now he could spy from the privacy of his bedroom and whack to his heart’s delight. He texted Koh, informing him of the tasty treats that awaited…

“You spend a lot of time over there,” noted Marlow. “You’re not having sex with Jane, are you?” She said it just to tease, for she knew he wasn’t, or assumed that he wasn’t, though she never knew how close she came to being right, but she had a meeting with her agent, and then Tony would be coming over for his afternoon milking, so Koh was free to hang out with Herman. He had already cum twice for her that morning, so how much trouble could Koh get into?

Marlow was starting to wonder about Tony. She didn’t mind being his sex toy, but lately he seemed more concerned with getting his rocks off than satisfying her. It had been awhile since she had an orgasm, other than self-induced ones, and if Tony couldn’t deliver on that front, what good was he? And while was great to bang a former Mister Nude America, they had no relationship beyond sex. It wasn’t like they went out to dinner or traveled together to distant places; all they did was fuck, and where once it had been fun and games, it now seemed perfunctory. Was it a coincidence, she wondered, that the last time he dipped his wick in her she fantasized about another man; more specifically, a man lying on his back with his legs over his head and his long spear stuffed inside of his own mouth. What’s a quarter-inch anyway, in the overall scheme of things?

Connie, who had sex with both, claimed that William was a much more considerate lover than Tony, and he also took pride in getting his women off. “You haven’t lived until you’ve had him back door,” she said, whetting Marlow’s appetite. She wanted the back door experience, but she also wanted to see William suck himself off again, so why not both? Marlow wanted it all.

Pete pulled into the driveway. Herman looked outside his bedroom window. As he had hoped, two young hotties in skimpy clothing piled out. “Showtime,” he exclaimed to Koh, swiveling his hips to get the most sway from his burgeoning erection. Koh smiled, and Herman sat down beside him at the controls.

“So you girls wanna be in films,” Jane said. “Hope you don’t mind my asking, but how did you end up with a dirty, old bugger like Pete?”

Pete guffawed. “I told you,” he said. “She’s a corker; a corker with a potty mouth”

“We work part-time at the club.”

“Come on. Pete, aren’t there child labor laws?”

The girls giggled. “Hey, we’re eighteen,” said Jinmin. She looked over at long-legged Eva. “Some of us just barely…right?”

Eva pulled out her driver’s license. “Eighteen last week,” she exclaimed, proudly, waving the evidence in case anyone wanted proof. She was overly excited, unable to sit still, bouncing around in her chair, unaware that her dark pink panties were causing two men to bone-up, but had she known she probably wouldn’t have cared. You see, Eva was a slut wannabe, and Jinmin too aspired to slut-dom. Both girls were prone to going braless, though in their defense, their breasts didn’t really warrant one. Regardless, like almost all eighteen-year-old breasts, they were firm, perky, ripe and desirable. Long-legged Eva’s summer dress was loose fitting, flowed freely and was, as Herman noted, a ‘breeding ground for upskirts’.

Eva’s dress in fact was so revealing that even before she sat down the pervs in the bedroom had gotten a quick glimpse of dark pink, and when she finally parked her cute butt on the couch and crossed her legs, the pink only got bigger and brighter.

“Upskirt city,” Herman yelped, triumphantly. “Beige dress, pink panties; a perfect match.” He looked over at Koh and exclaimed: “that’s how you dress a woman!” The two men exchanged high-fives. Herman looked down at his stiff member, and then looked over again at Koh and smiled. It was getting Belek escort closer and closer to blowjob time.

“And what about you,” asked Jane, directing her comment to the young Asian girl with glasses.

“She’s wearing a blue jean skirt,” Herman said, trembling with excitement. Denim was a heavy material and wouldn’t billow or fly up in a breeze, so it sucked for upskirts when a girl was standing, but when she sat down, man-oh-man, it was like Maui-Wowie; denim parted like the Red Sea, and it was almost impossible to conceal the triangular patch of cloth at its core, the pot-of-gold at the end of Herman’s rainbow.

“Look at that,” he exclaimed, “white ones. That’s what you want to wear with a blue jean skirt! Bro, you paying attention?” Herman zoomed in. “Wow, look at that; are those polka dots?” Koh was sitting with legs spread and his cock was protruding outward. He wasn’t touching it; he was just enjoying the fact that he had a hard-on and could show it off to Herman without shame. Koh found it liberating, as all men should, regardless of orientation. Herman took note. “Man, you could hang laundry on that.” He reached over and gave Koh’s hardened shaft a squeeze, just because he could. “Let’s see who those panties belong to, shall we?” Herman maneuvered the camera controls. “Holy Jesus,” he exclaimed, getting a glimpse of a cute face in glasses. “Look, is she Japanese?”

“Korean,” replied Koh.”

“Are you sure…wait, what am I saying; of course you know, you’re Japanese.” He zoomed in even closer. “Man, she makes me want to…”

Herman placed his hand behind Koh’s head and coaxed him onto his weenie. He leaned his head back and relaxed, savoring the moment, but something on the monitor caught his attention, so he brushed Koh aside. A blowjob he could get anytime, but a spontaneous upskirt was fleeting. The denim skirt was shifting positions, and for a long moment the tiny white patch became a sea of white. Jinmin showed her underpants in their entirety. Oddly enough, she instinctively covered her crotch with her hand the very moment she shifted her position, and while it was insufficient to prevent an upskirt, her intention endeared her to Jane’s houseboy. He thought upskirts were best when they happened to a woman who was deliberately trying to prevent it. Herman took a deep breath, “Wow,” he muttered. Herman had just found the Holy Grail. From this moment on he owned Jinmin; he would always have that moment, when she revealed herself to him, even if she didn’t know it. He wouldn’t mind an orgasm right now, you know, just to relieve the agitation in his penis…

Eva and Jinmin were seniors at Malibu High School. Their story was that Pete had hit on them their very first day on the job, having given hints of it when they first arrived for their interview. He took one look at them and said: “you’re hired,” and he wasn’t kidding. In his version of the story it was they who were the aggressors, making it obvious they’d be willing to exchange sex for, uh, certain favors. After-hours the spa became a personal playground for its owner, and it didn’t take much to convince the two girls to get naked and join him for a romp. Pete’s rod wiggled in delight, and the girls’ taut, unblemished bodies spoke volumes. They started in the swimming pool, hit the sauna, and by the time they made it to the Jacuzzi it was only a matter of whom he would violate first. In the end, Pete fucked them both, he being a greedy bastard.

Relaxing in his office afterwards, the girls seemed quite interested in the Donkey videos that played in a continuous loop, which ultimately led to their visit with Jane. Porn was where the real money was, and as far as they could tell, the Donkey women had it easy; it was the men who did the heavy lifting, which appealed to them, and since they were adventurous and wouldn’t mind making some real money, they’d be happy to meet with the ‘Pornographer’, which was how Pete referenced Jane.

The aforementioned Korean girl with glasses, Jinmin, was tiny, just under five feet, quite the opposite of Eva, and she looked like she was twelve, but of course she wasn’t; otherwise Pete wouldn’t have defiled her. But she wore white sneakers and white socks with her blue jean skirt, which made her look younger than her years. Jinmin’s hair was straight and stopped just short of her shoulders, but it was her eyeglasses that got men’s attention. Some girls simply look cuter with glasses; who knows why? Jinmin was one such girl. As soon as Herman saw her he was smitten. And it wasn’t just the white panties under the denim skirt, although that may have been a mitigating factor.

“Look at this,” Herman said, showing off his erection. He leaned back, spread his legs and slapped his boner from side to side. “Not bad, huh?” Koh smiled and subtly glanced down at his own package, which in all honesty, put Herman’s to shame. It’s not that Koh would ever hold that over him, but Herman got the message. Still, he was undeterred. “Let’s have Belek escort bayan a swordfight!”

Eighteen-year-old Eva was five-foot-seven and had legs that rivaled Jane’s, and were she insecure, the Pornographer might have felt threatened and sent her on her way, but the wife of a billionaire who was also a successful businesswomen on her own need not fear an eighteen-year-old bimbo, so Jane welcomed Eva’s legs with open arms.

“So what’s up with this Marlow chick you told me about?” Pete hadn’t forgotten the deal he struck with Jane back when she was requesting the use of his spa.

“It’s like I told you. I don’t own her, but I can introduce you to her. The rest is up to you.”

“Gee, I was hoping you’d put me in a scene with her in your porn flick.”

“I would, but Marlow doesn’t swing that way. She might let you jerk in front of her, but that’s about it.”

Pete rubbed his hands together in delight. “That’ll work. Once she sees what I’m packing she’ll come around.” Jane thought about mentioning Big Tony, but decided against it. “When do I meet her?”

“Jesus, hold your fucking horses,” replied Jane. “For all I know, she might be home right now. What’s your fucking hurry?” Jane saw the lust in Pete’s eyes and regretted telling him that Marlow lived right across the way. He wouldn’t give her any peace now until she made the introductions. “Wait here,” she sighed. “Her houseboy is in with Herman.”

The girls looked at each other. Did they hear her correctly? A houseboy? They looked to Pete for answers. “It’s like I said; she’s a pornographer.” To Jane he asked: “Speaking of Herman, how’s my buddy?”

“How’s your buddy? I’ll tell you how your fucking buddy is. I can’t even get the maid to clean his bedroom. I gotta give her an extra hundred just to go in there.” To the girls puzzlement she said: “cum stains like you wouldn’t believe; they’re everywhere.” She got up to fetch him. “Don’t worry girls, he’s harmless. He’s just a perv. He likes panties. He probably already knows the color of yours.” The girls made a yucky face, but they were still intrigued. How odd could he be?

Jane knocked on Herman’s bedroom door once, as a courtesy, and then opened it and went in. She was used to seeing weird shit, so she half-expected it, but even she was surprised at their depravity. It would seem that Herman and Koh were engaged in what could be best described as a tug-of-war. They had taken the ends of a long string, roped it under their cockheads, and were straining to walk backwards, using only the strength of their penises to try and drag the other across a centerline. The process required one to maintain an erection; otherwise the rope would get undone and fall off, so it was as much a test of sexual arousal as it was a test of strength. “I’m not even gonna fucking ask,” she said. “All I wanna know is whether you cunts know if Marlow’s home?”

“Just remember, Koh, I would have won if Jane didn’t interrupt us.” Herman got his binoculars. “Tony’s car is in the driveway.”

“Perfect. Come on ladies, let’s go. We’re gonna pay her a visit.”

“But if Tony’s there they’re probably busy, right, Koh?” The Japanese houseboy giggled and used hand gestures to indicate that they were most likely in a do-not-disturb mode.

“She won’t mind the interruption,” Jane replied. “That’s why I’m bringing you along; if she gets pissed it won’t be with me. I didn’t know she was banging; you guys did.”

“We’re going over like this?” Herman was referring to their nudity.

“I thought you liked showing Marlow your dick; and what the fuck are you doing in here anyway? There are two babes out there.” Neither man had a response, but their woodies spoke most eloquently. “I don’t get it,” remarked Jane. “You fucking pervs would rather beat-off together in here than dangle your rods out there in front of the girls.” Jane shook her head in dismay. “And you say you wanna be Donkey boys…”

Herman blushed, but said nothing.

“Jesus Christ, Koh. What the fuck?” Koh’s dick just passed the dancing and twitching phase and went into a rigid, lock-down mode, sticking up and outward at a forty-five degree angle, which gave his cock definition, clarity, and urgency. Jane looked over at the computer monitors. “You fucking pervs, spying on the girls…”

“He like white panties,” Koh replied, which both men thought hilarious, and they burst out laughing.

“Oh Jesus, the Chinese one…”

“Korean,” interjected Herman. “And you saw her panties too?”

“How could I not? She’s flashing them like there’s no tomorrow.”

Herman defended Jinmin. “It’s not her fault,” he said. “It’s her skirt; there’s nothing you can do about denim.” Koh giggled uncontrollably.

Jane looked over at the large monitors. The two girls were happily chatting away, so she assumed, for she couldn’t see above their waists. But she could see a touch of pink and a dollop of white. Better they perv in here, she thought, than out there, Escort Belek thus validating her decision to allow cameras. She had even noticed a change in Herman, which was probably linked to the removal of his cock-clamp, all made possible by the camera installations.

“You fucking pervs.” Jane smiled devilishly. “Hold those bones for now. I got an idea.” Seeing their reluctance, she grabbed each boy by the arm and dragged them out of the bedroom. Herman used his one free hand to cover up his genitals, because first impressions last the longest, and he didn’t want to be seen as Jane’s bitch. Jinmin might lose respect for him. His modesty surprised Koh, but if Herman wanted to cover up then so too would he. Neither houseboy understood that their apparent shyness only made their nudity more conspicuous, so it was a rather comical sight for the young ladies to process, Jane dragging two naked men into their midst, who seemed embarrassed by their predicament.

Introductions were made, and when Jinmin rose and offered her hand to Herman, he had no choice but to remove his from his crotch and shake hers. The warmth or her touch caused him to melt, not to mention the panty exposure she offered when rising from the couch. Herman must have subconsciously forgot about modesty, because he began using his willpower to try and wag his cock and create some movement. Koh’s was already bouncing all over the place, and Herman felt the need to keep up with him.

Herman had claimed dibs on Jinmin, so Koh switched his attention to the long-legged girl with the pink panties. She was his preference anyway. The way she sat, with her legs crossed, showing a lot of thigh…Koh liked thigh; even if didn’t know it beforehand, he certainly realized it now, especially long and supple ones with not a trace of fat, like Eva’s.

“Part of being a Donkey girl,” said Jane, addressing the girls, “is having men masturbate in front of you. It’s for your visual pleasure, or at least that’s how we sell it. Our motto is bones and minis. You girls got the minis…boy do you have the fucking minis, and as we can see, our boys got the bones.” Everyone got the mini reference; she might as well have said ‘upskirt’ instead. The girls were able to gauge the impact they had on the cocks, which had no place to hide, and the men no longer faked embarrassment. Herman and Koh couldn’t stop smiling, but they stood at the ready, standing so close together their shoulders were touching, their gaze riveted on the girl’s crotches, which made them uncomfortable, mostly because they weren’t used to men being so open about it. “It’s too late for modesty, ladies,” said Jane, “as I shall demonstrate.” To Herman she asked the color of Jinmin’s panties.

Herman beamed proudly. “White, with tiny polka dots,” he replied. Jinmin recoiled, wearing a look of disgust on her face. Herman feared he had lost her, but then his voice of reason took over. If she was willing to be a porn player, her knowing that he was a panty pervert shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but why the recoil and look of disgust? A girl should be proud that a man was turned-on by her panties. It was an acknowledgement that he found her desirable, wasn’t it?

Koh smiled broadly and said ‘pink’ in a voice bursting with confidence when asked about Eva’s choice of undies. He didn’t care if she knew he had seen them. He was naked and his dick was bouncing, with new western goddesses at the ready. Two more women for him to fantasize about whenever he next masturbated. He was in fantasyland, where all the women were glamorous, and he was naked. Where masturbation was encouraged and not frowned upon; where masturbation became a shared sexual act. It need not be solo; whacking was better when you had an audience…

Koh loved being naked; penises weren’t built for confinement. Having been aroused to no end in the bedroom, and without having a release, it was safe to say that he was nearing overload. In anticipation of an orgasm, his cock began to boil to where he feared a premature ejaculation. Jane sure knew how to create sexual tension. He clenched his fists in an attempt at self-control, but he was leaking fluid. A long strand of pre-cum was dangling precariously from his pee-hole.

“I think he’s about to pop,” Pete said, laughing. The girls, meanwhile, covered their mouths and stared with eyes open wide. No matter how sexually active they might have been, nothing could prepare them for Donkey-world. Pete was simply a lecher, but Jane was a real pornographer, and she wasn’t a poseur; she lived the life, with two naked boys under her control. And, as Jane stated, the reason girls wore minis, the reason they showed off their crotches and their panties, was to titillate, because it was through titillation that women were able to control men. A boner was a victory for the woman, not the man.

“To be a Donkey boy,” continued Jane, “you need to be able to get a hard-on and beat-off on cue in front of gorgeous ladies like yourselves. Now I know it looks like Koh’s gonna cum first, but don’t underestimate Herman when it comes to beating-off.” The girls were amused that Jane was able to talk so casually about sex, but they loved it; it was something they could aspire to. “Petey boy, I got fifty bucks that says Herman wins.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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