Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 94

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Tuesday night Olivia managed to make it over to Gina’s again; the night before she’d had to stay home and study for a final. When she arrived, she found Gina in the kitchen making pasta from scratch, drinking wine as she usually did while cooking, and singing along to a song on the radio.

Olivia took a seat at the kitchen table and poured herself a glass of wine. She was in an ebullient mood; she had kicked ass on her test and was glad to be back here in Gina’s kitchen, which was quickly becoming one of her favorite places. But as they caught up on the events of the last couple days, an uneasy feeling began to settle over Olivia; there was something strange, almost cold, about the way Gina was looking at her, although she seemed to be talking normally.

Was Gina mad, Olivia wondered? She claimed to have forgiven Olivia for her slutty ways, but maybe with more time to think about it, she’d changed her mind. Olivia sipped nervously at her wine, wondering what was going to happen.

The truth was, however, that Gina was thinking about the feeling of power she’d gotten from spanking and fucking Olivia the last time they’d been together. It was pretty much all she’d thought about for the last two days, and she could hardly wait to have another go.

After finishing the pasta, Gina dropped half of it into a pot of boiling water. She asked Olivia to watch the pasta and stir the sauce occasionally while she worked on a salad. Eager to please, Olivia took up her post at the stove with a wooden spoon in hand. Gina went to work cutting vegetables but was continually distracted by the younger girl, who was looking particularly adorable today in a tight T-shirt and short red skirt. Sincan Escort When she bent over to take a taste of the sauce Gina could see her whole rear end — her black thong barely covered her butt crack — and almost cut off a finger.

Olivia must have been distracted as well, because she neglected to pay much attention to the pasta, with the result that when Gina went to check it it was slightly overdone. Gina felt her heart begin to race, not because she was really upset, but because she saw an opening.

“Well that’s just great,” said Gina in her best stern voice.

“Sorry,” answered Olivia sheepishly, now feeling doubly weird — partly because it suddenly felt like Gina was her mom, and partly because she was a little turned on by the thought.

“It’s ruined,” said Gina, taking the spoon out of Olivia’s grasp and turning her around to face the stove. Although Gina was trying to look severe, she couldn’t entirely suppress a smile as she pulled Olivia’s hands behind her back and tied them there with an apron. She walked the younger girl to the kitchen table and bent her over, raising the wooden spoon into the air; it was still a little saucy, but so much the better.

When she brought the spoon down for the first time on Olivia’s rear, flecks of tomato sauce flew everywhere, but Gina didn’t care; such petty concerns were far from her mind. She alternated blows between butt cheeks, drawing a small moan from Olivia with each one, until they glowed a nice soft pink. Then she reached down to see how wet Olivia was. The answer was very; Olivia’s thong had practically disappeared into her syrupy hole.

Gina ran the side of one hand along Olivia’s slit Escort Ankara and brought it to her mouth, savoring the salty taste. Then, feeling wicked, she pulled the crotch of Olivia’s thong aside and penetrated her with the handle end of the spoon. Olivia gasped; the shape of the spoon stimulated the nerve endings inside her in unusual and delightful ways.

Stepping back from the table, Gina took a moment to enjoy the scene. A cute young girl was bent over her kitchen table, hands bound and skirt lifted, a wooden spoon sticking out of her snatch. What would her ex-husband think? He’d want to fuck her, of course. And come to think of it, that was not a bad idea.

When she returned a minute later, Gina had a strap-on in one hand and a bottle of lotion in the other. She gently rubbed some lotion into Olivia’s sore ass, then pulled the spoon out and brought the pussy juice–slick handle to Olivia’s mouth. “Get it nice and clean,” she instructed.

Once she considered the spoon clean enough, Gina replaced it with the shaft of the strap-on, which Olivia held in her mouth as Gina harnessed up. When she was ready to go, Gina used her hips to push the dildo farther into Olivia’s mouth, then pulled it out with a pop. Olivia was so turned on now that she could hardly stand it. “Do it to me,” she rasped. “Give it to me hard.”

Gina untied Olivia’s hands and rolled her over onto her back. Losing patience now, Gina tore off Olivia’s T-shirt, then her skirt and thong, leaving her dressed only in socks. Spreading Olivia’s legs wide, Gina rested the tip of the strap-on against her pussy lips. “Is this what you want?”

Olivia nodded and Gina thrust forward, sliding Eryaman Escort Bayan easily into Olivia’s well-lubricated cunt. Olivia groaned “Oh, God,” and gripped the sides of the table as Gina leaned forward to suck her tits. Gina could feel Olivia’s heart beating like a jackhammer in her chest, and planted a tender kiss right on that spot.

As Olivia’s orgasm approached, the table rattled beneath her and she gripped Gina’s ass with both hands. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me,” she chanted, grinding against Gina to get maximum friction on her clit. Then she came with a force that brought tears to her eyes and lay still, holding Gina tightly against her.

After a minute Gina stood and pulled off the strap-on. By now she was both horny and hungry, so she multitasked by preparing another batch of pasta as Olivia knelt on the floor and licked her pussy. Gina climaxed just as the pasta was finished cooking, this time perfectly.

After that they had a nice, peaceful dinner, both still naked, until Olivia impulsively daubed a little tomato sauce on one of Gina’s breasts and bent down to lick it off. Gina followed suit, and they went back and forth that way a few times, then switched to using a bowl of melted chocolate. One thing led to another and they ended up 69ing in the bedroom, clenching each other tight and slurping away furiously.

By the time they had finally had enough, it was time for Olivia to get going. Gina followed her as she dressed and headed for the door, feeling tremendously satisfied but at the same time hungry for more. She really wanted Olivia to stay but turned instead to thinking about something fun they might do together. Suddenly an idea struck her.

“You remember that girl from the lingerie shop?”

“Claire?” said Olivia.

“Yeah,” answered Gina. She remembered that Claire had been part of Olivia’s adventure with Mistress Mimi. “You have her number?”


“Invite her to dinner.”

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