How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Brian Eggert sped up the driveway in his mother’s black Jetta. She had sent him to a nearby garden supply shop to buy her a bag of peat moss so she could transplant some flowers she had bought the day before. Why anyone could enjoy gardening, let alone on a sweltering August afternoon, was more than Brian could fathom. Still, his mother, Lynn, seemed to enjoy it and he was more than happy to oblige her by running the errand.

Brian lifted the twenty-pound bag from the back seat of the car and carried it towards the house. To his left running along the cement walkway leading to the steps of the house was a strip of ground about eight feet long and two feet wide that his mother had torn up where she planned to plant the flowers.

“Where do you want this, mom?” Brian asked, setting the bag down at his feet.

“There is fine. Thanks, honey.” Lynn replied, not looking up from the ground.

Lynn was kneeling on the edge of the grass, busy cultivating the soil and removing any clumps of sod and rocks left behind. She was wearing a burgundy tank top and navy blue shorts. Her light brown hair was in a pony tail and it hung down about six inches past her shoulders. Atop her head was a grey baseball cap. To her right were five trays filled with small plants of assorted varieties and colors.

Brian stood beside his mother, watching her prepare the soil. Her firm ass filled out her tight shorts and Brian admired it’s curves as his cock hardened. She was tanned from the time she had been spending outside that summer and Brian tried to imagine how her skin would feel if he were to run his hand up her bare thighs. His cock was pushing out from his tight shorts and he was glad that she had her back to him.

“Can I give you a hand, mom?”

“No, but I’d love a glass of water.” Lynn replied.

Brian went inside and poured his mother a glass of water from a container she kept in the fridge. Stepping back out on the porch Brian paused and watched his mother. She seemed quite happy toiling in her garden but Brian wondered just how happy she honestly was.

Just over two years ago Brian’s father, Gary, had died. Murdered, actually. He had gone out one night to rent a DVD at a store downtown and was the victim of a car jacking. Instead of complying with the stranger’s demand and handing him the keys Gary fought with him. The man had pulled a knife and stabbed Gary twice before speeding off in his car. Gary died on the way to the hospital.

Losing his father at the age of seventeen was traumatic for Brian but it was only later that he realized just how hard it was on his mother as well to be a widow at thirty-nine. She went into a depression that lasted nearly a year — unable to be consoled by anyone.

Life seemed better now from Brian’s perspective. He had enrolled in college the previous fall and was doing well. His mother worked as a librarian at the high school in town and was content with her job, or so she seemed. She especially liked having two months or more off during the summer, as well as breaks during Christmas and spring. Still Brian wondered if there was not something lacking in his mother’s life. Although it took him a long time to accept it, he thought that eventually his mother would begin dating again, perhaps even get married. Yet she had not been on even one date since she lost her husband.

“Here’s your water, mom.” Brian said as he handed his mother the glass.

“Oh, thanks, honey.” Lynn said. Her hands were dirty with soil but Brian noticed how delicate they were as her slender fingers curled around the glass.

Lynn gulped down the water as Brian stood there. Once the glass was empty she handed it back to her son. “Thanks, I really needed that!”

“Want some more?” he asked.

“No, thanks, that was enough.” she told him with a warm smile as her brown eyes met his.

Lynn returned to her work. She began making small holes in the soil, then one by one placed the plants in them before covering the roots. Brian noticed how her loose tank top rippled as her breasts swayed and jiggled in response to her movements. Her left nipple pushed out at her top and Brian appraised it’s size as he stared. It looked thick and long, perfect for sucking on, he thought.

“You could open that bag for me if you want.” Lynn said, gesturing to her left with her head.

Brian placed the empty glass on the cement walk then knelt down on the grass. He tore open the bag of peat moss then dragged it a few feet to his right so it was closer to his mother. Lynn began scooping some out with a small shovel and spreading it over the soil. As Lynn leaned over the bag Brian realized that he could see down the front of her tank top. Just as he had guessed, she was not wearing a bra. Her breasts were round and jiggled about inside her loose top. Brian’s heart was pounding and his cock twitched with his pulse. His mother turned back to him and pushed her shovel deep into the bag to scoop up more of it’s contents. This time Brian could see her right nipple. It was thick and brown, altyazılı porno with a lighter ring surrounding it.

Lynn felt her son’s green eyes on her and looked up. She instantly realized where his attention was focused and a rush of emotions surged in her.

Once Brian had entered his teenage years Lynn had waited for him to get a girlfriend. She had hoped he would find happiness after losing his father. Once he reached seventeen she wondered if maybe he was gay. At first the thought bothered her, then she told herself that he was her son and she would love him no matter what, as long as he was happy. Then she began to suspect something she found troubling.

It had began about one year ago. At first Lynn thought she was over-reacting or imagining things that were not there, but soon it became undeniable. It started with a few quick glances at her by Brian but soon his staring became more prolonged and obvious. Lynn realized that boys his age are preoccupied with sex, having grown up with a younger brother, but she had never expected to be the focus of her son’s wanton desires. She wondered if she was to blame. Perhaps the clothes she wore enticed him she thought. Lynn began wearing looser tops and skirts in hopes her son would notice her less. One evening before going to bed Brian gave her a hug. She felt his right hand glide up her waist and brush the side of her left breast. Her clit immediately swelled and she found herself getting wet. It was at that moment that Lynn finally accepted two things: her son was growing bolder at acting on his sexual thoughts for her and she was enjoying it.

That night as she tried to fall asleep in her bedroom Lynn tried to think of other things. Work. Bills that were due. World politics. Nothing seemed to take her mind off of Brian. She could picture how he looked in his tight jeans and his strong arms as he hugged her. She recalled the feeling of his broad back as they embraced, how his sandy blond hair felt as he brushed her fingers over it and finally the touch of his fingers on her breast. As her hand slid inside her damp panties towards her wet pussy she wondered if Brian was indulging his lust for her down the hall as he lay in his bed.

Lynn bit the inside of her cheek as she continued planting the flowers, trying to tear her mind away from her forbidden thoughts about her son. He had moved closer to her and she pretended to not notice. A length of hair had worked loose from under her cap and hung down over her eyes. Lynn straightened her back and attempted to blow it away with a strong breath from the corner of her mouth.

Brian reached his hand out to his mother and pinched her loose hair between his fingers and tucked it over her ear. His touch was gentle, almost tentative, and she felt his fingers graze her left cheek. It felt electric.

“Thanks.” she said, her voice very quiet.

Brian smiled as he knelt beside her. Lynn’s brown eyes drifted to her son’s thighs. They were muscled, with coarse hairs. Further up she saw the shape of his stiff cock outlined in his tan shorts. She had not seen that part of him since he was a boy and wondered how much he had grown since then. A lot, she thought to herself, judging from what she saw. She recalled how well-built Brian’s father was down there and assumed he must be as well. Lynn’s pussy was wet and ready to accept his manhood, as if it was trying to over-ride her reluctance to cross that line between her and Brian.

“You should take a break. You look hot.” he told her.

Lynn let out a nervous laugh as she wondered if her son’s double entendre was intentional. “I’m okay.” she assured him.

“More water?” he offered.

“That’s okay, thanks,” she said, then paused a moment as the corners of her mouth curled up to her flushed cheeks “you take good care of me. Thanks.” She reached out and gave her son’s hand a tender squeeze.

“Someone has to. I don’t know if you always do.” he told her.

“I do. Don’t worry. This is fun for me.”

“I love you, mom.”

“I love you too.” she replied as her eyes moved over his body.

Brian leaned closer to his mother. He placed his right hand on her back and placed a soft kiss on her left cheek. His hand was rubbing her sore back and it felt good. She wished he would continue.

“Maybe I will quit for today,” she decided “I can always finish this tomorrow.”

Brian gave his mother a pleased smile and stood up. He offered his hand to her. She reached out and Brian tugged her to her feet with a quick pull. Lynn was caught off-balance and nearly collided with him. Brian caught her by her hips and held her, their faces inches apart.

“I guess I’m getting clumsy in my old age.” she joked.

“You’re not old, mom,” he asserted, his strong hands still gripping her curved hips.

“Sometimes I feel old.” she lamented.

Brian gave her hips a hard squeeze, his fingertips straying onto her ass. “You don’t feel old to me.” he quipped.

“Oh stop it!” she laughed, giving his left arm a playful zenci porno slap.

“OUCH!” Brian squealed, then shot his mother a devious grin.

Brian let go of Lynn’s left hip and gave her ass a slap on the left cheek. It was firm and Lynn heard the sound her son’s palm made as it made contact.

“Hey…!” Lynn cried out as her hand went to where her son had hit her. Her mouth was open wide in shock as she saw the bemused look on his face.

Brian let out a chuckle. “You started it.”

“Well, that’s enough. My back is already sore, no need to make my ass that way too.” his mother said, sounding good-natured.

Lynn broke their embrace and began picking up the remaining trays of flowers to bring them onto the porch. Brian was standing behind her, his eyes glued to her backside as she bent over. Lynn raised her head and looked back to him, a tray in each hand.

“Are you going to stare at me or help me bring this stuff onto the porch?” she teased.

“How about both.” he retorted as he picked up a tray of flowers and her garden tools.

“I’m going to take a shower. I’m filthy.” Lynn announced later as they stood in the kitchen.


Lynn went to the fridge and brought out a bottle of wine that was three-quarters full. She poured herself a large glass then went upstairs.

The hot water was soothing as Lynn sat in the tub. She took a drink of wine then leaned back, closing her eyes and resting the glass on the side of the tub. She drew in a deep breath as she thought over what had happened earlier with her and Brian. They were definitely flirting she conceded to herself, then soon assuaged her guilt by convincing herself it was still harmless. Her right hand slid down her stomach into the water until her fingertips moved over her clit. It was hard and she pressed down on it, clenching her jaw so a moan didn’t escape her mouth. She recalled the feeling of her son’s hands on her and how his hard cock looked in his shorts. As she pushed a finger deep in her pussy she imagined it was her son’s thick cock.

Brian poured himself a glass of soda then sat out on the porch drinking it as he fantasized about his mother. He cupped his balls through his shorts and ran his fingers over the outline of his hard cock. He wished he could take it out there and stroke it.

When Brian brought his empty glass back into the kitchen he noticed the bottle of wine his mother had left on the counter. There was still some left in it and he grinned as he picked it up and dashed upstairs.

Brian rapping at the bathroom door jolted Lynn and she snatched her fingers from inside her pussy.

“You left your wine on the counter, mom.”

“Just put it back in the fridge.” she called to him from inside the bathroom.

“I have it with me. I thought you might want some more.”

Her son’s boldness thrilled Lynn. “I’m in the tub, Brian.” she told him, hoping that would be enough to deter him.

“I know,” he said “I’ll just bring it in. I won’t look.”

Lynn knew better than to believe Brian, but the combination of the wine and her horniness made her want to continue the charade.

“Okay, just a second.” she replied.

Lynn let go of the empty glass in her hand and pulled her knees up to her chest. She leaned over until she felt her breasts pressing on her thighs and gripped her calves.

“Okay… you can come in.”

Lynn watched as her son pushed open the bathroom door and walked in. In his left hand was the bottle of wine. Next to that she saw the bulge in his shorts. He approached the tub and poured some wine into her glass. She looked up at him with a grin.

“If you weren’t my son I’d think you were trying to get me drunk.” she joked, although the thought still seemed plausible to her regardless of that fact.

“If you weren’t my mother I would be.” he retorted.

Brian looked down at his mother sitting in the tub. Her hair was shiny and wet. Beads of water ran down her tanned skin. Her curved back was narrow and appeared soft. Brian’s eyes moved down her arms until they encountered the side of her left breast pressed to her thigh. If only she would move slightly he could see her nipple he thought. Through the opaque water he could detect the shape of her round ass and thighs. His cock throbbed and he was sure that for a moment he detected her looking at it, or at least he hoped so.

“Not going to have any?” he asked, growing impatient for her to reach for the glass and uncover her body.

“Well, I can’t with you here…” she explained, knowing he was taking advantage of her predicament.

Brian sat down on the edge of the tub. He picked the glass up and brought it to his mother’s mouth. She looked up at him with a tentative expression then chuckled before parting her full lips. Brian tilted the glass for his mother to drink from it. He poured faster than she could drink and she snatched her head back as she struggled to swallow. Some wine dribbled from her mouth and down her chin leaving aldatma porno a red trail as it moved. Brian watched as it dripped onto her upper chest, running down towards her breasts. He placed the glass down on the tub next to him, then with his thumb he wiped his mother’s chin.

“Thanks.” she said with a smile as her eyes met his. Her voice was soft and low with arousal.

Brian looked down at his mother’s upper chest and saw several beads of wine trickling down towards her cleavage. He reached down and placed the length of his index finger on her chest six inches or more below her collar bones and slowly ran it up over her smooth wet skin, wiping the wine from her. Lynn leaned back a bit and looked down, watching her son’s finger move up her bare chest. She wanted to let go of her legs and lay back to show herself to him but fought the urge.

“More?” he asked, holding the glass up and wagging it. The wine sloshed about inside.

Lynn was too horny to speak. All she could do was nod, eager to continue their erotic game.

Brian made sure he poured faster than his mother could drink, hoping to repeat what had happened. When her mouth was full Lynn grunted and pulled back, allowing some wine to run from her ruby lips. She and Brian both looked down as the wine ran down her chin and dripped on her chest. He waited longer before wiping it this time, allowing it to reach the top of her left breast.

Brian eased his right hand down until he could feel the backs of his fingers press into his mother’s breast. It was firm, yet her skin was silky. Her breast moved as he pressed on it. He paused for a moment before running his hand back up towards her neck. He brought it to his mouth and licked his fingers while she watched, astonished.

“You touched my boob…” Her voice was gentle, sexy, and she sounded as shocked as she was. She looked at her son who had a pleased look on his face.

The glass was empty and Brian put it down beside him. His mother had relaxed some and he could see a bit more of her cleavage, although not as much as he had down her tank top.

“I bet it’s not the first time.” he told her.

“What?” His question confused her.

“When I was a baby — didn’t I touch them when you fed me?”

Lynn giggled as his question brought back memories. “Yes. Even when I wasn’t you were always reaching out to them,” then she paused a moment “but they were a lot bigger then, so I guess they were in your way when I held you.”

“How much bigger?” he asked.

“They ended up growing to a D-cup.”

“Wow…” he hissed.

Lynn laughed at her son’s reaction. “You might think that, but I’m glad they never stayed that big.”

“What are they now — a C?”

Lynn jerked her head back and her eyes grew wide. “How’d you know that?”

“Just a guess.”

“A good one.” she told him.

More of the side of Lynn’s left breast was exposed now. Brian looked at it, captivated by it’s shape and size. With his right hand he reached out and ran his fingertips up it, stroking it and pressing in to it. His mother’s breast yielded to his touch and moved about some. It felt heavy as he slipped his fingers under it and pushed it up.

Lynn bit her bottom lip as her son stroked her tender skin. He should not be touching her there she knew, but was too overcome by arousal to stop him. She pressed her thighs tighter together, enjoying the pressure on her clit it caused. When she felt his finger graze her hard nipple she knew that if she didn’t stop him then that the situation would soon escalate far beyond what she was ready for.

“Okay… that’s enough, Brian.” her eyes narrowed as they met his.

Brian eased his hand away from his mother’s body and rested it on his thigh.

“Okay. Time for you to leave. I have to finish my bath and get dressed.” his mother told him.

Brian did not want to leave but knew he had better not try to pursue things with her further than he had already — at least not now. He picked up the empty glass and wine bottle then stood up, looking down into her eyes. She was inspecting the tent in his shorts with a dreamy smile. Brian paused for a moment, making sure she got a good look at his package, then turned to leave.

Lynn waited for the sound of the door clicking shut before she let go of her legs and leaned back in the tub. Her left hand immediately went to her breast where her son’s had been earlier and she tugged at her nipple. She rubbed her clit until she came in a series of waves that washed over her then got out of the tub.

The terrycloth robe Lynn wore felt good on her skin as she looked through her closet for something to wear. She was still horny and wanted to lie on her bed and play with herself but she feared that if she took too long Brian would come looking for her. She slipped on a fresh pair of panties, pulling them tight against her wet lips and ran her fingers down over her mound. She brought a knee-length dress out of her closet and held it up. It was white with tiny yellow and pink flowers and a row of buttons down the front. As she put it on she decided to forgo wearing a bra, wondering how long it would take for her son to notice, or if he would comment. She left the top two buttons undone, knowing it showed enough cleavage to get Brian’s attention.

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