How I Got Him to Propose

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My boyfriend Sean has been trying to talk me into doing a threesome for the last couple months. After a lot of thought I had finally decided to cave into him and do it, but I had not told him yet. Then yesterday afternoon Sean and I were going to have lunch together after he and Jack played some morning tennis. I was sitting on the end of my bed drying my hair when Sean came into my apartment. He walked into my bedroom with a beer from the fridge in his hand and I playfully said to him, “Do you want a blow job?” while waiving the hair dryer at him. Sean walked up to the bed and pulled down his tennis shorts and said, “Yeah.”

After a few minutes and before we got to the point of no return Sean said to me, “I invited Jack to join us for lunch, he is in the living room, do you want me to invite him to join us?”

I had not told my boyfriend of my decision so when I looked up and said, “Do you mean for lunch or for here?”

Sean gave me a funny look and said, “For here.”

When I looked into his eyes and asked, “Do you really want me to do that? Are you really sure?” Sean looked at me in total amazement and surprise before he nodded his head yes.

When Sean called out to Jack to come into the bedroom I was so embarrassed that I buried my head in Sean’s crotch and closed my eyes while I busied myself on his penis.

I heard Jack say, “What’s going on?”

And my boyfriend said, “A three-way if you’re interested.”

When Sean said to me, “Don’t ignore our guest.” I opened my eyes to see Jack standing next to Sean with his tennis shorts also around his ankles and a rapidly inflating penis in his hand. I knew then that this was the moment of truth and I looked into Sean’s eyes and he nodded Gaziantep Escort İlanları and I moved my mouth over to Jack. It was so strange and such a turn on to have Jack in my mouth while looking up into Sean’s eyes. My heart was beating so fast and I was having such difficulty catching my breath that I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack!

After giving Jack’s penis my undivided attention for about five minutes my jaw began to ache because Jack was much bigger than Sean and I pulled away from him and lay down on the bed with my legs spread. Sean said to Jack, “You’re the guest” and nodded for him to go ahead.

Even though I was very wet, Jack had some difficulty entering me due to his size and when Sean handed him the bottle of baby oil I keep in the nightstand Jack laughingly poured it all over both of us. When I giggled and relaxed he slid all the way into me and I have not felt that tightly filled since I lost my virginity to my boyfriend who was now watching me have sex with his best friend.

Sean held my hand while Jack began to withdraw and reenter me more and more deeply until I was beginning to get so turned on that I was thrashing around on the bed and screaming. I don’t know if Sean did it to try and quiet me down or out of desire, but he got up on the edge of the bed and dangled his cock over my mouth. I tried to suck him, but that was a mistake because with all the jostling I was taking I bit him.

Sean then pulled himself out of my mouth and leaned over and we were sharing a kiss when I started to cum. I moaned up into my boyfriend’s mouth as I did and he could tell what was happening and it was such a turn on.

They took turns with me and I had a cock in my pussy and sometimes my mouth, and pussy simultaneously, almost continuously from around one in the afternoon until after five when we all agreed that we had to have something to eat and ordered some pizzas.

While we were waiting for the delivery, Jack was laying on my bed naked on his back and I could not resist the temptation to see if I could deep throat that massive tool of his and after overcoming my gag reflex I finally managed it! Jack caressed my head and said, “You deserve a reward for that” and pulled me up onto him.

When the doorbell rang I was bouncing around on Jack’s hard cock supporting myself with my hands on his chest and shouting, “Oh God it’s so good” over and over again. I tried to quiet down when Sean let the pizza delivery guy in.

While Sean was paying for the pizza Jack started really thrusting into me and the door to my bedroom was open and even though you couldn’t see what was going on from the living room it was pretty obvious from the squeaking bedsprings and the moaning and groaning.

Suddenly Jack shouted, “Hey pizza man if you want some of this come in here.”

The next thing I know this kid is standing wide eyed in the doorway watching us. I recognized him from previous deliveries. Not a bad looking kid about six or seven years younger than me (I’m 26).

Jack then very crudely says, “If you want a piece of ass, and I mean that literally, grab the baby oil and lube her up.”

God I was so embarrassed that I just closed my eyes and continued to rotate up and down on Jack’s hard cock in my pussy. Less than a minute went by and I felt cold baby oil being poured down the crack of my ass. I had never been anally penetrated before and when I felt the pizza guy’s finger gently slide into my ass as he lubed me more with the baby oil I tensed up and could feel my anal spinster muscle tighten like a vise around his finger, but after a few minutes I began to relax. When I felt his weight shift unto the bed and his hands pushing my back down I knew what was coming as I lowered myself down and pressed my breasts into Jack’s chest.

Jack withdrew all but the tip of his penis from my vagina and after some maneuvering I began to feel the tip of the second penis pressing relentlessly against my anal opening until ever so slowly it began to slide into me. After the pizza boy was fully into me I groaned and slid down unto Jack and both cocks filled me completely. I felt like I was on a spit! I don’t know why, but tears came to my eyes when I saw the look of fear and awe on my boyfriends face and he said, “I have created a monster.”

The delivery boy came in me first then Jack a few seconds later. I came at least twice while being double fucked and just laid like a wet rag on top of Jack while the delivery boy got dressed and left.

We ate the pizza and afterwards I did, or tried to do, Jack once more that night and the next morning while Jack took me doggy style I took Sean in my mouth. By that time I was so sore that sex was becoming painful, but I did not want to stop. Finally Jack left and after a shower Sean and I went to IHOP and that was when Sean asked me to marry him!

I said yes, but I told him that I know that what happened has changed me forever and I don’t know if I can ever be satisfied being a one man woman in the future. He seems OK with that so I guess we are going to give it a try even though I am a little afraid of myself and what I have become. I find myself looking at groups of guys at work and on the street now and wondering what it would be like…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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