How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 02

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Bbc Whore

So. I had found the man of my dreams. It seemed he felt the same way about us, we were getting married….He encouraged me to change my job and follow my dreams…He owned a few businesses and money wasn’t a thing I had to worry about now. So , I quit my nice, safe job at a nice hotel to working the bar in a strip club owned by him and his brother, Nate.

Obviously Nate knew about me, his brother had invited him over to spit roast me about a week after we met. He stays with us a fair bit. Brothers that like to share, however they both admit, their previous attachments have been far less accommodating than me. Those girls must be crazy, because nothing feels quite as good as the two of them inside me.

If I misbehave at work I get punished. Nate has a ruler in his office, flexible metal, if I piss him off he bends me over the desk and beats my bare ass with the ruler until he feels better.

I sort of fancied stripping until I found out the rules about clients touching the strippers, Nate had sussed me out and explained no such rules apply to the bar tenders. If I give customers blow jobs in my ‘breaks’, like he told the guy who came in after some bastard reported me, there isn’t much he can do about it. Even the licensing official agreed it would be illegal to fire someone for being a slut…

I don’t have to be topless, but I sometimes feel like it, I can dress as trashily as I feel like. Although I mostly wear what Dan and Nate liked, long boots, short karşıyaka escort shorts and skimpy shirts. The trouble with the shorts is visible damp patches, although people seem to enjoy it 🙂

I get to suck as many dicks as I like, the numbers boosted mainly because a few of the cute little t-shirts that have ‘cocksucker’ or ‘I <3 sucking cock' or simply 'slut' emblazoned in sparkles across my tits and guys can't help asking and I almost never say no, unless we are really busy, then it isn't so much 'No' as 'Ask me in a little while...'. The rest of the staff have a game, they bet on how many I'll suck a night, closest guess wins the pot. My personal best is 25. Dan doesn’t like me to fuck without his permission, so honestly I never have, I’m quite happy as a cum-guzzler. Shit, maybe I need a t-shirt that says that too. Can’t believe I haven’t already… I like my job. I get along with everyone, I make great tips and the hours don’t interfere with my sleep or my being at D’s beck and call. He always drops me off and picks me up from work. I guess the only problem with my job is…it turns me on a stupid amount, the hot girls stripping, the guys touching me up, the time on my knees practicing my oral arts…all contribute to the nightly damp patch. And Dan knows I’m dying to be fucked so he likes to prolong my agony.After closing the guys like to for some of us girls to put on a show sometimes, I don’t mind, but honestly all kartal escort that licking just gets hungrier for cock…

I don’t mind sucking pussy, it tastes pretty good, even better when it’s loaded with spunk. But I will always be a cock -slut at the core…I was given holes for a reason…

I usually get some kind of reward, from whoever he is drinking with, getting pounded by them before going home or I get my bukkake and piss fix, which is so much easier to clean up at the club.

As for the growing obsession with watersports. I’m not even sure how don’t even know how my thing for it started… I’d pissed on a couple of guys at their request before, although it jarred somewhat with my natural submissiveness. I’d always enjoyed pissing in public though. I’d loved being a cum-dump for multiple loads from the first time I experienced it, and I guess it’s just another type of hot fluid from my favourite organ.

I used to masturbate by aiming the bidet stream at my clit, a good hard stream of piss feels kind of like a smaller version of that, aimed at the nipples, clit or back of ones throat – it feels awesome.

I think the first time, wasn’t really planned. Dan had some buddies over, and we were hanging out in the garden one Sunday afternoon, I had my dirtbox impaled on one cock with me facing forward, and Dan’s buried in my throat, so I didn’t see the hot stream coming at me.

I felt it landing kastamonu escort on my clit with some good aim though and it felt good… Dan came in my mouth and tipped me backwards, with Sam’s cock still rammed up my ass thrusting away. Mikey, the guy pissing moved his stream up to target my nipples, then Dan and Nate joined in , they took aim at my face and hair, holding my jaw open and aiming at the back of my throat so I gagged and choked a little. I didn’t think I’d like it – but as usual – the filthier an act is the wilder it seems to drive me…

Sam, fired his cum hard into my asshole, then wiggled himself out for me to suck his cock clean, I was on my hands and knees, sucking his meat…my gaping, cum leaking asshole was exposed and I guess was too easy a target for the next pisser… feeling the hot, forceful jet surge hotly into my rectum and mix with the cooling spunk was something quite spectacular.

I finished cleaning Sam, but he held my face so that I couldn’t get his cock out of my mouth. He began trickling his own stream of piss directly down my throat, before exiting and moving his aim to my hair and face, leaving it soaked, my eyes burning when he held the lids up with his thumb and doused my eyes with it… He has a thick heavy, dick even when it’s not hard. I love to get my face cockslapped by him. I was so soaked with piss that when he vacated my mouth and delivered the usual cock slap to my wet face it stung. I looked like a drowned rat by now – obviously a more attractive sight than I thought, because two of them were rigid and ready to go back in…

A few days later, after work, I had the guys put me in a circle jerk, when they finished dousing me in spunk, I had them give me a golden shower. Turns out, I did like it quite a lot…who’da thought it.

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