How it began

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Please note that the story below does not involve anyone below the age of 18.


She was not sure when it had begun. Dim memories from before her kids were born; of the thrill of skinny dipping, sleeping in the nude occasionally; she guessed the feelings had always been there, but with kids and the hustle and bustle of going to hockey, band, soccer there had never been any time or, she guessed opportunity.

Now as an empty nester and with a husband busy with a demanding career, she found herself alone more and more with those long dormant feelings. They came as random thoughts when she was working out or out jogging and she was able to brush them off and never dwelled on them very much. On occasion while home alone for a few hours after work, the idea kept reoccurring.

Since they lived in the country on a quiet road with few neighbors, “what if?” … No it was not something a responsible mom did and she repressed the thoughts.

One morning, as she was getting ready for work, she took a look in the mirror and considered her appearance.

Just barely on the north side of 50, she was in pretty good shape. The years of jogging, yoga and lifting weights had left her taut and the same weight she had been in her twenties. Her smallish breasts were still perky and her nipples were as sensitive as ever, hardening instantly at her touch. Hers hands reached back to her tight ass and she always thought it was her best feature and she was grateful for all of the years of jogging and yoga.

As other women her age had progressively turned into their mothers, she, at least according to the comments of the women and men she worked with had gotten better looking in comparison. She wore just enough makeup to accent her pretty features and always dressed stylishly but somewhat conservatively.

She finished shaving her long legs and looked at herself, and thought for the most part, not bad. She smiled, and slipped her business clothes on, enjoying the feel of the slacks against her shaved skin.

Her husband didn’t like the fact that for several years she shaved her pussy, saying she looked more like a school girl than the businesswoman she was, but she liked the feeling. Since sex was a distant memory, as part of their relationship, she considered it just something she liked doing for herself. She had also given up wearing panties at about the same time and rarely wore a bra, again enjoying the subtle feel of the soft material against her naked skin.

She smiled at these little secrets, only her doctor was aware of them and that only happened because she had totally forgotten about her annual appointment, and she reminded herself that the doctor had been very good about the whole thing. She had only detected a slight smile as she left his office, when he said that all of her physical fitness was making certainly worth the time.

Leaving for work, her husband gave her a quick peck on the cheek and said that he was going to be working late that night.

That first night, after a tough day at the office, she would never remember exactly why she did what she did. Side Escort She remembered undoing a few buttons on her blouse. The sky was growing dark as she drove, and without even thinking she undid the rest of the buttons. The warm spring air felt nice on her chest and she absent mindedly rubbed one breast and toyed with her areola, the nipple becoming rock hard in seconds.

Stopped at a red light, she undid the clasp on her slacks and lazily slid her fingers between her legs and felt the warmth and the dampness spreading. As she drove out of town and turned onto her quiet road, almost in a daze, she pulled over and slipped her blouse off then her heels off and then slipped out of her slacks.

Putting her shoes back on and doing up the seat belt, she suddenly realized what she was doing, here she was in her car totally naked. Naked on a very quiet country road. The effect was electric and now she could feel the seat getting wet from her pussy.

She thought “What if there was a police check?”

“What if she got in an accident?

“What if she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking?

She took a deep breath and steadied herself; and drove the rest of the way home, not believing that she was doing this, it was so unlike her. Pulling into the driveway of the darkened house, she took a few minutes just to enjoy the moment.

Slowly she closed her eyes and she began to play with herself, one hand massaging her chest, alternating between running her fingertips lightly over her breasts and then pulling and tugging on her nipples, and the other hand and fingers finding their way around and inside her soaking pussy.

It seemed to only take seconds to come, and despite herself, she moaned and almost screamed when the orgasm gripped her. Sitting again, letting her heartbeat return to normal, she did one last naughty thing, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her juices from her hand and fingers.

Then dressing quickly, she went into the house, not believing what she had done. Later that night when thinking about what had happened, she almost came again without even touching herself, but of course she did.

The next morning, she was scared. “What if she had gotten caught?”

“What if someone had seen her?”

“How would she have explained herself?”

All her life she had never taken such a chance. But then she remembered how she felt and now how wet she was now even thinking about what she had done and the thought of being caught made her knees weak.

When she had gotten ready for work and was getting in her car, she felt the seat, it was still damp. She had to run errands that night and the next so she never got another opportunity, until a few days later when the same scenario reoccurred.

She knew she would be alone at home again that night. The day seemed to take forever to end. When it did finally end, she almost ran to her car but she forced herself to relax. This time she waited until she was on the start of her road before she did anything.

Pulling over, she removed her business jacket and then slipped Side Escort bayan her almost knee-high boots offs, her breathing was rapid and she noticed her hands were shaking again. Taking a deep breath and checking the mirrors, she slipped her skirt off and shivered when her pussy rested on the upholstery, then her tank top was gone and then she was nude again.

Pulling her boots back on, she felt so sexy, so naughty, and so beautiful. She thought for a moment, the road was deserted and there were no houses in view.

She opened the door and got out of the car, she walked down the middle of the road a bit and then after about a hundred feet, turned and ran back to the car and then jumped back inside, doing up the seat belt, she almost squealed the tires as she pulled back onto the road.

What was she thinking?

Her heart was beating so fast, she could almost see it beating through her skin. Her hand had fallen between her legs and as if it had a mind of its own, she began caressing her outer lips, and then slowly the inner ones, and then rubbing the tiny nub of her clit.

Her breathing was become more labored, not from fear this time, but from pleasure. As she pulled in her driveway, she was almost climaxing; but that is when she noticed the car in the driveway, her husband was home! How? and why? She wanted to scream.

She managed to get her top back on and wiggled back into her skirt without taking her boots off. Anyone with half a brain would think that she had just been fucked, her hair was tousled but it was the best she could do. The back of her skirt had a small wet spot from her pussy and she could smell the sweet scent of her sex.

She came in the house and said “hello”.

Her husband was lying on the couch and mumbled something about not feeling very good and he barely noticed her. She slipped into their bedroom and quickly pulled off her clothes.

Not bothering with any panties, she pulled on her sweat pants, some wool socks, and an over-sized sweat shirt, and put her hair in a pony tail. He hadn’t made any supper and when she asked, he said “I’m not hungry and I’m just going to bed”.

Her excitement faded and she ate something and cleaned up the dishes. She started to watch some TV when she heard him start to snore, she got up and closed the door when she felt that stirring again.

She looked outside and saw the moon shining and smiled to herself.

Leaving the TV on, she went to the back door and without turning the light on, she went onto the deck. She slipped out of her clothes and took out the pony tail and shook her hair, giving her that tousled “just fucked” look again.

The night was warmer than the last time, but her nipples were even more hard than before. She walked to the back fence, and then slowly caressed her two beautiful boobs, running her fingers lightly over them, then she did the same thing to her tummy and ran her fingers along the hairless space below, she loved that feeling, the smoothness, one finger and then two entered her pussy.

Spying the picnic table, she moved Escort Side over and lay on the top, spread-eagle to the stars and moon. Her fingers found their favorite spots again and she moaned loudly as the first orgasm found her.

Then taking one dripping finger she eased it behind herself and then felt between her two cheeks and found her little rosebud, running the finger along the edge and then penetrated herself. She had never played with her ass before and neither had her husband, but it felt so naughty and bad; and with several fingers buried in her pussy and the other fingers in her ass, she gasped and bucked as another orgasm made her scream.

Lying there under the moon, she allowed herself to drift off, she awoke after a few minutes and smiled, feeling so sexy and for a change, satisfied.

Getting up, she noticed a distant light at her neighbors house and smiled at the thought of someone seeing her this way. She knew they would never be able to see this far and they would never suspect that the prim and proper person she was; would be such a wanton woman. Dare she think of herself as a slut, masturbating naked on a picnic table under the stars and moon.

That word, “slut”, just thinking about it made her weak. She felt the flush of another orgasm approach and her hands went to work to make it happen.

She licked the last of herself from her fingers and retrieved her clothes, but before going in, she thought it might be fun to check the mailbox naked.

She knew it would be risky, as she walked towards their long driveway. At about half way, her ears perked to the slightest sounds, she detected the sound of an engine just as she realized there was no place to hide and she had no time. Panicking because of the speed that the lights were approaching she laid flat on the soft grass, expecting the car to stop and expose her, her heart was beating out of her chest again, as she was sure the whiteness of her ass would be reflected in the headlights of the car.

The seconds ticked by with agonizing slowness as she realized she had more time than what she had first thought. The car finally passed and never even slowed down.

She hopped up and against her better judgement she continued down the driveway, growing bolder and actually letting her hips sway as she approached the road.

Coming to the edge of the road she forced herself to walk slowly across to the mailbox and collect the mail. Ever watchful for the glare of lights she took a moment and ran her fingers along the outside and then slipped them into her pussy and licked them; thinking that she tasted delicious.

Grabbing the mail and she walked back up the driveway, almost disappointed that no other lights appeared.

She collected up her clothes again and walked nude into the house. No one jumped out from behind the door, the house was quiet, she only heard the steady drone of snoring.

As she came to bed, her husband was sound asleep, she got between the sheets naked, something she had not done in years.

She fell asleep with her mind dreaming about other naughty things she might try.

In the morning, he was still snoring as she got out of bed and slipped on her robe. It used to bother her that he did not notice her, but not anymore, and this morning it bothered her even less because she had an idea that she wanted to try.

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