How Mr Barnes Seduced Me

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I’d been held back a year in school when my father died, so when I started senior year I was already 18. Some of my old best friends were going off to college and I felt a little depressed about having to go to high school for another year. I was determined to get into a good college though, and hopefully get a scholarship to cover some of the costs of my further education since my mother didn’t earn a big income and most of my dad’s life insurance payouts for me ended when I turned 18.

During the first week I asked my Math, English, Spanish and Biology teachers for work that would earn me extra credits and that would look good on my college application and they were happy to comply seeing as how I was a straight A student that they never had any trouble with. Mr Barnes was my biology teacher and he said that he would help me run some lab experiments, but it would mean early mornings and late afternoons in the lab. I didn’t mind. I wanted to study biology at college so it was just the thing I needed for my application. I also knew that Mr Barnes’s alma mater was very prestigious and if he could write me a recommendation I stood a very good chance of getting in.

By mid-October I was getting used to the early mornings in the lab. Mr Barnes was usually there to help me as my research was part of a bigger project that he was doing for the college in our town. We’d developed a camaraderie and I felt more at ease with him than I did with any other teacher. In fact, I felt more at ease with him than I did with most of my fellow students. One day as the halls emptied at the end of the school day, I walked into Mr Barnes’s lab and I could see how excited he was. He waved me over to look in the microscope and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Our experiment was working beyond our wildest expectations. I looked back at Mr Barnes.

“Did you see it, Millie?” he asked excitedly.

“I saw it, Mr Barnes,” I replied. “I saw it, but I can hardly believe my eyes!”

“Me neither, this is fantastic. And the best part is, if this develops the way I hope, you’re going to be able to skip first year biology at college and go straight into second year. What you will learn here will be far more valuable to you than anything anyone will do during their first year of college.”

“Oh, thank you, Mr Barnes!” I threw myself around his neck and hugged him. I’d already confessed to him how I felt left out when everybody I started school with so many years ago had gone off to college. “This is the best feeling I’ve had for a long time.”

“I know,” Mr Barnes replied, his hands resting on my waist. “It’s better than sex.”

I blushed. “I wouldn’t know.”

“A beautiful girl like you?” He looked genuinely surprised. “I would have thought that you’d have a boyfriend.”

I sighed. “All the boys here at school are so immature. You know as well as I do that the majority of the students here aren’t very interested in academics. Those of us who are wanting to study and go to college to learn, and not just party, are seen as freaks.”

“That’s true,” he looked pensive. “So why don’t you have an older boyfriend? Someone who shares your interests?”

“I don’t know,” I shrugged. “I guess I’m so busy studying that I don’t socialise much, and on the weekend I have to work all day. I must sound awfully boring to you.”

He laughed softly. “You don’t sound boring at all. You sound exactly like me at that age. Where were you when I was looking for a girlfriend who wasn’t an airhead cheerleader?”

I giggled. “Probably in my sandbox!”

He laughed and pulled away to pick some books off his shelves. “You’re probably right. I’m 32 and you’re 18. I’m your teacher. I shouldn’t see certain things in you.”

“See what?” I was confused.

“I shouldn’t see how tight your shirts are across your chest. I shouldn’t see how your breasts bounce while you’re walking. I shouldn’t see how small your waist is or how perfectly rounded your ass is. I shouldn’t see your perfectly shaped thighs. And most of all I shouldn’t see how your hair looks like golden honey and wonder if there’s more of that colour elsewhere on your body.”

I was flabbergasted. I’d never been spoken to like that, least of all by a man who could probably have any woman he wanted.

“I’m sorry, Millie,” he smiled at me. “I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s get on with our work.”

The rest of that afternoon we worked as normal, but all of a sudden I was aware of him brushing up against me and the jolts when our fingers met as he handed me something. When I was getting ready for bed that night I looked at myself in the mirror. My golden blonde hair reached far down my back. I wore contact lenses so as not to cover my blue eyes. I had high cheekbones and full lips. I was only 5’5″ tall, and quite curvy. I was already wearing d-cup bras and my hips were very rounded. My grandma called them childbearing hips. My tits were still very firm for that size and each was crowned by a bright pink nipple. My stomach was flat and I kept my blonde bush neatly trimmed. I Bostancı Escort blushed as I looked at my bush and remembered Mr Barnes’s words about whether I had more golden hair. I felt a sudden urge to show him.

All of a sudden I stopped thinking of Mr Barnes as my teacher, and started thinking about him as a man. He wasn’t the tallest man I’d ever seen, but at 6′ he was quite a bit taller than me. He had broad shoulders and a solid build. His hair was short and a bit wild, the type of hair that always looks like it needs to be cut again. He usually had a bit of a stubble going and when he wore v-neck t-shirts you could tell that he had a hairy chest. If someone had asked me what my ideal man looked like, Mr Barnes was pretty close to perfect. I wondered whether he had a girlfriend. I was sure that he’d never be interested in an inexperienced little girl like me, but as I was drifting off to sleep that night I fantasised about his hands on my body again, only this time with me not wearing any clothes.

The next morning I dressed with care. I wore my tightest shirt and a skirt that was almost glued to my ass. I stopped at my locker to drop off my things before heading to the biology lab so that I wouldn’t be pressing any books against my chest and stopping my tits from bouncing.

“Good morning, Mr Barnes,” I greeted him as I entered the lab.

He turned around and let his eyes take me in from top to bottom. “Good morning, beautiful. You look like you’re in a good mood.”

“I am! What shall we do today?”

“Ah, today we have to take the readings from all these samples, move them over there, and then document the data.”

The lab was rather cramped and we worked quietly. We soon got a rhythm going where Mr Barnes would hand things over to me and I would be in charge of relocating them. Ever so often his arms would brush against my tits. He didn’t seem to notice, but for me it was agony. Each time I felt his arm against my tits I could feel my nipples growing harder and my pussy getting wetter. I was starting to realise that I wanted Mr Barnes in a very sexual way.

A few days later Mr Barnes started talking about boyfriends again.

“I’ve noticed that the captain of the football team has been paying attention to you, Millie. Don’t sell yourself short by going out with him, you deserve much better. A real man.”

Yet another couple of days later he remarked on a guest speaker that we had had in class.

“Mr Jeminski really liked you, Millie. I could see it in his eyes.”

Then the next day I was wearing a particularly tight t-shirt.

“You look really sexy in that shirt, Millie. I think it’s so hot that your nipples are showing like that.”

Another couple of days went by.

“It’s hard for a guy to concentrate when your cleavage is on show like that.”

The next day it was my trousers.

“They’re so tight on your ass that it looks like you’re not wearing any underwear, I guess you’ve got a thong.”

Each of his comments gave me a funny feeling in my stomach. I wondered if he could see what effect they were having on me. Each night I fantasised about him. I played with my pussy while imagining his face, his lips on my tits, his fingers in my pussy. I wondered if he could tell. I didn’t dare mention it to him. I was sure that his comments were a way of being nice to me, to increase my confidence, which they did. It was just that the primary effect of his comments was that I had a permanently wet pussy when he was around.

One day Mr Barnes wasn’t in the lab at the end of the school day and I collated some data on my own, according to his instructions. That night at dinner my mother wanted to have a chat.

“Your teacher Mr Barnes came in to the shop this afternoon,” she said.

“Oh?” I was feeling flustered. Had I done something wrong? Had he noticed my attraction and then asked my mother to let me down easily. Oh, the humiliation!

“He wanted to ask my opinion on something. You see, he’s been invited to guest speak at a convention and he wants to bring his brightest student. But before he invites you, he wanted to check with me, because I would have to pay part of your airfare and hotel accommodation.”

“Really?” I was speechless. Me? Going away with Mr Barnes? It was too good to be true. Oh wait. He was going to see his peers and I was the silly little student coming along for the ride.

“I agree with him that it’s a wonderful opportunity for you so I told him that I would find a way of getting the money if you wanted to go.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her.

“How much do you want to go?”

“More than anything.”

“Then you’ll go, sweetheart.”

The next day Mr Barnes greeted me with a smile.

“Have you talked with your mother?”

“Yes, I have,” I smiled back.


“I’d love to go, Mr Barnes.”

“That’s fantastic news, Millie. We’ll leave next Wednesday after school and we’re returning on the Sunday. I’ll want you to come with me to the Thursday lectures. Anadolu Yakası Escort There’s not a lot of interest on Friday, so if you want to we can do something else then, like sight-seeing. Then I need you to assist me during my presentation on Saturday. The convention ends with a ball on Saturday night, do you have a gown that you can wear for it?”

I nodded.

“Great, then I’ll bring you as my date. Then we have a few hours on Sunday to chill and see some more sights before we have to come home. Does that sound OK?”

“Yes, Mr Barnes,” I said breathlessly. “It sounds fantastic.”

“You should probably not wear this outfit for my presentation. Not a man in the room will listen to me if they can’t keep their eyes off your luscious chest and ass.”

I agreed that I wouldn’t wear it. That night in bed I lay naked, pinching my nipples and massaging my clit. What did Mr Barnes mean by that comment? Would he be as distracted by the sight of my chest as the other men? Or was he just being polite, telling me to wear something more conservative. The questions in my head were killing me. There was nobody I could talk to about this. I was too shy to ask Mr Barnes and everybody else would just be judgemental about a student falling for her teacher.

A few of my classmates made silly jokes about me going away with our teacher, but it didn’t bother me. On the afternoon of our departure I was really excited and eager to set off. I had a passion for sexy underwear and I’d packed my nicest pieces. I’d also packed plenty of tight fitting clothes, as well as something conservative for the presentation. I wanted Mr Barnes to see how he was making me feel. When we checked in to the hotel we were given adjoining rooms. The door between our rooms was unlocked and Mr Barnes knocked on the door and told me that he was going to have a shower and change clothes, and then he’d like to buy me dinner in the hotel restaurant.

I showered and started getting dressed. I put on a red lace push-up bra that made my breasts look huge. With it I wore a matching thong and on top of it I put a low cut black dress. My tits were on display, only cut off just above the nipples, and when I moved my red bra could be seen from different angles. I’d never dared dressed that provocatively before and I hoped I wasn’t making a big mistake. Surely he had to feel something for me or he wouldn’t have made all those comments. I put on a little makeup to make myself look a little bit older.

I’d just finished getting dressed when there was a knock on the front door. I opened it and there was Mr Barnes, looking really sexy in his black shirt and trousers. He seemed rather shocked at my appearance and remained speechless for a couple of seconds. I thought to myself that maybe I’d just made the biggest mistake in my life.

“Millie,” he gasped. “You look good enough to eat tonight.”

I beamed at him and we went to the lifts together. I had a plan brewing in my head. When Mr Barnes had knocked on my door I’d quickly checked to make sure that our adjoining doors were still open. They were.

Dinner was wonderful. I let Mr Barnes order for me and his choices were excellent. As we were nibbling at our desserts I caught Mr Barnes staring at my chest.

“You’ve dropped some chocolate,” he said and brushed his thumb across my breast, stroking his hand across my nipple as he took his hand back and licked the chocolate that had just been on my breast off his finger. “Mmmm… that tasted nicer than from the bowl.”

With a playful look in my eye I got some more chocolate on my spoon and pretended to drop it on my other breast.

“Oh, there’s some more, let me.” Mr Barnes played along, this time taking much longer and stopping his hand briefly as he ran it past my nipple.

“You know,” he said with a dreamy look in his eyes. “There is a better way for a man to eat chocolate off a woman, but it can’t be done in a restaurant, or you get thrown out.”

He winked and I laughed with him. Laughing must have made my tits bounce because Mr Barnes moved closer to me and whispered in my ear.

“I always thought that you were supposed to wear black bras under black dresses. But that red suits your creamy skin.”

“What colour do you think would suit me best, Mr Barnes?”

“That’s not for me to say. Now, if you’re finished let’s pay and go back to our rooms. I think we could both do with an early night.”

I could have kicked myself. I’d gone too far with that comment. He wasn’t interested in me at all. My pussy was aching. I was dripping wet. We went back to our rooms in silence. When I’d opened my door Mr Barnes reached forward and placed a soft kiss on my forehead. I was close to tears. He saw me as a child. I’d never wanted him more and he seemed oblivious to the fact that I was a sexual being. Well, it wasn’t over yet. I had one more trick up my sleeve tonight.

I pulled off my dress and inspected myself in the mirror. My bra had slipped down a little and I could see the outline of pink just Ataşehir Escort above it. There was a dark stain on my thong from my pussy juices that didn’t seem to be able to stop flowing. I released my long, blonde locks. I took a deep breath and then I kicked the base of the bed as hard and as loud as I could. I quickly sat down on the floor, facing the adjoining door, with one leg straight and the other one bent up against my breasts, showing off my wet patch and then I grabbed hold of my toes and started crying.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow,” I cried as loud as I dared. “I’ve broken my foot.”

The door opened and Mr Barnes was there. He’d taken his shirt off, showing off a muscular chest with a soft brown mat. His belt was also undone. He ran up to me and kneeled in front of me.

“What’s up, Millie? What happened?” He looked genuinely concerned and I felt a little ashamed, but I didn’t care.

“I accidentally hit the bed with my foot. I think I’ve broken a toe. Ow, ow, ow… It really hurts.”

“Let go of it and let me have a look,” he said and I released my foot, only to feel his warm hands on it. “You haven’t broken it, but I think you might have a bruise there in the morning.”

“Are you sure?” I sobbed.

“Yes, I’m sure.” He caressed my leg and moved to stand up when something made him sit down again.

“I was right,” he smiled at me.

“About what?” I asked, not following him.

“About two things.”

“What two things?”

“That your red lingerie looks really good against your milky white skin.” He paused and looked at me. “And that your locks below match the colour of the locks on your head.”

I looked down and noticed that my low cut thong had slid even lower when Mr Barnes was checking my foot. I leaned on one hand, knowing that the position would show more of my pussy hair and also make my bra strap fall down. I wasn’t disappointed. Without any words I leaned even further, causing the top of my bra to start falling, showing the top of my rock hard nipple.

“You’re really sexy, Millie,” Mr Barnes said with a smile. “And you know what would be sexier?”

“What?” I answered breathlessly.

“If you took off that lacy bra so that I can see just how beautiful your tits are.”

I reached behind and released the clasps. I shook off my bra and sat up straight.

“They’re so firm,” Mr Barnes smiled. “So round and firm, like little mounds with cherries on top. Do you still have your cherry, Millie, or has one of the boys in your classed managed to get into your pants yet?”

“I still have my cherry.”

“Good.” He smiled and looked between my legs. “You know, I think your pussy might catch a chill if you wear wet underwear like that. Stand up and let me help you out of them.”

Without a word I stood up and hardly breathed as I felt Mr Barnes’s fingers hook under my thongs and slowly pull them down, caressing my thighs as he did. I stepped out of them and he brought them up to his nose and smelled them.

“You have a wonderful musky scent, Millie,” he smiled and rubbed the wet patch against his lips. “And you taste good too.”

Mr Barnes stood up and let my thongs fall on top of my bra that was still lying on the floor. My tits were pointing straight at him and my nipples were less than an inch from his hairy chest.

“I guess I should go to bed now,” he said. “Good night, Millie.”

I was shocked. After all that, with me naked in front of him, was he just going to go? He turned around and faced the door.

“But…” I started.

“But what, Millie?” he looked back over his shoulder.

“But what about me?”

“What about you? I’m not a mind-reader. You have to tell me what you want.”

“I want… you!”



“To do what, Millie?”

“To be with me. To touch me…” I couldn’t bring myself to saying what I really meant.

“If you want me to fuck you I need to hear it,” he said. “I need to hear you ask me to break your cherry, to fuck your virgin cunt, if that’s what you really want. Once you make your mind up, there’s no turning back.”

“Fuck me, Mr Barnes, please. I want your cock to be the first cock in my cunt.”

He turned around and took me into his arms. My tits were crushed against his chest as his mouth devoured mine, as his tongue explored my mouth.

“I’ve been waiting for you to be ready for me for so long. All your sexy outfits drove me mad. Wait here.”

He let go of me and went back to his room. Within seconds he came back, naked with a box of condoms and a tube. He placed both on the bedside table and walked back to me.

“Is mine the first cock you’ve seen?” he asked and my eyes moved down to where his tool was hanging, five inches long and already thicker than the three fingers I could just about squeeze into my cunt when playing with myself.

“Yes it is,” I answered truthfully.

“Touch it,” he said and placed my hand on it. I could feel it twitch as I wrapped my fingers around it. “Squeeze it and start moving your hand up and down.”

I did as I was told and gasped in surprise as he grew bigger and harder. It didn’t take him long to be over 8 inches and so thick I couldn’t get my hand around it. How on earth was that monster going to fit inside my tight cunt? He seemed to have read my mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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