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Huge Pervs






My grandson is one hot little fucker.


Based on all the friends he constantly has over at his place, especially those dewy-eyed young GILFs, I think most people would agree. His single father just shrugs and grins at all the attention his sexy boy gets, and I”ve gotta wonder if my son”s been dipping his wick into some of those teeny-boppers. If he isn”t, I don”t see how he could possibly be my kid.


Alex is 13, and he looks like a bonafide boy model, with wavy dark brown hair, thick, pouty lips, deep green eyes, clear, tanned skin, and a well-muscled swimmer”s body. I know because I see it often enough, when he comes over to swim in my pool. He chose his parents well.


Lately he”s been a helluva distraction to me. On top of his fantastic bod, he”s recently joined the swim team at school as one of their best “long distance men,” as they call them. As such, he”s abandoned those boring board shorts, and now swims in tiny racing trunks that are barely a step up from a thong. There”s not enough fabric in them to make a decent-sized bra. The thing is that… okay, I”ll just spit it out. I”m a hebephile. I”m sexually attracted to young people of both sexes on the cusp of adulthood, as Alex clearly is. He looks a lot like his Dad at that age.


I hadn”t been able to keep my hands off Robbie back then, and I”d been afraid I wouldn”t be able to keep my hands off his son. Though Robbie had participated willingly and even asked for it often enough, it had been me who initiated the sexual relationship, and he hadn”t complained much when he grew out of my age range of interest and the sex petered out between us. He”d never shown any sign of attraction to teen boys since he was a teen. I figured he would clobber me if I touched his son.


How wrong I was. I learned that one day not long ago when, instead of heading directly for the pool when he came over from next door, Alex came into the living room where I was watching the financial news and slid onto the couch beside me. “Gramps, hiiii,” he said. His voice is still high and clear, and hasn”t broken yet.


“Hiya, kid,” I said, glancing at him. Then I stared. He was wearing only his swimsuit, and ohmigod he was beautiful. When he saw me looking, he grinned and stretched like a lazy cat. I almost creamed my jeans.

Alex put his hand on my leg and leaned toward me, and my eyes couldn”t help but fix on those flattened nipples perched on his fit brown pecs. “I know a couple secrets, Gramps, about you and me.”


I looked up into his bright grin, a little confused. “What do you mean, kiddo?”


“We both ignore it, but you like to look at me when I”m dressed like this. Or undressed, really.” He stretched again, yawning a little, and my dick got harder. “And you know what? I like it when you do.” He rubbed his crotch with his other hand, and when I looked, I could see that I wasn”t the only male in the room with a hard-on. My eyes got big. My dick got bigger.


“Another secret Dad told me,” my grandson breathed, and I was captivated by the sweet scent of his breath, “is that you”re a huge perv. You like to fuck kids my age.”


I jerked away. “What?! He”s –! What did he say?!”


“He said you guys used to do it every day. Sometimes twice. Or more.” The boy grinned, clutching my thigh.


“I- he – that”s – it”s not –!” He sputtered.


“Awww, don”t be that way, Gramps,” Alex pouted, then stood fluidly, turning toward me with his thumbs hooked into the waistband of his suit. He stands about five-two, with well-developed shoulders and chest and a flat, ridged belly… some of the features that turn me on most in a boy. “I”m a huge perv, too.” He pulled his suit down, and his beautiful boy-cock popped out. It was about five inches, cut, completely hairless, painfully erect, and he had solid, heavy balls. I had never seen him nude before. “Do you like my dick?” he asked coyly as he kicked off his swimsuit.


He was a fucking boy god. He turned around and bent over, presenting me with his lean ass. “Do you think my butt is cute, Gramps?” I could hear the smile in his voice. “Check it.” As he pulled apart the cheeks, he used his anal muscles to push open his asshole to a good inch in diameter. This boy was no blushing virgin. Someone or something substantial was stretching his anus regularly. He confirmed it a moment later. “I love big, hard Daddy dick.”


I gasped. “Your Dad…?”


He turned around and sighed. “Isn”t interested in doing boys. The most he”ll let me do is suck him. My best friend and I were broken in by his daddy when we were nine. Since then I”ve done a lot of fucking. Mostly girls, but sometimes I like a big dick. I want Dad to fuck me, but he won”t. He said you might, though.”


My eyes were wide as I asked, “He doesn”t mind…?”


“It was his idea,” Alex laughed. “He said he was tired of me bugging him about it! He”s known I was having sex since the beginning, but he doesn”t want to fuck his own son. He admitted he liked doing with you, though, until you decided to stop. Why did you stop?” he asked, pouting again.


“I, I”m really only attracted to tweens and young teen boys and girls,” I admitted. “like you said.”


“Oh?” He looked at me saucily, hands on slender hips. “Girls too? If I brought my friend”s sister to visit, would you want to fuck both of us?”


“Hell yes!”


He laughed again and pointed at my crotch, “Ha, I bet! It looks like someone pitched a tent in your jeans! Let”s see what we have here.” He eased in and reached for my fly, and I couldn”t help but keep staring at his cock. I couldn”t believe I was being seduced by a 13-year-old kid. Or did it count as seduction, when it took less than five minutes and I wanted it as much as he did?


After he unzipped my jeans and fished my cock out of my boxers, he gasped. “Damn! Dad said you were thick, but not beer-can thick!” He looked up at me with shocked eyes. “I was gonna get you to bone me right away, but I”m not sure I can take something that thick.”


“It”s not that thick,” I protested, very much interested in “boning” this sexy, lewd boy.


He eyes seemed to smolder. “We”re gonna have to take it slow,” he said in a low voice, “and use lots of lube.” Then he glanced down at my cock again. “I got an idea! If you cum now, can you can hard again later?”


I looked his perfect body up and down. “For you? No problem.”


“Good. I”ll take that as a compliment. I wanna see if I can fit my mouth around that lollipop!” Grinning widely, he dropped to his knees and took my cock in one practiced hand. He didn”t try to swallow it right away; he started by giving it a good tongue-bath, starting with the pee-slit and working his way outward and down. His tongue was fantastic, slightly rough on the top and silky-smooth on the bottom. He had me moaning in under a minute. When he stretched his mouth over my cock and took in the first half, then started playing with my heavy balls with his free hand, I thought I”d died and gone to heaven. I hadn”t had a boy mouth on my cock in a long time, and the fact that it was my smokin” little grandson made it all the more arousing. He was damn good at it, obviously well-trained, and very careful with the teeth�which wasn”t easy, as wide as he had to stretch his mouth. But he was thorough, and careful to hit all my hot-spots, especially the frenulum, that bundle of nerves just under my glans.


Soon, the sensations he was drawing from my cock�and the fact that it was my grandkid doing it� awakened a slumbering dragon. “Gonna cum!” I choked out, and he didn”t stop sucking. I exploded into his mouth as he pulled back a little, no doubt to savor my cream, then pulled off and let the rest of my ejaculate paint his face white from hairline to chin. Alex sat up and sighed, “Ah yeah… such a big load! Dad was right, you do come more than him. Tastes good, too.” He licked his lips and stood, smiling, as my semen dripped down his face. He was in no hurry to wipe it off. When he stood and leaned forward, I realized his hard cock was near my face. He murmured, escort izmit “Open your mouth, Gramps.”


I did, and he slid his young cock right into my mouth, “Now suck it,” the 13-year-old hissed, as he started fucking my face. Soon his hands were on the sides of my head, steadying himself as we both worked back and forth. I”m not a great cocksucker, but he must have liked it a lot, because within five minutes he growled and shot my mouth full of watery tween cum. It still tasted as sweet as I remembered.


I held my hand out to him, and he took it, helping me up from the couch. Without a word, he pulled me into my bedroom, where we sank down together on the bed and lay on our sides, facing each other. We looked at each other and laughed, then I darted in and started licking my own cum from his face. He giggled, as if it tickled, and I was delighted that he was so happy. The kid obviously didn”t have any hang-ups about sex, and clearly enjoyed it.


Once his face was clean, he whispered, “Dad told me about something you used to do to him that he said felt almost better than getting fucked. And it also relaxed his butthole and made it easier to penetrate. Rhyming or something?”



“Yeah, that”s it! Where you lick someone”s butthole?”


I grinned. “It”s much more than that.”


“I wanna find out! Do it to me while we wait for you to get hard again, “k?”


“Okay.” I rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor, and said, “Hands and knees, little boy. As close to the edge of the bed as you can. You clean back there?”


“Squeaky clean!” he said as he assumed the position. “I was hoping for this today!”


“Good boy.” I stared at his pert little ass, all lean muscle, and fell in love with it again. Damn, I could kiss those cheeks all day. Instead, I pulled them apart to inspect his pucker, probably the pinkest I”d ever seen. It looked tight, but if the boy could push it open for me the way he had earlier, he”d obviously been getting “boned” regularly by grown men, or else pushing some big objects up there. I found it hard to believe that no one had given him the gift of rimming yet. If he liked getting fucked in the ass, he was going to love this.


Still holding his fine buttocks apart, I leaned forward and darted my tongue across that pink pucker, causing him to gasp. Then I started licking it urgently, bottom to top, eliciting a long moan from the boy. As I continued to lick him, he moaned, “Fuuuuuck…”


Thant”s when I thrust my tongue into his anus, spreading his sphincter, and he yelped in pleasure. I then really went to town eating his ass, shoving my tongue in as deeply as it would go, causing him to moan constantly and thrash so hard I had move my hands to his muscular thighs to hold him still. I relished his slight tang as I continued licking and probing until he gasped, “S-stop! I”m gonna cum again!”


“So cum,” I growled, and went back to it. Suddenly his slim back arched, and he groaned loudly. I pulled back and looked down soon enough to see a couple spurts of his boy-cum join the growing stain on my bedspread. Damn, I was impressed! His father had rarely come from rimming, and had never shot so much cum all at once!


As I stood, he collapsed onto the wet spot. I started shedding my clothes, and when I was bare, my half-hard cock saluting the air, I asked, “Now that you”ve cum twice, think you can get hard again?”


My grandson rolled over on his back, put his hands behind his head, and grinned. After looking me up and down, he said, “For you? No problem.” His cock was already twitching, the little horndog. He was exactly the kind of boy I loved: the kind that enjoyed sex and invited more. I knew we”d be having a great time together from now on.


I realized, with a pang, that I hadn”t had a boy like that since his father. And that I missed my son”s body.


I pushed those thoughts away as I stretched out next to the boy, and we looked at each other and laughed again. This was proving to be a very promising day. I leaned in and kissed him, and he responded, sliding his tongue into my mouth. We made out for a long moment, and I felt a small hand gliding down my chest and flat belly, moving on to grasp the base of my cock. When we broke apart, young Alex said, “You”re so smooth, Gramps. I thought you”d be hairier. And you”re really fit, too.”


“I swim a lot too, ya know,” I protested.


With an impish grin, he said, “I know what to do to get this beer-can the rest of the way up,” and as he stroked me, he leaned in and licked my left nipple. Chills went down my spine straight to my cock, and as he kept sucking and kissing my nipples, my cock solidified in his hand. Still stroking, he moved his mouth from his nipple to my lips, and we made out again for a long, wonderful while. When he pulled back, I knew the time had come.


It was time to fuck my grandson.


“How do you want it?” I asked, as I moved to collect the lube from a drawer in my nightstand. He didn”t say a word, just smiled, laid back, and lifted his legs in the air, spread wide apart. He cupped his hands under his thighs, pulling them wider, and his anus winked at me.


That hot little fucker knew exactly how I like it.


I poured a generous dollop of lube on his asshole and worked it in until I could fit two fingers into his tiny hole. He moaned and writhed the whole time; very vocal and demonstrative, this boy. He settled down as I lathered up my cock, looking at me with lazy eyes and a wide smile. His own cock was hard again, as hard as it had been when he first showed it to me. Ah, youth.


I eased in, carefully pushing his coltish legs back toward his head until his ankles were beside his ears. He was very limber; being folded in half didn”t bother him at all, especially if it made his prize easier to access. I placed the head of my cock gently to his anus; my tool is widest just behind the head, and I knew if I could get that part in, the rest would follow. Eventually. I”m not huge in terms of length, but I knew the thickness could be a problem for a boy used to slimmer cocks. It might not be possible for him to take it all today. That was fine. As long as I treated him right, made him feel good and special, I knew he”d be back. I”m not one of those men who likes to insult and diminish his lover, calling them sluts and whores and skanks. I want mutual fun, not humiliation.


When I started pushing my way into his slick hole, there was a lot of resistance as I stretched his rectum to new dimensions. He whined a little, and winced. I pulled back and asked, “That hurt?”


“Hurts so good,” he murmured, looking into my eyes with his piercing green gaze and a half-smile. I moved forward again and took it easy as his hungry, super-tight hole wrapped itself around the head of my cock, his sphincter flirting with my frenulum. He moaned and told me, “That feels good. Super-good. Don”t stop.” So I pushed on. It wasn”t easy. His ass was so tight. Sometimes he moaned, sometimes he winced. His cock was so hard the whole time that it looked like it was ready to explode like a firecracker. Meanwhile, I was afraid I would skin my dick on his extraordinarily tight little hole. It felt incredible, which was, after all, one of the reasons I like to fuck tweens and teens. Every nerve in my body was alight. After pushing for a while, I felt the top of my glans press against a hard little nut in the top of his rectum, and knew I”d found the boy”s prostate. He yipped and gasped out, “There! Right there! Fuck me now, Gramps!”


Looked like Big Chubby wasn”t going to be plumbing the boy”s depths today… But I”ll see what I can do, I thought. I start pumping back and forth, making sure my cock massaged his prostate thoroughly, and going just a tiny bit deeper with each thrust. Meanwhile, Alex was gasping and moaning his head off. “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” was his constant refrain. He was so loud I wondered why I”ve never heard him while he was entertaining others next door; maybe Rob had his house soundproofed. Or maybe Alex didn”t get fucked by a Daddy dick as often as he liked at home. I wondered if he”d talked any of his dad”s friends into fucking him, and the thought just made me harder, which made Alex happier and louder. “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!”


I slowed down and start edging him, wanting to make it last as long as possible for the boy. He was into it like nothing I”ve ever seen anyone into before, and it was arousing just to watch his enigmatic, ecstatic facial expressions. His eyes were more or less izmit escort rolled back in his head, he was liking it so much. I realize he”d have a much better cum if I took it easy, so I did, but made sure he was constantly stimulated and loving it. I was still going deeper with each thrust. Having already come once, this time I lasted longer. It felt like hours, but it was more like fifteen minutes.


I still had two inches of dick to insert as Alex”s grunts start ramping up in speed and frequency. He was going to cum soon no matter what I did, so I sped up to match him, and at what I calculated was the opportune moment, I took a deep breath, hoping I wouldn”t hurt him� and I plunged all of my cock into his ass one last time, until my pelvic bone met his cheeks.


Alex didn”t grunt this time: he screamed, literally screamed in pleasure, with maybe a little pain in there as his anal canal stretched to accept me, all of me, overcoming the last of the resistance. The cum squirted out of his rampant cock so hard this time that he painted his own face and shoulders with the first two shots, which the rest collected on his chest and belly. I counted eight spurts before he was done, with assorted dribbling. I lasted two more deep thrusts before I shot off my best orgasm in years, deep into his rectum.


Alex started shivering, and kept shivering for a full five minutes after I rolled off him. When he was finally able to speak again, his voice was breathy and weak: “That was the best cum I ever had!”


“Now we”ve got a target to beat,” I said, and rolled over enough to kiss him. He grabbed my head and made out with me ferociously. This kid was a lusty one, all right!


After dozing lightly for half an hour, I woke to find myself half-hard again. I shook him awake. “Hmmm? he asked, a little bleary-eyed.


“Think you can get that tasty little cock hard again?”


Alex looked at me and grinned. “I know I can.”


“You”re not 100% bottom with boys, are you?”


He rubbed his cock, which was already halfway hard. “Oh hell no! Vers all the way!”


I didn”t say a word, just got on my knees and presented my ass to him. I was gonna get fucked by boy-dick for the first time in too many years!


He climbed aboard after lubing up, then put his perfect cock to my anal opening. His tool was the ideal size for me: thick enough to feel, not long enough to hurt… and I craved it, grandson or not. “Don”t take it easy,” I told him, and he didn”t. He shoved his hard little nail straight into me with a loud grunt that I echoed, and after a long, contented sigh as his cock marinated in my ass, he started slamming me with deep, fast strokes. The kid was good: he knew how to wiggle around and adjust his angle of assault to maximize my pleasure as well as his, and though he was practically pulling out all the way as he jackhammered me, his cock never once fell out of my ass. Fuck, it felt wonderful. I”ve had bigger cocks, all adult since my son”s, in fact, but this kid�like I said, his size was perfect, and he knew just what he was doing. He wasn”t going to make me cum that way, but the sensations he was giving me were well worth waiting for until he made a long, low cum-moan as he emptied those young balls deep into me.


Alex lay on my back for a long moment before he groaned, “Thanks, Gramps. Most grown-ups wanna bone me but never let me return the favor.”


“They”re idiots. You can bone me anytime you want, kiddo.”


“Wow, great!”


We lay together, holding each other and making out occasionally, for a long time. Finally, the boy said reluctantly, “I gotta go, Gramps. But I”ll be back tomorrow.”


As he walked out to the living room to find his swimsuit, he declared, “Dad”s coming with me next time. He needs you.”


I just nodded.



The next day, a Sunday, Robbie and Alex entered through my back gate wearing their swimming attire and carrying towels. It was mid-morning of a beautiful day, especially for me. I met them wearing my own trunks, but I waved them toward the house.


“We”re not going to swim?” Robbie asked, glancing at the pool. I couldn”t help notice that he gave both his son and I cool, appraising looks�looks of approval. He liked our bodies as much as we liked his,


“Nope!” Alex piped. “I brought you here under false pretenses. I want to talk to you guys about sex!”


We gathered in the living room. Rob and I sat, while Alex paced and gesticulated as he talked. I listened to what he said, but I also liked what I saw. He was a sexy little guy, and that swimsuit hugged him in all the right ways as he moved.


First he stood and put his hand on his hips, though, and said proudly to his father, “Dad! Gramps and I did it! It was incredible! You didn”t tell me his dick was as thick as a beer can!” Robbie just sat there and looked stunned as Alex continued, “You were a lucky kid. And now so am I!”


Rob finally asked me, “What did you think, Dad? Did I do the right thing sending him to you?”


“Hell yes! I haven”t had that much fun in years.” I grinned and said, “don”t let him imply that I just fucked him, now. He”s got a helluva talented mouth nd I hot cock that reached all the right places. I”m the lucky one, if you ask me. Your boy”s a real stud.”


“That”s what all his friends say. And he does suck a mean dick,” Rob admitted, laughing.


Alex flushed, though he looked pleased. He started moving. “Okay, so I”ve been doing a lot of thinking since yesterday, and I figure we”ve all been thinking about sex the wrong way.”


“Oh really, now?” I asked, chuckling.


He turned to me. “Yes! Gramps, you have an age range that excites you most. That”s when you and Dad were getting it on all the time, but then you stopped when he grew up. What you didn”t understand, and what I didn”t understand, and maybe even he didn”t understand, is that he was initiated into sex by an older man who loved him, respected him, and always cared about him and his pleasure. So that”s why he”s interested most in older men. Right, Dad?”


“Wait, wait, wait,” I protested. “You haven”t been fucking Alex”s little girlfriends?”


Alex”s blurted “Every chance he gets!” merged with my son”s “Well, I didn”t say that.” Rob shrugged. “You know how tight their little pussies are.”


“But it”s mostly old guys! Right, Dad?”


Robbie looked at him, slumping a little. “Uh, I guess.”


“Don”t “I guess” me, Dad. Most of your friends are older guys, and I know from eavesdropping that Mom divorced you because she caught you with an older guy. Right?”


Robbie sat up straight. “You”re right. I won”t deny it.”


My eyes widened. This was news to me! Then I thought about how I must have hurt him by cutting off his supply of steady sex, if not of the love that went with it, and I deflated.


“I”m like that too!” Alex exclaimed. “And I didn”t realize that you were when I started hitting on you and asking you to do me. I knew about you and Gramps, and I thought maybe you were like him.”


Alex turned to me. “Gramps, you still love Dad.”


“Of course!”

“Well, he still loves you… and he misses you making love to him. That”s what he calls it. He always corrects me when I say you guys used to fuck. He says people who love each other make love. Fucking is just for fun.” His green eyes were wide and guileless until that impish grin appeared. “So I guess me and you made love, but we did some fucking too!”


We all laughed.


“Anyway,” Alex said, “I think we have to think about it this way: even when you”re attracted to a certain gender or age range, you can still make love with people you love if they”re willing. You don”t have to worry about what society thinks in terms of age or male or female or incest.” He stopped pacing, stood between us, and said, “Dad, I love you. Gramps, I love you.” Then, slowly, lasciviously, he wiggled out of that skin-tight swimsuit. It finally fell to the floor, revealing his luscious body in full, and he kicked it aside. “So let”s all have sex with each other!” he proposed.


He walked over to his Dad, his pubescent hardness leading the way, and stepped between Robbie”s spread legs before leaning down to kiss him chastely on the lips. Then he dropped down and not-so-chastely began to suck his father”s left nipple as he rubbed his crotch. After Rob”s cock izmit kendi evi olan escort inflated, the boy reached down and pulled off his shorts, saying, “You”re not going to need these.” Rob”s respectable cock bobbed into view. It had gotten quite a bit larger since our last time together.


I was already half-hard when my grandson came up to me, sank down to his knees, and pulled down my trunks. He opened his mouth wide and started bobbing my knob with that experienced mouth until I was fully hard; I watched his dark-hair swing as he moved enthusiastically. Damn, this kid was good. He could make millions as a model with or without his clothes on. When I was ready, he stripped me, saying, “And you won”t need those. Now let”s go in your bedroom.” We did.


When we entered the room, the 13-year-old said, “Dad, Gramps taught me about rimming. Thanks for telling me to ask about it. Now, I”ve never done it, so I”m going to need some practice. Do you mind?”


Wordlessly, Rob got on his hands and knees in the middle of the bed. Grinning widely, Alex clapped his hands once and said, “Perfect! God, look at dat ass!” He didn”t know I was thinking the same about him. I looked at my son”s, though, and realized he was still pretty damn hot, and felt a stirring that had been passive for too many years.


Alex scrambled up on the bed and pried his dad”s taut buttocks apart, then darted in with his sharp little tongue. Rob shuddered, and when Alex did it again, he moaned. Alex started sweeping his tongue back and forth, up and down, digging his tongue into his dad”s masculine cleft, and had his father in assplay nirvana in no time. After a few minutes, Alex reached toward me with one slim hand and beckoned. Without thinking, I stepped up�and we switched off without missing a beat.


Robbie certainly felt the difference; my tongue was larger and no doubt rougher than his son”s. And my technique was more advanced, of course. I ended up eating his ass for a good ten minutes before he gasped out, “Ahhh, Gawd, fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy!”


Alex was right there, handing me the lube. He”d already lubed his own hand and was jacking off with sure, swift strokes. But Robbie saw the movement, and said, “No lube, Dad. You know I can take it. Just like the old days.” So at his insistence, I prepared to fuck him “ruff,” as we”d jokingly called it back them.


His asshole was already moist from my spit and Alex”s, and I easily slid in my cockhead. His anus seemed to flower open; he was still as receptive as he”d been when he was 15. I went in right to the top with almost no problem, though his ass vise-tight on my cock, and we both loved it. How could I have even given this up? He groaned, “Oh, Daddy, fuck me!”, which I hadn”t heard in years, and I said, “Love you, Robbie,” and soon we had re-established the old rhythm, and it was like we”d never stopped. In a daze, I noticed that that little rascal Alex had slid up underneath his Dad and was sucking his long cock, eager to catch the paternal emissions.


I increased my speed, fucking my son”s clutching asshole harder and faster, and between me and Alex, we had him cumming a huge load in five minutes tops. His talented ass clamped down on my cock hard, like it always had, and I knew that was my cue to let loose. My body obliged, roaring up the cliff of orgasm and leaping joyfully over as I let my cum fly, filling up Robbie”s rectum. This time I was the one saying, “Fuuuuuck,” as I rolled over and fell onto my back. When I looked up, Alex and Robbie were making out passionately, with Robbie stopping every few seconds to lick his own cum off his son”s frosted face to share it with him snowball style. It must have been a huge load, because the boy”s hair was matted with it, and his face was covered, with cum dripping off his chin.


Goddamn, if I hadn”t already just cum, I would have just from seeing that.


When his face was mostly clean, young Alex pushed his Dad back down on the pillows. “You haven”t cum yet,” Robbie said quietly.


“Don”t worry, Dad, I will,” the boy said, smiling happily. His hand was fondling his Daddy”s dick, and it was already starting to rise. He drifted down and took the Daddy cock into his mouth, skillfully bringing it back to full mast in moments. Then he sat up and looked into his father”s eyes. “Dad, I”m going to sit on your dick. Then I”m gonna ride you until we both cum. I want to show you how much I love you. We”ll make love as only two men can.”


I handed Alex the lube without a word, and he laughed. “Yeah, that I”m gonna need. I”m not ready for ruff-riding yet.” He poured the slick liquid over his Daddy”s cock, slowly and lovingly massaging it in, then carefully prepared his little pink hole for his father”s first appearance there. he handed me the lube, and I put it away as he crouched over his father, holding that long fleshy staff in his hand and directing it to his anus, before pushing it down and taking it in with a long, drawn-out groan of pleasure. In a moment he was sitting on his dad”s lap, his father”s cock all the way inside him; and Robbie was caressing his son”s face in wonder. Then Alex took Robbie”s hands and put them on his hips. “Hold me tight, Dad,” he whispered. “While I ride you, push me down as you thrust up, hard and fast. I like it that way. You fit so perfectly in my ass. Fuck me and make love to me at the same time.”


Then the boy started his up-and-down ride on the pole horse, and like before, his eyes glazed and rolled back as the pleasure rolled through him, and his father ensured his needs were met by jamming his cock upward even as he pushed the boy”s hips down to take it deep, all the way to the root. Robbie”s cock fit Alex much better than mine did, and there was no hesitation, though I was pretty sure Alex was taking it deeper than ever before. Pretty soon, they were bouncing like a boy on a bucking bronco, and groans and moans and yelps and yips filled the air from both of them, vying with the fleshy sound of their skin smacking together. The sheer perverse beauty of it made me catch my breath, but I didn”t want to participate, just watch them come together as one. The raw physicality of it made it seem raunchy, but their obvious bliss made it right at the same time. I don”t know how else to explain it.


This time Robbie was the one who screamed as he emptied his load into his son”s bowels. That load must have been huge, because I could see it squirting out of the boy along Robbie”s cock in ripples as they both kept thrusting. Then Alex shot a thin stream of boy-cum onto his Daddy”s chest that lasted for about five seconds, so long I thought he”d pissed at first, and cried out, “Don”t stop! Keep fucking me! I can come again!”


“So… can… I,” Rob gasped, and kept moving on; and I watched my son and grandson, open-mouthed, as they continued to make love, until Alex yelled, “Harder! Faster! More!” and Robbie sped up, jamming the boy down so hard on his cock I was sure Alex would have hand-shaped bruises on his hips by the time they were done. It took another ten extraordinary minutes before they both spasmed and shook, and more cum came pouring out of the boy”s ass as his dad cream-pied him again. Alex”s hard little cock twitched again, but this orgasm was dry.


Alex fainted and collapsed on his dad, twitching like a leaf on the wind, his dad”s cock still inside him. Robbie wrapped his arms around his son tightly, and wept with joy.



That was all we did for the day, though it was more than enough. I did, however, put a bug in Alex”s ear as he left. As he tugged on his swimsuit with a happy sigh, I asked him, “Have you ever airlocked a girl?”


Robbie”s eyebrows went up as Alex said eagerly. “No, I don”t think so! Is it like DP? I did that.”


“It”s 3P — three guys on one girl, filling all three holes. It”s tricky. You”ve got a perfect cock for filling a girl”s ass. Wanna try it?”


“Heck yeah! Maybe this weekend? I have someone in mind!”


I was looking forward to dipping my wick into a young girl for the first time in a while when Robbie said, “Be careful, Dad. The kid”s girlfriend may not be a kid. His girls range from younger than him to their thirties. He picks “em up at the beach.”


I looked at Alex wide-eyed as he shrugged and tossed his hair back. “What can I say? I”m a popular guy with a big dick and lots of stamina.” He winked at me. “But I”ll keep your tastes in mind, Gramps. I know some little sweeties who”d love you.”


“Can”t wait,” I told him. “Now you boys go take a shower and get dressed, if you can manage to walk straight. We”re going out to celebrate!”


Alex winced and rubbed his ass, then pretended to hobble toward the door. I threw a shoe at him, and he scampered out, laughing all the way home.



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