I Came for the Show

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I was invited to watch. Not touch. Not even to speak. Just watch.

Checking the address again I slowed down, looking at the houses. He had told me the house was grey, with a blue metal roof. And then I saw it, set back from the roadway hidden by the trees. My heart raced in my chest. Squeezing my thighs together causing the heat between my legs to grow I pulled into his driveway, parking behind the blue sedan. One last check in the mirror told me my makeup was still in place.

His driveway was gravel, making the walk to the front door difficult. I had chosen high heels, wanting to appear taller. He had told me it would not matter; he would be blindfolded. But I had chosen my outfit to feel sexy for myself. Heels, my garter belt and that cute bra that made my cleavage seem so deep and flirty. Wrapped in my knee-length coat I felt a little out-of-place in this country town. But what I came to see was inside this house, and I had spent a month working up the courage. I was not going to worry about what his neighbors thought of me.

He had mailed me a key, which I inserted into the lock. Hesitating just a moment, fear coursing thru me, I wondered what I would find. I trusted him, though. I had come this far. Turning the handle, I pushed the heavy door inwards. And stepped into my fantasy.

The house was quiet. Very quiet. My skin was alive as I strained 1xbet yeni giriş to pick up any sound at all. He had said he would be in his bedroom. But he had not said where. So I walked thru, almost on tiptoe, afraid to pierce the sanctity of the silence with my intrusion. Finally, upstairs, walking down the hallway I heard his breathing. It was time to see him. I had told him I wanted it. Needed it. So I pushed open the door and walked inside.

And gasped out loud. There he was like he promised, sitting naked in a wooden chair in the middle of the room. No other furniture save his seat. His body was already covered with sweat from the hot room, it was pouring down his tattooed chest, his “love trail” leading downwards across his stomach to his crotch. God, he was a sight to see. He was blindfolded as promised and was just sitting there, breathing. As agreed upon I was here to watch. He was here to show.

Kneeling in front of him a few feet I watched his head turn, listening. The sound of the door opening had told him I was there but he had remained still. This was his show to put on for me as I had requested. Once he seemed confident that I was in the room, he seemed to straighten, his body aligning, and his breath became a touch louder.

I watched as his cock, which had been limp lying above his smooth balls, start to twitch and grow 1xbet güvenilir mi before me. He did not touch but his hands came up from his sides and moved along his legs towards his knees. I knelt fascinated as this tiny penis grew before me, slowly thickening. I could see that the pulses thru his cock were times to his heart beat, quickening. He exhaled loudly enough for me to break my trance, amazed as what had started at just a few inches grew to a size my body quivered with heated desire.

He let his fingers explore his body while his now pulsing cock twitched in front of my face. I could not stop myself from inching forward, my nipples hardening, my own fingers inching towards my hips, knowing what was to come, and not knowing if I was going to be able to stay in control of myself. Finally, his hands found his glistening cock, the sweat from the room making us both drenched. I removed my coat confident he could not see my flesh, my pussy damp and hot for his cock. But I had insisted on these rules. I could not break them. I had to sit and only watch.

His fingers wrapping around his wet cock, and this other hand resting on his thigh, he started to let his fingers slide up and down as if he was not built up yet. Teasing himself, fingers starting to form a tight grip he made his strokes long and slow. His head leaned back as he focused on his 1xbet giriş own pleasure. I kept leaning forward, my hands wanting to grab hold of his body, wanting to touch my own body, going crazy as my wetness made my thighs slippery. I needed to get closer.

His strokes picked up the intensity, as my face came within inches of the head of his beautiful cock. God, I needed it. I could see his chest start to heave and his breath catch, I knew he was about to cum. Positioning my face over his cock I opened my mouth, wanting to slide my wet lips over his length, needing to taste him, my body shaking as I couldn’t hold myself back. His moans grew louder until he could not hold back anymore.

Arching his back he finally released with a loud moan, pointing his cock towards me. What would have been a spray of white delicious cum across the room met my face and neck, spurting hot and thick on my skin. I fell back onto my ass, licking my lips as if hungry for anything I could get. My fingers quickly flew to my face, cleaning up my face and rubbing his cum into my chest, across my body, I wanted to be covered in him. It was delicious and intoxicating,

Looking up I could see his body dropping into his chair. His cock slowly dropping back into his lap, dripping precious cum that I wanted. But I dare not touch. I was becoming very aware that my time was up. I stood in front of him, such a majestic creature. Picking up my coat I wrapped myself, feeling his stickiness all over me. Quickly running to my car and racing away I smiled widely. I knew that I would be back someday. And next time there would be no rules.

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