I Hate My Master Ch. 19

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The guy Chris took to bed after the party was named Tyler. I had to serve them breakfast in bed, and they stayed fucking around, fortunately without me. They headed out to lunch leaving me to my chores. My shock collar was back on, and I got a Dial-A-Fag call from Travis who wanted a fuck then sent me to clean his apartment. I got a text from Josh as I was almost done, and had to blow, clean, then get fucked. My life was a drudgery.

After getting used by Josh, I had to hit the grocery store and stock up. Plus I had to get a jump on Chris’s meals so I wouldn’t get punished for not having dinner ready. Weekends are supposed to be a time to recharge and get some rest in. To get ready for the workweek. I hadn’t gotten a break. Chris was fucking in his bedroom, probably Tyler, at least it sounded like him. It was, I discovered when he headed home. I was summoned to sleep at the foot of Chris’s bed, but he ignored me besides that.

Monday at work brought me a small victory. I was able to screw over one of the guys and get the glory for myself. It wasn’t anything very big, but it was something. I had done worse in the past, but living with Chris had toned that down for a while. But this opportunity was too good to pass by. The guy, Zane gave me some evil looks, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it. I still had a bit of the high in me when I had to go to my lessons with Mike and Jim.

My mood crashed as I made it for their apartment. I knew they would be taking out the fact I wasn’t there Friday on me. Not that it was my fault, not that they would care. They could punish me, and I’m sure they would.

I went in, and took off my clothes. Their faces showed more anticipation at what they were going to do to my ass than anger that they had missed an opportunity to screw with me. I helicoptered my dick like I was supposed to until they bent me over the couch to both spank my ass. Each took a cheek and hit with one or both hands until I was glowing red and sore as fuck.

Today was a new type of lesson. I was ordered into one of their messy bedrooms, onto my back on the bed and they took turns fucking my face. The position let them go straight down my throat much more easily if I was kneeling in front of them. Not that I wanted more dick in my throat, but they didn’t care. I coughed up a lot flem, and it ran down my face. Down my face meaning where my eyes were. So I had a good excuse to keep them closed. I didn’t want to see their swinging balls in front of me.

They had a blast fucking my face, like it was some fleshlight or something. My head over the edge, their legs on either side, arms on the mattress, and just humping along. They would switch off, giving me precious seconds to grab some breath, to try to wipe the scum off my face. My throat was raw as they continued to force their way into me, I was merely a hole for them.

I realized at some point how close I was to their assholes. I had been every time I had to suck them off, but something about being upside down made their anuses seem so much closer. It was horrible. I wondered when they would decide I would Mecidiyeköy Escort be rimming them. I was not looking forward to that.

When they finally both blew in my mouth, they decided they were done with me. I got out of there as fast as I could. Nothing was easy for me. Leaving their apartment, I knew I had to get to Chris and prepare his dinner. I had a few minutes to breath and be alone, but my orders prevented me from wandering off.

At home, I stripped off, put on my collar and crawled to the kitchen to work. Chris had an evil gleam in his eye when I served him dinner. I got a little worried, but with as much as had gone on, I wasn’t sure what he could do to me. I tried to put it out of my mind, but I couldn’t I got worried.

Chris finished and just got up, knowing I would clean everything up. “Crawl to me when you’re finished.”

“Yes, Master.” He definitely had something in mind. I still couldn’t delay in following orders, my programming prevented it. When my chores were done, I started to crawl to Chris with dread growing in my gut.

I noticed a box on the coffee table, but following orders, I crawled to Chris and waited at his feet. “You summoned me, Master.”

“Yes, open that box and put on what you find in it.” Chris’s evil gleam grew.

“Yes, Master.” I turned and opened the box, which was folded closed. Reaching in, I pulled out something that confused me for a second, then I realized it was a dildo attached to a harness that would fit over the pelvis. My gut got worse.

“There’s something else in there.” I could hear the chuckle in Chris’s voice. I reached in and found a small metal object. “That’s a cock cage. Put it on first.”

“Yes, Master.” I looked at it, and it didn’t take long to figure out how to get it on. Fortunately, I wasn’t aroused. I had to force my cock and balls through a ring and attach the cage to it. It hurt, and there wasn’t a lot of room left. I looked at it, so sure Chris was going to make me get hard and really hurt.

Once that was on, I pulled on the jock with the dildo attached. This seemed stupid, I had a dick, why would I need a fake one? I knew I wouldn’t like it. Chris waved me back to the floor, and I got back on my knees.

“You look so useless. Just a dumb shit. Tell me you’re a dumb shit.” Chris lightly kicked the dildo I was wearing.

“I’m a dumb shit Master.”

Chris laughed, tossing one of the throw pillows on the floor. “Hump that with your fake dick.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled over to the pillow and positioned myself over it, and started thrusting the dildo against it. I felt so stupid.

Chris laughed. “Yeah, nice slow strokes, you’re only getting started.” That’s what I was doing, so I kept it up. He left me for a bit. I really felt the humiliation as he watched me. Some younger teens do this sort of thing, but with their real dicks. I was a grown man, I should be having sex and using my own dick.

“Faster.” Chris instructed.

“Yes, Master.” I humped faster, feeling pathetic, so pathetic.

“That’s as close as you’ll Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan ever get again to topping, it should turn you on, make your dick start to get hard.” Damn, I knew he would do this, my dick started to rise, and it was hitting the edge of the cage almost at once. Chris chuckled knowing it was getting more uncomfortable for me. I was still humping.

“Hump faster, get harder.” Chris ordered, and I had to obey, the going faster was one thing, but getting harder was moving beyond uncomfortable, it was hurting some. I grunted in discomfort. Chris laughed at my predicament. “Faster, harder.” He had to make it worse. Not that I expected anything else out of him.

“I have a great idea.” Chris said, and I could hear the sarcasm dripping in his voice. “Make some nice sex sounds, like your really getting into it.”

“Ohh, yes, feel it. Yeah, that’s it.” I started, feeling even lower. Chris laughed more. I kept up with the talking.

“Come on, fuck hard now.” Chris was really enjoying what he was making me do. “Louder too.”

I really started to go faster, like I was really going at a chick, and my vocalizations got louder. I felt increasingly stupid, and my dick was starting to hurt in the cage.

“Ready to cum?” Chris asked me. I looked up at him in shock, was he really going to let me cum? How could I in this contraption? Chris laughed again. “You can stop humping, roll over on your back.”

“Yes, Master.” It was a relief, but I didn’t know where he was going. It didn’t take long to find out.

“Stick your fingers in your ass and get to some pumping.” Chris grinned evilly at me.

“Yes, Master.” I put fingers in my hole and moved them in and out.

“Yeah, that’s it. That’s how a guy who can’t control his dick gets to cum, only from his hole.”

“Master, I can’t cum from my ass.” I had no idea what he was thinking.

“There is a whole thing about faggots having anal orgasms. Maybe you could have one, but you have to keep moving those fingers in and out.”

“What the fuck is an anal orgasm?”

“What it sounds like, getting your ass so turned on it’s like cumming, like a woman. From getting fucked.”

“That’s not possible.”

“Maybe not, but it will be fun to watch you try.”

“Master, no there is no way I’ll be able to do that.”

“Oh, I’m not so sure. I bet if you work very hard you could.” Chris was teasing me. He got up and got a dildo from the cabinet. He lubed it up and tossed it to you. “Use this now.”

“Yes Master.” I had to obey. It was actually easier than using my fingers, but I hated doing this. The strap-on dildo was waving in the air, and my cock straining in the cage. I felt stupid.

“I know, you should be horny, very horny for a real man’s dick. That will help.” Chris said with a chuckle.

Shit. His control over my emotions kicked in and I felt incredibly horny. How did he do that? “Fuck, fuck I need to get fucked.” I heard myself say, getting wilder on the dildo, bucking my hips. He effortlessly said something and it all happened, I Escort Mecidiyeköy was powerless. I groaned, so desperate for sex. My cock filled the cage surrounding it, but the discomfort did nothing to lessen my craving for dick. Damn, I needed a dick in me. I felt it deep in my core. Chris did this, I should be out scoring some pussy, but he had made me this dick-whore. I wanted more than the plastic rod going in and out of my ass, I need a real cock

Chris just watched me, amused. I was some toy to him, he could do anything he wanted to my mind and my body. All to pass the time. It was awful. I was aching to get a real dick in me, because Chris ordered me to be horny.

I was in agony, so needing a prick in my ass, a real prick, not the plastic one I was shoving in. No matter how fast I moved it in and out of my ass, it didn’t cut the edge off. I was desperate, fucking myself hoping to get some relief, but it was no good. Chris’s orders had me twisted up and screwed up in my mind.

Then fucking Chris got up and left me there on the floor while he went somewhere in the house. I was squirming on the floor pumping the dildo and so needing a cock in me. I could feel the need in me, an overwhelming call of my body. A call that was so strong it made my mind want to get fucked even though I was straight. A little bit of my mind realized that was Chris’s doing, but it was a faint realization not able to do anything about my distress. Now, I was alone, not even being watched by my sadistic master.

I couldn’t stop the craving, fucking myself did nothing to relieve it, I kept up the perverse performance drowning in my own humiliation. Being left alone made me feel discarded, not important enough to be given a pause when he hit the head or wherever. Left me there, running like a bad TV show in the background.

How long I was going solo on the floor, I can’t tell, my mind couldn’t focus on anything but getting dick. I was so wrapped up in my yearning, I barely noticed when Chris came back. I groaned, in hunger and weariness. Having a man’s dick near me, even one still in pants ramped up my ardor. Chris positioned himself in a chair near my head. “Lick.” He said while putting his naked feet on my face.

Lick I did, maybe if I used my tongue sensually enough I’d get fucked. That thought was strong in my mind, and it scared me. Chris could manipulate my mind for fun. I was licking in hopes of a fucking I didn’t want, except for Chris’s orders. My tongue moving fast. Poking between his toes, long swipes on the soles. All while roughly focing a plastic tube in and out of my ass.

I was like an animal in heat, unable to find a mate. So low, so degraded. Chris was forcing me to do all sorts of things, wearing me out and laughing through it all. No matter what he had me doing, he would come up with something else to push me lower.

Chris’s feet were very wet when he finally pulled them off me, looked down and said. “You can stop now. Stop being horny, stop fucking yourself.”

“Eeeaaahhhh.” I could only give out a odd sound. I laid on the floor, breathing and keeping my eyes closed.

“I’m going to bed. Crawl to the foot of my bed and sleep there, when you can. You can take the strap-on off. Don’t wake me up scum.” Chris said and I could tell he left, turning the light off. A few minutes later, I realized I still had the cage on, and didn’t have permission to take it off.

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