I Just Wanted to Fuck Pt. 02

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This is a unique story about a husband and wife, written from two perspectives under two different titles. This one is about the man who thought his sex life became ordinary and scripted to the point of boredom. Its companion story is titled “I Just Wanted to Get Fucked”. I suggest you read them both chapter for chapter and gain some insight into why people who love each other end up cheating. Like I said it is Unique, and I hope you enjoy hearing both sides.

I Just Wanted to Fuck

Chapter Two

I learn some secrets and another side of Judy

We went back to work with the knowledge I would be taking Judy out afterwards and talk about her demands for the future. We flirted and she kept exposing her body to me but for the most part we got some work done. Then Judy came up to me and asked me if I wanted to see something, and of course I answered yes. She took my hand and led me down to the lower warehouse where we kept the big items like water heaters, long lengths of pipe and things like that.

“Now be very quiet and I’ll show you something so outlandish you won’t believe your eyes.”

“OK but we do have to get some more work done tonight, we can’t just spend the night finding new places to fuck.”

“Oh, stop acting like a boss and let yourself enjoy this, you won’t be sorry.”

“Lead the way sexy.”

We quietly went to the rear storage area, and I could hear voices and laughing. We crept up behind some boxes and peeked around to see Cindy bent backwards over a box with her hands tied above and behind her head to the stockroom shelving, totally naked. The two other guys, Dave and Jimmy were standing there laughing at her while they taunted her.

“Do you know what Jimmy and I could do to you now that you’re tied the way you are?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re going to take turns fucking me, so just get to it. I could use a good hard ruthless fuck.”

“Oh, we’re going to do more than just fuck you bitch, we’re going to have some real fun.”

“Hey Dave, look at what I found in this box over here.”

In the box were pipe ground clamps, which are hard to describe but I’ll try. It is two rectangular pieces of metal, each with a half round bend in one end, and a flat square end with a hole big enough to insert a wire on the other, and a screw in the middle. The idea is you out one end around a pile, you put a grounding wire in the other, and you tighten the screw to fasten it in place. Each end has teeth cut into it to make sure it will ground through paint and dirt. Dave took one and grabbed a 9-inch section of thick wall heavy pipe. He put the heavy pipe in one end and Cindy’s nipple in the other and tightened it until Cindy started tearing up. Then he did the same with the other nipple. Now she was tied with what effectively were toothed nipple clamps with heavy weights on them. When he let them go, they slipped off to each side of her body pulling her nipples and tits with them. Judy tapped me on the shoulder and motioned for me to follow her towards the direction we came.

“Want to have some real fun tonight?”

“Yeah, what did you have in mind?”

“Cindy is a huge pain slut, anything that hurts she likes, and the more it hurts the more she likes it. All we must do is get rid of those two.”

“I can do that; my uncle gave me some orders to have loaded for delivery Porno first thing on Monday morning. Follow me back to the office and I’ll put them to work on that, it should take them about an hour or so.”

“Good, call them to the office right away, get them started and I’ll meet you back here in five minutes and we’ll have some fun.”

We both quietly retreated and went back upstairs where I called Dave.

“Dave, can you and Jimmy come up to the warehouse office right away, I have something my uncle wanted done tonight and I want to get it started.”

“Sure, but we’re in the middle of something, should we finish up here first?”

“No, just let Cindy know where you left off. I’m sure she can handle anything you guys were


“OK, we’ll be right there.”

When they arrived, I gave them a stock order to fill and load in the truck for a local apartment complex that was remodeling their units. They would have to load Water heaters, sinks, garbage disposals, and miscellaneous plumbing and hardware parts. This would take them at least an hour even with a forklift.

“Do we need to go downstairs for the water heaters?”

“Not at all, the entire order is stage and waiting inside the warehouse near the loading dock. But just don’t throw everything in a truck, check every item to make sure it is correct and that nothing is missed.”

“Great, we’ll get on this right away.”

I could tell by the way he asked about downstairs he might have been afraid I would go down there with them and find Cindy naked and bound to the racks. It was fun to make them a bit nervous, but Judy had her own plans and I needed to get moving.

When I got back to our little lair behind the boxes and Judy was already there with a bag of goodies.

“What do you have in the bag Girl?”

“Just a few supplies, we are a plumbing supply company, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, but I don’t think you’re planning on any plumbing project here.”

“Oh, we’ll do a little plumbing, I promise.”

First, she pulled out some earplugs and duct tape. She walked up from behind Cindy and taped her eyes and mouth shut. Them she rolled two earplugs and put them in each ear.

“Now she can’t hear us or see us, let’s start having some fun. Bring me that bag.”

“What are you planning on doing to her.”

“Don’t worry about her. The more pain I cause her, the more she will like it, and I’ll know because she tells me all about her pain slut sessions.”

“OK, show me what you have in mind.”

“I have 25 feet of rope in that bag, get it out and hand it to me.”

I did as she requested and watched her go to work. She tied one end around Cindy’s lower thigh just above the knee, looped it through the section of pipe clamped to her nipple, and ran it up to the shelving where she pulled it tight. This made her legs go towards her shoulders and it stretched her nipple pulling them upwards. She did the same with the other leg and when she was done, Cindy laid there moaning with her legs spread and high in the air, exposing both of her lower holes.

Then she grabbed a 6-inch-long piece of 1 1/2-inch diameter pile from the bag and screwed an adapter onto it taking it down to 1 1/4-inches, then another adapter going down to 1-inch and so on until it was down to 1/2-inches. Each piece Altyazılı Porno attached with a short 1/2 -inch pipe to the next. She ended up with a steel pile with bulges every 1/2 of an inch all the way down to 1/2-inches and a 3-inch-long pipe sticking out the end.

“What are you going to do with that?”

“Don’t you recognize a cast steel anal dildo when you see one? Now hand me that liquid hand soap so I can get her ready.”

Again, I did as she asked and watched her lube Cindy’s ass with the soap and slowly start to shove the pipe assembly in and out of her. Cindy was jumping and twisting trying to get free when Judy took a heavy paint stick and struck her hard on her exposed clit, causing her to squeal and moan, but she stopped trying to get loose. Then Judy went right back to fucking her ass with this pipe contraption until it was easily accepted in her ass with just two inches of the big pipe sticking out.

“Now, when she ready, all you must do it pull that out and your cock will easily slide all the way in. Don’t worry, she loves being fucked in the ass, she’s always telling me what an anal whore she is.”

“It seems you put some thought into all of this.”

“Not really, I did this on the fly while you were putting those other two to work.”

“You have one perverse mind, don’t you?”

“You’ll have to tell me after I come up with some ideas of things you can do to me. But for now, get between her legs and give her a good fucking, she needs it a couple times a day.”

“Yes ma’am.”

I pulled out my cock and oddly enough I was Rock hard, not realizing this was turning me on.

“Looks like somebody enjoys BDSM activities, we’ll have to put that option to use later.”

I pushed into her pussy, and it was like it had no resistance.

“This bitch is so loose; I barely feel her cunt on my cock.”

“That’s because the boys were fisting her before we got here. Want to stretch her out more, then fuck her ass?”

“Sure, but what can we use to stretch her with as big as a fist, without using a fist?”

“Oh, this is a supply store, there are plenty of things we can shove inside her to stretch her more. Just start looking around and you’ll find something.”

As I was looking around, Judy disappeared behind some shelving looking for who knows what. I was shocked at what I saw her carrying when she returned a few minutes later. She was carrying two toilet tank replacement valve kits with float balls.

“These look big around. Is there any way of putting them all on the same rod?”

“Yeah, with a little hole in the top of one of them, you can thread the rod through them both. One of them will fit but I don’t know about the other one.”

“Oh Brian, I’ll make them fit, trust me. Just connect them together for me.”

I put the five-inch diameter ball on the threaded rod and the almost four-inch one on the end and screwed them tightly together. Judy smeared liquid soap over them both and all inside Cindy’s pussy and began to push them against her opening. She kept pushing and twisting the double ball device against her pussy and it started to open more and more until the first ball was almost in up to its largest part. Then with one final shove the first ball was swallowed up by her pussy while she screamed out from under the tape Brazzers on her mouth. Cindy was huffing and puffing while Judy pulled out almost enough to remove the smaller ball and pushed in almost enough to insert the larger one, back and forth repeatedly until she was almost ready to orgasm.

“Get over here and watch this, you’re not going to want to miss it.”

Fucking her pussy roughly with this contraption Cindy was about to cum when Judy picked up that paint mixing stick and hit her square on her swollen pulsing clit.

“There she blows.”

Cindy came hard and squirted up into the air pulsing three of four times with more squirts of ecstasy. Her pussy was convulsing on the smaller ball as Judy pulled it out and pushed it back in.

“I don’t think we’re going to have time to try the bigger one inside her before the boys come back, so we better untie her and get moving.”

Judy untied and removed everything she had shoved into Cindy and put them in the bag. She then pulled out a large rag and covered her eyes so she wouldn’t be Sen when the tape came off. Then she removed the tape and ear plugs and left Cindy exactly as we found her and returned with me upstairs where the guys were just finishing up loading the order. I taunted them as I casually walked by them.

“Better hurry up, I’m sure Cindy is all tied up doing all that work by herself.”

After they finished and went back downstairs Judy, and I quietly took our places behind the boxes to see what happened next. We watched as they untied her, and she started yelling at them both.

“You fucking bastards, I told you not to shove anything up my ass, and you probably ruined my pussy forever with what you shoved up there.”

“Wait, we didn’t do anything to your ass or any other part of your body. We were on the loading dock loading an order for Monday.”

“Then I guess somebody that knew I was tied up down here, overstretched my pussy and rammed something up my asshole and nobody saw them come down or leave? I’ll bet you Lying bastards think this was funny, well I’ll show you funny. Find someone else to play your games with cause I’m done with you two.”

She stormed off carrying her clothes with that liquid soap running down her thighs. Judy and I retreated to our area and pretended to get back to work, but Judy kept smirking and laughing on how she ruined all the fun for Dave and Jimmy.

“It’ll be a long time before she even talks to those fuckheads, no less have sex with them. That’s one pissed off lady.”

“This is what you planned to do, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I hate these fucking guys. Always grabbing on me and trying to force themselves on me. Now they’re going to be taken down a bit.”

“And what about Cindy?”

“She defended and protected those assholes. And it’s not like she went through anything she doesn’t do once a week on her own, I just used her fetish to piss her off enough to cut them out.”

“Well, how about you turn your attentions to me? That little display made me horny as hell.”

“Hurting women turns you on buddy?”

“No, but watching you make her squirt straight up in the air does.”

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll invite you to watch me next time I’m with another woman. But for now, you already had you fun until we go out tonight.”

“You get together with other women often?”

“You’ll have to wait and see boss.”

I was beyond excited and intrigued, I was all in for whatever Judy wanted. It didn’t matter that I was well beyond the line I had originally drawn for this affair, she now owned me, and we both knew it.

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