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Dr Tyson Ballou walks to the hospital private lobby A which only admittance to his family alone. He did not expect anyone else, beside his family members to be loitering the lobby area but indeed he is upset that Jane was not at the security counter as she will normally be seated there. Normally, every morning he will be greeted by the beautiful latina. At first they will exchange a few pleasantries before Jane the vixen will entice Tyson for a quickie at the back of the security tiny office.

Jane possesses an impressive 34DD breast which has been Tyson sole desire in a woman. The young doctor has always a soft spot for large breast. Their normal quickie routine will normally seeing Jane giving Tyson a much needed blow job which he refer it as his morning boost for the rest of his busy schedule running the hospital together with his elder brother Dr Hermann Nicoli. Jane, after their first quickie encounter, will always be not wearing any bra and panty, underneath her security uniform. And sometime Tyson might prolong their sex session from 30 minutes and up to 1 hour. Often, he will have it inside his BMW X6 which he normally park nearby the lobby A.

Tyso has been looking forward of his sex session with Jane. Well, recently he has been feeling the stress of piling works since his elder sister left the hospital after her argument with their eccentric father. And his sex session has been a great release for him. This week alone he has spend almost every spare hours having full blown sex with Jane which he normally will have it inside his BMW. Jane has requested to have it in his private suite but he simply ignore the latina wayward request. There are rumor going around in the hospital that Jane has been showing-off about their sex session to anyone who willing to hear her boasting.

Tyson only cares about burying his penis deep inside her vagina and sucking off her nipples to his delight.

When Tyson step out the elevator with dark mood. His penis is in pain. He ignored the greeting of his secretary, walking straight ahead to his office. However, he press the intercom to summon Lily inside his office. He stood facing the large window that oversee the Han River. Behind him, he heard the door open and close, indicating Lily presence in his office.

“Where is Jane?”

Lily was not surprise with Tyson direct question. She knows about their affair and Tyson did not make any effort to hide it, not even with his parent. However, from what she has heard from Dr Hermann, the family has been blisteringly mad about Tyson shenanigan and has secretly arranged to eliminate Jane from the hospital. And they just did that. As Lily remembered correctly, last night after their qualities session together, Dr Hermann has told her that from today onwards the hospital will cease their contract with Jane’s employer. However, Dr Hermann has instructed her to keep her silent.

“Hospital has terminate the contract due to negligent.”

Tyson closed his eyes, trying hard to stay calm. Without opening his eyes lid, he waved Lily out from his office. However, he quickly open his eyes to watch the swaying hip of Lily. His penis is growing hard by the second. Well, if only Lily did not sleep with his brother, his penis should now be inside her thick lip.

Feeling all bothered with his current situation, he decided to seek his brother help. So he goes straight ahead to Hermann office but when he reached the entrance to Hermann inner office, he stop short. His eyes zone in to the object of his deep desire and he could feel a surge stirring down his harden shaft. A large round breast which he knows by heart must be size 32G – a much bigger than Jane’s 34DD. The breast has been snuck tight by the blouse that the lady has worn and from the look of it, he could see an almost visible nipples underneath the thin material. His hand has been itching to grab hold that large breast this instant.

Luckily there is an distraction to his sensual thought.

“May I help Dr Ballou?” Her sweet voice ringing lovely in his hearing.

“Hermann? But who are you?” His eyes looks up to the owner of that large breast and sweet voice. He is astounded by her sensual beauty.

“I am his new secretary. Dr Nicoli is inside.” The new secretary who has risen from her comfy seat, was about to open the door knob for Tyson. But the latter has been quick to trap her against the wall behind her. He watch the new secretary hitching her breathing nervously. And he could not help but smile at her cute reaction.


“Alice Beachamp.” From the corner of her eyes, she could see the massive protruding which she knows must be Dr Tyson penis. Deep in her heart, she wish that she could massage it before bringing her slutty mouth to swallow the penis. Well, she seriously love penis. The meaty the better!

As if he could read her mind, Dr Tyson grind his harden penis against her clit while his beautiful manicured hands too massaging her large breast. She involuntarily open her mouth as she gasping in pleasure. Her hands linger at the side of Tyson kocaeli escort bayan side. Then she felt her mouth has been envelope by Tyson lip. She groan out in pleasure. His magical hand now has found her harden nipples. His fingers begin to flick it and rubbing the nub in between his thumbs.

Then everything stop as if someone has pull a brake pedal. Alice open her eyes to see the searing eyes that belongs to Tyson Ballou. The same eyes that also scream pure lust. “I want you…” Tyson lean back and press the intercom that connect to Hermann office number.

“Hermann…” While waiting for his brother to response, Tyson continues to hold Alice in his arm. The woman relent but she keeps her eyes in between his face and his penis.

“What are you doing calling me through Alice intercom?” Tyson push Alice a bit so has to reach inside her A-line skirt for her panty and eventually her clit. He felt wetness underneath her. His hand then pulls down her panty that torn it into pieces.

“Just to tell you that I want to have her for how long, I’m not so sure. So you will not be panic if you can’t find her at her work station.” Tyson smell the sensual smell that the panty gives off. “Go ahead, bro!” He detect approval from his elder brother voice. But just like normal situation, he choose to ignore it.

Tyson keeps on grinding his erected penis against Alice throbbing clit. Her panty has long gone somewhere in the office after Tyson roughly torn the flimsy undergarment. She widen her legs apart to make room for the penetration.

Alice involuntary gasping as her desire surge up. Not only she has to tolerate the surging desire from the penetration, Tyson roving hands expertly massaging her large breast. Her desire is peaking up to the point of ecstasy.

“Let’s take this somewhere that no one could hear you scream for me!” With that, Tyson heave her up over his shoulder and dash to the private elevator that only his family has the excess.

Once in the elevator, Alice struggle to get down from Tyson broad shoulder. Tyson relent. As Alice hands trying hard to unbuckle his belt, again Tyson ripped off another pieces of her clothes. This time it is her A-line skirt. And then her blouse from the hemline at the back.

“I didn’t have extra clothes to wear…” exclaimed Alice weakly.

“You going home with me NOT!!…wearing a thing on your fabulous body!!” And he ripped off her flimsy bra. As the result of Tyson forceful ripping of her bra, Alice 32G breast bounce a little too harshly that Alice could feel the pain searing in her flesh.

Tyson push her a distance away to have his eyes filled with her nudity. Alice breast is definitely a dream comes true. Her nipple is a size of medal. And the nub is not too dark which suit him best. The roundness of her breast seems to be so juicy and bouncy. He can have a field day with it although he is not much into on Tit-sex. As a result of what he’s seeing, his groin straining to its largest length. Alice saw it too. Her attempt to unbuckle his pant was unsuccessful. She is determine to give it another try which Tyson gladly allows her to continue.

The moment she let loose the already harden shaft that neatly fall on her palm, she felt so excited and amazed by the merest size of it. Not only, his penis is longer than 8-inches but it is very thick and heavy. Alice begins to worry that his shaft might not fit in her vagina from the look of it. Tyson watch the changes in Alice face expression. He could guess as much.

He leaned down kissing her passionately. His hands give a quick squeeze on both of her breast. “It will fit inside you. And I will make sure of it!” He then dragged her hand to massage her shaft. Alice felt so aroused from the touching. This encourage her to continue of what she now desire to do with his shaft before it will be buried inside her.

Alice begin her process of giving Tyson the best hand-job before starting her secret move to deep throat the whole of Tyson harden penis. Tyson who trying hard not to scream out loud at the first touch of her tongue on the tip of his penis, could no longer hold on tight from where he is backwardly bend over the kitchen counter.

“Arghhh!!” Tyson shut his eyes so tightly as he felt the rushing of his orgasm surging out from his penis. The effect is so strong that even Alice attempt to calm him by pulling BOTH his balls was a total failure. Tyson thrash about after wave and wave of his orgasm overwhelm his body and mind. Down below, he knows that his seeds comes out-pouring from his penis. Alice did not waste a moment to drink-up the white juice of Tyson seeds until the last drop. Tyson penis is so thick that it does gives Alice a challenge to deep throat the whole of his shaft even though her jaw is a bit of in pain from her widening the entrance of her mouth.

Tyson had it enough of been the receiving end of this great pleasure. He want to be the dominant between them. Right after the last of his orgasm died out, he pull out his penis from Alice sensual lip and pulling her for a knock-out kiss. kocaeli sınırsız escort Alice groan into the kiss when she felt Tyson fingers flicking her nipples and rubbing it to ignite her deep-seared desire. Alice climb onto Tyson lap with his penis in-between them. Tyson keeps on coming back to her lip kissing it so hard yet passionate. He scooped up her ass and carries her to lie her down on top of the kitchen counter -top. When he has climb up the kitchen counter-top, with Alice lie down underneath him, Tyson push apart her legs and position the tip of his penis at the entrance of her wet clit.

Alice rise on her arm for support and watch Tyson as he push in his thick and long penis inside her clit. His penis has grown so long that she knows it is longer than 8-inches. “12 -inches…” Alice rounded her eyes when she heard the length of his penis.

Tyson did not slow down and continue to keep on pushing his pride and joy. Alice begin to feel the searing pain but at the same time, she is so aroused by the feel of it. Suddenly she screamed out loud as her vagina started to contract onto Tyson penis. But Tyson has another 5-inches more before the whole of him buried inside her vagina. Tyson watch Alice seems to move against his penetration of her vagina. Quickly Tyson stop her attempt with distracting her on other stuff – her breast.

Alice rise on her arm for support and watch Tyson as he push in his thick and long penis inside her clit. His penis has grown so long that she knows it is longer than 8-inches. “12 -inches…” Alice rounded her eyes when she heard the length of his penis.

Tyson did not slow down and continue to keep on pushing in his pride and joy. Alice begin to feel the searing pain but at the same time, she is so aroused by the feel of it. Suddenly she screamed out loud as her vagina started to contract onto Tyson penis. But Tyson has another 5-inches more before the whole of him buried inside her vagina. Tyson watch Alice seems to move against his penetration of her vagina. Quickly Tyson stop her attempt with distracting her on other stuff – her breast.

Tyson always love about breast. For him, the larger the better. However, he hates if it is way too big that it looks weird on the body. His much preferred breast size is 32G. And the smallest breast that he could tolerate is just one size smaller than 32G which is 34DD. It is difficult for him to find his perfection woman which is a combination of 32G + beauty. He normally end up with either one of those factors. Jane do have the beauty but she is lacking the perfect breast size that he wanted.

Now that he has found Alice, in his mind he already plan out what’s need to be done to ground her in his life.

As for sex skill, Tyson preferred his woman to master the only skill for deep-throat-ing. And to maintain her figure along with hygiene is another great expectation from him. He could provide his woman with anything her heart desire but in return she needs to fulfill his expectations.

“Scream to your heart content. No one could hear you…”

His sex acts always comprises of a direct missionary penetration of his 12-inches huge penis down into his woman vagina and he will make sure the whole inches will be buried inside. Also he will not be applying any sort of gel or cream to ease the pain of his penetration.

When he is in that missionary position, he will hold her down as he begin to thrust her deeper and deeper until he could reach his first full blown orgasm. To add more intensity, he will play around with the breast.

His second act will be him giving his full endearing attention on her breast with his penis still buried deep inside her. His hand will continuously massage through the largeness of her breast while he rub the nub in-between his fingers. He will also flick the nub with his tongue, swirling it before he sucking the nipples like a baby. His favorite spot to suck other area of the breast will be underneath the breast.

He hates the idea of tits-fucking which is a famous move amongst his friends.

All the while he will buried his now growing penis without a single move inside the vagina. He knows this will torture his woman and it will cause her great pain. Thus this gives him a great satisfaction and it will aroused him greatly. When the intensity has increase, eventually he will change the position with him lying underneath the woman as she will straddle his hip. The woman will then be in a cow-girl position in which she will be riding both of them into orgasm.

When he is in this position, normally Tyson will try not to release his orgasm and holding it out for as long as he could. He will be enjoying his view watching the bouncing of the 2 breasts. He don’t even bother to move his hip.

This is his third act.

When he could no longer hold out his orgasm and too much aroused by the sight of bouncing breasts, even without waiting for his woman to reach her orgasm, he will change their sex position.

This is his following actions.

Still izmit anal yapan escort with his penis inside her vagina, he will turn her body position side way. The woman will most definitely scream out from this sudden feel. Because when he change the body position, his penis will follow suit and with his thick penis the sensation will be heighten.

In this peak climax, he will forcefully give out his full strength to ramp his harden penis deeper inside her vagina. And he will never stop no matter until he ride off his orgasm.

For his last act, he will normally allow the woman to satisfy her needs but nothing strenous for him. He refuse to indulge the woman in any sex move that he hates. Such as tits-fucking or anything that restrict him from touching her breast.

Back to present…

Now that he has push the whole length of his 12-inches shaft into Alice very tight vagina, he goes a bit further by pulling out his penis but when the tip has reach the tip entrance of her clit, without warning, he ramp so hard into her vagina again and keep on pushing deeper into her vagina. Alice scream so loud – whether in a pleasure or pain, or mixes of both. She shuddered in agony. But that did not stop Tyson to continue with his normal sex routine.

Despite seeing Alice in pain because of his action, Tyson continues to thrust his penis deeper while his hands hold Alice thighs preventing her to move against his thrust. In a quick moment, Alice felt a surge of pleasure from Tyson vice penetration in her. She looks up to Tyson handsome face and feels so aroused. Tyson looks so focus as he keeps on slamming his penis in her vagina. His eyes was train on her bouncing breast. She knows that has play a great part in arousing his sexual desire. Alice wish that she could be part of this lovemaking but Tyson has a hard grip on both her hands. Her breast was bouncing so hard that it keeps on hitting her chin. Feeling of pain from all over her body was forgotten by just the merest sight of Tyson magical penis that was buried inside her vagina.

She could feel the build up of her orgasm. The intensity of Tyson thrusting did not waver. Instead he seems to fast forward his speed a notch. Alice squirm. Her eyesight now begins to be blinded with star as she felt the release of her orgasm warming her stomach.

Above her, suddenly she heard Tyson roar out as he arch his back.

“Arghh!!” And Alice too forward next. Tyson felt his seeds out pour inside her vagina and if he pulls his penis out of her vagina, he knows there will tonne of seeds dripping out. But he has no intention of pulling his still harden shaft that soon. As he wanted to ride off his initial orgasm, he decided to release Alice arms that he has hold tight underneath her thighs. His focus now turns to her breast.

Automatically, Alice hip move against Tyson pelvis. He maintain the same speed after he reach his orgasm, Alice expertly match his thrust. She could feel the still harden penis moving deeper in her vagina. Tyson begin to massage her breast with his free hand while the other begin to rub the nub as to show the exact reaction that he is expecting – a harden nub. He then brought his mouth to her nipple. He flick the nub with his tongue, and swirling. Then he begin to suck the nipples just like a baby. By then, Tyson has cease his thrust and allows Alice to continue moving against his pelvis.

After he has his fill with both of her nipples, Tyson tongue travel downward of her breast. He want to find Alice sensitive spot so that he could go back sucking that spot in future foreplay.

Above him, Alice groaning and purring seems like a song in his ear. Then Alice begins to shudder. Her hands grabbed his head pushing against her breast. Tyson found her sensitive spot way right below her rigth breast. If in future that he wants to lazily pleasure her, he is left with no choice to bare her breast just to suck that one spot.

He lift himself up on both his arms and watch Alice overwhelm by her orgasm. He lifted her body, with she still riding out her orgasm and Tyson penis still buried inside her. Her legs hook on his waist. Slowly he climb down the kitchen counter and head towards his favorite spot in the room – his lazy 1-arm rest sofa that face infront the large mirror overlooking the Hans river.

Alice has cease her thrusting but when she tries to climb down from his waist, Tyson stop her.

“We are not done yet!” He tighten his hold on her small waist.

He carefully laid back against the armrest and separate Alice legs from his waist. Alice is leaning down to his body but Tyson push her to sit up straight. She moaned as his penis divulge deeper up in her vagina.

“Let’s ride, baby.” Tyson begins with thrusting upwards against Alice to encourage her to ride on his harden penis. Alice take that as a cue and did as she has been order to. She grind at first and begin her cow-girl ride. She needs to rise a bit further up due to Tyson lenghten penis but the feeling is so worth it. As she started to ride and getting faster by the intensity, her large breast too keeps bouncing up and down. The faster she gets, the higher her breast goes up and down. For Tyson, it is a beautiful sight to watch and he is truly amazed by it. It is very tempting for him to roughly grabbed her breast and suck off those delicious looking nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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