I, Spy Ch. 03

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Rachel Sullivan stared aimlessly at the spreadsheet on her computer. She hadn’t even made it halfway through today’s call list. If that one donor hadn’t given her nearly a third of today’s donation goals, she would have felt even more miserable. Not even the fact that it was Friday could cheer her up since she wouldn’t be able to rush home and do the thing she’d been doing on Friday nights for the past few months. That thing being her son.

Don’t misunderstand her. She loved having both of her kids back under the same roof because it felt like she had her entire family back but she sorely missed having her son’s fat cock inside her pussy every night. Since her ex-husband had left them, she had to make do with short term flings and sex toys. They did the job for the most part but ever since her baby boy had filled her cunt with his cock she knew she’d have a hard time going back to anything else.

That fantastic cock was the only thing she thought of now when she wanted to be aroused. She tried not to think about it at work because the memory of being stretched and the fullness in her cunt would get her panties soaked within minutes. It had been a little over three weeks since the last time they’d had sex and she couldn’t stop her mind from wandering. Before she knew it, she was rubbing her thighs together as she dreamed about being shoved down onto the kitchen island the second she stepped out of the garage.

Thank god she had a private office and learned to keep a few spare sets of panties in her work bag after the first couple of times she had to finish the workday without anything on under her skirt.

Besides having the entire family under one roof again, the other nice thing about Jessica being back home this summer was the fact that she and James had finally begun to get along. She didn’t know what had changed between the two. Maybe it was just the fact Jessica had been out of the house for her first year of college or they were both growing up and finding a little bit more maturity. Whatever the reason, she was happy for it.

Though she wasn’t going to get fucked the moment she got home, seeing both of her kids in the kitchen making dinner together like they’d been doing every day for the past week filled Rachel’s heart with joy. Before they could see her, James whispered something in Jess’s ear. Whatever it was must have been funny because she giggled and touched his arm. It was almost like something she would have done before Jess came back home but that was ridiculous. Her near constant state of arousal was making her imagine things.

“Hey kids, I’m home! Whatever you’re cooking smells great!”

“Hey mom!” they said at the same time. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

“Ok. I’m gonna get changed.”

After Rachel put away her work clothes, she looked at herself in the mirror and sighed at her unsexy look. Instead of walking around the house in lingerie or buck naked and getting fucked by her also naked son whenever either of them wanted, she had to put on an old t-shirt and loose pajama pants. If she told James about this, he would have reassured her that he still found her sexy in these clothes but they hadn’t had much alone time either.

The Thai curry the kids had cooked up was delicious and filled the kitchen and dining room with the smell of coriander and coconut milk. They apparently had learned the recipe by watching YouTube all day, only leaving the house to buy some ingredients. Before long the two kids were bickering about who had done more to cook dinner and Rachel basked in the glow of her family all together.

She called it an early night as the kids settled onto the sofa to watch a movie. She wanted them to have their attention on something other than any sound that might have been coming from her bedroom. Though even her biggest dildo couldn’t compare to her son’s cock, it was better than nothing. After a few weak and unsatisfying orgasms, she fell into a fitful sleep and dreamt of a thick cock and a familiar face she had known since the day he’d been born.

The dinners had been James’s idea because the whole house reeked of sex since their first day together. Their mom would have known what was going on the instant she stepped inside. Besides, learning to cook a new recipe gave them an excuse to stay inside all day and fuck like rabbits. Since they were both on summer vacation, they didn’t have to get up early but they did anyway. A minute or so after mom went downstairs, Jess would be in James’s room taking all of his soft, spongy cock inside of her mouth while he slept.

It didn’t take long for his cock to start to swell as her tongue slowly swirled around it over and over again. The feeling of it filling her mouth and pressing against the entrance of her throat was like the gentlest face fuck in the world and she couldn’t get enough of it. This entire week, she had made it a game to see how long she could keep her brother asleep while she sucked on his hardening cock. She always Escort bayan lost the moment she pushed herself down and his cock through the tight entrance of her throat.

Today was no different as her brother groaned and his hands slipped through her hair. Those big hands that helped him win so many swim meets felt huge enough to cover her entire head. It was her turn to moan when he twisted her silken strands between his fingers and tugged at their roots. The sharp pain in her scalp was somehow tied directly to the nerves of her pussy because it throbbed every time her brother tugged on her hair to lift her up just so he could shove her face back down on his cock.

Both brother and sister knew they really should have waited until their mom had left for work instead of just being a floor beneath them but they were like a newlywed couple. They just couldn’t get enough of each other. Her spit covered lips and chin and his drool covered cock and balls were proof enough of that. As much as they both wanted to have the cock in her mouth blow its load straight down her throat, they both wanted it inside of her cunt even more.

James wasn’t paying complete attention to his sister as she worshipped his cock. She was always just too focused on it when it was in her mouth to pay attention to anything else. That meant he needed to listen for their mom in case she came back upstairs which had happened twice this week. Today, though, all he heard was the garage door opening.

He pulled his sister off his cock by her hair and watched as the few strings of spit connecting his cock to her lips snapped one by one. Though she winced a little, he knew she loved the pain which was why he kept pulling on her hair until she was lying beside him. His lips found her messy ones as they kissed for the first time this morning but not the first time today. Their first kiss today had been a goodnight kiss that happened a little after midnight before they went to bed last night. His sister loved going to bed with the taste of his cum in her mouth and snuck into his room for a goodnight blowjob after mom had fallen asleep. Unlike last night’s kiss, he could only barely taste the saltiness of his precum behind all of his sister’s spit. He didn’t care either way as the taste wasn’t bad and it showed how much he loved her.

“Up,” he said.

Jess shot up from his bed, taking his word like the order he intended it to be. She made her way to the proper position for this daily activity and let out a yelp as his hand smacked her ass as she walked by him. Reaching the window in his room, she bent over and planted her hands on the window with her feet just touching, presenting herself to him just like he wanted. Her brother really enjoyed pushing through the tightness this position created. Any position where he fucked her worked just fine for her as she let out a loud moan as she felt him enter her.

They both looked out through the crack in curtains and out the window, looking for mom’s car. While they looked, James slowly pushed his way into his sister’s tight cunt then began fucking her with the same slow speed. Neither of them came close to touching her cunt this morning but she was already soaked just from sucking his cock.

The only sound in the room were the soft moans coming from Jess’s mouth as her brother slowly stretched her cunt over and over again. For the millionth time this week, she couldn’t believe how good her brother’s cock was inside of her. She felt like Goldilocks as her brother bottomed out in her. His cock stretched her out just right, filled her up just right, and touched everything inside of her in ways she never knew she wanted. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan from the pleasure building inside of her.

James kept slowly fucking his sister until he saw his mom’s car driving up the street. He couldn’t go any faster in case mom came back inside for whatever reason and his sister had a hard time keeping quiet. Now that he was sure mom wouldn’t be back, he gradually picked up the pace. Needing more leverage, he slid his hands from his sister’s ass to her hips to better push and pull her on his cock. His sister helped out by pushing against the window sill as hard as she could on every stroke in of his cock. As much as he wanted to hammer her, she wanted her brother’s cock to plunge into her as hard and fast as it could even more.

“Mom’s gone,” he said with a spank of her ass. “You can be as loud as your slutty ass wants.”

“Yes…,” she moaned. “Fuck your big sister with that fat cock.”

That’s exactly what James did. Soon the smacking of his hips on her tight, athletic ass echoed in his room. Along with every smack came with a grunt or groan or moan from his sister’s gaping mouth. The ecstasy of being split open over and over made it impossible for her to close her mouth and a stream of drool fell from her mouth, down her chin, and pooled on the nightstand.

As good as this was, James Bayan escort wanted more. His hand came down on his sister’s ass again and he growled at her. “Tell your little brother what you want. Beg for it, you fucking slut.”

“Oh god…” she moaned as her cunt clenched hard on the thick rod invading it. Her lust addled mind couldn’t even think about anything other than obeying her brother’s order, especially when it came with a hard spank. “Please baby bro. Fuck your big sister. Harder. Faster. Please. Please. Please!”

“My sister’s cunt is so tight.”

“Only because my brother’s cock is so big!”

“You ever fuck a cock this big?” She shook her head, her hair cascading around. “You ever want another cock?”

“No! No! I only want my brother’s cock.”

“Who owns your mouth?”

“You do!”

“And who am I?”

“My brother! My brother owns my mouth!”

“And your cunt?”

“My brother owns my cunt!”

“What about this tight ass?” He punctuated the question with another slap.

“My brother! All of my holes belong to him!”

James grinned. They’d had variations of this conversation once or twice a day while they fucked like animals and he couldn’t get enough of hearing the filth coming from his sister’s mouth. He wouldn’t want her screaming that her holes belonged to him every time they had sex but it was a great way to start the day. Likewise, Jess loved screaming that her holes belonged to her brother. It was so freeing to acknowledge how much of a slut she was for someone she loved and someone who loved her. She’d do anything he wanted and the thought made her cunt throb hard and fast.

Warm spit hit her asshole and though it’d been happening every time they fucked for a few days now she still jumped from the surprise. At least it gave her a warning for when her brother began running a thick thumb around her wrinkled hole. It felt weird and a little gross the first time he had touched her there but now she almost immediately began rolling her ass back at him, trying to get him to apply more pressure with his thumb.

She didn’t need to wait long before her brother started to press against the tight muscle ring of her puckered hole. He’d made her practice breathing and relaxing the day after their first fuck in order to prepare to take his cock in her ass but it was hard to do either properly with his cock sawing in and out of her cunt. She tried her best though. Eventually her asshole relaxed enough for her brother to push his thumb inside.

Even if James wasn’t staring down at his sister’s asshole, he would have known his thumb penetrated her virgin ass her long and loud moan. Not to mention her already clenching cunt gripped his shaft even harder. It was almost as strong as the grip her ass had on his thumb as he pushed it as deep as he could. He couldn’t wait to have her sister’s last hole.

“Oh god!” Jess couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have something inside of her ass, and it was only her brother’s thumb. She couldn’t begin to imagine what it’d be like for his cock to be in there. The thought of her brother taking her last virginity shoved her off the cliff and her holes began to spasm around their invaders. “I—I’m cumming!”

James might have been able to hold off if he tried but they had the rest of the day to fuck. So when his balls throbbed, he didn’t bear down and instead pounded into his sister’s cunt a few more times before reaching forward to grab a fistful of her hair. As his cock began twitching, he yanked her upright and shuffled them both towards the wall until he pressed her against the unyielding surface. Grinding up into her, he could feel his cock spasm over and over again with the thumb up her ass as he shot rope after rope of thick cum into his sister’s milking walls.

“Fill me up baby bro,” she panted. Every time she felt his cock twitch a burst of warmth deep inside of her soon followed and that warmth fueled her own never-ending orgasm. “Fill me with your cum…fill me…”

All he could do was mindlessly grunt and grind into his sister every time his cock twitched until his cum overflowed her cunt.

After a shared, long, hot shower and a shared breakfast where they spent more time staring at each other than eating, they got down to the business of going over the plan for the tonight’s activities. The pair had felt bad about hiding their activities from their mom, especially James because he knew how much she loved their time together and how bad it felt to have it ripped away. He wanted to tell mom about everything.

Jess thought it would be better if mom caught them in the act because they knew how she would react in that case. There was no telling how she’d react if her children told her they were having sex with each other. It made a kind of perverted sense to James so he agreed but that still meant figuring out how to get spied upon by their mom.

In the end, they decided the simplest plan Escort would work the best. Jess would be in and out of her room when mom got back from work, letting James flirt with mom and get her worked up. Throughout the night, he would suggest that he’d sneak into her room after Jess fell asleep. After a few weeks of nothing but her hands and dildos, he figured she’d be pretty easy to convince. Of course, he wouldn’t show up to her room and they hoped she would go exploring the house out of frustration and curiosity. If she didn’t, they had something that would definitely get her out of her room.

For dinner, the siblings made a dish that didn’t smell as much as the rest of the meals they had cooked. They even made sure to only fuck in the kitchen or dining room for the rest of the day. They wanted their mom’s mind on sex, and her son’s cum.

The first step Rachel took into her home she took a big sniff of the delicious smelling meal her kids had whipped up for dinner. She didn’t smell anything else until after she got changed and came back downstairs. Jess ran upstairs for something and James stirred the pot. She couldn’t place the odor underneath the smell of the simmering boeuf bourguignon and as she was thinking about it because her son walked past and grazed her ass with his hand.

“Hey! Stop that! Your sister could come down here at any second.”

Her son ignored her and dropped a hand to her ass. He kept it here and squeezed like he had done hundreds of times before but she hadn’t been touched like this in almost a month. Her pussy throbbed even as her mind screamed that she should stop this. Her daughter could come running downstairs at any second and catch them doing something they shouldn’t be doing. But it had been almost a month and she couldn’t stop a soft moan from escaping her mouth as his hand slid between her legs.

She couldn’t believe that just the touch of her son could turn her on so much and she couldn’t believe he could want her while she was wearing such unsexy clothing. He usually wanted her in her work clothes or skimpy lingerie, or naked.

“I missed feeling this,” he said with another strong squeeze of her ass.

Before she could say anything else, he pulled his hand away and she made a disappointed sound. His timing was perfect because Jess came running down the stairs. The funny thing was, this kept happening throughout the night. Every ten or fifteen minutes, Jess would rush upstairs or to the basement and stay there for a few minutes and every time she disappeared James would step close to Rachel. His hands would find her ass or tits or pussy—always on the outside of her clothing though—while his lips would seek out her ears or neck.

It didn’t take more than a few of these quick sessions for her pussy to flood itself. It might have been her imagination but she swore she could feel a stream of her juices trickling down her leg. For once, she was glad to be wearing her loose pajama pants.

Just before they were about to eat, Jess disappeared for the longest time. The siblings had planned this, of course, and James slid his chair next to his mom’s. Rachel had no idea about anything except that her son took this moment to reach under the waist of her pants and underwear and finally touched her hard, throbbing clit. Her hand shot to his wrist as she tried to pull him away but he was strong, so much stronger than her, like a real man should be. Having lost that battle, she brought her other hand up to her mouth and muffled the loud moan brought about from her son’s touch.

“You’re soaking wet, mom,” her son whispered in her ear as his fingers never stopped moving. “I can’t wait to fuck you again.”

She could only moan in response as she held onto his wrist.

After a minute, the death grip Rachel had on her son’s wrist hadn’t loosened one bit except she began to try and move his hand up and down. Having something other than her own hand or cold rubber touching her again felt amazing, and knowing that it was her lover, her son, made it even better. She wanted—No!—needed more. Still her son didn’t let her move him and it made her want him even more.

It didn’t take long for the pressure to build inside of her though and she was close, so close to cumming at the dinner table. All three places were set and the food her kids had made was steaming away as her legs started to tremble. Her chest and face began to burn as her hand gripped his wrist even harder. It would only take a few more seconds and…and…

James pulled his hand out of her pants and she almost cried out in despair. A desperate look of need covered her face as she looked at her son but all he did was lick his fingers clean one by one. He had a wicked smile on his face as he slid his chair back to his place. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to slap him or mount him right there. Probably both. Before she could do either, Rachel heard Jess coming down the stairs and realized how she looked. She buried her face in her napkin to hide her flushed face and faked a coughing fit.

“What’s wrong with mom?”

“Nothing. Just choking on some wine,” he said then grinned at his sister. “She’ll be fine once she swallows something else.”

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