I Sucked the Phone Man

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Several months ago I moved into a new place and I had to get the phones turned on. I was between jobs and off and at home all the time so I told the phone company to send someone out when they could. Just to let you know, I am not a cruiser. I know very little about the gay life style. I can count my gay relationships on one hand with the other hand tied behind my back. So, when the things happen to me like events I am about to describe, it freaks me out. Kind like, where did that come from?

The phone man arrived at my house about 1 PM. I was working out on the stationary bike and had just finished a set. I had on jogging pants, white socks and my Hanes. I glanced out the door toward the phone truck and saw a HUGE man headed my way. He was about 50 years old. Probably 6′ 5” and 300 pounds. And he had on overalls and a blue phone company short sleeved shirt.

He came in. I told him where I wanted the phone jacks. We discussed wiring maintenance contracts and he went to work. He was a likable country typed man. I followed him all over the house talking to him about work. About this. About that. We talked about his family. My family. We talked about hunting, fishing. What we never talked about was sex. It was never on my mind. I never glanced at his crotch. Never touched him nor him me. Only one thing was said by him that later lead me to believe it was not the case with him. He told me I looked good. He said I had a great body and build. Then he joked that the stationary bike had paid off and laughed it off. I laughed to but I just never suspected anything sexual was going to happen.

He finished installing the phones and I checked them out. He called me playfully from his service phone to make sure I could get calls. I bid him good day and he left. I called a friend and left her a voice mail what my new number was and told her to call me when she got in from work. Then I just went fucking around the house…like moving the exercise bike into the spare room.

I heard a knock on the door and when I went there it was the phone man. He said he had misplaced his service tester and he asked if he could look around the house to see if it was there. I told him no problem. I invited him in and even helped him look for it. It was no where to be found. We met back in the kitchen and we both shook our heads about not knowing where it was. When my eyes were moving across the room I noticed the phone man had one hand in his pocket AND he had a much bigger crotch. It was so large that it really made me look twice. It kinda Gaziantep Grup Escort shocked me and made me feel uncomfortable. A lot of things went through my head and I wondered if this guy was coming on to me and just made this up to get back in? It was a little too much for me to handle and I said “Sorry we can’t find your thing. Maybe you left it somewhere else?’ I started toward the front door to give him a hint it was time to leave. I opened the door and he went out and said “Sorry, it must be somewhere else.” I couldn’t help but to glance at his crotch again. It was still big. I swear, I hadn’t noticed before. Maybe it was just me.

I called out to him “If you still can’t find it you can come back and check more.”

I went back into the house and shut the door. I had to shake my head and think to myself “am I gullible or what? I just got cruised by my type and I didn’t even pickup on it.” I must be getting old. I am 39 by the way. So I went off about my business… setting up the new place. I decided to get out of my jogging pants and get into some comfortable shorts. When I was changing I noticed my dick was full and semi-erect. I’m not hung by any means but I have no problem stretching a pair of Hanes when I get in the mood. I took a quick piss to flush out the kidneys and pre-fluid that was from the earlier semi hardon I had. Then I slipped into some Joe Boxer shorts. Real shorts, just shorter and cut snug. I looked at myself in the mirror and I DID look good. I was proud of that. About that time the phone rang (raAAAANNNNG) and it scared the shit out of me. It made me jump cause I had been there a couple day without a phone.

It was the phone man.

He said he wanted to come back over and look for the service tester again. He still hadn’t found it. I said sure no problem. Come on over. The guy had been nice as could be to me and surely meant me no harm. I asked him how far away he was and he said it would be 15 minutes before he got back. I told him to come on and be sure to stop and pick up some wine. I made him laugh. I laughed to. I went around the house lighting candles cause I had a funny feeling I needed some atmosphere. I stayed dressed as I was..Joe Boxer shorts. Real ones.

He came into the drive way. I was watching for him. He came up on the porch and he came right in and I put my hand on my hip and joked “Where’s the Champaign?” He said Darn, I knew I forgot something. We laughed. I told him to make himself home and feel free to look where he had been earlier putting the phone in. He walked off toward the kitchen and I started towards my bedroom. I told him I had to pee so look where he wanted to. I went into the bathroom, left the door open and I slipped my shorts down to my ankles standing there with my back to the door. I started pissing. I heard him come into the bedroom and he said “I hadn’t looked too good in here,” then he stopped at the door. I could tell he was checking me out. He asked if I minded if he took a piss too? I told him NO, come on. He came in and walked to the other side of the toilet and went right to his zipper.

He pulled out a very nice cock and shook it to get all the hair and skin moved out of the way and he skinned it back and showed a very big Dick head to me. We both just stood there pissing. He told me again he thought I looked nice. I asked him if he had planned this and he said no but he thought it would be a great idea if we could just enjoy each other bodies. He said he hardly ever did this kinda thing before but he was just very attracted to me. I told him I thought the attraction was mutual but I wanted him to be very discrete about this. He promised.

I stepped out of my shorts and went and stood by my bed right outside the bathroom. I watched him as he struggled at first to get out of his boots and then slip his overalls off. He walked over to me and stood close. I was looking down at our dicks and his dick head started touching mine. He moved his hand down and pulled his dick taunt and moved my dick more with it. I started getting harder and I put my hand down to my dick and I started pressing my dick back at his. He stepped a little closer and I placed my hand around both our shafts and started jacking us off. Kind of slowly. I put his dick on top so I could watch it. I bent forward and let some spit drip from my mouth onto our dicks. I rubbed the spit over both our dicks.

I glanced up at him and I blushed. He said “This feels so wonderful. You have a great dick.’ I wasn’t into kissing or anything like that but I did lean forward and I started sucking his nipple and nibbling on it. Then I went to the other one and did the same thing to it. He said “You are doing great” then he put his hand on my shoulder and sort of pushed gently to let me know to sit on the bed. I sat on the edge and he stepped in front of me and used his hand to guide his dick toward my mouth. He put his other hand behind my neck and gently pulled me forward. I opened my mouth and let as much of his dick go into my mouth as I could then I started sucking back and forth on it.

I put my hands on the front of his thighs and gently started touching there. I moved my left hand up to his dick shaft and pulled his skin back to make it slicker and hard when I sucked him. And I sucked him some more…lol. I started playing with him by letting my mouth POP off his dick head and make popping noises. Then he pulled my head back over to his dick and he started jacking off in my mouth. I knew he was fixing to cum in my mouth but I made no effort to pull back. He did have me snugly pulled up to him. My mouth was especially juicy so I started sticking my tongue out of my mouth and let it lick his shaft and it allowed more of his dick into my mouth.

The phone man came in my mouth after probably 5 minutes of sucking. He came a bunch. It didn’t leak out the corners of my mouth or nothing but I did have busy task of swallowing all his come for him. Which I did. Right there at the end…when his orgasm was about over, he asked me to stop sucking up and down and just stay there and not move. I did. I just keep swallowing cause I could feel it coming out. Then when he stopped coming he started jacking off some more in my mouth. Some more cum came out and I swallowed it to. He was cleaning his dick up. I enjoyed it. Being able to suck and lick a big dick like that. I just sat there with his hand still behind my neck with that gentle feeling.

He started pulling out but I clamped down on his dick playfully and started sucking some more. He tugged back and I made a loud Popping sucking noise when my mouth slipped off his dick head. His dick came back at me and I made a quick move toward his head and started sucking it like more..more..more.

Even when he went soft he had a big dick. He told me he had to go. I said ok. I followed him into the bath room and I actually got on my knees and sucked him while he was putting his overalls on. He laughed. I made him leave his dick out and I sucked him while he was putting his boots on. I was on my hands and knees buck naked on the floor of my bathroom sucking a man. He put his suspenders over his shoulders and I playfully pulled his dick back out of his pants and I started sucking him more. He laughed at me and moved toward the door. He turned and was backing toward the front door. I was on my hands and knees following him. When he got to the front door I started sucking him again. I pulled my self up closer to him and hunched his legs and sucked hard on his dick. He started getting a hard on again…and I said OK. you can leave. And I stood up.

He laughed and put his dick in his pants and walked out and off the porch. Needless to say I get a lot of calls from the phone man. He comes over a lot now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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