I was a Teenage Sex God Ch. 05

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Chapter Five: 10 Inches For 10 Women



Lance took in Ashlee’s dorm room while he banged her box. She favored frou-frou pink-and-white decor and used lavender oil in her diffuser. An unopened bottle of Absolut Vodka stood on her nightstand next to a well-used ice bong. Lacy curtains had been drawn over the window, a bra and a pair of panties dangling from the rod.

These pedestrian details would have been unremarkable to Ashlee’s peers but Lance had never been inside a college babe’s dorm room or inside a college babe for that matter.

They met on Tinder. Lance set up an account the day before. Below a shirtless cover pic, he wrote a two-description for his profile: “10 inches.” Over the next three minutes, he swiped right five times and got five matches. Messages for photo verification soon followed. Lance sent hard proof. Very hard. And that’s when they really blew up his phone. The device vibrated almost continuously until he put it on silent mode.

With five chicks on standby, he had to choose someone quick. He decided to go with Ashley first and just hook up with them alphabetically. Zeena would have to wait a couple days before Lance could fit her in.

The juggernaut of muscle slammed into the leggy blonde with smooth but powerful strokes, expertly hitting her deep spot on every thrust. His V-card only got punched five days ago but the aspiring playboy had really tightened up his bedroom game. At times, Samson still guided his sex moves but the horny teen often acted on his own. Lance was logging a lot of hours in the sack and displayed a sincere selflessness in the satisfaction of his partners. Morgan called him a womanizer but the sensuous cheerleader could not deny that he delivered unforgettable performances and shifted the boundaries of what she perceived as possible.

As a byproduct of his debauchery, Lance acquired a radiating, magnetic confidence. Between his sheer number of hookups and a growing awareness of the pleasure he could offer, the teen shed any and all insecurities he felt in the presence of the opposite sex. He remained cool and calm to the point of almost seeming indifferent to the teeming mob of hot chicks that surrounded him. Enjoying poontang on demand made him appear attractively content, if not sexily aloof.


The water bubbled furiously as Lance took a big hit off the bong. He had stuffed a dimebag’s worth of weed into the chamber and caused the entire bud to glow orange. Along with bigger muscles and a bigger cock, Lance also acquired larger lungs. He could take much deeper breaths and hold in the smoke for a full minute before exhaling.

Holding his breath, he crawled on top of Ashlee and exhaled the cooled smoke into her open mouth. The exchange quickly heated up into a deep kiss. Finally, Lance pulled away and let her exhale.

“Holy shit!” she half-coughed.

“You never shotgunned with a dude before?” Lance winked.

Ashlee shook her head. Lance got up for a second to charge his phone. The notification on the locked screen announced he had 37 new messages. He almost unlocked it to read the texts but realized that would be majorly uncool in the middle of a hookup.

“Is your girlfriend texting you again?” joked Ashlee.

“Which one?” Lance joked back before getting back into bed.

“Funny. So where did you say you study?”

Lance grew unusually quiet. Up to now, his lovers all knew he was 18. But his Tinder profile claimed he was 21. He had to be careful what he said next.

“I’m not in school.”

“So what do you do for a living?” she persisted.

“What do you think I do?” Lance smiled, putting the ball back in Ashlee’s court.

“Well, I can rule a few things out. Since there aren’t any fashion houses in Peoria, I guess you can’t be a model. But your rico suave look is so cultivated that it must be part of your hustle. So let me think…. Male stripper?”

“Is that what you would like me to be?” he smiled, neither confirming nor denying her answer.

“Hmmmm,” she thought aloud. “That means you probably aren’t good boyfriend material. But when it comes to the hookup department…”

Ashlee didn’t finish her sentence but they both knew what she meant.


Ashlee went to classes early. Her roommate was out of town so Lance spent the night in the dorm. He woke up late morning and got dressed. The high schooler also had to go to class but not before a long, hot shower. He gave off the pungent odor of pussy, weed, and cheap cologne.

Ashlee told him he could use the bathroom on her floor after 9:30am. The dormitory was pretty vacant at that hour so his presence wouldn’t alarm anyone. He snagged a towel that she left for him and headed for the shower at 10:02.

Lance snuck into the bathroom, squeezed into the shower stall, and turned bursa escort on the tap. After figuring out the temperature controls, he grabbed the bar of soap and lathered himself up. As to why he did not draw the curtain, we only can surmise. Lance did not use communal bathrooms so privacy had never been a concern. Or, more likely, he was hoping someone would in fact see him.

In retrospect, Lance did not know exactly when she entered the bathroom. He had his back to the door. But that feeling of being watched crept over him pretty quickly. By the time he turned around, however, the stranger had left.

In the hallway, Sasha tiptoed back to her room. Her single was adjacent to Ashlee’s room and they shared a wall. As a result, the college sophomore heard more than Ashlee realized, including the play-by-play action from last night.


Sasha already had put on her pajamas. She lay in bed and finished up her reading assignment for art history class. It was a Monday night so she planned to stay in and go to sleep early. Unfortunately, her party animal neighbor Ashlee did not distinguish between weekdays and weekends. In particular, a lot of her Tinder hookups visited in the evening hours.

Tonight’s guest arrived around 11pm. In the past, Sasha did her best to ignore Ashlee’s shenanigans. Her dates were nothing to write home about. But the sounds from next door immediately tipped her off that this one seemed different.

“I’ve always wanted to try a big one,” Ashlee’s sultry voice traveled near perfectly through the wall.

“Well, I guess this is your lucky day,” answered the male in a suave, smooth baritone.

“Not if I can’t walk in the morning,” she told him in a sexy giggle.

Sasha pressed her ear to the wall, listening intently to the unmistakable sounds of kissing. The bedsprings creaked as they climbed into bed. Ashlee’s bunk had been pushed right against the other side of the wall so Sasha could hear everything, even the smacking of their lips and heavy breathing.

She found herself captivated, desperate to hear what happened next.

After several minutes of what sounded like a pretty hot make out session on the bed Ashlee’s voice rang out: “Enough of this! I’ve gotta see it.”

Sasha listened to the unmistakable sound of zipper being undone, followed by an audible gasp. Then slurping sounds ensued. “Fuck, yeah,” he moaned in a ultra-deep baritone. “Suck my big dick, babe.”

The fellatio went on for a couple minutes until…

“How about I check out what you got,” he said.

Bedsprings creaked. Ashlee’s breathing deepened, punctuated by an occasional groan. The stranger said nothing. He must have put his face between her legs.

“Oh, God,” hissed Ashlee. “Don’t stop!” The stranger obviously compiled because her breathing grew louder and more intense.

“FUCK YES!!!” she screamed, giving up any pretense of discretion. Ashlee generally stifled her outbursts during sex, an easy feat since most of them had been staged anyway. However, the noise of her thrashing about the mattress spoke volumes. A powerful orgasm had shook that woman to the core.

But what shocked Sasha even more was how her own body responded. Her legs shuddered so uncontrollably that her knees knocked together. The voyeur had been so focused on the sounds next door that she ignored her own arousal. To be frank, the college freshman had never been so turned on in her entire life.

Sasha reached down for her pussy. She could feel its steamy heat through the gossamer fabric of her panties. Without hesitation, she pulled aside the damp crotch panel and began to furiously rub her clit.

The next few hours unfolded in a haze. Her neighbor screamed almost constantly, yelling profanities, begging Lance to keep banging her box. The racket never let up. Her cries of fulfillment sounded as regularly and as rhythmically as the creaking bedsprings. Ashley had to be experiencing recurrent multiple orgasms. At times, she spent more time climaxing than not. Sasha did not even realize such things were possible.

“FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” boomed a voice that probably woke up the entire dorm. After nearly two hours, the male reached his crescendo. Impassioned growls and curses shook the wall from their deafening volume. Sasha never heard a man become so vocal during sex. His outburst sent a chill up her spine. It seemed so…masculine.

The room went silent for two minutes. Then a voice…

“Oh, my God!” tittered Ashlee. “You’re still hard.”

“I am indeed,” confirmed the man, followed by a soft chuckle that could only be described as ‘boastful.’


Sasha’s head swam with possibilities as the college freshman gamed out what would happen next. Her body and her curiosity aroused, she had just snuck into the bathroom to get an eyeful of the mystery man.

The male had his back to the door when she cracked it open. To her delight, he forgot to draw the bursa escort shower curtain. Even without a full frontal examination, certain things immediately caught her attention. For one thing, he was very tall, almost the same height as the showerhead that sprayed down his incredible body. In that regard, his back was cut and ridged, exploding from his waist like a pair of wings. His glutes were equally ripped and when he shifted his leg… The stranger’s most notorious attribute came into view.

Even with his back turned, the mystery stud was so well-hung that she could see his limp schlong dangling low and heavy between his thighs. This monster was the reason that Ashlee cried tears of bliss last night. Sasha only got a glimpse before he began to turn around and she had to go. But the young woman made her decision. She would have to have him.

Sasha didn’t have much time. She would have to intercept the guy before he returned to Ashlee’s room. That might be her only chance. About ten minutes later, she heard him leave the bathroom. The seductive brunette stood in the open doorway of her single and awaited his approach. His footsteps drew louder and nearer.

“Hey,” she greeted him.

The stranger stopped in his tracks and turned. Sasha already felt a bit light-headed and the sight of him caused her heart to race. He was dressed just within the bounds of decency, wearing nothing besides a pair of black boxer briefs. The garment struggled to contain the obscene bulge of what was either a very large sex organ or a hothouse cucumber.

After a few seconds of silence, Sasha realized to her horror that she was staring straight at his crotch. The woman diverted her gaze but the rest of him proved just as appetizing… those broad shoulders… those mammoth pecs… and the most perfect set of eight-pack abs that a male could hope to acquire. Finally, she looked up at his smoldering visage.

The stranger had the strong jawline and high cheekbones of a high-end fashion model. But it was the expression playing on his lips that made the greatest impression. His grin appeared knowing and naughty, a tacit acknowledgement of her attraction to him. He seemed amused, if not pleased, by her availability.

“How’s it going?” he finally asked.

“Fine,” smiled Sasha, relieved that she had not lost the power of speech. “Slow morning. No classes until the afternoon.”

“Uh-huh,” he nodded. “So like what’s your name?”


“Cool. I’m Lance.”

“I know,” she winked. “I heard your name last night. Many times.”

“Oh, right,” he chuckled, smile broadening. “Sorry about that. Sometimes the ladies get a little carried away with me.”

“I can’t imagine why,” she replied sarcastically.

Lance rapidly assessed the situation. After making Ashlee shout and shriek all night, he must have got her neighbor hot and bothered. Now she wanted a turn. The horny teen could not have imagined a more kickass way to start out the day. He woke up with a hard case of morning wood and Ashlee already had left for class.

“I’m really sorry,” he continued disingenuously. “Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?”

“Come inside,” she ordered him. “Right fucking now.”

“OK, girlboss,” Lance chuckled and followed Sasha into her single. She closed the door behind them. His pulse already began to speed up. His abs creased with each excited breath. His mind rejoiced in this babe’s bodacious beauty.

Sasha had these deep green eyes that broadcast unrequited lust. They almost distracted him from her athletic build, tested and tempered by years on the tennis court. The college freshman attended the university on a sports scholarship and almost ranked high enough for the U.S. Open. Her vigorous training also gave her a toned, flat stomach and a tight butt. She had wrapped herself in a terry cloth robe but the sash came undone. Lance formed a very clear picture of the fleshly delights underneath the garment.

“So,” he smiled. “Would you like me to make it up to you then?”

“Show me what you got,” Sasha answered in a provocative tone.

In a single long stride, Lance closed in on her and smashed their lips together. If there was one thing he improved upon since losing his virginity last week, it was his mastery of kissing. His lip-sucking and tongue-thrusting skills left her weak in the knees. The woman’s thighs shuddered so uncontrollably that he wrapped his hands around her waist to steady her.

“Holy shit…” thought Sasha, closing her eyes and melting into the kiss as she tried to keep up with his pace. The Don Juan moved aggressively but artfully, humming into her mouth with a palpable hunger. The young woman never knew a kiss could be so sexual. It literally left her out of breath.

Somewhere along the way, Sasha’s robe fell off her shoulders. She leaned forward and Lance felt her naked breasts rub against his chest. Her nipples had grown erect and her heart pounded in her ribcage, a testament bursa eskort to the riptide of emotions surging through her psyche. She had thought about this kiss all last night but didn’t expect it would be this… Intense.

Finally, Lance broke their liplock. He leaned in to whisper into her ear…

“Listen, babe. There is something you need to know about me.”


“I’m uhhh…” There was no delicate way of delivering his confession.


“I’ve got a ten-inch cock. Normally, I would have told you before now but we kind of got ahead of ourselves just now.”

“Wow!” Sasha responded with true wonderment.

“So it’s OK if you aren’t into that…”

“That’s fine.” It was more than fine.

“And I wouldn’t want to do anything…”

“No, it’s cool. I swear!” she told him, concerned he might bail.

“Also, I don’t want to make you come so hard that you pass out.”

Lance began to giggle. He was just fucking with her.

“Can I see it!”

“Are you sure?” he teased her.

“Let me see it!” she told him more emphatically.

Lance took a step back. His silk boxers barely restrained his throbbing anaconda. Even though he bought the biggest size on Amazon, they simply didn’t fit in the crotch area.

“Check this out,” he murmured.

He took a deep breath and clenched his abs tight. All of a sudden, the giant bulge in his underwear began to vibrate slightly.

“FUCK!” he shouted through gritted teeth. Every muscle in his body tensed. His head looked like it would explode. And an instant later, his organ popped right out of his boxers. It tore right through his fly. The buttons that held back his unyielding erection lay scattered at his feet. It happened so fast that Sasha needed a moment to react.

“Oh, my God!” she laughed in an almost giddy tone. She had just won the lottery of dick.


Lance’s Harley zoomed down the highway. He was late to school. Again.

The straight-F student had Tina Nelson in his pocket but there were so many other subjects to handle: Social Studies, Language Arts, Chemistry… The problem with high school was that you spent most of your time in class and had to listen to the teacher to get a passing grade. Otherwise, they could keep you there forever. The 18-year old junior already had been held back a year.

Fortunately, Lance had an out. Morgan told him that the star players on the Peoria Panthers never had to worry about grades. Football was practically a religion at his high school and the principal never put any of them on academic probation.

Better yet, Coach Walker seemed to think the teen was hot shit on the gridiron. That’s why he invited Lance to spring practice that day. Unlike last time, he would have to participate with the rest of the team on an activity called “scrimmages.” Lance had no idea what those were but he did know Steve Knight and his underlings would be there. Suffice to say, they would not welcome the new addition to the Panthers with open arms.

Lance sped his cycle into the parking lot and skidded into a space. Spring practice was at 1pm. Apparently, the football players did not even need to attend afternoon classes on practice days. However, showing up late to practice would be a lot worse than blowing off class. He did not want to get kicked off the team before he even joined.


Lance only arrived 5 minutes late. The locker room was empty by the time he arrived. Everyone had already gone out to the field. He got into his stupid uniform and headed outside in record time. The coach proceeded to introduce him to the team as their “secret weapon.” Even beneath their helmets, he could see the hatred burning in the stares of his teammates. But, he also sensed their fear. They knew about the sink and the risks of antagonizing the teenage Hercules.

The coach talked a lot. The pothead quickly tuned out until Walker addressed him directly. He identified one of Lance’s teammates as a “center.” This center guy was supposed to “snap” the football to him, the “quarterback.” The rest of the coach’s instructions went in one ear and out the other. For such a stupid sport, football was actually kind of complicated.

Finally, the players got into formation. The coach blew his whistle and the center snapped the football to Lance. The teen froze, unsure what to do next. On the other side of the field, the receiver waited for the new quarterback to pass the ball. But Lance did not notice him. He only remembered the part about running with the football to the goalpost. That was how you scored a touchdown, right? Of course, Steve Knight and the rest of the defensive line-up stood in his way to the endzone. Lance assumed they wanted to tackle him and he was not wrong.

“Goddamn it, Leo!” yelled Walker. “Move your ass!”

Lance suddenly focused. The tense situation stirred up the primal forces that lay dormant in the stoner’s psyche. Samson had awakened and wanted to score a touchdown. A ferocious roar exploded from the depths of his chest.

“SAMSON OWNS YOU ALL!!!” declared the wild-eyed teen. The pronouncement made no sense to the defensive line-up but the deafening volume of his voice proved quite intimidating.

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