I WILL Have You Ch. 05

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It had been a couple days since their date. Surprisingly they were doing ok at work. They kept their relationship strictly professional. Although on the Wednesday following the Sunday of their date things got a little heated….

“Chloe!” Damien yelled from his office.

I don’t know why that man doesn’t use the intercom system. I’m not his keeper! Chloe thought to herself as she sighed and got up from her desk to make the ten feet to Damien’s office door.

“Yes sir.”

He looked her up and down for a good 3 minutes before he responded. She looks so fucking hot today. No, everyday! She wears the hell out of pencil skirts. Today she had on a black pencil skirt with a silk green blouse tucked into her skirt. She had left the top two buttons open with only enough sight to see the shadow of her cleavage. She also had on a pair of her infamous closed toe platform shoes, today in black with a rhinestone covered strap around her ankles.

Chloe waited another minute of him ogling her to again make her presence known, although he was well aware of it.


He still didn’t respond so she turned around to go back to her desk. She actually had work to do and standing in his door while he stared at her with lust in his eyes was not one of them. Before she made it two steps the next thing she knew, she was against the wall looking into the scowling face of Damien. He had her wrist grasped in his hands and his hips holding her hips hostage. She felt his erection as soon as he finished with the push to get her against the wall. She was wet instantly but tried her hardest to not let on to him.

“Didn’t I call you?”


“Then where the hell are you going?”

“Back to work Damien. I responded to you twice. You were obviously too busy staring at me to comprehend that.”

“I’m getting tired of your smartass mouth?”

“What the hell__

Before she finished her sentence his mouth was on her like lightening. They hadn’t had any sexual contact since that night in the limo. They’d come to work and she steal glances while he’d stare but at the end of the day they’d go home to their separate residences. He’d call her to make sure she made it home but that was it. He wanted to give her her space but he couldn’t take it anymore.

Moans filled Damien’s law office as they both succumbed to the passion they had been denying each other.

“Chloe,” Damien moaned as he kissed down behind her ear and started sucking on her neck. “I’ve got to have you baby. You’re killing me.”

“Ooo…yes Damien. Yes.” Chloe moaned as he sucked on her neck. She was so caught up in the pleasure he was giving her to even know what she’d agreed to.

He kept a hold of one of her hands and started pulling her toward his office. Didn’t want anyone coming in on them did they? They weren’t the only office on this floor. It was a little after 4 and most people had started filling out for the day but there were definitely people still in the building.

As he started pulling her, Chloe replayed what just happened in her head and realized what was about to go down. They were going so good she just didn’t want things to be messed up. She LOVED sex and definitely wanted Damien to pleasure her but she felt they needed a little more connection as not to ruin anything.

“Wait Damien, wait we can’t. DAMIEN!” Chloe tried to pull her hand from his and get through his lust crazed mind but he wasn’t having it.

“Nope, too late Chloe. Your ass is mine, right now!”

He pulled her along with him into his office and slammed the door. He had floor length windows along one wall were a round circular conference table was with five chairs. He had his desk on the other istanbul escort side of the room with two chairs in from of it and in the center of the room were two leather couches with a center table in the middle with a mini bar behind one couch.

He then proceeded to pull her over to the conference table, moved a chair out of his way, picked her up by her waist and set her on the table. He then started ripping her clothes off, starting with her blouse. He grabbed the lapels and tore it right down the middle, buttons flew everywhere.

“DAMIEN.” Chloe managed to gasp out. She was so turned on beyond her wildest dreams that she never thought of stopping him once he told her her ass was his.

He pulled the ripped shirt out of her skirt, ripped her skirt up the split and then pulled both off of her; he left her killer heels on and pushed her back onto the table. He spread her legs and dived in.

“Oh…Damien. Please don’t stop baby.” Chloe gasped out.

Damien was licked her pussy like it would be his last meal. He twirled his tongue around her clit in figure eights before sucking it into his mouth. He let it go with a light pop and swooped down to gather her juices that were leaking out of her like a waterfall.

Mmm she tastes so fucking good. I have to have her with me every night. I’ve gotta make her see that we’re meant for each other.

Chloe heard and felt Damien groan into her pussy and it turned her on even more. She was moaning so loud she knew someone else in the office would hear her. He was licking and sucking her pussy so good she was withering all over the table. He had a hold on her thighs holding her pussy to his face…she wasn’t going anywhere until he was fulfilled. Damien had just inserted a finger into her tight little pussy and was stroking her g-spot. He was through with the third stroke before she started coming and come she did. She squirted all over his face and into his mouth.

“OHMYGOD…OOHH…AHH…AHH,” Chloe screamed into the office. Her back kept arching off the table as her body spasm and shudders went all throughout her body. Damien never stopped eating and his groans into her pussy as she came and the noise of him slurping up her juices prolonged her orgasm even more.

She had to push Damien’s head away from pussy as her clit became ultrasensitive. She rose up and looked down as Damien stood up.

“Oh my….” There was a puddle of her cum that Damien hadn’t managed to eat up making a puddle in the carpet as it continued to drip from the table.

“I’ve never…done that…before.” Chloe tried to get out as she sat wide eyed looking down at the floor.

“We’re only just beginning. Our first night was too rushed. I don’t work like that. I’m going to take you here on this table.” He said as he walked back between her legs. He put a finger back into her pussy and then sucked on her neck. “And then…” as he continued fingering her and breathing into her ear, “…I’m going to take you home, to my home and we’re going to fuck all…night….long.” He said as he sucked on her earlobe between his words.

She couldn’t do anything but moan as he thrust and twisted his fingers into her. Right when she got to a peak again he pulled out. He didn’t miss her whimper and smiled as he unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off with his boxer briefs and socks in one swoop. He had already taken his tie off so he ripped his shirt open and took it off along with his undershirt. He stepped back between her legs, and pushed her back down unto the table. He look at her like a predator had just caught his prey and told her.

“Don’t get up again.”


“I said…” he said in his sternest voice. “…don’t escort bayan get up again.”

He grabbed her legs and raised them up so the balls of her feet were resting on the edge of the table. He grabbed his dick; slide it up and down her slit to get his head wet and then slowly trust inside. He stopped once he was a few inches in. He knew her pussy was tight and it’d take a min for her to stretch around him. After a few seconds he slides in some more.

“Oh,” she moaned.

“Yes baby. You like me sliding this big dick in your tight pussy?”

“Yes,” she gasped out as she rolled her hips so get him in faster.

After that he slid in to the hilt and held his dick inside her


“Mmm…” he groaned. “You’re gonna be screaming my name in a few seconds Chloe. It’s gonna sound so fucking good. Your pussy is so fucking tight. I feel you squeezing my dick baby, it feels unbelievable.

He started trusting into her because he knew if he kept sitting there feeling her pussy contracting on his dick it’d be another 3mins and he WAS NOT going out like that again….even if her pussy felt like magic. He started picking up his pace as he held on to her hips. Her feet kept slipping of the table so he picked her feet up and set her ankles on his shoulders and continued plowing away.

“Oh fuck Damien. You fuck me sooo good,” Chloe moaned out as she gasped and moaned like crazy. She started getting louder as he hit her g-spot.

“OH….Right there!! She screamed out.

He looked down and watched his tan dick going in and out her brown and pink pussy. He saw her cum all over his dick and had to look away so as not to cum right then. He looked back up and watched her face as her orgasm neared. Her eyes were rolled into her head and her mouth was open with gasping breaths coming out. He felt her pussy tightening, if that was even possible because it was already a tight fit, more around his dick and knew she was gonna come. He sped up his trust and as he went to suck a breast into his mouth she rose up from the table unto her elbows. She wanted to watch him fuck her as she came but didn’t he tell her something…

As soon as she rose up he stopped. And then pulled out. The look on her face was Kodak.

“I thought I told you not to move Chloe,” he said to her as he tried not to smile because he knew they were about to have one of the best orgasm of their lives.

“Ugh…Damien! Are you fucking serious!??” Chloe yelled out as she sat all the way up on the table looking at him like he’d lost his mind. She knew he knew that she was about to cum like she’d never come before.

“Why the fuck-

He had walked up to her, grabbed her hair at her nape and pulled her head back to kiss her with all the passion he possessed.

“I told you not to fucking move,” he said after he had taken his mouth away from hers. “I also told you I was tired of that mouth of yours.”

Before she could respond he had her up on her feet and bent over the table with her ass facing him. He grabbed her hips and thrust back into her and was pounding away. All she could do was scream.

“FUCK!! Please don’t stop…PLEASE!!” She groaned out as he tried to pound her into the table.

He groaned and moaned as he watched her ass waved into her back and back into place as his pelvis met it. He couldn’t take it anymore. He took one of his hands off her hip and slapped her ass. He grinned when he heard her scream so he slapped her ass again but harder this time.

“You like that don’t you. You nasty girl,” he said as he slapped her ass again for a third time. “That’s ok though baby because you’re my nasty girl,” he said as he trust into her hard.

“Oh Kadıköy escort my…Damien…”

Yes baby talk to me,” he moaned into her ear as he leaned over her back and held her shoulders as he continued to thrust into her at high speed.

“Oh baby…you’re gonna make me come so…hard,” she gasped and moaned out. She tried to grab onto anything as she felt her orgasm coming. Her middle section was in the middle of the table so she had nothing. Damien was trusting so hard into her that she couldn’t put her hands along her sides and grip the table where she was bent over. She felt her orgasm coming starting at her toes. She started tingling and before she knew it, it was at her pussy and she was screaming and then she wasn’t because she was trying to focus on breathing.

“FUUUUCK….OOOHH….” she managed to get out before she ran out of breathe.

“Oh FUCK baby,” Damien groaned out as he felt her gripping his dick through her orgasm. Her pussy was holding on to him so hard he could barely keep thrusting.

“Oh yes baby your cumming on my dick…your pussy is gonna fucking make me cum so hard baby,” he groaned as he ran his hands up her back. He felt his orgasm coming as she slowly started to come down from hers. Oh-my-god her pussy feels so good.

“Oh FUCK!” he groaned out as he busted his load inside her. He moaned and thrust into her until she had milked him dry.

“FUCK!” he said one last time as he finally stopped cumming inside her. He’d never cum that much in his life.

They both moaned as he started to pull out of her before both their legs gave out. He stepped back and watched as his cum ran out of her pussy like a waterfall. He could still see her legs quivering from her orgasm. It took her awhile to stand up but eventually she could and she walked over to his bathroom to clean up. He went in after her.

She had used the bathroom already and was at the sink washing up. He tried to see her face to decipher her mood but her hair was in her face since her head was down. He grabbed an extra wash cloth and started cleaning himself. He finished before her and stood back against the wall to watch her.


“Yes?” she said as she looked up as soon as he called her name.

She’s so beautiful and now she has the post orgasmic glow she’s even more beautiful if that’s even possible.

“Are you ok?”

She looked at him through the mirror with a frown on her face and waited a second to answer him, unsure of why he was asking when he’d just blown her world.

“I’m…fine Damien. Great actually. Why do you ask?”

“Well I know you wanted to wait and I did to because I want us to work but I couldn’t take seeing you and not being able to have you. I couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Yeah. I was reaching my limit also…um…I’m not on birth control.” She said as she looked away from the mirror and put her dirty towel under sink where he kept the rest in a little basket. She didn’t wait for an answer because she knew a man like Damien wasn’t looking to have kids or at least not right now in his life. She turned to walk back into his office but before she could he’d grabbed a hold of her upper arm but she didn’t turn and face him.

“Look at me Chloe.”

When she did he turned her body around and pulled her to him.

“I know you’re not love. If you’re pregnant from this I can’t wait to watch you glow with our baby inside you. We’re getting married eventually anyway so if it sooner rather than later then so be it love.”

With that he kissed her and of course he became heated quickly. He grabbed her hips and pulled her as close as he could into him as if they were close enough. He went from her hips to her ass where he squeezed her cheeks, then slapped the right and left next before rubbing the sting away.

He felt and heard her moan into his mouth and he couldn’t wait until he could get her home and explore some more of his hellcat’s hidden pleasures….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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