I’m An Adult Now: Ocean City

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Jenny and I have been friends since we were little. We spent a lot of time together doing all the normal girl things. We liked the same music, movies, food, and fashion. I considered myself pretty, with black hair and decent boobs. I ran on a regular basis, so I was in good shape. Jenny was also pretty, pale with blond hair, although she was somewhat lacking in the chest. The only thing we didn’t see eye to eye on were boys. I had never even had a date. She was screwing her boyfriend every weekend.

After her parents split up, she spent the weekends a few towns over with her dad. She’d been seeing this boy Matt out there for awhile. Every week I got the blow-by-blow of how she and Matt had hooked up. The stories she told would be right at home in a naughty sex book. Since she had a serious boyfriend, she was completely disinterested in the boys at our high school. She missed all the parties because she was away on Friday and Saturday nights. I was too shy to go alone – not that anyone ever asked me.

Jenny was a force of nature. Confident, beautiful, funny, and wickedly sarcastic when she turned it on. Sometimes she tried to build me up, teaching me how to wear makeup, how to show cleavage, how to twirl my hair. Other times she would needle me about being a virgin, being so shy, being a wallflower. I’m sure that if she’d been around on weekends I could have made progress on the social scene.

Once, while staying over at her house, I overheard her mother thanking my mother for letting me hang out with her because I was such a good influence. That was me in a nutshell, the consummate good girl.

Jenny and I even went to the prom together. Matt couldn’t make it because he was doing college visits. Afterwards we went to my church’s post-prom party.

The summer after graduation we pooled our money and went all the way to Ocean City for two weeks. Just us girls, no Matt to mess up our vacation. Apparently he had a summer job. I was starting to think he just didn’t want to meet his girlfriend’s best friend. But who needed him anyway?

We arrived and checked into our hotel, feeling so adult that we could get a hotel room – even a small one where we had to share a single king-sized bed.

On our first day at the beach, she started in on me about boys again. That night, we sat in the lounge looking around. An absolutely gorgeous guy came in. He clearly wasn’t a boy. He was a tall and handsome man who looked confident and dressed well. Jenny egged me on to flirt with him. I was supposed to look at him until he looked at me, then twirl my hair and stare back. I couldn’t. I would glance at him but then look away before I got caught.

Jenny started getting mean, telling me I was always going to be a loser if I didn’t work at it. She pointed out that no one knew me here, that I could make a fool of myself and no one would care. But I just couldn’t. By the time we left, I was quite irritated, with myself as much as with her. I stewed about it all night.

The next day was a rainy mess, so we went shopping. Again she started with the boys, pointing out the guys walking around the mall. She even went so far as to flirt with a few guys to show me how it was done. I knew she wanted what was best for me, and I really wanted to make out with a boy, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do what it takes.

“You really are a wallflower,” she said.

This wallflower thing was really starting to grate on me.

Back at the hotel, we had a late lunch and then went to the gift shop. I was looking at a plastic beer mug.

“Are you enjoying your vacation?”

I was so startled I jumped, knocking the mug off the shelf. It was that absolutely gorgeous guy from the previous night. My mind froze and I did the only thing I could do, which was bend down to pick up the mug.

“Sorry,” he laughed.

Jenny, who was right there, hurried over to stick up for me.

“Hey, meanie, what’s the idea? Can’t you see she’s a delicate wallflower?” She pushed him in the chest.

That was it, I was done, I ‘d had it with being a wallflower.

“No, it’s fine,” I said as I rose with a smile. I put the mug back with one hand while I tugged my shirt down tight against my boobs like Jenny had taught me. “I was just startled. Hi, I’m Lynn.”

Wow, up close this guy is even better looking than I thought!

He was tall with chiseled features. I only came up to his shoulder. He was at least a few years older, probably in college. He looked like he worked out. He was wearing a dark striped buttoned shirt and black slacks. Not jeans, not khakis, not shorts, but slacks.

His eyes flicked from Jenny back to me. “I’m Rand,” he said, extending his hand, “I’m pleased to meet you. So you’re here on vacation?”

“You okay?” Jenny asked me.

“Yeah, just taking in some sun at the beach.” I shook his hand. Dork, it’s raining outside!

“Shame about the weather. At least the sea looks really cool in the rain.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You know, a lot of artists used the Şerifali Escort stormy sea as inspiration for their work. Turner’s work was the harbinger of the abstraction movement.”

Did he just talk art to me? My heart flipped. That’s like the hottest thing ever.

“We went to the mall,” Jenny said.

“It would seem hard to paint in a rain storm,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess it would.” He paused for a moment.

Jenny jumped in to save the conversation. “We can’t even see the beach from our room.”

“Oh, you didn’t get an ocean view?”

“No, we’re looking at the next hotel.”

“Well, you ladies want to come up to my room and take a look? I’m up on the eleventh floor with a nice view.”

“Yes!” we both said in unison.

Moments later we followed him into the elevator, Jenny flashing me a thumbs up. His room turned out to be about the same size as ours, but it opened onto a balcony overlooking the beach. I totally thought I was in his room to see the ocean, so I went right to the sliding glass to look out.

“Can I get you two a drink? I mean, you’re too young for a beer…”

“We’d like a beer,” Jenny said.

I joined them again and took my beer from his hand. I hate beer. His hand brushed mine a little too long, and I remembered why we were here. So that I could prove I wasn’t a wallflower.

“You want look out at the scenery?” Jenny asked.

“No,” he said. “I’m happy with scenery in here.”

I gave a panicked glance to Jenny, who urged me on with a subtle nod.

“I…um…you like what you’re seeing?” I stuttered. Oh, that was smooth.

“Do you have a bikini on under that?”

“No, we were just shopping. I just have on underwear.” His eyes dropped to my breasts. “And a bra,” I quickly added, blushing.

God, I am such a loser!

I mentally kicked myself again for being such an idiot. Jenny’s words from the previous day came back to me – that no one knew us here. I decided that it was now or never.

“It’s kinda like a bikini. Do you want to see it?”

An intense look dawned on his face. “I would love to see your…” He glanced at Jenny. “..kinda bikini.” He took a slow sip from his beer.

Before I could think about it, I pulled my T-shirt off. I picked my beer up and tried to look collected as he looked at my simple pink bra. I refused to look down to see what I looked liked, praying that my medium-sized boobs were well contained. I could see Jenny giving me a look of shocked admiration. Yeah, Good Girl Lynn would never do this, but I was Vixen Lynn today. I took a sip of my beer. His eyes finally turned to Jenny. I gave her a confident smirk.

“Well?” he asked.

Jenny paused for a moment before pulling her tee off. She was blushing, her pale skin adorably pink. She’s not as well endowed as I am and had on a white sports bra. She gave a smiling shrug to Rand and took another sip of her beer. His eyes came back to me.

“You know,” he said.”I don’t think bikinis include shorts.”

My heart was already racing, but I was in full role-play mode. I didn’t even put my beer down, just unsnapped my shorts and wiggled out of them. I kept my eyes on his the whole time. Naturally, my panties matched my bra – simple, plain, and pink. I gave another confident glance at Jenny, and a moment later her shorts were off, revealing her red boyshorts. His eyes drank both of us in.

“I definitely like the scenery in here better. You must be an athlete,” he said to me.

“I run.”

“Come here.” In an instant he had closed the gap between us.

His hand wrapped around the back of my head and pulled my face up into his kiss. I was so startled all I could think about was my beer, crushed between the two of us. His tongue wasted no time trying to part my lips, and I immediately let him. His tongue was hot and wet and tasted more than a little like beer. I did my best to keep up, but I had never kissed anyone. I regretted turning down Jenny’s offer to practice, because I had no idea what I was doing. He broke our kiss and in a moment was engaged with Jenny. I stood, heart pounding, and stared at them as he furiously made out with my friend. I wanted more of that. He reached out and pulled me close, embracing both of us so that Jenny and I were shoulder to shoulder.

He put his beer down and then wrapped both of us up in his powerful arms, one hand on my butt as he kissed me again. I pressed against him, feeling the heat from his chest radiate through his shirt. He broke our kiss and started on Jenny again, his hand still squeezing my ass. I watched for a moment, my face inches from them, observing their tongues battle.

I let his tongue into my mouth, while Jenny seemed to engage him outside of hers. I started to unbutton his shirt, getting a few open before he turned back to me. I caressed his smooth chest as we kissed. I could feel Jenny struggling beside me. Suddenly his hand was manipulating the clasp on the back of my bra, and I realized that Jenny Göztepe Escort had just taken off hers. Panic rose in me as he released my clasp, but Vixen Lynn fought it off. I refused to be the wallflower today.

I could feel Jenny pushing into his neck as he kissed me. His hand slipped under my bra to cup my breast. I couldn’t help but moan. The pleasure was intense. Touching myself in the dark had never been this good. He turned back to Jenny. He was kissing her, but his hand was feeling my tit the whole time I was gliding out of my bra.

My heart was racing like never before, and the room felt too hot. I started kissing his neck and opened the last few buttons on his shirt. There was skin everywhere, his hands, his chest, his arms, Jenny on my side. His chest was muscular and hairless. I was Vixen Lynn today, so I bent down to lick him from his abs to his nipple to his neck. His hand left my boob and grabbed my hair to bring my mouth to his.

“Kiss her neck.” It sounded like an order.

His mouth was on mine. Jenny started kissing and licking my neck. I could feel her breast push against my arm, her nipple firm. Her free hand started stroking my back. Rand’s hand slipped under my panties to grab my ass. I was getting overwhelmed with sensations.

He broke our kiss and looked at me intensely as he fondled my breast, Jenny still on my neck. He pulled Jenny off of me and went back to her. He started kissing her again. His hand slipped into my hair to pull me into the hollow of her throat. The delicate scent of her jasmine perfume filled my nose as I tasted her salty skin. Our boobs pressed together, more flesh to arouse me. I licked and nibbled at her neck.

His hand left my breast and suddenly slid under the waistband of my panties straight down to my pussy. I yelped into Jenny’s collarbone as his finger found just how aroused I was. For a moment I went blank, my whole world focused on what his finger was doing between my legs. Suddenly, Jenny was sinking to the floor. He dropped his shirt and pulled me in again, Jenny fumbling with his slacks.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said to me.

I felt a surge of pride as he leaned in and kissed me. He thought I was beautiful. Him, the hot guy with the nice clothes who talked art. Our tongues battled as he held me tightly, our topless bodies pressed together. My hand, unengaged, fell and landed on Jenny’s head. She was on her knees, her head bobbing back and forth. It took me a moment to realize her mouth was on his dick. My hand jumped off of her and back to his chest, and I lost myself in his kiss.

He started putting pressure on my shoulder and broke our kiss. I sank to my knees as he pulled Jenny up, and suddenly I was alone, face to face with a huge hard cock. What was I supposed to do with it? I knew guys liked it when girls sucked their dicks, so I swallowed and tentatively took him in my mouth. His dick was way too big to fit, but I took as much as I could and then started to suck. I sat there, motionless, focused on sucking as hard as I could.

“What are you doing?” he asked, and I looked up at him. He pushed Jenny down to her knees. “Show her how it’s done.”

I popped his cock out of my mouth, humiliated that I had screwed up that badly. Jenny kneeled next to me and pointed out the relevant parts of his dick.

“Less talking, more sucking,” he said.

“Hey, lighten up, she’s innocent!”

Stop calling me that! Infuriated, I surged forward, shoving Jenny out of the way to take him back in my mouth. Jenny coached me from the side, but my eyes were locked on his the whole time.

“It’s not just sucking, it’s also moving your head and using your tongue,” she said.

“Much better,” he said. His hand gently stroked my cheek.

After a few minutes, he pulled out of my mouth and plunged into Jenny’s. His hand was on her head and he started rocking her back and forth. He slowed and then methodically pulled her onto him. Her eyes rolled up. Her hands pushed frantically against his thighs. He was choking her and, as sick as it was, it was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. She’d told me Matt had done this to her but I hadn’t believed it. Now I watched open-mouthed as she gagged. Tears were running down her cheeks when he pulled out and turned to me, leaving her gasping.

“You ready?”

“No, please.”

He put his dick in my mouth again, but instead of grabbing my head he stroked my cheek.

“Take it as deep as you can,” he said.

I leaned forward, as more and more of him sank into my mouth. He hit the back of my mouth and I gagged, immediately backing off. With a nod of encouragement, I tried again.

“Gag yourself on him, Lynn,” Jenny said.

I tried a few times but couldn’t get as deep as Jenny had. I guess I needed more practice.

Breathing hard, he pulled out of me and went back to Jenny. This time he held her head with both hands and started thrusting in and out of her mouth. I could see her tense up as he groaned, and a moment later Ümraniye Escort her eyes opened wide as he roared. When he pulled out, a stream of saliva and cum followed him. Jenny wiped her chin and swallowed while he bent over us gasping for air. Jenny looked at me and gave me a little giggle. I was instantly jealous that I hadn’t been the one to make him cum, that he’d turned to Jenny for satisfaction.

He pulled both of us up and then kissed me. He slid his hand into my panties, fingering me again. Jenny moaned and he turned to kiss her and I realized he was fingering her at the same time. I leaned over and licked her neck as I humped his hand. Then he came back to me. We spent a lot of time like that, him alternating between us, licking each other’s necks, holding onto his wrists for support. There was so much happening I couldn’t handle it. I came as he fingered me, crushing my face between Jenny and Rand’s chests. He twisted his hand and kneeled, pulling both our panties down at the same time. I stepped out of mine and he led us over to the bed.

“Get on all fours,” he said. “I want to see those asses.”

Jenny and I got on the bed on hands and knees, our asses up for his inspection.

“Are you okay?” Jenny whispered to me.

I nodded and moaned as he slipped a finger into me. A moment later Jenny groaned as he did the same to her. His fingers started sawing into both of us. He stopped and pulled out, and then without warning he slapped my ass. Hard. I jumped and yelped. “Hey, take it easy, she’s fragile!”

The fuck I’m fragile. “No, I like it like hard!” I said.

“Shut up, girl,” he said to Jenny, laying several hard, fast spanks on her. “You don’t know what she likes.”

He turned back to me and spanked me again. I actively encouraged him by lifting my rump to meet him. It hurt, a lot, but I wasn’t going to admit it. My ass was on fire when he stopped. I felt his hands on either side of my hips and knew it was time to leave the wallflower behind and become a woman.

“Come here, girl,” he said. Jenny scrabbled over. “Guide me in.”

“You okay, Lynn?” she asked.

“Fuck me!” I screamed.

I felt the tip of his dick press against me as her hand guided it inside. I pushed back, wiggling my hips in an open invitation. He started to penetrate me and it hurt, but there was no way I was going to admit it. I pushed back harder and Jenny’s hand left. His hands tightened on my hips and then rammed himself in all the way. I couldn’t suppress a scream, since it felt like he’d torn me in half.

“Fuck, you’re tight.”

Jenny landed beside me, face to face.

“Are you okay?” she asked with concern, her hand winding into mine.

Would you stop asking that? “Fuck me!” I screamed again. I was not a goddamned wallflower, I was a sexual vixen, even if it hurt like hell.

Rand didn’t need any more encouragement to thrust in and out of me. He was taking long, full strokes, his tight abs slamming into my tender ass with every thrust. The discomfort I felt when he first mounted me transitioned to a warm glow and then to an intense pleasure like nothing I’d ever felt before. A man was inside of me, deep inside of me, touching parts of my body I didn’t even know existed. I was moaning uncontrollably.

I looked back in disappointment when he unceremoniously pulled out.

“Okay, your turn,” he said as he pushed Jenny on her back.

“Oh no, I have a boyfriend.” She curled into a ball to make it impossible to lunge into her. “Tonight is all about her.”

“Yeah, you giving up on this dick?” He turned back to me. “Well, baby, looks like you get me all to yourself.”

He pushed me over onto my back and spread my legs, pulling me down so that my ass hung off the bed. A moment later he plunged back into me. He sprawled on top to press his naked body into mine. I wrapped my arms around him, hands in his hair as his head fell beside mine. He started to pump in and out.

“You know why I came in your friend’s mouth?” His voice was a throaty whisper. “So I could enjoy fucking you longer.”

Another surge of pride hit me. He wanted to fuck me, not her. He wanted to enjoy my body. It was my pussy he wanted. He started to kiss me, and his thrusts became more forceful. He raised himself up to cradle my spread knees in his elbows. He looked down as he fucked me, and our eyes locked while my moans of pleasure filled the room. He glanced over at Jenny, who was backed up against the headboard, fingering herself while watching us.

“I think your friend is enjoying the show,” he said.

He scooped me up and then twisted around so that I was on top of him. He adjusted my feet so that I was squatting on his dick, my hands on his chest.

“Ride me, cowgirl.”

With me on top, I could easily control my sensations. I ground away on him as I looked down on his face, grunting with pleasure. When I rubbed just right, the feelings were perfect. He reached out and pinched my nipples and I climaxed again, finally collapsing on top of him as my body went limp. He slipped out of me, grabbed a pillow, and rearranged us. I was now on my belly with a pillow under my hips, facing Jenny a few feet away. He mounted me from behind and I groaned anew, glad that he was taking the lead because I was too spent to move.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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