I’m Being Blackmailed Ch. 04

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Female Ejaculation

Author’s Notes: –

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the earlier parts before reading this. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.



That night Tony took me to his local pub. I guess that he wanted to show his new acquisition to his mates. I got introduced as ‘his new fuck-toy’; which I guess that I am.

Tony had picked out another very revealing outfit for me and I spent the evening having one or other of his mates looking through the open buttons of my top, or up my micro-skirt when we sat down. I remembered how Tony had told me to sit and I flashed my bald pussy to his mates and other people in the pub.

Fortunately, Tony and his mates bought me lots of drinks and the alcohol numbed my brain and I stopped thinking about the embarrassment and humiliation. My pussy didn’t stop thinking about its and my tits exposure, and I was feeling horny and very wet all evening. I didn’t complain, in fact I enjoyed it, when Tony send me to the bar to get a round of drinks and one of his mates came with me. He stood beside me and his hand went up my skirt and caressed my bare butt.

It was nice, and I was unhappy when he had to stop.

Tony took me to the bar one time and he stood behind me. As we waited to get served he put his arms round me and slid his hands up the front of my top. He was holding my tits all the time that the young girl was serving us.

She looked familiar and I think that she was at college at the same time as I was. She looked at my chest and saw my top moving about as Tony’s hands groped my tits. She smiled but didn’t say anything.

All (4) of Tony’s mates wanted to hug me when we parted to go home. Each one of them groped my bare butt while Tony stood and watched. One of them slid his hand between my legs and got his fingers wet from my pussy.

In the car on the way home I told Tony that it was horrible having to expose myself like that, and to be groped in public like that. All Tony said was,

“Come on Claire, you know that you enjoyed it.”

“I didn’t.” I replied.

His hand went to my pussy and I felt a finger invade my hole. He pulled it out and held it in front of my mouth. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and sucked his finger. As I was doing so he said,

“Told you.”

When I got out of the car back at the apartment, Tony told me to go to the front of the car and take my skirt off. It was late and when I looked around I couldn’t see anyone.

After bending me over the front of the car and fucking me, he led the bottomless me back to his apartment. I really was glad that it was late and dark.

I was told to sleep in the spare room that night.

I was up before Tony the next morning and I had coffee and breakfast waiting for him. No sooner than I’d cleaned up there was a knock on the door.

“Go Claire, answering the door is your job now.”

“But I’m naked.”

“And? …”

Resigned to the embarrassment, I walked across the room and opened the door. My brain told me to cover my tits and pussy but my pussy won and I just stood there and let Harry, one of Tony’s mates from the pub, look up and down my naked body.

“I’ve brought back those videos that we talked about Tony.” Harry said holding up a memory stick.

“Come in Harry.” Tony shouted.

Harry’s eyes moved up to my face as I stepped back and fully opened the door.

“Claire, get Harry a coffee.” Tony said.

As I was getting the coffees Tony said,

“Why don’t we watch them again?”

Harry agreed and when I carried the coffees over I looked up at the 4 huge monitors. Split over the 4 of them there was one gigantic view of me lying on my home bed, totally naked and masturbating. I nearly dropped the coffees.

“OMG! Turn it off. Please turn it off Tony.”

“I don’t think so Claire. You look good up there.”

“No please Tony, turn it off.”

“Oh no; in fact I think that it would be a good idea if you gave us a live performance right now. What do you think Henry?”

“Sounds good to me.” Henry replied.

I was then made to sit with my back to the wall below the huge monitors with my legs spread wide and to masturbate for them.

It was so humiliating but at the same time I was so turned on. It didn’t take me long to cum and Tony told me to keep going and I orgasmed again before the videos stopped.

“Well done Claire,” Tony said, “keep cumming like that and I might just go lightly on you for a while. But first, get on that exercise cycle and show Harry how good you are at cycling.”

“I can’t Tony, I’m knackered and there’s only so many times that a girl can cum in straight succession.”

“Maybe, but I’m sure that you haven’t reached that limit yet. Besides, won’t you just pass-out when you can’t take anymore?”

I didn’t answer him because he was probably right. Instead I got up and slowly walked over to the exercise cycle.

Fifteen minutes and 2 more orgasms, Tony finally told me that I could stop. I wasn’t totally sure that I wanted to escort bayan stop; I was enjoying myself so much and the fact that 2 men were watching me sort of made me want to keep going. But I didn’t. I got off the bike and nearly collapsed onto the floor. My legs were like jelly for a few seconds.

Harry had been watching me from pretty close-up and he saw me falter. He jumped up and grabbed me then picked me up. If I hadn’t of felt a little faint the touch of his hands on my naked flesh could easily have made me cum again. As it was, he carried me over to the sofa and lay me down.

That was about all the sympathy that I got because Tony told me to open my legs. When I did he said,

“Well it looks like a well fucked pussy Harry but its hours since she got fucked.”

“Yes, it is all red and swollen and wet. Maybe she’s one of these girls who looks horny and well fucked all the time.”

“Maybe that would explain some of her actions. She does like to cum a lot doesn’t she?”

Tony put his hand on my pussy and said,

“Her cunt’s red hot as well. Feel it.”

Tony moved his hand and Henry put his there. I was used to Tony’s hand being there but Henry had never touched me there before and the feeling caused me to gasp and I felt my pussy twitch.

“Finger fuck her if you like mate.”

Henry wasn’t going to miss the opportunity and his finger pumped in and out, slowly at first then as my breathing got faster the finger pumping went faster and faster. The inevitable happened and I orgasmed – again.

“You can fuck her proper next time if you like.” I heard Tony say as he finally removed his finger and then licked it.

“Cheers mate, I’ll look forward to that.”

“Fucking hell,” I thought, “he’s whoring me out now. I really am nothing more than a sex-slave.”

I closed my eyes and thought about the horrible mess that I’d got myself in to.

As I lay there I heard Henry leave and Tony doing something in the kitchen area. The next thing that I knew was Tony perching on the sofa beside me.

“Here Claire,” Tony said putting a glass in my hand. “Drink this; you look like you need it.”

I gulped the whiskey down in one go, coughed, then said,

“Yes, I did, thank you.”

“Don’t worry Claire, I’m going to punish you and you will enjoy it, but I’m not going to break you. At some point it will all end and you can go back to being a normal, respectable young lady. That’s if you want to, you seem to like all this punishment one hell of a lot. Maybe you are a born nymphomaniac who enjoys being humiliated and I just happen to be the lucky guy who made you realise that.”

I didn’t say anything; I just lay there thinking about what Tony had just said. Was he right? Was I a nympho? Did I really enjoy the embarrassment and humiliation? My pussy certainly seemed to think so.

I was brought back to reality by my phone ringing. It was my mum wanting to know how I was and how I was settling in. I sort of lied and told her that everything was wonderful.

Mum told me a bit of family news; my cousin Aria was staring at the college that I went to. She was planning to bus over each day (about an hour each way). I said that that was stupid and that as I’d moved out I wouldn’t mind if she used my old room.

Mum said that it was too soon and that I might change my mind and want to move back in. My brain was telling me that I did want to move back home but how could I? Tony wouldn’t let me and my pussy wouldn’t be happy either.

We left it with mum saying that she’d think about it.

Before we hung-up mum invited me to Sunday Lunch the following week. I told her that I’d be happy to go, hoping that Tony would let me.

Over tea I told Tony about my Sunday Lunch invite.

“Of course you can go; I’m not your jailer.”

I nearly laughed, then told him about Aria and what I’d told my mum about my room. Tony’s reaction was to ask me what she looked like. Not understanding the relevance I told him that she was a bit like me.



“Big tits?”

“No, about the same size as me. Why does all this matter?”

“It doesn’t probably.”

I was still a bit puzzled as to why he wanted to know what Aria looked like but I soon forgot about it when he told me to spread my legs to see if my pussy was still as red, wet and swollen as it had been earlier.

It wasn’t red anymore, nor was it swollen, but it was still wet, all shinny.

“Good girl.” Tony said as he put his hand on it and pressed in between my lips for a second. I felt his finger at the entrance to my hole but he didn’t penetrate it.

“Okay Claire, the rest of the evening is yours,” Tony told me, “I won’t make any more demands on you today. You can do whatever you want; except that the rules still apply.”

When he’d started to say that I thought about putting some clothes on but that thought soon disappeared when he finished what he said.

I settled for a quiet night on my laptop on the sofa. When I opened it I saw the camera and went and got a band aid out of my bag to altıparmak escort cover it. I didn’t want any of my friends accidentally seeing that I was naked.

Later on, Tony stripped down to his boxers and went and had a workout. I watched him and decided that he isn’t that bad looking; in fact he’s quite cute really. I thought about him working out naked but I didn’t dare ask him to even though my pussy started tingling as I watched.

I was told to sleep in the spare room again and as I climbed into the bed I realised that I was starting to think of the room as mine.

I was crying as I tried to get to sleep and sex was the last thing on my mind. I was thinking about the horrible situation that I’d got myself in to. I hated it. Why couldn’t I be at home snuggly wrapped up in my own bed? Why did I have to have a pussy that takes control of me? Was there some sort of drug that would make my whole pussy and tits go numb so that I didn’t have to suffer like Tony was making me?

I put my hand over my pussy and cursed it. Then it started tingling and I just had to rub my clit.

Tony had to remind me to not get dressed inside the apartment the next morning when we left for work and I was glad that the apartment block wasn’t that big and didn’t have lots of people walking about.

Tony drove me to work and I had a quick thought about the money that I was saving on rent and petrol. My pussy wasn’t the only thing benefitting from my new living arrangements, my bank balance was benefitting as well.

At work, the day went just the same as any other one these days except that I didn’t have to wait for Tony before stripping and putting on those horrible rectangles.

Tony had to tell Duncan and Arron to get a move on in the kitchen that evening and I wasn’t totally satisfied with the fucking that they gave me; but I hoped that Tony would take care of that later.

He did, that night he told me to sleep in his bed and he gave me a slow, passionate fucking before going to sleep.

The Monday evening was different. It was Tony’s badminton evening and he’d already told me that I was going to go with him.

“What shall I wear?” I asked.

He picked out a skirt and top for me and I put them to one side to put them on when I went out of the apartment door.

“What shall I wear for the badminton? And you do realised that I’ve never played badminton before don’t you?”

“Yes, I do realise that. As for what you’ll wear whist playing, you’ll wear what you are right now.”

“But, but it’s a school gym, there could be kids there, and what about the other players? It will be embarrassing and will they be happy playing with a naked girl?”

“Don’t worry about kids. There’s never any there at that time of the evening, and as for the other player, I’m sure that they won’t mind. In fact I’m sure that they’ll look forward to getting their hands on you.”

“I thought that badminton was a ‘no contact’ sport.”

“It is, but I’m sure that they’ll find a way to get their hands on those tits and that pussy.”

“But, but …”

I didn’t bother finishing the sentence; I knew that I wouldn’t win. Besides, my pussy was telling me that it might be fun.

When we arrived at the school I saw 2 young men walking into the gym before us. We went straight to the boy’s changing room where Tony introduced me to 6 other young men. I was introduced as ‘Claire, the sex slave.’

A couple of the men were still getting changed and I saw one cock as the sports shorts went on.

“None of you mind if Claire strips off and watches and maybe plays if Tom doesn’t turn up do you?”

Six young men all confirmed that it wasn’t a problem and my pussy told me that I didn’t mind either.

“Okay Claire, get those clothes off.” Tony instructed.

Six pairs of eyes watched as my top then my skirt came off.

“Turn round Claire, let them have a good look at you.”

I wanted to cover my tits and pussy but I was sure that Tony would tell me not to, besides, my pussy wanted to be seen.

“Jump up and down, do some jumping jacks for the guys. That way they’ll see just how much your tits wobble. Sorry guys if you like big tits, but as you can see Claire doesn’t have much up there. They only wobble, not bounce.”

I wasn’t sure if I should have been embarrassed or pleased by that last bit, but one of the men said,

“I don’t like big tits. Anything more than a handful is a waste.”

Three of the other men agreed and I felt a little better.

“Anyone want to volunteer to teach Claire some of the basics while the rest of us have a proper game?” Tony asked.

There was no shortage of volunteers and as we walked out to the gym I asked,

“Are you sure that there will be no kids here?”

“Relax Claire, there never has been over the last year or so.”

I felt a little better; if it is possible for a naked girl to feel better when she is surrounded by 7 clothed men.

The next couple of hours were spent with me being taught how to play badminton by 6 different mudanya escort men. Tony decided that they should all take it in turns to teach me and none of them disagreed with him.

What they all did was stand right behind me, press on my back and hold my right arm on the pretext of showing me the different strokes (?) that I should use to achieve different results. One thing that I did learn was that they all had hard cocks that they delighted in pressing into my butt. It was kinda nice and it made my pussy tingle.

When the 2 hours was over we went back to the changing room. I went to put my clothes on and hoped that I’d get a chance to see at least some of the men have a shower.

“What are you doing Claire?” Tony asked. “You’re having a shower as well.”

“I can manage until we get home so I don’t need to go to the girls changing room.”

“No, no Claire, get in the showers here.”

“But you guys will be in there.”

“And …”

My shoulders dropped an as I walked to the showers, the others were stripping off and there were soon 7 naked men and 1 naked girl in the showers. My pussy loved it and there was no shortage of volunteers to soap my body. Well Tony didn’t help. I guess that he wanted me to himself when we got back home.

Those guys brought me to 4 orgasms with their hands as they ‘washed’ my pussy over and over again, and Tony promised that starting the next week one of them could fuck me each week.

My pussy wasn’t sure if 1 per week was better than all 6 each week. My brain didn’t want any of it. It thought that it was all wrong.

Finally dry and tired, Tony let me get dressed and we went home. He fucked me doggy style on his bed before he went to sleep. I cuddled up to him and went to sleep with by back to him.

I woke up on the next morning to the felling of Tony fucking me hard from behind. My first reaction was of horror, I was being raped in my sleep, but that was my brain talking. My pussy soon took control and I came shortly before Tony did.

“That was a hell of a way to wake up Tony.” I said as we lay there getting our breath back. “You scared the life out of me. I’d been dreaming about getting raped and then you started fucking me whilst I was still asleep. For a second I thought that the rape must have been real. I suppose that in a way, it was. All this, this living here and the things that you make me do are a form of captivity and rape.”

“Don’t be silly Claire; you know that you love it here. And why would you have so many orgasms if it was all against your will. You just love being treated the way that you are.”

“No I don’t.”

Tony turned on his side facing me and put his hand on my soaking wet pussy.

“This tells me that you do like it.” Tony said as 2 of his finger slid into my pussy and bent upwards hitting my G-spot.

I moaned and wanted more but Tony pulled his hand away and up to my mouth which opened wide to accept my juice, and his jism, covered fingers.

The rest of the week went relatively quietly, although during a couple of quiet periods I did reflect on my new life. I wasn’t at all aroused at those times and felt quite sorry for myself.

The second time got interrupted by a phone call. It was Tony; he was out with a potential client.

“Open your legs and start rubbing your pussy.” He commanded.

“And don’t try telling me that you already are, I can see your bare legs and bare pubes.”

It was then that I remembered the camera that was somewhere under my desk. I had no choice, even though I wasn’t at all aroused.

As I complied with the command and slowly started rubbing, Tony said,

“That’s it Claire. Keep doing that until you’ve cum twice. You have a little audience that is enjoying the view.”

With that he hung-up and I was left wondering if there really was an unknown number of people watching me masturbate. Knowing that Tony was watching as well, I had no choice, I had to keep going.

Just as I was cumming the first time Sandra returned from her trip to wherever. She looked at me, smiled and said,

“My god Claire, you really are a slut. You can’t even wait until 5 o’clock in the kitchen.”

When I was able I replied,

“It’s Tony, he’s with a client and they’re watching me through the camera under my desk.”

“The next time that it happens let me know and we’ll swap places.”

“Does that mean that I’d be able to wear your clothes Sandra?”

“No chance. You’re wearing the only clothes that Tony will let you. I don’t know why he bothers you with that ridiculous skirt; you may as well just be naked.”

I sort of agreed with her, it was ridiculous, but it was a skirt. It gave me a slight sort of security. On the other hand, my pussy really was agreeing with her. It wanted me to be totally naked all the time, permanently nude, a Permanude as Tony calls it.

I kept going until I’d cum again. Tony didn’t call back and I’d done what he’s told me to do so I opened the email that had just arrived.

Yet another nearly nude week, with all the accompanying embarrassment and humiliation, ended and I found myself sitting in Tony’s car for the ride home. I was sat on the towel that he’d told me to put on the seat before I get in on an evening. He’d told me that he didn’t want all the jism from his staff leaking out onto his car seat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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