In My World You’re Married

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I’m Lisa J. Holden, a twenty-nine year old successful lawyer who works too damn much. Too many files were piling up since my PA went on maternity leave for a few months. Time to hire a new one for the time being, I thought to myself. Running a business by yourself is really time-consuming. I guess I’ll do the interviews on Saturday.

Pretty soon Saturday came around the corner, and the previous four contestants weren’t quite what I was looking for. Problems with being computer illiterate and so on; pain in the ass seriously. Then my last interviewee flowed into my office. I think my heart skipped a beat. She was the most gorgeous women I’d ever seen. I guess she was about twenty, 5′ 7″, long brown flowing hair, a nice rack possibly Cs, creamy delicious skin, and the sexiest pair of legs. On top of all that, she wore a nice blue pinstripe skirt with matching blazer, nice business attire for an interview; major brownie points. I glanced at her left hand to see if she was single. Shit. She was married. Why do I always do that? Always falling for the people I can’t have. *Sigh*

Her name was Amy. She nailed all my questions perfectly. Her application and résumé were superb. I guess she practiced talking or something because she was flawless. She actually got me to laugh a few times. Damn I guess I was falling real hard. Bad Lisa Bad! Anyways, I hired her as soon as we were finished. Not just because I could drool over her, but because she was perfect. She Casibom couldn’t wait to start Monday, either could I!


It’s been over a month, and I swear Amy is going to make me go crazy. I think she knows that I, her boss, has the hots for her. Great! Literately after the first week she started working, her attire has been getting more slutty. Shorter skirts, more cleavage, etc. She was making me wet by just walking passed my office. God, if I only could have her. She is seriously trying to make me rape her. OMFG! When she bends down to pick up whatever she “accidentally” drops up off the floor I nearly come! She has the hottest ass in the world. If only I could only get my hands on her tight and firm ass. Damn too bad I don’t get involved with already involved people.

Finally I made up my mind to tell her about her dress code. I’ll tell her tomorrow I thought after chickening out as soon as I stood up.


“Amy, could I speak with you in my office, please?”

“Sure, of course.”

After the doors were shut I toned down my professionalism a little bit.

“Honey, could you please been a little more conservative with your dress attire? It’s not like being and feeling sexy is a crime. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice, but just not too much, that’s all I ask.”

“I’m I being too distracting to co-workers or to someone in particular?” she replied.

*Gulp* I started to blush. I didn’t know what to say. Amy took Casibom Giriş a step closer to me, and started taking off her suit top, leaving only a semi-see through button blouse and a short skirt. I gulped again as she still keep coming closer to me until our lips were inches apart. Then her lips touched mine and I melted as her arms wrapped around me. “No, no, no! She’s married!” I shouted in my head. I was about to exploded. I broke the kiss.

“I’m sorry, Amy, I can’t do this. You’re taken, married, and involved. I don’t get involved with involved people no matter how bad I want to.”

“Lisa, I’m not married. I just have a boyfriend. We’ve been together for almost a year now.”

“Like that’s any better, a year long relationship that I’m not going to fuck up. Plus in my world you’re married. I can’t do this. I just can’t.”

I was still telling her the many reasons why I couldn’t start this affair, when her lips meet mine. A little moan escaped from deep within me. She began licking and lightly sucking on my neck. I couldn’t help myself. I melted into her body with my arm steadying myself against my desk with the other one wrapped around her. I tried resisting, but she kept teasing me until I gave in. I wanted her so badly I couldn’t control myself. If she’s going to push me this far might as well, right?

I took control and spun us around. I was now pushing her on top my desk. Amy had her legs wide open, with her skirt Casibom Yeni Giriş bunched up around her waist, and me in between. I was kissing her with much passion and desire. Ours tongues danced as I unbuttoned her blouse. My fingers came into contact with her soaked thong and throw it across the room. I couldn’t wait to slip into her wetness. Fuck the teasing. I easily slid a finger into her love spot. She breathed heavily and began moaning. “More, I want more. Yess!” Music to my ears, I shoved another finger into her wetness. Soon I began pumping harder and faster into her until she rode my hand into ecstasy. I was in heaven, someone pinch me. “I’m so not done with you yet.” I said in my sexiest voice. I kneeled down and started to eat her silly. She tasted sweeter than honey. I happily lapped up her pussy juices. I could feel my own dripping down my leg. I licked her slit up and down and fondled her tits. I could feel her humping my face with her hands tangled in my hair. It was so hot. I felt she was close and turned my attention to her throbbing hard clit. Soon she was moaning my name as she came over and over again. I was in pure bliss; how I dreamed of her legs wrapped around my shoulders. OMG yes!

After her breathing was back to normal, she buttoned up her blouse and grabbed her blazer. I was in shock. I silently thought what about me. Fucking shit, she’s such a tease. She gave me a peck on the lips and walked toward her thong on the floor. She threw them at me. “I’ll come tomorrow. I’ll surprise you.” She said as she gave me a wink. As soon as the door shut, I sniffed her panties and shoved my hand down my pants to finger myself. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow I thought as I came all over my hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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