In One Spirit Meet and Mingle

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Author’s Note: This is my FIRST STAB at this kind of story — incest. I hope it’s good! Also, this is for the Valentines Day contest! Also, also, it is set in the same superhero universe I use for lots of my contest stories. You don’t need to know anything about the previous stories to follow this one — but if you have read Look Upon My Work Ye Mighty, you may see a few cameos!


The extremely in need of repair school bus bounced and jounced as it rattled down the road towards the edge of Century City. Felix Fong tried his damnedest to not think about the uncomfortably loud banging and bumping noise that came from underneath his feet, which were tucked up against the wheel-well that some designer had placed directly beneath his seat. It was hard to not think about that noise, though, when his best friend Penelope was snoring on his shoulder. Penny was a girl who was mostly curve thanks to a diet that seemed to be made almost entirely out of sucrose and cock, and she seemed to enjoy using Felix as a pillow, no matter how many times Felix pointed out that a skinny Asian boy like him was made entirely out of angles.

Penny usually responded with: My dudester, most guys would pay for me to use them as pillows. Besides, you need to touch a boob at least once in your life before college, even if it is with your elbow.

Felix had tried to explain, many times, that just because he was a teenage boy didn’t mean he was a bubbling crock pot of hormones. He had other things to keep his mind on, like getting into Century U, who had the somewhat discouraging motto of ‘the third most famous thing in Century City!’ Well, okay, the real motto was Ad Astra Per Aspera. But most people used the unofficial motto. But in Century U’s defense, it had a great campus, world class teachers — including at least one hyper-genius — and had produced several of the most luminary scientists in…

Felix sighed.

Penny had just drooled on him.

Fortunately, Felix had a plan cooked up for when Penny using him as a pillow became completely intolerable.

“Holy fuck!” he hissed. “Up in the sky! It’s Archive!”

“What, where!?” Penny snapped immediately awake and craned her head around.

“Huh?” Xavier, the dumbest kid in class, turned around to look at Felix. “Where?”

Here, Felix learned the one problem in his plan: Penny immediately scrambled across him and started to mash her face against the bus window. This meant he spent the rest of the ride with her breasts muffling his face rather than slowly consuming his shoulder.

He’d have to revise his scheme in time for the next field trip.

“I note that I did not in fact get a chance to admire Archive’s amazing six pack,” Penny was still saying as they walked off the school bus and towards Tynex Polychem, the factory that was going to be the field trip for today. Their teacher, the perpetually harried Mr. Black, was trying to get several of the more excitable students from immediately ditching the class. The hall monitor who had come along for the class was busy texting and chewing bubblegum in the corner, so she wasn’t much use. “You can’t just dangle the sexiest superhero on the whole planet before me and then yank him away like history’s greatest monster.”

“History’s greatest monster is Darkthornn,” Felix said, sounding bemused. “Who killed one point two billion people in 1989 and almost conquered the Earth and turned it into a replica of his hellplanet. By comparison, I’m more on par with the Clown Prince of Crime.”

“Firstly!” Penny held her finger up. “Fuck you, I can make whatever comparison I want. Secondly, CPC is actually pretty hardcore, are you sure you want to be compared to him?”

Felix grinned. “I did the unforgivable and pussy block you.”

“Awww!” Penny cooed. “You think that if Archive really did come flying by, I’d have a shot?”

“I mean, maybe,” Felix said. “You have those things he likes.”

“Boobs?” Penny asked.

“I mean, according to TMZ, he’s a fan,” Felix said, his voice dry.

“Yus!” Penny pumped her fists and then cocked her elbows back, thrusting out her chest. “I knew those six hundred dollar anti-gravity breast implants were worth it. And just in time for Valentines Day!”

Felix nodded, then performed a double take. “I excuse me what?!”

Mr. Black clapped his hands and the entire class focused on him. Well, on him and the impossibly pretty busty blond woman standing next to him. She wore high heels, a short skirt, and had hair done into cascading golden curls that tumbled down and around her shoulders. She wore a sleek pair of glasses and a name-tag that pronounced her to be one Dr. B. Taybor. She took her glasses off and smiled at the class.

“Welcome to Tynex Polychem. I’m going to be your tour guide here today. If you’ll follow me, I’ll show all of you what we here at Tynex do to make life in Century City, and the world, better. Come on.” She turned and started Escort bayan walking and, perforce, the class followed her. “This is the lobby, where we relax and take breaks between our time at work. But does anyone here know exactly what a chemist does with their day?”

Felix raised his hand.

He always raised his hand.

“Yes?” Dr. Taybor asked.

“You work with chemical compounds and reactions to produce stuff,” Felix said, reaching up to shove his glasses up his nose. “Rubber, polymers, that kind of stuff.”

“That’s right!” Dr. Taybor said. “And thanks to our on-staff hyperbrains, we have new chemical compounds that normal humans couldn’t have ever invented. Our company actually staffs three Class Seven intellects, each one working on how to improve our processes.” She nodded. “The most recent invention that our think tank has worked on is actually being produced here: Polymatter!”

The tour continued — with Dr. Taybor showing the class the computer rooms that were busy crunching through the complex math required for some of the machines that were working in the main factory floor. The factory floor itself was what came next, though it required everyone to wear hard hats and safety goggles. The catwalk that went over the various tanks where chemicals were mixed and polymers were strung out was securely mounted, but the railing seemed alarmingly narrow. Felix noticed this because Penny was lagging behind the rest of the class by leaning against the railing and looking down morosely at one of the huge tanks. Felix let himself fall behind and then sidled up to his fiend, who sighed as he walked over to where she was lounging.

“You okay, Penny?” he asked.

“I’m just so bored,” she groaned. “I was gonna bang Xavier in the bathroom, but A) he’s got a frigging girlfriend and B) both of them are missing.”

“They’re missing?”

“I bet they’re fucking like bunnies in a bathroom while I’m stuck here, being bored fuckless,” Penny said, shaking her head a bit.

Felix rubbed his chin. “Well, maybe we’ll get attacked by a super villain and Archive will show up to save the day and you can smother him with your boobs?” He smiled.

“Maybe…” Penny frowned. “I hope it happens after we’re off the catwalks. Who the flip built a chemical factory with catwalks over the vats of goop?”

“If it helps, the vats are not open topped,” Felix said, dryly. “But there are actual laws on the books to ensure a certain level of workplace un-saftey in chemical, radioactive, or nanotechnological factories. Hyperbrains have actually worked out the exact margin for ensuring freak accidents happen more often than just normal accident accidents. According to a ten year study by Project Aegis, it has increased the rate of superheroes by eleven percent!”

“Holy fuck, really?” Penny asked.

“Yup!” Felix said. A long silence hung in the air.

“Let’s get off this catwalk please,” Felix said while Penny bobbed her head and said: “Yes, lets!”


The catwalk under their feet shuddered slightly. Penny looked upwards and blinked at the pattering of dust that came from the ceiling. One of the cables that the catwalk was suspended from had just come free. Penny gulped and Felix held up his hands. “Okay, Penny. Be very very careful,” he whispered. “We should still have enough weight clearance so long as nothing else gives. But we don’t want to jostle-“


Another catwalk cable came free with another spray of dust. The section of the catwalk they stood on groaned. Felix saw Penny freezing in place. She didn’t want to jostle anything. Felix did the math. The exact same amount of stress was being applied to progressively less and less cables, meaning that effectively, less and less time before those cables popped out and the catwalk went plunging down. Felix, at that moment, would very much like to punch several very smart people in the junk. But he didn’t need to be a hyperbrain to know what he had to do.

“Penny,” Felix said.

“Yeah?” Penny whispered.

“If I get superpowers, I am sorry,” Felix said. “But if my skin melts off due to acid, you owe me.”

And with that he shoved Penny backwards. Penny flailed with a yelp and landed on the catwalk section that wasn’t currently about to collapse from their weight. She landed with a clung and the catwalk beneath Felix’s feet swayed around wildly. Another ping rang out and the section of the catwalk he stood on swung down and slid him straight towards the top of one of the chemical vats beneath the catwalk. Felix’s feet hit and he skidded along the top of the vat, his palms slapping for handholds. He grabbed onto a valve and dangled from it, blinking. Okay. His legs felt like he’d just smashed them with hammers and he was now dangling off the side of a fifteen foot tall vat.

“Are you okay!?” Penny called down to him — while a clamor came from the rest of the class, who had finally noticed the deadly Bayan escort peril.

“Yeah! I’m good!” Felix groaned.

The valve groaned.

“Nevermind!” Felix hissed.

The valve squealed then popped free and a torrent of high pressure, oily black liquid poured onto Felix’s face. He squalled out in disgust as he was flung off the side of the vat and onto the ground with a spine crunching crack. Penny had enough time to cry out his name before the wall to the factory exploded inwards with a roar of crumbling stone and squeal of bending steel. The smoke cleared as men rushed in — men in masks. Some wore furred masks, others wore tribal African masks, others wore opera masks, some wore Spirit Halloween masks. All of them were armed: Chains and clubs, knives and guns. They rushed in, laughing and whooping as they rushed forward. In the center of the mass was a burly looking bipedal hyena with a golden tiara, a purple sleeveless jacket, and a huge chain that he had draped over one shoulder, leading back to a wrecking ball that he dragged behind him with casual ease.

“Well, well, well,” Junk Yard Dog said, grinning as he looked around — his eyes flicking up to the cowering class that all looked like they were doing their best to not look like prime hostage material. “Looks like schools out.”


Lady Justice had just bought the churro and had just placed it on her lips when the explosion rang out. She lowered the churro, then looked at Miguel, the man she always went to for her churros. He spread his hands out in a broad shrug. “What can you do, Senorita Justicia?” He asked. “This is the way of our sorry world. New crisis, new drama, never a moment to be peaceful or happy.”

“You sell churros for a living, what do you have to angst about?” Justice asked, grinning as she backed towards the street. She looked left, then right. The street was nearly empty, as most of the self driving cars were parked and recharging, waiting for the mid-work rush. Then she saw it: A garbage truck. Automated, but she had friends in high places. She lifted her silver clad wrist to her mouth and murmured. “Oh Iridium?”

“LJ, Archive and Ozymandias still have this Indian situation covered, you’re fine,” Iridium said.

Justice chuckled quietly. “Iridium, I don’t want to help with the return of Mog-Thugoth. What I need is a boost.”

There was a short pause. “Oh! I see.”

The garbage truck, which had just stopped near the side of the road to begin to siphon trash from a dumping spot into its airtight cabin, paused in its movements. Its engines revved and Justice turned away from it. She had done this hundreds of times. But it was always easier to look away from the truck. She heard it roaring behind her and she closed her eyes, instincts born from almost a decade and a half of life before she had gotten her powers screaming at her: Run!

Instead, she stood still.

And the garbage truck smashed into her going about seventy miles an hour. A pretty impressive ramp up, considering its size. A garbage truck going that fast had nearly six megajouls of kinetic energy and it transferred most of it into her. The garbage truck stopped in its tracks without a sound. The front didn’t dent or crumple or distort. It merely stopped. And Lady Justice began to glow. She could technically have just used gravitational forces for this…but she had a feeling she was in a hurry. She closed her eyes and then thrust her arm up into the air.

The kinetic energy that had flowed into her was redistributed. Perfect justice — energy to energy, force to force.

The pavement cracked as Lady Justice shot into the air and towards the Tynex Polychem facility. Wind blurred. Clouds zipped. Buildings turned into indistinct masses of color. Then she was there — her feet slamming into the pavement before the huge hole in the wall, kicking up a spray of powdered asphalt into the air. She put her hands on her hips and enjoyed the momentary pause that came whenever Lady Justice showed up on the scene. It might have been that she was Century City’s oldest still active hero — even if it sometimes hurt her soul to remember that the 90s were twenty years ago.

It might have been that…and this wasn’t her begin egotistical here, she was quoting an actual tabloid: She was Century City’s most red hot cougar. Her outfit definitely helped with that: A painted on, skin-tight sheath of silver fabric that clung to her every curve, showing off her generous chest, her deliciously heart shaped ass, and her toned belly. Yes, forty years old and she still had abs. Part of that was superpowers. But she also hit the gym and so felt no guilt about feeling quite proud about them. Her cape was a brilliant red and her face was covered with a silver blind-fold, exactly like the Lady Justice that was depicted in courtrooms around the world.

It did a remarkably good job of hiding her face, too. And thanks to being woven from Escort Martian mind-fabric, she could see through it just fine. She smirked. “JYD! But who are these adorable minions?” She looked around at the masked men. Then something flashed in her mind — a sudden sense of danger.

In as single instant, the masks glowed, then flowed outwards. They stretched like liquid, slurping along the bodies of the minions. A second later, each minion had been transformed. One in a wolf-mask now actually looked like a humanoid wolf, with fur and claws and everything. A ‘creepy clown’ mask from Spirit Halloween had become a seven foot tall, muscular looking Pennywise knockoff, complete with hideously distended jaw. The Jasons had machetes and the Freddy Krugers had finger-claws and they all looked very sharp.

Junk Yard Dog grinned, his tail wagging from side to side. “Mask Master sends his regards, Justice Bitch.”

“Wow, did you spend all day coming up with that?” Lady Justice asked as the empowered minions ran forward. Okay. Mask Master is pulling the strings and JYD is just the muscle, she thought. One of the men with the machetes ran forward and swung it at her head. Lady Justice let the machete hit her, absorbed the kinetic energy, then threw it back at him — but she spread it outwards. If she had put all that energy into a single pin-prick point on his body, it’d have punched through him like a bullet. It was like how a human could never push through drywall with their hand, but a single thumb-tack could go in with way less pressure?

Same deal.

So, rather than blowing a hole in the mook, Lady Justice just let the kinetic energy hit his whole body. The end result was he went staggering backwards a few feet. He shook himself, but before he could recover, she snapped out her foot. It caught him in the temple and time seemed to slow. She felt the energy still buzzing through her from the garbage truck. In that single instant, she fed it along her muscular calf, right up to her toes, and then put a tiny fraction of it into the seam between mask and face. The Jason mask went flying off with an explosion of black light and the man collapsed to the ground — no longer a hulking movie slasher.

Lady Justice darted away from a swing, placed her palm against the wolfman’s forehead, then imparted energy into his head. Just enough to flip him backwards into two other minions, sending them sprawling. She yawned, grabbing onto a baseball bat swung at her head. She clenched her hand on the bat and surged kinetic energy out of the handle, sending the guy who now looked like Babe Ruth shooting away from her. She tossed the bat away.

“Really? Is this the best that Mask Master could come up with?” Lady Justice asked. “You bought yourself ten seconds before I kick your butt, Junk.”

“That was all I needed,” Junk Yard Dog said.

Lady Justice turned to face him, cracking her knuckles. He had twirled his wrecking ball up to a whirring blur, the chain straining against the weight of the black sphere. Then he flung it right at her. Justice rolled her eyes, then flicked the ball with her finger. The ball’s kinetic energy and momentum reversed completely and it shot right back at Junk Yard Dog, who leaped aside — and Lady Justice saw that she had gotten cocky. The wrecking ball struck the side of a huge vat, which split open and a torrential outpouring of green goop flowed over her. Lady Justice closed her eyes — then opened them once she was sure the gloop wouldn’t get into them.

She gritted her teeth…and tried to move.

And couldn’t.

The goop had fused around her, solidifying into a filmy, Lady Justice shaped mold, holding her completely in place. Junk Yard Dog chuckled.

“There we go,” he purred. “Mask Master said he’d get one of his slave masks on you one day. And he paid me nearly fifteen K to do it.”

“I’m flattered…” Lady Justice snarled. She hoped she had enough kinetic energy left for this…she focused and put every last bit of stored energy into the layer of solidified goop around her. In a single instant, the goop expanded outwards, as if she was in the center of the world’s biggest party balloon. Lady Justice grinned…but rather than hearing a snap and seeing the green goop flying out in every direction, it simply stayed stuck in the new sphere position, solidifying once more. Junk Yard Dog laughed.

“Now I can roll you. Eh. I was hoping I’d get a chance to get my hands on those titties…”

“Are you really going there?” Lady Justice said, sneering slightly. “You macho assholes all act like I haven’t heard that kind of shit a dozen times before.”

Junk Yard Dog chuckled.

“Laugh about it now, bitch. You won’t be laughing soon…”


Felix woke up.

Felix did not remember falling asleep. No. No. Wait. He focused. He focused hard and he realized he did remember the oily fluid sliding into his face, splashing against his skin. He remembered feeling the liquid squirming against himself. He blinked and looked at his hands. They were dry. His entire body was dry. He stood and looked around — and saw that the class had gone running. The whole factory looked evacuated, like…like…

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