In Over her Head

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This was a mistake.

They were the only words that passed through Jeanne’s head as she took in the sights and sounds of the party. Exposed flesh and wandering hands in every direction. They had entered a den of sin, and each second they spent here threatened to drag them down into an abyss of decadent decay.

The tug on her collar drew a gasp from her lips, demanding her attention. Mr. Araragi was speaking to her, so softly she wasn’t sure it she heard him right, “Last chance to back out…”

“I…” She started, not quite finding the words. Get out, her mind begged of her, get out now! But that would be cowardice, and how could she be a coward now, before Mr. Araragi? How could she be a coward while so many victims cried out for justice? With a deep breath, Jeanne steeled her spine. “I am okay, Mist-Master!” The last word stumbled out, as she nearly forgot her place and role before him. He looked her over, leaving her unsure if he was appraising her mental state or her body. With a nod that did not settle the matter, he led her into the main room of the manor.

“We should split up,” Mr. Araragi noted, glancing around, “We will cover more ground this way. Many men here might try to approach you, and engage in lewd acts with you. You just need to tell them your master would not approve.”

“Right,” Jeanne agreed, glancing around and trying to decide where to begin her investigation. It was difficult to focus as the sounds and scents of sex wafted through the air. Debauchery distracted her, until another pretty girl walked up with a glass of colorful liquid on a serving plate.

“Master bought this for you. He thinks you are too tense,” she informed Jeanne, offering the drink.

“Master did?” she repeated, feeling suddenly nervous and embarrassed. What if she wasn’t able to find their target because she wasn’t fitting in? She really didn’t want to mess up like this, so she accepted the drink and took a swallow. It was sweet. Fruity, with a hint of alcohol. Much to her surprise, Jeanne found she liked it, taking a drink, and then another, craving it more each time until the glass was empty.

“Enjoyed that, didn’t you?” the voice came from behind her. Gruff and unfamiliar, it was not her master’s voice. She turned to see the speaker, a tall, muscular man with short blond hair. Not like her master.

“I..I did,” she admitted, sheepish, feeling her skin grow hot and red. He stepped even closer now, close enough to reach her leash.

“Are you all alone, little slave?” The words were menacing, sending a shiver down her spine and coiling in her stomach.

“No, my master is close by,” she assured the man, trying to back up some. One step back, and another, she bumped into another firm body. Another man who was not her master.

“Your master is off somewhere, xslot balls deep in some slut,” The blonde man taunted, grabbing the leash. Between the two men, there was nowhere for Jeanne to escape to.

“He wouldn’t,” She whimpered. Mr. Araragi would never do such a thing. Would he? How did he know about such places as this?

“Well, if you are right, then there is no harm in this,” he reasoned, stroking his hand down bare flesh and caressing the curve of her ass. Jeanne shuddered, the intrusive tough like fire on her skin. “Well, where is he? Why isn’t he stopping me from touching his slave?”

“He’s…he’s…” she tried to answer, the feel of fingers digging into the meat of her ass was confusing. It was wrong, but it felt good? The blond man stepped even closer, squeezing her body between two men. The man behind was touching her now too, sliding his hand up her stomach to cup a heavy breast. It fit well in his hand and didn’t take much for her nipple to stir and throb at his touch. Jeanne wanted to protest, but she could only moan.

“That’s a good little slave. Moan for your masters,” the man behind taunted. She hadn’t even seen his face, and he was groping her breast!

“No…” she sighed, the protest not convincing at all. The she gasped as more hand on her ass slid between her thighs, so close to her… The men laughed.

“You like it,” The blond teased, caressing her through her panties. Her whole body jolted in reaction. Heat seared through her, turning her skin a rosy shade of pink. “I think you should make us feel good now, slut.”

Before she could question argue, Jeanne was pushed to her knees. The men wasted no time pulling out their cocks, long and thick and twitching in her face. What…what did they expect her to do? She couldn’t think, not with their masculine odor invading her senses. When she opened her mouth one prodded her lips, smearing pre-cum against her lips. The other man grabbed her hand, bringing it to stroke his shaft.

“Come on,” one prompted, thrusting hips to rubbing his meat against her face. God, this was so humiliating. Even more humiliating, she opened her mouth further, and swallowing the head of one cock. Strong fingers gripped her head, pulling her down his length, forcing her as she struggled to take his entire cock. Her body grew even hotter despite the way they used her. Or because of the way they used her?

Saliva drooled down her chin as she struggled to swallow more cock. She was hardly half way down, not believing it was possible to go any further. Finally, he let her come up some, until just the head was in her mouth, before dragging down his rod again. Slickened by her spit, his meat slid between her lips, pushing deeper into her throat each time. The other man used her hand to jack himself off, moving her wrists over xslot Giriş his shaft.

“Should I cum in your mouth, slave? Watch you swallow down my load, and thank me for the privilege?” he taunted, strong fingers hold her head in place as hips thrust. She couldn’t argue, couldn’t protest, couldn’t think, just focused on the cock in her mouth, pushing deeper and deeper each time. Somehow, beyond belief, he fit his entire length in her mouth and down her throat. He held it there for one moment, and then two, and Jeanne feared he would never release her. Was he getting even bigger, or was she imagining it?

Just when she feared she would choke or gag, his dick pulsed, and jets of hot seed spurt down her throat. Instinctively, she swallowed, but it soon became too much, flooding her mouth with his salty spunk. She was finally able to pull free, another stream of semen striking her face and breasts, painting her in her servitude and submission. Both men laughed as she coughed and gasped, a mess of saliva and spunk dripping from her chin.

“Now, now, that wasn’t a very good slave,” the one she had been stroke mocked. His grip on her wrist turned pained, and he jerked her back to her fit, “Spilling a drop of Master’s cum means you need to be punished.”

“I didn’t mean to!” she protested, suddenly scared what more these men could do to her. Scared, and yet soaking between her thighs, fearing and hoping they might use her. Pulled along, the second man dragged her over to a large love seat. He sat, and yanked her arm, pulling her over his lap. She landed with an, “OOPH!” sprawled over him with her ass in the air. Before she could think straight, a heavy hand came down her butt, smacking loud against her full cheeks.

Jeanne squealed and squirmed, but could not escape his iron grip. Another slap came down, making the other cheek bounce and jiggle like the first. This was pure humiliation, getting spanked like this, where anyone could see. He caressed the red mark his hand had left, which felt good, soothing, and then spanked her again. Jeanna gasped, tensing at the moment of impact. His hands explored her again, grabbing a handful of ass and brushing against hot lips.

“You like this, don’t you?” he asked, tracing her slit through the panties she wore.

“No!” she moaned, punctuated with another spanking, and a high-pitched cry. What kind of woman could like this? But his fingers teased her more, and it felt so good. Teeth dug into her lip, trying desperately to hold back an erotic cry, but as his hand slapped her ass again, it escaped. A low whimper sigh that was clearly pleasure. The man laughed, and slipped his fingers underneath her panties.

“You’re so wet for me. You must really want Master’s cock.” One digit explored her sopping folds, gliding the length of her xslot Güncel Giriş entrance, not quite going in.

“I…I…” She wanted to say no, but the word wouldn’t come. Just more sighs and moans, her slit hungry for the finger probing it. He pushed into her with a wet, sucking sound, parting her silken walls.

“You’re so tight,” he noted, working the digit against the resistance of her flesh. God, why did this feel so good? Why was she spreading herself to take more? A second finger pushed in, and she gasped out, grasping the thighs on the man using her. “You will feel amazing on my dick.” Two fingers pumped in and out, driving her mad, losing sense of who she was and why she had come here.

Something primal awoke within her, taking over as her hips bucked with the fingers inside, and moans spilled form her lips. Without realizing it, she begged, “More…”

“More?” her tormentor laughed. Then he pulled fingers away, leaving her with a devastating sensation of loss. She whimpered, writhed, hips swaying back and forth in hopes he would resume. Instead, he picked her up, pulling her onto his lap, “Oh, I will give you more…”

Something much thicker than fingers prodded her slit. His cock, she realized after a moment, but before she could object, he pushed up into her, his bulbous head stretching her cunt. No complaints now, just a shocked cry, Jeanne’s back arching into the man claiming her. As wet as she was, she sunk down on his meat, filling her and splitting her open. With another upward thrust, he drove past her hymen, opening her entire body to him. A brief spike of pain turned into a wave of bliss, her slippery walls hugging and squeezing the shaft inside her.

“How does your master’s cock feel inside, slave?” He asked, making his thick meat flex and twitch inside her. Still, she couldn’t answer, just moaned and nodded, head thrown back in abandon. He began moving her, dragging her along his length. The friction between them was maddening, her smooth muscles submerging his thick rod, soaking him in her juices. She gripping his shoulders, matching his rhythm, moving herself upon his meat and losing herself to delight. This was so easy, so right, just using her body for ecstasy. She chased her pleasure, bouncing up on down her master’s meat, her breasts bouncing wildly as well, without a care of anyone watching her. Pleasure was her whole world, her purpose in this life, and it gripped her mind as her slit gripped his cock.

“Ma-Master!” she screamed, locking herself in place upon him, unable to move as rapture rode along her nerves. Her pussy trembled and quaked on his cock, holding him fast deep within. He growled beneath, dragging her up and down until he lost control, flooding her with his seed. The feel of it, streaming and soaking her channel was too much, too exquisite, prolonging an already fervent climax. They rode out their release together, her body milking his for every last drop, and when it was over he gave her a smug smile.

“I see you have learned to swallow every drop.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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