In The Knickers of Time Ch. 03

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Recording the events with Edith, in ‘In The Knickers of Time Chs. 1 and 2,’ has naturally prompted memories of further knickerly adventures. In Chapter 1 we met, and I learned she was a widow from a lifelong lesbian liaison, trying to recapture the ‘lovely feeling,’ as she called it, of their love-making, and I was able to bring her to orgasm and thereby help her remember, and mourn, her dead Ailsa. In Chapter 2 I told her of my short but intense relationship with Rodney, who made use of my intimate garment in his cabaret act, a relationship culminating in our climaxing together, with each of us in a pair of my knickers.

That relationship began, as I told Edith, when we posed together for Corinne, a fine artist who had a side-line in painting erotic scenes based on old masters. The sitting concluding with the artist riding the male model to orgasm for both of them. Now Chapter 3.


Edith and I slept a little, and I woke to find her stroking me and murmuring little phrases of affection and comfort. Seeing I was awake she said, ‘Norma, that was a sad story, about you and Rodney not staying together. I know you’re still regretting that it didn’t happen, a kind of mourning, like mine for Ailsa.’

‘Edith,’ I said, ‘You’re an old romantic. Yes, I sometimes think how it might have been, but, you know, regret is a poison it’s best not to let past your lips, any of them. And I think it wasn’t quite real — too romantic, maybe. Remember, he came from a family which progressed through arranged marriages. So, the well-bottomed Canadian cousin was probably the best course for him.’

‘But he liked your…bottom, didn’t he?’

‘Yes indeed, but men cannot live by bum alone. Though, recalling his adaptation of the marriage vows, it might be fun for the groom to say, “With thy botty I thee worship.” Anyway, enough of that! Let me tell you what I think we should do now to further your education, madam teacher. When we’ve had something to eat.’

‘Norma, I need to go home, to see to some things and change my clothes. Why don’t you come, too, and I’ll cook a meal?’ It was clear she wanted me to stay close, now she’d found me and been re-awakened, as if she would be returned to arid isolation if we parted.


Her small flat reflected her rather spartan past life: minimal furniture and fittings; few clothes in the chest of drawers and wardrobe, from which she took a clean shirt and knickers and rapidly stripped, glancing at me to ensure I was not put out by this sudden nudity. Before she could don the clean garments, I said, ‘Edith, one of your delights is that you don’t know how beautiful you are. Ailsa was a lucky woman indeed.’

‘But I’m just a dried-up old school-mistress. Look at me, no bust to speak of and hips like a boy.’

‘Oh no, dear Edith. You bust may not be busting out all over, but it’s so sweet, round and firm and neatly nippled, lollipops waiting to be licked, like this. And your bottom may be modest in size, but it’s utterly female in shape, and I just want to stroke it, like this…’

‘Oh, Norma, that feels so nice. But you must be hungry, I promised you a meal.’

‘Just now my appetite is otherwise. How is yours? Suppose I slip a finger into that charming fluff just here…?’

‘You really want to make love again? You really do don’t you?’

‘Could you bear it if crude nympho Norma sucked off refined and delicate Edith?’

She laughed. ‘I think sensitive old Edith could probably put up with that.’

Naturally, I was quickly naked, and we were suitably disposed on her bed. She came almost as soon as my tongue-tip teased her shy little clit. She said, ‘That was lovely. Can I do that for you?’ And she did. I came as quickly as she had.

Then we dressed, enjoying the way our gussets absorbed the cunty oozings, and went to the basic little kitchen, where she quickly prepared vegetables and grilled lamb chops. After eating and over coffee, I said, ‘I’m due to visit Corinne this afternoon. Remember her? She still turning off erotic art for me and I haven’t been to check what she’s got for a while.’

‘It’s you who’s the teacher. You’re wanting to extend my experience, aren’t you?’

‘That’s what teachers are for. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Just see what happens. Corinne is always educational, as I may have implied already.’


Corinne was alone in her erotic side-line studio, but under her unbuttoned housecoat she was wearing a rather grubby bra and capacious knickers, both pink. I introduced Edith and Corinne said, ‘Where did you find this little gem, Norma? I’d like to sketch her for a piece I have in mind. I assume you’ve told her what we do in here. So, strip her off, but leave her knickies on for now. I’ll explain in a minute. You, too, Norma, but leave the undies Hd Porno on. I’m waiting for my Adonis model. A lovely Hungarian, but he has this knicker-fetish, and he doesn’t like big titties. So, I have to cover up with this bullet-proof bra and these granny-panties — and you must do the same. But Edith’s fine without a bra, given Zoltan’s tastes.’

‘He sounds a bit…strange,’ Edith said. ‘I thought men liked to see women without their underwear. Oh well, Norma brought me to look and learn.’

Corinne said, ‘You may get a little more involved than that. Are you game?’

‘I suppose I am, or I wouldn’t be here. I don’t have to do anything I don’t like?’

‘Of course not,’ Corinne said. ‘And don’t be frightened of Zoltan. He looks scary, six feet two and all muscley, but he’s a sweetie, works in a retirement home where they all love him, and goes to the gym to keep fit and strong for helping the old folks. He doesn’t talk much English, though he’s been here since the Hungarian Uprising in 1956. It was all rather traumatic, I think, and there’s something odd about his relationship with his mother. That’s what his colleague Janet says. She does some posing, too, mostly for my Rubens rip-offs, since she’s got a big saggy botty. You should see my Judgement of Paris, with Zoltan offering Venus rather more than the apple. You can see why she wins and gives him Helen of Troy — I get their first interiorcourse into the picture as well.’

Edith and I disrobed, and Corinne scrutinised Edith, artist appraising a model, and lesbian appreciating woman, and said, ‘You are a treat, aren’t you? Look at those tidy little titties, and that tight little botty. I’d like to get my hands, knees and bum-so-daisy on them.’


At this point the tall and burly Zoltan entered, waved to Corinne, took in Edith and me and gave us a courtly little bow. Then he shucked off his tracksuit, revealing his naked muscular body. The three of us focused on his flaccid penis, surrounded by a circlet of coarse, black curly hair. It did not, however, remain in its floppy state, because as his gaze travelled from Corinne’s knickers to mine and then to Edith’s chest it slowly swelled and stood up. It wasn’t overly long, perhaps seven inches, but it was unusually thick in the shaft and much wider in the bulb. The whole thing looked like a club, and I reflected that any woman would feel that great, smooth, rounded head sliding into her. Edith was trying not to stare, this spectacular phenomenon being new to her, I suspected.

‘Handy little dongler,’ Corinne said. ‘But don’t get your hopes, or anything else up. That never cruises into a cunty. It usually unloads up my knicky-leg in the end. But it might be different today.’

Zoltan either didn’t understand or chose to disregard these comments. Instead, he went to lodge his right buttock on a stool in front of Corinne’s easel, and leant slightly sideways and backwards, so that the impressive organ slanted at an angle. Edith and I moved behind the artist to watch what she made of this. There was already an outline sketched in pale grey paint and she began rapidly filling it in in flesh tones.

‘I’m using a 1570s Veronese Venus and Adonis. Bit obscure, but I like it, because it’s easily adaptable. Venus is perched on his lap, holding a piece of cloth over her mons and naughty old Addie seems to be trying to pull it away or put his hand down it. He’s all wrapped up in red, but I can tweak that away to show how those lovely bare breasties and what that hand is finding on Venus’s mount of Venus are giving him a mighty hard. And if I adjust her bummy a bit and open those sexy old legs that spiffy stiffy can be almost inside her slitty. Zoltan’s got the posture just right, and I’ll get Cynthia along to do the Venus. Can’t have them together, you see, because Zoltan would be limp as limp if she was sitting her bare hotty botty on him, and it would be pointless with her knick-knacks on.’

Noticing where Zoltan’s gaze was directed, I said, ‘You know, Edith, I think there’s another new experience going on for you. Because that Hungarian uprising is being stimulated by you. It’s not Corinne’s frills giving him thrills.’

‘Do you think so? Well, that’s the first time in my life any man has found me attractive, I’m sure. It’s a bit embarrassing, actually.’

I said, ‘So, it’s fine for a woman to fancy you, but not a man?’

‘I’m just not used to the possibility, but I suppose it’s quite flattering. There must be something nice about my scrawny old bod, after all.’

Corinne said, ‘Come on, Edith. It’s obvious Norma thinks you’re lovely. She’s been all over you, nipple and tuckle, hasn’t she? I can tell. And these old bloomies are sopping up my response to you, too. Wait till this session ends, and I’ll be rifling your rift, I hope.’

Her technique was Türkçe Altyazılı Porno to rough in the painting quickly, in basic colours, concentrating on particular features — guess which one on this occasion — and working up the finished work by stages, without needing the model further. One of her talents was a photographic memory: she could reproduce any work of art she’d ever seen down to the smallest detail, and she had total recall of the sitter also. So, her need of the original painting and the sitter were minimal. She had done all she wanted, therefore, in twenty minutes and signalled Zoltan he could relax and leave when he wished.

Still without speaking he indicated what he wished by stepping purposefully past Corinne to approach Edith and me. Edith moved behind me, clearly a little anxious. Zoltan stopped and looked to Corinne, who said, ‘Nothing to be afraid of, duckie. He won’t hurt you, always the gentle man.’

He nodded and gave Edith a dazzling smile past my left shoulder. She said, ‘What does he want? He won’t…’

‘No,’ Corinne said, ‘I told you, he never pushes into a pussy.’

Edith said, ‘He seems to like me, doesn’t he?’

Zoltan nodded hard and reached past me for Edith’s hand. She let him take it and draw her past me, past Corinne and the easel and over to the coach. I said, ‘Since you’re here and stripped to the panties he assumes you’re willing, dear Edith.’

Zoltan didn’t guide her to sit or lie down. He turned her slightly so that he could lift her left leg and set its foot on the coach. Then he moved close, set his feet apart to lose height and slid his ever-firm knobkerry up her right thigh and stood still, waiting for her to oblige.

‘Open the knick-leg,’ Corinne bade her. ‘The big bad wolf wants to come — in.’

‘But he won’t break in, just blow your puss-down,’ I said.

A little hesitantly Edith slid her hand down to lift away the elastic, and the bludgeon bulged its way in. They were motionless, till Corinne said, ‘Put your hand over it, darling.’

Edith looked up into his face, as if checking this was right. His smile broadened and he nodded. She laid her hand over the hump, and he rocked a little to slide the cock an inch or two out of and into the fabric under the grasping fingers. He brought his hands up and laid them on her breasts, gently squeezing, and as he murmured, ‘Pretty, pretty,’ he came. Corinne and I could see it happen as he pushed into the hand, and Edith gasped.

They stood still, each of Zoltan’s hands spread over a round mound, Edith’s eyes wide open in shock, or wonder, or disgust, or all of them, until Corinne said, ‘You can let go now, darling,’ because it was evident that the sudden ejaculation had caused Edith involuntarily to clutch the penis tightly.

Edith let out a sound somewhere between a sob and a giggle and snatched her hand away. Zoltan performed a little dip of the pelvis to withdraw from the panties and stepped back, the spent organ half detumescent, dripping and leaving a snail-trail down Edith’s thigh. Corinne spoke again, softly, ‘That’s right, sweetheart.’

Zoltan turned away, retrieved and resumed the tracksuit, gave a deep bow to Edith, said, ‘Thanks you, Pretty,’ awarded Corinne and me a brisk nod, and was gone.


Corinne put her palette and brushes on her equipment-table and she and I quickly covered the short distance to Edith and folded her in our arms. She was trembling and trying to speak. ‘He really did it…didn’t he? He let it out…like the stallion.’

‘Well done,’ Corinne said. ‘And now you’re all tensed up, not quite sure what to feel. Your first sex ever with a man, I know, so new, so strange. I think we need to ease you off, don’t we, Norma?’

‘We do, indeed,’ I said, ‘And I think it would ease you off, too, dear Corinne.’

‘The first thing, then, is to whip off these danky-panties,’ Corinne said, and we both bent to draw off the drawers, which smeared their way down her legs, until she lifted her feet to release them. ‘And here we have a sticky-tufty-pudding,’ Corine continued, ‘So the first time I clock this lovely little nest it’s slicky, but that may be handy, or fingery soon.’

Edith had given herself into our hands and was waiting for whatever we would do with her. We sat her on the couch, swivelled her and lifted her legs to lay her down. She was still trembling slightly, but her eyes were half-closed, as if she were on the verge of sleep. Corinne said to me, ‘Get these restrictive practices off me, do. I’m so uncomfy I can’t attend to our friend.’ I soon had the bra unhooked, though it was reluctant to relinquish the bosoms which more than filled it. The pink horrors oppressing that those glorious glutes also required some dragging before she said, ‘Oh, thank you, I can breathe again.’

Quickly Brazzers stripping myself I said, ‘Do you breathe through your bottom, dear Corinne?’

‘Of course, and even more through my minge. Now, needy little Edie has had much maling, so we must wrap her in woman. Starting with the bazoomkas.’

We lay down either side of the silent Edith and brought our breasts to bear, gently pressing and rolling them against her face. I said, ‘Yet another first for you, dear Edith, four breasts instead of just two.’

She chuckled and said, ‘And lovely they are. I’m so old but you’re my mothers, aren’t you? Which one shall I suckle first?’

Corinne said, ‘Any and all, my darling. These are your mammas’ mammaries.’

There ensued a little game new to all of us, as I held one of Corinne’s breasts to present its nipple to Edith’s lips, then Corinne offered one of mine, then the other two were made available, and all were given a sucking. And then it was her turn for nipple-play as Corinne and I moved to lip a tit apiece, and soon six breasts were a-tingle, and Edith was moving on, Corinne and I considered, and we wanted to put her masculine encounter in perspective. Corinne’s hand stroked down Edith’s lean stomach and settled over that semen- soaked fur. She said, ‘The slipway is greased, so the fingers can slide, like this, in search of — yes, as I hoped, it’s woken, and if I glide further down the groove and into here there may be spunky on my fingy, so…’

‘If I have that inside me I’m not a virgin anymore?’ Edith asked.

‘That’s right, my fucky-ducky. And what if two women come you together?’

‘That’s another first,’ I said. ‘There are so many ways of yielding the virginity.’

While Corinne kept her finger in the vagina, I inserted my hand under her arm and brought my digit onto the ready-wakened clit. As we fingered we sucked a nipple each. Edith said, ‘Oh, two lovers at once, taking care of me…it’s like a dream…it’s going to happen, isn’t it? You’re giving me the lovely feeling…you want me to so much…I want you to so much…and it’s happening…I’m coming, as you say…Oh, I’m coming…’

‘That’s right, darling,’ Corinne said, ‘Come for us. We love you to come.’

Edith let out a shriek of ecstasy, and squirmed as the orgasm possessed her. We held our hands, one over the other, against her vulva, relishing the little quiverings of her pelvis.


After a while, Edith murmured, ‘New horizons all day. I didn’t know all these possible way.’

I said, ‘We’re going to do another way, you and I, sweet Edith. This Corinne is so chock-full of damned up orgasm she’s a ticking bum. So, we’ll light the touch capers. Kneel up on the far side, yes, like that. Then we have her kneel alongside, and then I kneel beside her, three bums together. But we back away a little. That’s right. And you hold her left bottom with you right hand. Good. And I hold her right with my left — I’m quite ambidextrous, you see.’

‘Oh, my darlings, that’s wonderful already,’ Corinne said.

‘Now,’ I told Edith, ‘Slide the hand forward, slip the fingers into that deep romantic chasm and glide them down to find her cuntrance. I’m doing the same, and we’re meeting in the vulve, and it’s well oiled, isn’t it? Good, now, holding the cheek firmly, drive some fingers in, hard. Yes, don’t stop, because I do the same and we combine forces, like this.’

‘Oh, Dr Norma, you know my needs so well. Now, give me the treatment.’

‘Don’t lose touch with the cheek,’ I told Edith, ‘Just keep thrusting the fingers in and out, hard as you can. Fight me to get in there. That’s right. Jab them in, give them a wriggle, pull them out and drive in again. She likes it rough. Keep going!’

‘Yes, yes, rough and tough,’ Corinne said, ‘Drive me hard, force me to come.’

‘Get your thumb forward along the slot,’ I instructed Edith. ‘Poke that clit. Fight me for that, too.’ And our hands strove, collided, alternated and combined to harass the clit and the cunt, while Corinne shouted encouragement, until I said, ‘Now the other hand. Grab a tit and squeeze and pull and pinch the nipple.’

Any doubts Edith might have had about the violence of this assault were allayed by Corinne’s increasing cries of joy, until she ground out, ‘Stop! Hold! Oooh, fuckunt, fuckunt, I’m coming. Hold tight!’ She shuddered and shook with the orgasm, and we held her between us with our fingers hooked into her vagina.

After the storm we withdrew our fingers and she lay down, humming, smacking her lips and remarking. ‘No-one writes about the smell of sex…it’s dizzying, isn’t it? All that sweat and three cunties…but one hasn’t come yet… and all that sweat…don’t you just love it? So exciting. I can see our Norma is on the verge. See to her, Edith.’

‘Just pass that Corinne-cunty hand across my clit, Edith,’ I said, and she did and I came, rather quietly, mildly, as it were, having, as sometimes happens, been so excited earlier that the orgasm has been half-anticipated. But I was quite satisfied with the afternoon’s events, and was content to snuggle down in a sweaty, cunty tangle of a trio.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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