Incest Is Best

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I live in a very open family. We talk about everything, and we joke around with each other and tease each other. It’s a lot of fun, with me and my sister, Jen, and my parents. For a brother and sister, we get along pretty well. When we were younger we took baths together, up until we were about ten. But even then, we were never really embarrassed to see each other naked. We would walk out of our rooms to the shower and back without covering up, and it was no big deal. Even our parents would sometimes walk around naked, or my mom would be wearing only panties while she made breakfast.

When I turned fifteen or so, I began to experience sexual feelings whenever I saw my sister or my mother naked. It was usually never enough to give me an erection, though sometimes it did. I couldn’t help myself, and after a while my mom began to notice that I was uncomfortable whenever she or my sister was naked. It wasn’t like they would walk around naked all the time, but if it was hot then they would go topless, and while they were getting ready, they would be mostly naked.

So one day my mom told me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed if I got an erection. She gave me the “it’s only natural” speech, but I was still embarrassed. However, the next time I had an erection when my sister came by naked, I know she saw it and yet she didn’t seem put off by it. She acted as if it was completely normal, and maybe she even expected it. Neither my mother nor my sister relented in their nudity.

My dad was naked a lot too, mostly after he came home from work and showered. We ate a lot of dinners in the nude, and after a while it felt great, and I wasn’t nervous about getting an erection around my family. In fact, one time my sister sat playfully on dad’s knee just for a moment, and he started to get hard. Both my sister and my mom teased him about it, and he laughed with them.

Things were great at my house, and the summer when I was eighteen they became unbelievably better. My sister was one year older than me, and my parents were both in their early forties. By this time I was glad erections were accepted in my family, because my sister had developed a smoking body. Usually the thing that got me every time was her glorious ass. Occasionally, when we were alone, I would brush up behind her so I could grind into her ass. I don’t think it was really sexual for her, but she always smiled and gave me a sensual remark jokingly.

Of course, by this time I was a frequent masturbator. This wasn’t always easy, since my mom and sister would always walk into a room without knocking. A few times I would be laying on me bed jacking off, and my mom would come in with some laundry, or my sister would come in to borrow something. Being nude, there was no way to cover up. But they didn’t seem to mind, they would see me with my dick in hand and act as though I was simply preoccupied. “Oops, just let me set this here” or “Let me just grab this and I’ll be out of here”. They knew I was whacking it, but they accepted it as normal.

It was when I started walking in on Jen masturbating that things changed. I opened her door and walked into her room to see her fingering herself on the bed. She closed her legs around her hand, her other hand fondling her breast. She had a nice medium rack. Considering she and my mother almost never wore bras, they had great tits, firm and pert.

“Oh, sorry,” I said, just standing there.

She smiled, not seeming embarrassed. “That’s okay.”

I went to retrieve a CD she had borrowed, and saw that she was waiting for me to leave.

“Don’t stop on my account,” I said.

After a few seconds, while I took my time finding the CD, she began to fondle her breast again. Then when I turned, she had resumed fingering herself, but not as actively. I stood there watching her for a moment, and I was beginning to get hard.

“Look at you,” she teased. “Am I turning you on?”

“Sorry,” I said, a little embarrassed.

Jen opened her legs very sensually, licking her lips, and slowly massaged her mound. She was such a tease.

“You think you’re the only one who gets off when you’re alone?” she said. “I know when you’re jacking off in your room, or in the bathroom.”

I laughed nervously. “How often do you do it?”

She shrugged, propping herself up on her elbows. Her breasts were pushed out, giving Side escort my a pleasing view of her cleavage.

“A couple times a week,” she said casually. “Why?”

“No reason, just curious. Has mom ever seen you?”

“Sure, she knows I do it. She knows we both do it. It’s normal.”

I sat on the edge of her bed. I was used to the sight of her naked body, and quite a sight it was. But now it was different, we were both aroused. I was still hard, and I could smell the scent from her sex. Her arousal wasn’t fading.

“If it’s normal,” I said smoothly, “then why are we doing it in private?”

She smiled, knowing where I was going with this. She cocked her head.

“What are you saying?” she asked, playing along.

“Maybe we could help each other out.”

Just then she ran her hand up and down my chest. I let out a moan.

“What if mom sees us?” Jen asked. “What do you think she’ll do?”

I knew my mom pretty well, and we were a very open family to the point of intimate. But this was beyond that, this was purely sexual. I loved my sister very much, but this was not a romantic encounter. I could see the lust in her eyes. She wanted it as much as I wanted it.

I began to stroke my dick, and she resumed rubbing her pussy. I felt like I was going to cum very soon, so I relaxed and enjoyed the sight of Jen getting off. Her eyes were glued on my rock hard penis as she frigged herself. Her free hand played with her tits, pulling at her nipples. When she started to tense up, I couldn’t help but resume stroking myself.

She groaned and threw her head back, and I knew she had cum. She whined and bucked her hips, and her breathing was erratic while she climaxed. By the time she finished, it was all I could do to keep from squirting my load. She breathed deeply and looked down at me.

“You didn’t cum?” she asked in surprise. She scooted closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. “Cum on my stomach.”

She put her legs on either side of me and pulled me to her until our groins almost touched. My balls were slapping her cunt as I jerked off. When she touched my chest, I couldn’t take it any more. I grunted and released my semen onto her. Jen smiled in delight as my cum roped over her flat stomach. When I was finished, I had left five very powerful jets of sperm all over her. She touched it and rubbed it around.

“I’ve never seen it this close before,” she said.

I sat back and sighed, taking in the sight of her naked body with my cum all over it. She smiled as her eyes met mine.

“That was fun,” she said, tugging at my dick. “What next?”

“How about dinner?” came a voice from the doorway.

Our heads whipped around to see mom standing in the doorway, wearing only a pair of panties. She smiled as she saw our guilty expressions.

“Come on, you two. Your father is waiting.”

Mom left, and I just stared at Jen. Jen got up and cleaned herself off. I followed her out to the kitchen.

We ate dinner without saying anything about what had happened. I don’t think mom told dad, because he didn’t act any differently, but Jen and I exchanged looks every once in a while, and mom seemed to enjoy us being uncomfortable. When we were finished, dad went to the living room and mom told us to wait.

“I didn’t tell your father,” she said to us. “I’m not sure how he’d react, so maybe you should keep this between us.”

“Okay,” I nodded. Jen nodded too.

“Eventually we’ll let him in on our secret,” mom winked. “Until then just be discreet when he’s home. I don’t mind if you do it.”

I couldn’t believe what I heard. She wasn’t telling us to stop, she was giving us permission to continue. Jen was a bit surprised too, though maybe not as much.

“You don’t mind if we…you know, get off with each other?”

Mom smiled. “You mean you haven’t had sex yet? I just assumed that this was not the first time.”

I got hard thinking about my own mom advocating sexual relations with my sister. She saw my dick growing and laughed.

“So virile,” she joked. “Maybe I’ll have to get in on that sometime.”

Mom got up and started clearing the dishes, and before I could say anything, Jen grabbed my hand and led me off to my bedroom. She shut the door, and broke out laughing.

“Can you believe mom said that?”

I started Escort side to relax and laugh a bit. “Yeah, I know. She must have seen everything, and she’s okay with it.”

“Okay with it?” Jen said. “She wants in on it.”

“But, do you…really want to fuck?”

She looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“I’d like to, don’t get me wrong. But if you don’t, then that’s okay with me too. Whatever.”

She smiled and punched my arm. “Of course I want to fuck. Don’t you? Knowing that mom knows what’s going on, and that she wants to watch us, and maybe even join us?”

I nestled up to her, our bodies pressing against each other. Her breasts felt great crushed against me. We kissed, somewhat passionately. It may have been slightly romantic, but it was mostly a lustful kiss. Jen giggled as I ground my dick into her stomach.

“Wait,” she said, breaking off our kiss. “Is this your first time?”

I nodded. “What about you?”

“Mine too.” She smiled. “Wow, we’re going to lose our virginity together.”

I was so hard, I just wanted to jump her and let my instincts take over. She seemed to be pondering something else.

“Maybe we should let mom watch us,” she said. “Since she’s being so cool with all this, and she seemed kind of turned on.”

“You want mom to watch us fuck?”

“Yeah, it would be sexy. She knows what we’re doing anyway, so we might as well include her.”

It was turning me on to think of mom watching us go at it. Before I could open the door, Jen grabbed my dick and started rubbing it.

“Of course,” she said sexily, “we could have a little fun first.”

She kneeled in front of me and began sucking my dick. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back. She was pretty good at it, maybe she was a virgin but she seemed to know what she was doing. Her tongue was all over my shaft, and then she circled the head while she played with my balls. I didn’t let her go too far, though.

“If I cum now, I might not have enough energy left in me for fucking,” I told her.

She kissed my dick and we left the room. We would have to avoid dad, but he was busy watching TV. Mom was still in the kitchen. She saw us coming and smiled.

“Finished already?” she smirked.

“Mom,” Jen started, “would you…uh, well…we want you to watch us.”

Mom seemed surprised. “What?”

“If you know what we’re doing,” I said, “and you don’t mind us doing it, then you should join us.”

Mom couldn’t keep the smile from forming in the corner of her mouth. “You two want your mother to watch you have sex?”

Jen seemed a bit embarrassed. “Well, see, it’s our first time, for both of us.”

“I would be delighted to watch you,” mom said. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

We followed mom to her bedroom, since it had a king size bed. She quickly stripped off her panties, making me wonder if she was planning on joining in. She sat on the edge of the bed and patted it.

“Come over here,” she instructed.

Jen hopped onto the bed and lay on her back. I nervously joined her, sitting next to her. I felt nervous since it was my first time and someone was watching us.

“Just let me watch,” mom said. “I’m not going to say anything, I just want to see it happen.”

Jen pulled me on top of her, my dick burrowing between her thighs. She kissed me, as if suddenly energized. I think having mom watching us was really turning Jen on. Her hands were all over my body. Mom was silent, but she moved her head close so she could see the action.

I moved into position, and Jen spread her legs. Her neatly trimmed cunt was displayed to me and mom. Mom seemed to be eyeing it very intently. I grabbed my dick and pointed it at her opening. I gently thrust forward, careful not to go too deep.

Jen sighed as I entered her. She was incredibly tight, much more so that I expected. The three of us were staring at my dick gently probing her pussy. I felt her hymen stop me, and I glanced up to Jen. She nodded, and I continued further. When it gave way, Jen gasped. Mom smiled approvingly. I buried myself as far as I could go and held it inside of her.

Jen began to shudder, and to mom’s and my surprise, she had an orgasm. Her face contorted and her hips bucked against me. Her vaginal muscles clenched tightly around my shaft, tugging at me seductively. I Side escort bayan couldn’t thrust otherwise I might lose it.

After Jen’s orgasm faded, mom put her hand on Jen’s thigh, lightly rubbing it. Jen smiled at her, breathing heavily. I began to thrust, slowly at first.

Then I put my hands on her tits and began to hump her with more vigor. I fondled her tits while she moaned and whined. Mom watched excitedly as I slid in and out of Jen, her face inches away from us. I was really going at it, and the sounds Jen were making were heightening the pleasure.

“Where should I cum?” I asked mom huskily.

“In her pussy,” she answered quickly.


“Don’t worry, a mother has to make sure her daughter knows about birth control before starts having sex.”

I glanced to Jen, and her face told me that everything was fine. I assumed that she was probably taking birth control pills, and resumed fucking her.

Jen was starting to increase the volume of her cries until she had another orgasm, a very loud one. She wrapped her legs around my waist and dug her heels into my buttocks. This time her tight pussy clenching around my dick was too much for me. I groaned and released my semen into her. I came in long, powerful jets. Mom was delighted that I was coming in Jen’s pussy. My grunts were overpowered by Jen’s cries, and her orgasm lasted through mine. When I finished spurting my cum into her belly, I slowly pulled out.

Without warning, mom grabbed my dick and stuck it in her mouth. Her tongue polished me off, and I got the feeling she really liked the taste of pussy juice. Jen smiled at me.

“Oh god, that was good,” mom said. Then she leaned over and licked Jen’s pussy.

“Mmm,” Jen moaned. “I didn’t know you liked pussy, mom.”

“I like yours,” mom replied. “You kids got me so hot, watching that dick fuck your pussy. It was all I could do not to join in.”

I caressed mom’s large tits. “Maybe you should.”

Mom stopped licking Jen’s pussy long enough to kiss me on the lips.

“What about dad?” Jen said.

“Yes, we will have to include your father in this,” mom said.

“Do you think he’d be okay with it?”

Mom smiled. “I can persuade him. But Jen, I should warn you, he’ll want to fuck you. Are you alright with that?”

Jen smiled. “He wants to fuck me?”

“He’s told me on a few occasions that he’s fantasized about getting up your pussy.”

Mom’s fingers traced up and down Jen’s slit as she said this.

“I’ll fuck dad if I can fuck you,” Jen said devilishly.

Mom kissed Jen on the lips. The sight of them tonguing each other got me rock hard again. Mom was really getting into it with her, so I got behind her and opened her ass up. Mom gasped, but didn’t move to stop me. I positioned my dick at her pussy and thrust it up into her.

Mom groaned into Jen’s mouth, and Jen started rubbing her well-fucked pussy. Mom wasn’t nearly as tight as Jen, but she moved her hips and squeezed my shaft much more expertly. After I got a rhythm going, mom bent down and began licking Jen’s pussy again. Before long she was eating her out quite loudly. Jen was saying dirty, obscene things, chiding us on. Mom had a mouthful of pussy when I felt her tense up and suddenly she shuddered. Her orgasm was much bigger than Jen’s had been.

Mom whimpered into Jen’s mound as she came. I felt like I could do this forever. After Jen came, I turned Mom over and fucked her face to face. I wanted to watch her tits bounce while I stuffed her pussy. Jen caressed mom’s tits with one hand and my balls with the other. The double stimulation was building my orgasm faster.

“I’m gonna cum,” I said.

“Squirt in mom’s pussy,” Jen said. “Cum in her like you did in me.”

My announcement threw mom into another orgasm, and as her body twitched underneath me, I cried out and my cum shot up into her belly. I came with even more force than I had with Jen. After several powerful spurts, I leaned over mom and panted heavily. She was out of breath too.

“That was so fucking good,” mom said, lightly stroking my head.

Jen kissed mom, their tongues wrestling each other. After a while, we all relaxed on the bed.

“How will we tell dad?” Jen asked.

“We’ll all go out to the hot tub,” mom said. “After we’re all relaxed, put your hand on his dick. We’ll take it from there.”

Jen smiled. “I can’t wait to fuck him.” She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. “I hope he’s as good as you are.”

I was exhausted, but soon I felt mom’s mouth on my dick again. It was going to be a long night.

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