Incestuous Medicine Day 10

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Day 10-Thursday September 9

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming

WEATHER: “The heat wave has finally broken as we look at cooler temperatures throughout the day with the chance of rain in the evening.”


Hello, I’m Jade. I’m 18, Black, hot, and super into sports but not nearly as much as my friend Violet who is probably the most competitive person I’ve ever met. My mom is also her mom’s boss, oddly enough, but I feel like we were good friends before that. I’m not sure when Nancy started working for Mom actually.

Anyway, my best friend is actually her brother Rob, who isn’t into sports at all but from the moment I met him when we were kids, we just had much more in common than me and his sister. I guess I’m a big nerd like he is too, even if he doesn’t like sports he’ll still play sports video games with me so it kinda works out.

I was riding the bus and Rob got on and sat next to me. I smiled at him. We hadn’t talked much or even texted each other because he’d been sick but I thought he would have texted when he got better but I guess he’s been busy… at least I hoped that’s why he hasn’t contacted me…

“Hey buddy. What’s up?” I said to him as he sat next to me. I was being very friendly but I saw him cringe and I knew he was about to tell me something awful.

It wasn’t quite that way but he did say something I’d been dreading somewhat, “Jade…” he said, his face turning a very distinct shade of red, “would you be my girlfriend?”

I was a bit surprised but not too much. I mean it’s been obvious all summer that Rob had developed a crush on me. I had been wondering if he’d ever admit it or what I would say if he ever did.

So, feeling a bit put on the spot, I told him, “umm, no, you’re my best friend and I wouldn’t want to ruin that just because you have a crush.” I felt kinda mean just turning him down like that but my mom always taught me to speak my truth even if it hurts people.

Rob scowled, but jokingly, “you knew about my crush, huh?”

“I think the whole world knew.” I said with a smile, glad we could finally talk about it even though it was kinda random, “I mean, one day you were my best friend, the next day you were awkward as fuck around me. I mean, what happened?”

Rob took a breath and said, “you and my sisters were having a pool party and you wore your new swimsuit…” I was surprised he wasn’t blushing anymore by the time he said: “And it was really hot and sexy and I’d never seen that side of you before.”

I blinked. Rob was no longer embarrassed and before he was sick I don’t think he would have ever admitted any of this to me. He definitely would never have called me “hot” or “sexy.” I know it’s silly, but even seeing Rob with any confidence at all was kind of making him more attractive to me. I shook it off though, deciding it was just because I was glad we were talking again.

“Um, well,” I said, after a brief moment to gather my thoughts, “do you think you can be physically attracted to me and still be my best friend?” I asked, hoping that I didn’t ruin everything by rejecting him.

“Of course,” Rob said. He didn’t seem to be taking this too badly. I was actually pretty impressed with him. “Actually, now that it’s over, I kinda wish I had told you sooner.”

“You know what? Me too.” I told him and we chatted about the current state of various comic book universes for the rest of the trip. I was feeling ten times better about my friendship with Rob after that. I only wish I had set up my schedule so we had more classes together, but we ate lunch together and things felt normal again between the two of us.


I took a mental step back, I think, after seeing Rob cumming on his aunt yesterday. Back into my denial of my feelings for my son but so far I just pretended that Rob didn’t even have a condition. I don’t even know why it affected me so much. Something about them sneaking around, even though they were doing it right in the living room, I had already projected all my dirty feelings into my son and my sister without even realizing it.

So I made breakfast and went to work like normal and stopped thinking about Rob’s condition entirely while I worked. But, one thing I also did was turn in the one collection of semen we had since the last time we visited Xania at her office. And then she called me in the afternoon.

“Hello, I’m working.” I told her. I was a bit annoyed.

“Sorry,” Xania said, “call me back when you have a moment then.”

I sighed, realized that I was blaming her for my problems at home too, “no I’m sorry. I’m free now actually.” I said more sweetly.

“Good,” Xania said, “I’m checking the samples and it seems you’ve only turned one in. Is anything a problem?”

“No, that’s all we were able to collect this week.” I explained feeling miserable as I did.

“I see,” Xania said, “well, even with this much, I can tell that Rob’s sperm production tempobet yeni giriş is only increasing. If these samples aren’t collected regularly it could cause permanent damage, not to mention screw up my job for figuring out how best to treat your son. Please, take better care to get these samples Nancy. Set reminders in your phone if you have to.”

“I know i-” I said, about to make up some excuse but then Xania hung up. I sighed. Depressed as all the emotions I’d been blaming on everyone else all of a sudden came to bite me in the ass. I asked Fiona if I could leave early again and she let me go. I think she knew how distressed I was and didn’t even ask me for an excuse.


I’d been waiting for Thursday. Okay I guess I should explain something else. I made money working as a cam girl and made pretty good money doing it too. I have a bunch of toys, and borrow some from my mom sometimes because she’s got a lot of dildos for some reason. So when I’m away in my room doing “something nerdy” or whatever they think I’m doing, I’m probably masturbating myself for the camera for my many fans.

But Thursday was a special day because my mom worked late that day and in the afternoon it was just me and Rob. Used to not be important, and I’d use this time to go even more nuts with my can show than I normally did. But with Rob there…

After two days of planning how I would seduce Rob and reveal my cam show and see if he’d be an active participant, I came downstairs and my mom was in the kitchen painting her toenails.

“Oh? You’re still here?” I said. I was luckily still in one of my nerdy outfits as I had been wrestling with greeting Rob in one of my lingerie sets or even my dominatrix outfit, but didn’t want to come on too strong and decided to be normal…at first.

“Yeah,” Mom said, not looking away from her toes. “I took the rest of the week off too with my vacation days. I thought I told you I was going to do this.”

“You never tell me anything,” I said, annoyed, as I turned to walk back up the stairs. I was disappointed but it was fine. I didn’t let a plan falling through slow me down. Revealing I was a nympho cam girl to Rob all at once might’ve made his mind explode anyway, and I started to wonder what else I could do to ease him into it before next Thursday…


I feel so guilty about this! I thought as I drove home wondering if Rob was even home yet as it was still a little early, but I feel even guiltier not doing it! I remembered what Xania said earlier about how it could cause permanent damage if I didn’t help.

I arrived home and checked Rob’s bedroom and when he wasn’t there quickly walked through the rest of the house to make sure. Then I looked out back by the pool, even though it wasn’t that hot out it wasn’t so cold you couldn’t take a dip. He wasn’t there either.

I went to my room to lay down for a bit, glad I could take a moment to collect my bearings. I saw Pam called on my phone but didn’t want to call her back. I didn’t really want to hear whatever excuse she came up with about why yesterday happened. At the same time, though, I really wanted to talk to someone about this and it seemed like she was the only person who I could be really honest about what I was going through. Even though I didn’t really want to talk to my sister, I was about to call her back.

But then I heard the sound of Rob coming in through the front door and I dropped my phone on my bed and forgot about Pam entirely. It was time to face the music and collect my son’s semen sample.


I was just coming upstairs, ready to just chill out with some video games after another stressful day at school where I don’t think I managed to learn anything again because of me just ogling every hot girl plus two of my teachers and the principal. I didn’t expect for my mom to be waiting for me in the upstairs hallway.

“Hey Mom, you’re home early.” I said.

“Yes well,” Mom said, “Xania called me at work and we haven’t been keeping up on your semen samples. It’s possible that if we don’t do it, it could cause permanent damage. So, I asked off early to make sure we get a sample now and we’ll get another one before bed.” She then took a deep breath before continuing, her large breasts heaving beneath her shirt as she did so. “I’ve realized that we have to do this, you and I. And if either of us do anything we regret we just have to remind ourselves that getting your sperm sample is a necessity. No matter what, we have to get your sample. One in the morning and another in the evening.” She looked me in the eyes, Mom has the most beautiful brown eyes. “Except we’re doing this one now because we skipped this morning…” she was acting very clinical about this but I guess that’s what she needed to do, “would that be okay with you, Rob?”

I smiled, “well, it’s that or my balls explode right?” I joked, “Not much of a decision.”

Mom laughed tempobet giriş at my dumb joke and then we were both laughing like it was the funniest thing in the world. I think Mom needed something to laugh at right then.

“Okay,” Mom said, drying her eyes from laughing so hard, “drop your bookbag off in your room and then come to my bedroom.”


I went to my room then and had about two seconds to feel guilty about whatever I was about to do when Rob joined me in the room.

I looked at him and just like it is whenever I see him lately, I felt my heart flutter, my pussy moisten, my body cried out with lust, and I knew that I would feel guilty no matter what happened but not until later. Whatever happened. I wanted it at that moment.

“Take your clothes off,” I told my son, my heart all aflutter. He took off his shirt and I felt weak in the knees, “my grown son.” I said filled with pride.

He kicked his shoes off and dropped his pants and boxers all in one go. His penis was only halfway stiff but that was changing as I started at it. It grew to full harness in seconds, my son’s massive cock just calling for my attention.

He gripped his dick with both hands, “No.” I said, stopping him, grabbing his forearms and putting his hands to his sides.

“Huh? But I thought-” he started to say.

I put a finger to his lips and left it there, “Rob, you always do it too fast. I can’t have you chafing and getting an infection on top of all this stuff.” I got to my knees, his humongous dick throbbing in my face, “I’m going to do it for you from now on.” I placed my hands on either side of his massive cock, gripping tight in my hands. I started to slowly jerk him.


I wanted to moan, but I held back. I wanted to tell Mom how good it felt, but I didn’t. I wanted to grab her head and force her to suck me, but I definitely didn’t do that one. I was feeling a lot of conflict right then, I mean, Mom was the current woman I was lusting after, one of the reasons asking Jade out that morning didn’t seem like such a big hill I needed to climb, but now, I was speechless. I couldn’t figure out what Mom wanted, nor did I really know what I wanted. I did know that I really liked the feeling of Mom’s soft, beautiful hands as she jerks me off.

I was seconds away from cumming it felt like, but I held back, wanting it to last as long as humanly possible. This amazing feeling. I looked down at Mom’s face, she was practically drooling, her mouth inches from my bulbous cockhead. She looked so horny and sexy like that that I had to look away to keep myself from cumming right then. Mom defeated me though, she did it by speaking.

“Just cum whenever you need to Rob.” She said like it was the most normal thing in the world, “Go ahead and cum all over my face. I don’t mind. In fact, I think I’m starting to like it. And, I never thought I’d be admitting this to you, but it tastes so fucking good! I’ve never eaten sperm before yours but it’s delicious! I want you to give me a bellyful right now! I want it all over my face and in my mouth and-” It was too much her admitting all that. I started cumming like crazy, moaning out like some kind of horny gorilla and Mom moaned too as I started doing as she asked and covering her face in my jizz.

She did open her mouth as cum fell in, she swallowed, “Mmm, it really is so fucking GOOD!” She said before opening her mouth as I kept cumming all over her face, in her open mouth, on her neck and down to her breasts and shirt. I knew Mom was throwing her outfits away after I came on them, so I felt a little bad for ruining yet another one. I mean, not bad enough that I redirected where I was shooting, I mean, I was in the midst of cumming…

“Oh fuck,” Mom said as I finished covering her body in white, “You always cum so much. I guess that’s part of your condition.” She wiped my sperm out of her eyes and opened them enough to look at my cock, “And you’re still hard?” she said, “Hmm,” she seemed to consider something but then she said, “I suppose we’ll have to talk to Xania about that on Monday. Yes! That’s exactly what we’ll do…” she then did something that I find kinda sexy in a weird way. Mom picked up one of the medical cups and scooped my cum from where it had been pooling up in between her huge tits and along her neck.

She then kicked me out, but I forgot my clothes after having such a strong orgasm and she had locked the door behind her. I shrugged and got a new outfit in my room. I did eventually get to play some video games then, feeling a little conflicted by what just happened but mostly pretty good about it.


I felt strange as I showered. I threw my outfit away and saw that I literally only had two more outfits. I scowled at that but I would need to buy more clothes this weekend.

“Oh well,” I sang happily, feeling like I got something off my chest, or on my chest in the form of a pint tempobet güvenilirmi of my son’s cum… But I felt strange as I showered, that’s for sure.

As I hummed, feeling pleased for the first time in a while, I realized what was different, “I don’t feel guilty… How about that?”

I shut the shower off and got dressed. And sat in my room and thought about it, if I’m not ashamed…will I still be able to hold back?… I mean, I didn’t go too far this time. I kept it to just a handjob… And a facial, and I swallowed his cum… And now I feel guilty about that… and nobody else can know. That’s right. This is just a secret between me and Rob…

I got up off my bed and went to Rob’s room. I sat next to him on his loveseat where he was playing video games.

“You usually sit in your chair.” I pointed out.

Rob shrugged, “I sit in both places.” He paused his game and put his controller down to face me, “what’s up?”

I sighed, pretending I didn’t notice Rob staring at my boobs as my chest existed with air, “look,” I explained, “this is our secret okay? I know I fucked up already and now everyone knows about your condition… not to mention my unmotherly feelings for you. But we shouldn’t be talking to others about what happens behind closed doors in this house. Okay?”

“Yeah Mom, I wasn’t gonna tell anyone.” Rob said cheerfully. “I mean, ‘my mom gave me a handjob’ isn’t exactly something most people would brag about.” He was joking and I smiled.

“Well good, but don’t tell your sisters, or Pam and Jenna either.” I told him. But then I wondered, “and, son?”

“Yeah Mom?” He asked.

“Is what we did just now okay with you?”

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Well,” I huffed, “I just felt like I took it too far. I mean, I always feel that way, but I don’t know if doing anything more than keeping it medical is okay.”

Rob thought about what I said, “well, it helped me cum faster, that’s for sure.” He told me with a confident smile, “you’re a very sexy woman Mom and I like it when you talk dirty while you’re jerking me off.”

Rob was being so confident his statement took me by surprise. I was turned on, not just by his compliments but by his conviction. It was contagious because I then told him, “you’re a lot more open and honest after having an orgasm… I’ll have to remember that.”

We both laughed though neither of us was joking. I think we were both acting so differently from how we were before Rob was diagnosed with his condition. It was all we could do to release this intense moment between us.

As we laughed I got the overwhelming sense to kiss my son. But I didn’t. I took that as my cue to leave his room though.


For the rest of the day, things seemed fairly normal even though they were anything but. I played video games and did some homework, trying to figure out the things I missed in school.

My sisters came home after their practices and basically ignored me. This was typical while school was in session but that was fine with me because I had to study.

Mom was the strangest thing of all. I guess because of all the pulling back she’d been doing the past week or so, I figured she’d be back to feeling miserable but at dinner she kept telling bad jokes and asking lots of questions to my sister’s about soccer practice and school and being, well, just like a good mom.

I’d say it’s like she was back to normal but that’s not true. Truthfully, I’d never seen Mom like that before. So full of life and joy, it was practical radiating off of her.

After dinner, I went back to my room to attempt to study more but I just played video games instead. I was getting a little anxious about when Mom was going to come get me for another sample but she never did. I crawled into bed and turned my light off, undressing down to my boxers like I normally did for bed.

I was almost asleep when Mom snuck into my room.

“Hey,” she said, suddenly kneeling by the side of my bed and scaring the shit out of me.

“Fuck Mom!” I said in a harsh whisper, “you’re like a ninja!”

Though I whispered I was still kinda loud and Mom glanced over her shoulder at my closed door. “This is our secret, remember?” She said when she determined we were okay and looked back at me with her beautiful brown eyes. She smiled in a naughty way, “we can’t have your sisters discovering now can we.” And with that she removed my blanket revealing my hard cock.


I was so out of my mind horny, that I stared at my son’s big dick and giant balls in the moonlight. I was skipping into a fantasy of all the things I wanted to do to that massive…thing! But I pulled myself out of it, no! I thought sternly at my horny pussy, this is only for my son’s health that I’m doing this! None of this is for me! It’s all for my son! It’s all for Rob!

I bit my lip, I looked at him, he was looking back at me strangely. “What do you want me to do?” I asked. I knew I wanted him to want me to do it but I could never tell him that. “I mean,” I said, “correcting” myself, “How, do you want me to do this? Do you want to be lying down or…” I left the suggestion hanging in the air to let him know that it was all up to him.

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