Indian Father Pumps “Energy” Ch. 02

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This is the second and concluding part of my earlier story.


Let me tell that my name is Nisha and my father is Ram. In the first part of the story I had told about the seduction game between my father and my self. And how one day we were very close to actual fucking when my mother came in and we had to remain unsatisfied… now the second part of the story.

I was very furious with my mother, but it was her house so I could not say anything. Papa was also looking toward me with unsatisfied eyes.

Next day Papa came home from college a bit earlier. I thought of doing something today and changed to my old mini skirt and thin T shirt. As usual I was not wearing any panty or bra underneath. I came into drawing room where Papa was watching TV or perhaps pretending to watch it. I made 2 cups of tea and came near to Papa and handed him saying,

“Papa! You are the best Papa in world. You love me so much. Today I will sit in your lap and have my tea with you.”

Papa was happy to hear it and he took me by my waist and made me sit on his lap. As expected he was not wearing any underwear beneath it and he raised my skirt from behind while I was about to sit. This made my butts naked and I pretended as if I was not aware of my naked butts and sat squarely on my father’s, now hard cock. There was only a thin material of his lungi cloth among our genitals.

I was enjoying the feel of his hot cock in my butt crack and started rolling on it. Papa was also enjoying the sex game. After yesterday’s incident, when he was just about to ram his cock in my cunt, he has also gone bold. And he was feeling no fear in raising my skirt or shamelessly rolling his cock in my butt.

We both were enjoying our tea. I was thinking as to how to proceed further in the matter and perhaps Papa was also thinking the same.

As if to start conversation, Papa said,

“Nisha Beti! You are my most lovable daughter. You are so beautiful that I feel proud that I am your father. You are going to be more radiant with time and someone will be lucky enough to marry you.”

I acted shy and then thought it to be an opening to what I wanted and said,

“Papa! You are the most handsome papa in world. But I am not so beautiful as you tell. I am so thin and petite. All my friends in college are fleshy and chubby. These days nobody likes thin girls. I know that I was born before time so perhaps due to that reason I am thin. My body parts are underdeveloped as to my age. Many a times my friends tease me for my thinness and underdeveloped body. I feel shame.”

Saying this I hung my head as if in shame.

Papa put his palm under my chin and raising it said lovingly’

“Nisha Beti! Don’t feel bad for being thin. You are not thin but slim. You are so beautiful like a film actress. Still I do agree that if you gain weight a bit you will look more beautiful.”

I felt the conversation moving in right direction and said,

“Papa can you do something that I may gain weight and my body develops to my age like my other friends? Papa I have seen many photos of mummy, of her youth and also your marriage album. Mother was so thin at the time to marriage. Now she is so bulky and chubby. Her body is so plump. You must have done something which resulted the increase of her weight. Your treatment has resulted miracles. Please do the same treatment to me as you have done to mother so that I may also gain weight. I am so thin.”

Actually I had given my papa a green signal of what I wanted and indirectly told him to “do the same as he had done to mother”. I was his daughter so I could not be more shameless than this. It was a clear call to papa to fuck me.

Papa was wise enough to understand it and said,

“Nisha Beti! I don’t feel any body part of you to be underdeveloped. Which body part you feel like?”

I shyly said, “Papa! I am 19 years old, I am shy to speak to you. But I feel my chest (due to shyness I could not use the word boobs, tits or even breast) and hips are small. The girls of my age are having big bulky and full to flesh chest. And similarly my hips are so small. Hence my thighs lack flesh. I am so thin that I feels bad. Papa! I have noticed that at the time to your marriage, mother was also thin, but you did something that she gained flesh on her chest and hips so much that sometimes you call her a buffalo. Papa! What have you done with her. Please do the same treatment to me so that I may also gain flesh.”

Saying this I hid my face in his chest. I had virtually given him an open invitation to fuck me. Papa was not a child, he understood it but he was my father so there were many father daughter issues to be sorted out. He could not straightway hike my skirt and start fucking me. So keeping the seduction game he said,

“Nisha! I don’t think your chest or your hips are small. You please show me it so that I may judge if you really lack flesh there. Actually I have to check the size and tightness of the existing flesh. If it is tight and then I can hatay escort blow “air” or “energy'” in you. As we blow air in a balloon and it gains size, same way I may blow “air” in you and the size will increase.”

I was an Indian daughter, so how could I open my T shirt and show my naked boobs like a whore? So I was feeling shy so I said,

“papa! You are my father. How can I open my T shirt like this? I feel shy.” though saying this I was still sitting in his lap on his erect cock and rocking on it. I was seducing and showing innocence.

Papa jerked his lungi clad cock in my butt crack and moving his hand on my cheeks said,

“Oh Nisha Beti! You are speaking in old ways. I am your father and I have bathed and played with you in your childhood. I have seen you naked countless times. So you don’t shy and open your T shirt. If you still feel shy I may first check your hips under your skirt. You please stand up so that I may feel your hips. That way you don’t need to remove your clothes.”

saying this papa made me stand up. I shyly closed my eyes and put my hands on his shoulders. Papa put his hands on the back of my thighs and started raising them upward. As soon as papa’s hot hands touched my naked thighs, I felt a shivering in my spine. Papa’s hands reached under my mini skirt and reached on my naked butts.

A little moan escaped my lips. Papa was feeling my naked butts with his hands and caressing them. As my butts were naked, so I could feel his fingers moving in my butt crack. Papa now started fondling them and squeezing them with his hands.

Papa was enjoying mauling my butts but spoke nothing about my not wearing panty. He kept feeling my naked flesh and lovingly said,

“Nisha Beti! You are right. The size of your butts is small. But the flesh is so tight. I think if some “air” in blown in here or some “energy” is pumped in, your butts will swell big and you will look chubby.”

Saying this papa kept moving his hands on my bums and now he started moving his fingers in the crack till his index finger touched my anal opening. As soon as his finger touched my ass hole. I whimpered and my hold on his shoulders tightened, but I did nothing to remove his finger tip from my ass hole.

Papa could understand that I liked the finger on my hole. So he kept it there and started scratching my butt hole with its nails. I was moaning slightly. As I was standing just in his front, so he could hear me. With one hand papa kept fondling my naked butt and kept squeezing it and with other hand he kept caressing and scratching my butt hole.

I was in heaven. Papa’s cock was getting rock hard with each minute and my cunt was also getting wet now.

For 2-3 minutes papa kept doing it and then lovingly said,

“Nisha! Your butts are so tight. They can be blown bigger. Let me feel the front of your thighs to find, if they are also thin?”

saying this papa moved his hands towards my front side. His hands were on my thighs near my cunt. As I was not wearing any panty, so his fingers were quite near to the juncture of my thighs. I was already clean shaven my cunt specially for this occasion.

Papa’s fingers touched my outer lips on cunt. I felt like a electric shock. A loud moan came from my lips. Papa moved one hand on my thigh and other on my naked cunt lips, as if he was feeling the size of thighs.

I was on cloud nine. Papa’s fingers were moving on my outer thick lips, which were already wet and glistening with cunt juices. I wanted him to insert his fingers inside, but papa was damn seducer. He didn’t insert it and kept moving on the lips and occasionally kept giving pressure toward inside of cunt hole. His index finger tip was dangerously near to cunt opening. If he wanted, he could easily insert it in and I was desperately wanting it.

Papa kept enjoying my cunt and caressed thigh for some time and then removed his hands. I was perplexed with this abrupt snapping of his magical touch. I opened my eyes and as I being his daughter could not ask him as to why he has taken his hand out, looked at papa’s face with question in my gaze and before I could ask anything, papa said,

“Nisha! I think there is lot of tight flesh on your thighs and hips so I could be blown big. If energy is pumped in you, you will find them getting bigger shortly. Now please don’t shy and remove your T shirt so that I may check your “chest”, if it can also be made big.”

saying this papa held the hem of my T shirt and started raising it to my head, as if he feared that I may not refuse to remove it. Perhaps he wanted to see my tits. I was also so hot and horny now and thought if my father is not shying so why should I? So I raised my arms in air to help him. Papa removed my T shirt completely and put it on the side.

I was now standing naked with only a micro mini skirt inches before my father. My tits were small but so firm and looking like small guavas. There were small nipples of about half inch size and were dark brown in ığdır escort color. Papa’s eyes were glued to my tits and he was virtually drooling my tits.

I felt shame standing like this and again closed my eyes but kept standing like the same as before.

Papa slowly put both his hands on both of my tits and cupping them said lovingly.

“Nisha! You are so beautiful. Your mother was also not so beautiful in her youth. You are like an angel. Don’t feel bad about your skinny body. Your tits are quite big and tight. Though it would be better if they were bigger but I feel the flesh is so tight. So if they are pulled out big or blown big, they will certainly increase in size. If some energy is pumped in you, you will increase size in no time. See your tits are tight and the nipples are so erect. You don’t fear.”

Saying this papa started squeezing both my tits in his hands and started moving his palms on my erect nipples. I was already so horny, so my nipples were tight and poking in his palms like needles. Then papa put my nipples in his two fingers and started pinching and rolling them.

I was moaning shamelessly now and pushing my breasts forward was giving my loving papa more access to my tits.

Papa was also so horny now and his cock was so tight and as he was wearing only a lungi, so his rock hard cock was clearly visible to me. Papa was not trying anything to hide it and I was also looking at it shamelessly.

Papa was fondling my breasts. I wanted him to move forward so I asked in innocent voice,

“papa! You are saying that my chest and my hips can be “blown bigger” and you also say that “if energy is also pumped in me it will increase the speed of my getting bigger”. Papa what do you mean by that? I cant understand it. Please tell how you will do it? Is it the same technique by which my mother also increased her size?”

papa lovingly caressed my tits and squeezing them said,

“Yes Nisha, that is the same way I did it with your mother. Actually it is something which normally done between a husband and wife. It is a part of sex. A father and daughter are not supposed to do it. But this is the best and easiest way to gain weight. What we are doing is not something same but it is like a doctor does to his patient. In your case actually the chest could be put in mouth and the person tries to pull these out by sucking them. And also “air is blown” by putting mouth on mouth as if kissing. Then the air goes in the tits (yes in the heat of lust papa spoke the word “tit” and not “chest” but I kept silent as I was also getting hornier) and they blow big. If that is also not working much then some “energy is to be pumped in”. Then certainly the speed to gaining weight increases. I did the same with your mother. If you want I may put your tits in my mouth and try to pull them out and may blow some air through your mouth.”

perhaps papa knew that I was also willing and horny so saying this papa lowered his head and took one of my tit in his mouth and started sucking it. As my tits were small so one complete tit was in his mouth. I didn’t do anything to stop him. So papa also got encouragement and squeezing my other tit with his hand he kept sucking my complete tit in his mouth and started moving his tongue on its nipple.

Now I was also acting shamelessly and pushed my breast forward to let him take more of tit in mouth. I was moaning and put my hands behind his head and papa also kept sucking my tit. He was also shamelessly mauling my breasts and enjoying his young daughter’s tits.

After some time papa changed the breast and sucked the other tit. Then he removed that also and without asking me anything, put his mouth on my mouth and started kissing me like a lover. He parted my lips with his tongue and inserted it in. this was no way a kiss from father to daughter. But of a lover to love.

I was also behaving the same and we were sucking each others tongue and french kissing. He kept kissing me for some time and then removed his mouth. Then he lovingly asked me,

“Nisha! Look your breasts are looking a bit bigger. The air is blowing your tits out. I think if I blow some air in your hips area, they will also get bigger and you will get bigger hips and thighs.”

I asked innocently,

“Papa! Doesn’t the air you blew through my mouth goes to my hips? Or you have to do something else?”

Papa replied, “Nisha Beti! You see your tits are near to your mouth so the air blown through mouth effects the tits. But the hips are so far away. Hence GOD has given another mouth to all girls near to hips. To blow air in hips and thighs the lower mouth is to be used.”

I didn’t understood anything so asked him’

“Papa! But I have only one mouth. Where is the second mouth you are telling?”

Papa lovingly said,

“Nisha! For that I will have to remove your skirt. Please take it off so that I may show you your other mouth.”

now I could understand what papa meant by my “other mouth”. So I became ısparta escort red with shame and kept silent. But as I was so horny now and wanted papa to do something, so I kept standing there only.

Papa could understand my hesitation, so he lovingly put his fingers in the elastic of skirt and lowered it. As I was not wearing any panty and was standing facing Papa, so my neatly cleaned cunt came in view of him. As I was standing on ground and papa on sofa, so my cunt was quite in front of his mouth.

I was so wet by now that my cunt lips were glistening with its juices. I was feeling shy so I closed my eyes but did nothing to go away from papa.

Papa was so delighted to see my neatly shaved cunt. It was so puffy and whitish pink. As I was so young and not fucked much so my cunt lips were tightly closed and only a dark line of cunt lips was visible.

Papa put his right palm on my cunt lips and caressing them gently spoke in lovingly tone,

“Nisha! Beti. Your lower mouth is so beautiful. It is so nice that you keep it shaved. Your mummy don’t shave herself and I dislike that. She smells so bad there and also due to her being so bushy, it is even difficult to find her cunt hole. Your cunt is so good. See it smells so nice. I will blow air in you through it and in no time your hips and thigh area will get big and you will look more beautiful.”

Saying this papa put his hand behind my naked butts and pulled my near to him. I was also cooperating so I pushed my cunt near to his mouth. Papa started caressing my butts and then put both his hands on my cunt and opening my cunt lips with his fingers, as if to telling me said,

“Nisha! See when I part your cunt lips, the inner pinkish flesh looks. See this is your pee hole and this a bit bigger one is the “other mouth”. When a girl gives birth to a child, this hole stretches and the baby comes out. I will put my mouth on it and will blow in. If needed I will “pump energy” in you through this hole.”

saying this papa parted my cunt lips apart and started moving his index finger in the slit of my cunt. I was moaning loudly now as I was in heaven. Papa put his finger tip on my cunt hole and inserted it a bit inside. I was so wet now that his finger went in easily. As I was not fucked much and my cunt was not stretched yet, so when he tried to insert finger inside, I felt a pain and a painful whimper came from my mouth.

Though I did nothing to dislodge his finger out, but papa removed it as perhaps he didn’t want to make pain to me. By now papa was feeling restless so he again put his one hand behind my butt and pulling me near, put his mouth on my exposed cunt.

As soon as papa’s lips touched my cunt lips, I jumped with joy and pushed my cunt on his mouth. Papa started licking my cunt hole with the tip of his tongue and then started moving his tongue all the way from my cunt hole to my clitoris.

I was moaning loudly now. Papa started sucking and licking my cunt vigorously. I was moaning and cooperating him by pushing my cunt on his mouth. Papa was moving his other hand in the crack of my ass. His finger came on my ass opening and he started caressing my ass hole.

Then he pushed his finger a bit inside my ass hole and it went in till one knuckle. I felt a bit pain and pushed my cunt forward on his mouth. But I was getting so much enjoyment from his cunt licking that I ignored him and now papa started finger fucking my ass hole also with his finger up to 2 knuckles.

Papa put my clit in his lips and started chewing it. He inserted a bit of his finger in my cunt also and now he was finger fucking my cunt and ass simultaneously while lapping and licking my cunt channel. I was enjoying so much with my loving papa.

After some time my orgasm started building up and my moans started getting louder. I started pushing my cunt on papa’s mouth vigorously.

Papa could understand my coming orgasm but he didn’t want me to get orgasm as he has another plans. So he abruptly pulled both his fingers out from me and also removed his mouth.

I was bewildered as I was already on the verge of orgasm, but as he was my own papa, so neither could I ask him to continue lick or finger fuck me nor could I masturbate myself before him.

Papa pushed me a bit back and looking toward my swollen cunt and engrossed clit said,

“Nisha Beti! Look your cunt and your thighs look a bigger now. The air I filled in you is working. But it is the normal air. After some time it will evaporate and your thighs and your boobs will again go the old ways. Perhaps your body can’t keep the air. I think we will have to use my pump to pump energy air and energy juices in you. Because if the body is energetic, it will keep the air and also powerful body is bigger in size.”

I could not understand papa’s purpose. So innocently I asked him,

“Papa! I don’t understand. What is the “energy pump” and how “energy juices”?

Papa smiled and said,

“Nisha! You are so innocent. GOD has given every man a pump, which releases its juices which are so powerful that even the skinniest girls become plump with it. I had used my pump on your mother and it worked wonders. But you are my own loving daughter, and I am not supposed to use my pump on my daughter, so I am hesitant and thinking as to what to do?”

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