Induction of the First Years

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My mother is very pleased with me these days. I look forward to college reopening. She at first looked at me quizzically thinking that I was only eager to escape from home. But she could only detect my usual happiness with coming home for the holidays, and in any case the January reopening is the one that fills me with the greatest excitement. I am quite sure she has not yet managed to differentiate between that and the other ones.

Actually my friends and I were filled with anticipation as soon as we heard, in the closing days of last term, that the kids were doing their final examinations.

“Wait till those fresh kids get here. Some of them will be our playthings when college resumes in January,” we assured each other.

Other girls in our class only looked forward to making fun of the new girls as they came into campus looking bewildered by suddenly being the smallest. My friends and I have always looked at these other shallow-minded girls with a wry amusement. All they wanted was to have cruel fun at the expense of the new ones. Sometimes the new First Years would get beaten with pillows at night or made to run about in humiliating ways. One favourite trick is to give a newbie a small denomination coin and a list of groceries to buy as well as a demand for change. Sometimes they are required to do so in a given period of time, impossible to meet; if they were late additional beatings are meted out. Our form of welcoming the little ones is wholly different. We manage to have pleasure with our fun. At the very tender age of eighteen or nineteen they usually have little clue to the mysteries and sheer joy of sex. We show them the way. The best part is that we have done away with the need for the boys and their clumsy hands, empty words and messy aftermath.

* * *

My bags are now stowed away in the back of the Toyota Prado my mother decided will take me back to campus today, with the old man who has been the driver at home for as long as I can remember. He manages to smell of a stale sweat no matter the time of day. I sit in the back seat having resigned myself to endure it yet again. I have to say that he does handle cars with expertise; never have I had a scary experience at his hands. Now he swings the car smartly onto the Nyeri highway from Forest Road. As we go past the Barracks I look longingly at the gates wondering about the freedom of not being in college any more. What fun it must be to be a soldier!

Then comes the final plunge into the valley that must once have been pathway of a very big river. All that is left now is a small straggling stream. Up the slope on the other side as we come to the place where they demolished a wonderful large supermarket last year to make way for the Superhighway. Even now the huge machines can be seen making a huge fuss, throwing up unbelievable clouds of dust. Lucky my windows are securely closed! Ngotho turns us in on the road that will take us some way towards the Windsor Golf and Country Club. Wonderful place, that. Once Dad took us there for lunch and it was just fantastic. The lawns so neat and green, the buildings reminding me of the ones we had seen in parts of England while holidaying there. And the waiters so polite and courteous. But today we will not go as far as Windsor.

The driver turns the Prado off into the very rough road into Thome Estate (someone once Casibom told me that Thome is a translation of Gateway, an estate just next to this one). I can see the barrier into the estate but whose effectiveness, I think, must be next to nothing. I have never thought it would prevent anything or anybody doing exactly as they pleased. Just past it as the road swings away to the right, the college gate looms and my heart begins to pound. Will my friend Delina have arrived yet? And this evening, as is our custom, we will go to Mrs Mweras house for our usual welcome back to college ménage-a-trois. It is so good to be back here!

The wicked girl must have been lurking behind some building because she jumps me near the tuck-shop.

“Eeeii-ii!” I squeal in surprise. We cling to each other feeling the warmth of our young bodies flowing into each other. Nobody looking at us will think anything unusual at all. She helps me roll my bag on its little castors towards our house dormitory, all the while chattering like magpies.

“How was your Christmas? You didn’t invite you naughty thing!” she accused me jokingly.

“Weren’t you on holiday is some fancy place?” I remind her.

“Gawd, I missed you!”

In our room we cannot resist another hug, rolling on the bed. There is no fear anybody will find us here in our private kingdom. It was absolute heaven when the house-mistress allocated us as seniors this room for two. If a prefect and the college captain do not deserve this, you tell me who does!

Hot kisses, fondling and sweet words of missing each other these past 5 weeks take us right to the edge. Throwing off our clothes we fall greedily upon each others eager bodies. Oh, if only all these other empty-headed girls would discover that only a woman knows how and where to touch a woman’s body. They would never waste time with silly boys.

Some of them even sleep with old men they call sugar-daddies. Yuck, how disgusting is that! But I am sure it is not the old geezers bodies they find sweetness from; it must be the crisp currency notes they come back with. Delina has real talent in giving me, her darling, tingling pleasure. She tells me that I know her body’s responses better than I know my own. She claims I have spoilt her utterly.

Now she turns me so that my mouth is on her pussy while her hot breath blows over mine. Buried between her legs, I give her a right royal licking, sucking her juices like a glutton. She has a wonderful taste, tangy, with a hint of sweetness in it. I just wish it could be bottled for later use, but I suspect it would lose its special flavour if taken from any other container but this delicious pussy.

My god, what is she doing to me down there! I will scream in all the languages I know! I feel a thing starting to form deep in my body, growing in size and heat until it engulfs my whole being. My back stiffens like a broomstick while waves of something indescribable sweep through me like a tornado. But will the wicked girl desist? Not on your life! She continues to palpitate my cunt with her talented mouth and I climb that peak yet again and again. Dimly I am aware that my mouth been clamping her sex and that more liquid has flowed from her depths. She has also come very wetly, multiple times all over my face. We turn round to face each other.

“What a darling you are!” I can Casibom Giriş never express my gratitude enough to my sweet Delina for everything she is to me. We fall groggily into a slumber.

* * *

Our French and Latin teachers cottage gate is hard by the tennis courts. We can see her husbands car is not parked outside, much as we expected anyway since he works far away at Magadi Soda and only comes some weekends. She flings open the door and we can see she has changed into her nightgown. Some say that her head is far too small for her body, which flares at the hips into what must be size 52! We think she is the most beautiful creature on earth. Her slightly husky voice sometimes causes my mind to wander from her lesson, captured by her sexual magnetism.

At Assembly as the teachers file to the back of the Hall, I have seen one male teacher running his eyes greedily over those oh, so wide hips, no doubt longing to fondle them. Mrs Mwera has so little interest in men, however, that we often wonder why she bothered to marry at all.

* * *

A secretive look crosses the space between Mrs Mwera and Delina and I suspect they are up to no good. Delina excuses herself, “I won’t be long, darling!”

This leaves me all alone in the sitting room as Mrs Mwera is in the kitchen, but I don’t think much of it. I hear Delina coming back from the loo and through into the kitchen to join Mrs Mwera. They come in together, Mrs Mwera holding a container of ice-cream. She comes to stand in front of me and commands me in her teachers voice, “Stand up and remove all your clothes.”

Turning to Delina she roughly tells her, “Stop smiling and get busy!”

They drop dollops of ice-cream onto my 40C breasts, causing me to shiver slightly. Delina has to lick all of it from my boobs without touching me with her hands. But is that tongue wicked! Meanwhile Mrs Mwera has put her hands up Delina’s thighs and is stroking her and moaning. This sends Delina into a frenzy of licking. Some more ice-cream is lightly applied to my lips and I open my mouth. Mrs Mwera dives in with her hot tongue kissing me into a delirium. It seems they are set on driving me completely crazy. One hand is now grazing my inner thighs and I am in erotic heaven from all the licking, sucking, kissing and fondling the two of them are giving me. I can no longer keep track whose hands are where on my body, but Mrs Mwera’s wonderful breath on my mouth is driving me close to the edge.

Soon Delina is sitting in my lap humping me while Mrs Mwera’s hand is running from Delina’s bum and my thighs. My cunt is throbbing, aching to be touched but no one apparently is ready to do so. I decide to open Delina’s button and work on her tits. She has the kind of firm boobs that I suspect will stay that way into middle age even after childbirth. She even sleeps in her bras to prevent any sag developing. I find their nipples hardened into knobs of desire. She lets out a small scream but Mrs Mwera slaps my hand away and insists I should receive the pleasure tonight. Delina is pushed roughly off my lap and Mrs Mwera kneels on the carpet and starts to run a long tongue over my mons. I open my legs wide for her to do her thing. Delina is now at my boobs squeezing and licking while Mrs Mwera is busy between my legs. Suddenly I lift my hips off the sofa, wrapping one of my legs Casibom Yeni Giriş round Mrs Mwera’s neck as I come wildly, loudly screaming all my ancestors names.

* * *

The little one, as seems to be her habit, hangs back until all the others have taken their shower and then goes in all alone. She must be incredibly shy. As soon as we hear the shower running cheerfully we walk in smartly and find her gloriously nude and soapily wet. Ruth turns a surprised face to us, and then it pales into shock when she realises we are up to no good.

Delina whispers, “I will sidle up to her from the right. You block any avenues of escape.”

Smiling wickedly I reach out to touch her pert little tits whose nipples have risen because of the water cooling on her body plus the fear of what we might do to her.

“You will be very quiet if you don’t want to suffer,” I threaten her.

Delina passes me the soap the little one has been using to rub my hands in, as Delina herself also has done.

She tries to struggle away from us, pleading, “Please don’t hurt me!” But we know how to run this game, Delina and I. Soon she is putty in our hands as we rove all over her nubile young body.

Then the fun part begins. “Crouch slightly, part your legs,” Delina commands her. At first poor Ruth shows reluctance but a reminder of her suffering helps to win her over. Delina expertly massages her inner thighs while whispering how smooth they are. Up towards the little ones cunt which has not grown anything more than a fine down at this point. She rubs the pussy lips up and down while letting one finger graze the slit between the pert wet lips.

The girl is really suffering with shame. She has not imagined that anyone would see her naked yet here are these two big girls exploring her innermost secrets! I keep up an orchestra of fondling, petting and soft cooing. We dont really expect she will give in to us at this her first ravishing. But we ourselves are delirious with the pleasure of taking a young maiden unwillingly. Delina has started to push her finger into the wet cunt, parting her yet more with each stroke. Soon two joints of finger are delving into the little ones tight hole. Something must be changing because I can now register confusion in her young face. No woman can have her cunt touched that way without feeling some pleasure. Yet the pleasure is coming amidst her shame. I know Delinas special expertise with finger-fucking, and I wish I could ask her to transfer her attentions to me, (my cunt is running like the fucking, bloody Nile!) but this is not the moment.

I decide to suck these tender young tits into my mouth. I lick round the mounds that are still in their formative stages. I squeeze them lightly with my mouth and feel the half-lemon hardness that I know can be very painful if handled roughly, such as boys are prone to do. But I take one still-tiny nipple in my fingers while nibbling gently on the other. Delina reports that the yet-unfucked cunt is getting even wetter.

The poor girl is completely overcome and slides onto the bathroom floor. We both go down with her and Delina takes her clit between her fingers and rolls it this way and that. We feel she is about to come but that she herself probably has no idea what is happening to her. She moans helplessly as waves of the strange sensation wash over her.

When we feel her body relax and fall limp, Delina withdraws her hand with a soft plopping sound and we leave her there on the wet floor, weeping silently with humiliation at her deflowering.

Mrs Mwera will surely be pleased with this new recruit.

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