Initiation into the Sisterhood

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This story was told to me by my distant cousin Katie, who is quite openly bisexual, much to her long-time lover Adrian’s delight.

One night while I was staying with them, we were all laying naked on their big bed, Kate had just finished watching Adrian fuck me to a huge orgasm doggy style. Adrian was recouping his energy before he started on his beautiful lover. And as our conversations tend to do, we began talking about sex although this time it was specifically about first times.

Since Adrian and I both knew about Katie’s first times with both sexes she began to tell the story of a woman she had been the first time for…

I met Dana at a bar; I was there for an after work Friday night drink with a work colleague.

It got to about 7ish and my colleague had to get home, but I wanted to chill out a little more. So I ended up sitting alone with my drink at the bar. Beside me was this beautiful woman all dressed up with masses of long curly hair sipping her drink. We happened to make eye contact and I smiled. She smiled back and we started talking. Her name was Dana and she had been meeting a blind date and he’d rang to say he couldn’t make it but she couldn’t face going home after all the preparation. We continued to talk for a while. I told her that my lover had had to fly home six weeks ago on family business and today he had rang today to say he would be away for at least another four weeks.

After a few more drinks, Dana suggested dinner, I was all for it. In fact, I had been imaging eating Dana for most of the time we had been drinking together so I was happy to do anything she wanted to prolong our time together. We found a booth at the back and ordered. Our conversation turned to our lives and after a while I told her I was bisexual, I figured what the hell, I want this woman, may as well find out what she thinks.

Dana stared at me her eyes wide then she licked her lips and I knew she wasn’t repulsed by the idea. Her next question confirmed it, ‘What’s it like?’ During dinner I told her how I had always loved the woman’s body how soft and giving it could be. How I’d never grown out of that teenage feeling of wanting to touch another woman, to suckle a full breast. I told her that Adrian knows and loves that I find a woman’s pussy as delicious as he does, and that we shared often.

Dana was clearly intrigued by the idea and the dilation of her pupils told me she was aroused. She asked questions about what I’d done with women and I was open to telling her in sensual detail, she was really interested in my first time with a woman, so I told her how I’d allowed myself to be seduced by a couple because the woman had been slightly overweight and her breasts had looked so gorgeous under her tight top. Since it was getting late I asked Dana if she’d like to come back to my place for a night-cap, I was half expecting her to run at this point, I mean its bursa yabancı escort one thing to talk about it in the abstract quite another to take the next step. So when she said that would be lovely in the softest voice I’m not sure who was more surprised.

We hailed a taxi and sat in silence for the short trip, I paid the driver and went to the door; I was nervous that Dana would back out but she determinedly walked up the steps and waited for me to unlock the door. I directed Dana away from the formal lounge and into the comfortable family room. I poured us both a wine and sat down across from Dana. Dana’s dress wasn’t made to be worn in lounge chairs and the split was displaying the top of her leg encased in sheer stockings, the garter was also visible under the tight fabric. I dragged my eyes back up her body to stop briefly on her cleavage before meeting her eyes. Her look said I know you want me. Our gazes locked and me wondering will she agree,

‘Dana?’ I asked

‘Yes.’ she replied and that was all we needed to say, she had agreed to be my lover and to let me initiate her into the Sisterhood.

I stood up and took her hand. ‘Would you like to take a bath?’

Dana stood, we were literally breast to breast and my nipples hardened visibly, watching them Dana only nodded. Keeping hold of her hand I led the way to the big bathroom off the main bedroom. Dana gasped at the size and luxury of it. Adrian and I love to spend time in here so when we renovated we used the second bedroom and put everything we wanted in here.

I turned on the taps of the large bath and added some salts before turning back to Dana. Except for a few hand touches and standing close in the other room we had hardly touched and I found the idea so sexy that I wanted to prolong the suspense. ‘Dana, can I undress for you?’ I wanted her to watch me strip for her, plus I have always gotten a thrill from being naked while those around me are fully dressed.

‘Yes.’ Dana responded.

First though I leaned over and turned on a CD, lowering the volume so we could still talk without raising our voices. As the bath continued to fill I turned my back to Dana and began lowering the zip, slowly displaying my back to her. I slipped the sleeves down dropping the top to the tiles and finally turned to display my breasts held up in sheer cream lace, which ended below my hard nipples displaying them perfectly to Dana. While she gazed at them, I slipped off my jeans leaving only my tiny lace panties barely covering my pussy, I knew when she looked down she would know I was wet; the material obviously darkened.

I stood still letting her look her fill when she finally met my eyes I placed my hands behind my back and unclipped the bra letting it drop to the floor, my breasts swinging down gently. Slipping my hands down over my belly and pushing the tiny triangle bursa sınırsız escort down my legs, finally stepping free of them. Standing naked in front of this woman was so erotic; I could feel my heart racing. Dana had been silent all through my disrobing but her eyes said she was enjoying it immensely.

The bath was full so I leaned over and turned the taps, displaying my body to my appreciative audience. Finally Dana spoke when she said ‘You are completely shaved!’

I laughed and said ‘Waxed, actually. No stubborn stubble that way.’

Her only response was a little ‘Ohh.’

‘Would you like me to help you?’ I asked her.

‘No, I’ll do it, but can I do something first?’

‘Dana we can do what ever we like, no rules.’

What Dana did next almost made me cum, she bent down and picked up my panties and smelled the wetness. I shivered with the pure sensuality. She then went a step further and ran her tongue along the crotch. ‘Hmm I’ve always enjoyed tasting myself now I know I will enjoy you too.’

My thighs were quivering so much I sat on the side of the tub. Dana got naked in about two seconds, no subtly just haste, I was disappointed she hardly let me see her in her lingerie, until she straightened and displayed her beautiful body to me. Her breasts hung down under their own weight, her small waist rounding out to her hips, she was slim but still shapely. Her mound caught and held my attention she was completely covered in tight curls, so dense I couldn’t see any thing.

She walked towards me and the bath. I slipped into the bath, sighing at the hot water closing around me. ‘Why don’t you sit with your back to me?’ I suggested, so seconds later my tits pillowed this beautiful lush woman, her ass snug between my thighs and her head on my shoulder. We lay still for a few minutes I wanted her to adjust to the new intimacy of feeling a woman’s body.

After a few silent minutes I moved my hands around to run my fingers over Dana’s belly; just slowly up and down not wanting to spook her but allow her to get used to a woman’s touch. When she stayed relaxed, I moved my hands higher so I was cupping her tits, although Dana’s eyes were closed mine stayed open looking at the mirror across from us watching my fingers circle the deep red of her nipples. I watched myself pinch the hardened nubs and heard Dana’s moan. Bending my head I licked her neck tasting her sweat and perfume.

‘Mmmmmmmmmm, you taste yummy!’ I whispered as my mouth reached her ear, sucking the lobe into my mouth, still working her luscious tits with my fingers.

I nipped at her ear with my teeth just sharp enough to drive her wild but not enough to hurt. Dana pulled her head away, turning to look at me, her eyes half closed her lips parted, the look of a beautifully turned on woman.

‘Kiss me.’ she whispered leaning closer I happily görükle escort obliged, meeting her mouth halfway. Our soft lips touched momentarily then breaking apart before meeting again for greater contact, I moaned with the deliciousness of it. My tongue slipping out to taste her lips, then flicking gently to widen her mouth to allow my tongue to slide inside. I could feel her moans, as she tasted a woman’s tongue for the first time. After a short time her tongue began to respond tentatively tasting me. I drew my tongue back hoping she’d follow. I wanted to suck her tongue and seconds later I was; pulling on her tongue with strong sucks.

My hands left her breasts and journeyed lower tangling in the thick fleece I’d so admired earlier. At the feel of my fingers Dana pulled her mouth from mine. I stopped moving my fingers but didn’t remove them, wondering if she’d changed her mind. I watched, waiting for her next move.

‘I want to touch you,’ she finally breathed. ‘Let me turn around.’ I couldn’t move fast enough to get resettled; me sitting down a little further in the bath, Dana sitting between my legs her legs going over mine and around my hips. The minute we were comfortable Dana’s hands were stroking my breasts, cupping them, shaping them. My hands were under the water on her thighs sliding back toward her pussy, which due to her position was open and available. I wanted to finger her to her first orgasm of the night right here, while she held my tits. I finally touched my fingertip to her clit; she jumped at the feel, her hands clenching my nipples. ‘Would you like to suck my tits, Dana?’ I asked, already imagining her biting my nipples as she came.

She leaned down and kissed my hard nipple as I slipped my finger between her lips feeling her cunt completely surround the digit. Not for the first time I thought how I’d love to be a man for just one day. I wished I could slam my cock into this steaming pussy. I began to move my thumb on her clit while finger fucking her pussy. I wasn’t being subtle now I wanted to feel her orgasm. She began moving her hips and making those hot little keening sounds that woman make when they can feel their orgasms building.

‘Yes Baby, it feels so good.’ I said as her teeth scraped against my sensitive flesh. I slid a third finger into her cave, beginning to wonder if she could take four. She was so close now, I wanted to devour her, I wanted to make her lose control, but she was fighting it, making this one last.

‘Cum Dana, let me feel you.’ I growled and without warning scraped my nail over her clit. She came with a long scream. Her cunt clenching around my fingers, I continued to finger fuck her through it. As she’d cum she’d pulled away from my breast so I was disappointed not to feel her bite me, but I knew it was only the beginning of the evening. The next time she came I fully expected to have my tongue deep in that hot wet box.

But before that I wanted to have her taste me, have her suck my clit and spread my juice all over her face…

That was all of the story I got that night. Telling the story had worked the three of us into sexual frenzy and soon Katie’s mouth was busy with my cunt as Adrian fucked her own hot wet box.

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