Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 32

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 32 — Mother and Daughter need to talk about Sharing him.

Submitted: April 24, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: harem, incest (brother/sister), supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF

* * * * *

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out this story! This series is written like a novel, so be sure to start at Chapter 1 if you want to avoid major spoilers or confusion.

* * * * *

– CHAPTER 32 –

It took all of ten seconds of passionately kissing Avery’s mom, before her cheating husband recovered from the shock of the sounds we were making and spoke up from the other side of the door. Unsurprisingly, at first he couldn’t believe what he was hearing and said that plainly, only to tell us to stop.

And when that didn’t work, he became more aggressive, pounding on the door.

“Stop!” he nearly shrieked. “Stop before I kick down this door! What in the hell do you think you’re doing, Michelle?! Is that boy even legal?! Are you seriously screwing with a kid?!”

Michelle finally pulled away, his words snapping her out of our lustful exchange.

“Like you’re one to talk!” she yelled, her light gray face growing a little darker as her face flushed in anger, her dark gray freckles becoming a little less noticeable. “And how old is your little twit? Nineteen?! She can’t even drink yet!”

“She’s almost twenty!” he roared back, as if he was somehow countering her point.

“And you’re more than twice her age!” she retorted aggressively, only for her tone to become more flat, even if it was still firm. “Now, I’ve actually never kissed this young man until just now. But you’ve pushed me to do it! You made me decide to give you a dose of your own medicine, and he’s the closest thing available!”

Ouch. That stung a little.

Michelle immediately gave me an apologetic look, realizing what it sounded like she was saying. However, when her husband began stuttering as he tried to respond, she focused on the door again, her thin white eyebrows knitted together, the ring of white light in her azure and midnight eyes looking extra bright around her pupil.

“Now, you have one of two options. Either you leave, and I don’t call the police. Or you stay, and I’ll make you listen to me fuck this young man while the police are on their way!”

“The hell, Michelle?! You can’t be serious!”

“Don’t tempt me, bastard,” she hissed. “I’d like nothing more than to make you listen to a nice young man fuck me like you never could!”

“You’ll fuck him anyway if I leave!” he retorted.

“Actually, no, I won’t,” she said seriously. “I’m not in the mood at all,” she lied. “But I am very interested in making you feel like shit.”


He was completely silent.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine him leaving on his own, and started wondering how we might get out of this situation without it becoming a physical altercation. Or without actually getting the police involved, neither of which were ideal situations. Certainly, I could just manhandle the guy, but again that would mean it became a physical altercation.

Mr. Copeland cleared his throat. “Fine!” he snapped. “I’ll be sitting in my car on the curb down the street! Then we’ll see who is making up shit!”

“You go right ahead,” she hissed back. “We’ll be leaving in a couple of minutes either way. Now get the hell out. And if you follow us, I swear I’ll get a restraining order on you! The last thing I need is you harassing this boy’s sweet family that has been helping take care of us while you’ve been off fucking a barely legal girl!”

“Fucking bitch!” he yelled, surprising me when he stomped away and down the stairs.

Wow, was he really leaving?

I supposed he had no reason to believe she was lying about making him listen to her have sex with me, if for no other reason than revenge, and he’d be foolish to tempt her by hanging around longer. Not to mention, he also probably realized he sincerely had no right to be in this house and could really get arrested if she called the police on him.

That was assuming the house was only in her name, but I suspected it was after our conversation about the prenup and the way she spoke about this place.

Sighing, I decided to let Michelle go, knowing I’d really overstepped some major boundaries here. I’d been almost in a daze just a minute ago, thanks to the messages I’d received from Gabriella’s mom, but now I was feeling more sober about the situation, realizing things could really get out of hand if this guy tried to show up at my home.

I mean, how far would I have to go to keep him away? Because killing Avery’s dad wasn’t exactly an option, nor should I even really be thinking in those kind of terms, and he might actually get me arrested if I beat the shit out of him.

However, even as I released my grip on Michelle, I was surprised when she continued to hold on tightly.

“I’m so sorry, yalova escort dear,” she whispered, her star-eclipsed eyes looking ashamed. “I didn’t mean anything offensive by what I said.”

I shook my head. “You’re fine,” I replied gently. “But then, are we really going to leave in a couple of minutes, or are you wanting to do more stuff?” I paused. “Because I’d be more than happy to climb into bed with you,” I added.

Of course, I knew we’d have to probably try to avoid actual orgasms, like I’d done with my older sister, but I was open to burning with passion up until that point.

Michelle grimaced. “I…I don’t know, dear. There’s my daughter to consider, and…” Her voice trailed off.

Knowing my hormones were beginning to speak, I cleared my throat.

“Umm, it’s actually her fantasy,” I blurted out, prompting the woman to look up at me in shock and confusion. I quickly elaborated. “Her deepest fantasy is having her mom sort of ‘borrow her man’ and show him how things are done in the bedroom, or something like that. I promise you I’m not making that up,” I added.

She stared at me in disbelief, her star-eclipsed eyes mesmerizing, before sighing heavily. “I…I would need to speak with her first,” she said quietly, obviously reluctant to hurt my feelings.

“That’s okay,” I agreed adamantly, shocked we were even having this discussion. It made me more bold, causing me to wrap my arms around her again. “But please, really do talk to her. Because I want you, Michelle, and I feel confident Avery would be okay with that too. As well as Gabriella and my sister. In fact, Gabriella actually spoke with Avery about it, because my fiancé wants to share me with you too.”

“Oh honey,” she whispered, averting her gaze. “I…I think I want this,” she admitted. “And I want to try working this out with you. But please let me talk to my daughter first. My relationship with her is very important to me.”

“Definitely,” I agreed, suspecting I was being too intense now. I decided to let go again and take a step back, unsurprised when she allowed me to put some distance between us. “Really, that’s fine. And thank you,” I added.

“Thank you?” she said in surprise, focusing on me, her eyes slowly shifting back to their normal blue, even as her face and hair also transitioned to their usual colors. “For what?”

I shrugged, really wanting to reach out and stroke my fingers through her gorgeous blonde hair. “For wanting me, I guess.”

“Oh honey, how could I not want you?” she asked seriously. “You’re perfect. You’re kind and sweet and considerate. And also handsome and strong, and you stick up for those you love. You’re also responsible and helpful, and you have your head on straight. And then there’s the fact you worked so hard to save my life. So really, there’s nothing to hate, dear.”

I grinned at that.

Not that I was necessarily concerned that her willingness came from a passive influence I was having on her, having stopped caring about it at this point, but her listing off objective reasons why she liked me was kind of reassuring. Because it meant she did at least have some natural incentive to be interested in me, beyond the fact that I was half-incubus and capable of making women sincerely want me.

And for all I knew, maybe she had her own fantasies too — the type of fantasy that I could fulfill.

I decided to be blunt. “Oh, and was it okay that I called you ‘mom’ just now? Or maybe if I call you ‘mommy’ in the future?” I asked seriously.

Instantly, her entire body shifted, looking embarrassed as hell.

I laughed. “I’ll take that as a yes,” I said playfully, enjoying it when she looked like she was in physical pain, she was so mortified. “I liked it too,” I added, before taking a deep breath, knowing I probably shouldn’t tease her any further. “But anyway, I guess I’ll go downstairs and try to cool off, and then I’ll wait for you in the car, so your husband doesn’t freak out and think we’re doing stuff.”

“T-Thank you, h-honey,” Michelle stammered, unable to meet my gaze. “I’ll be down in just a few minutes. Just need to pack a bag and then grab some of my daughter’s clothes too.”

“Sure,” I agreed, deciding to leave it at that. Because I kind of wanted to ask her to bring something sexy back with her, but decided that might be going too far.

Besides, I was also perfectly fine with naked.

Especially since I was confident Michelle was physically phenomenal without clothing. Really, all my women were, though I also certainly didn’t mind having their bodies covered in something shiny, whether that be silk, leather, latex, vinyl, or anything similar.

Either way, I knew that I was going to have to take things slow with everyone at this point, since there was going to be a risk from having sex with me until I could learn how to sense the type of energy I absorbed. Or at least until Gabriella could learn to sense it.

Heading out the bedroom door, yalova escort bayan and downstairs, I realized Mr. Copeland hadn’t gone as far as he claimed. Certainly, he was outside on the sidewalk, but he’d stopped after walking only a single house down, appearing as if he’d decided to wait to see if his wife was telling the truth.

I still had an erection, but figured I’d walk over to the front door to see how he’d react to me cracking it open.

Sure enough, the moment I opened it a couple of inches, he abruptly turned around and continued walking down the sidewalk, almost as if he was afraid of getting caught. When he finally reached his car, all of which I was only hearing, my cock had calmed down enough to be able to make it to my own car.

Stepping outside the house, my expression neutral, I didn’t bother looking in his direction to see if he was watching now, opening my car noisily and then slamming my door shut. I then waited patiently for Michelle to finish gathering what she needed, wondering if she still planned on driving Avery’s car back to my house.

When I heard her grab a different set of keys, I suspected that was still her intention, which I was perfectly fine with, minus the issue with Mr. Copeland still hanging out in his own vehicle down the street. Because no way in hell was I going to let this asshole find out where I lived.

Wondering how I might handle the situation if he tried to follow us, I attempted to think of various solutions, only for Michelle to step out of the house…

Followed immediately by her cheating husband pulling off the curb and heading in our direction.

When she stopped at my window to remind me about taking her daughter’s car, Mr. Copeland pulled to a stop in front of the driveway, effectively blocking us in.

“Michelle,” he said firmly through his open window. “I have a right to know where my daughter is staying.”

Avery’s mom immediately straightened up as she glared at him. “No, you don’t,” she retorted. “Do you really think our eighteen-year-old daughter wants anything to do with you right now?” she demanded. “Not only are you dating someone her age, but you’ve all but abandoned us for a month now. Don’t come crawling back thinking either of us wants anything to do with you. There’s a reason why Avery didn’t give the hospital staff your phone number.”

He grimaced. “Michelle, don’t be like this. I was really worried about you.”

“Fuck off!” she snapped. “We want nothing to do with you, so go back to your whore! And I think I will get a restraining order against you, since you seem determined to continue harassing me.”

“You fuck off,” he snapped back, putting his car back in gear. “I don’t even know why I bother trying to care,” he added, only to speed off down the road.

Michelle sighed heavily.

“Let’s just go,” I whispered to her, grabbing her attention. “Don’t worry about him right now. I’ll follow you back to my place…” I paused. “Assuming you remember the way, from our trip here,” I added.

She nodded. “I do, honey. And that sounds good. I have more things to worry about than him right now.” She smiled warmly. “Like figuring out how you and I are going to work,” she said quietly.

Oh hell yes.

She really did want this to work out.

“Okay,” I replied with a huge grin. “I guess I’ll back up into the street and wait for you to pull in front of me.”

“Okay, dear,” she agreed, carrying her bag around to Avery’s vehicle. She then climbed in after I’d pulled out, and we were on our way.

As might be expected, our trip back home was quiet since we were driving separately, but it wasn’t too bad considering Avery and her mom only lived about fifteen minutes away. Like, the whole trip had been probably about forty-five minutes, with much of our time spent at Michelle’s house being caused by Mr. Copeland wanting to argue with his wife.

However, when we finally pulled into my driveway, I knew it was long enough for my sister to at least fully wake up, because I could hear her clicking open her shampoo in the shower. Alternatively, Gabriella and Avery were still sound asleep, cuddling in my bed.

And I wasn’t sure I could be happier.

Especially now that my second MILF was hopefully going to talk to her daughter soon about sharing me with the two of them. Like, shit, was this even real? I knew it was, but damn it was almost too good to be true. And was it because I was half-incubus? Or would this have been possible if I was simply supernatural and nothing more?

Honestly, while having sex with random women probably wouldn’t have been on the table, without it being something that I might truly need, I was actually inclined to believe that my fiancé and sister would have agreed to share me either way. And I was similarly inclined to believe that Avery and even her mom might both be willing to be a part of the relationship too, under the vital conditions that I was able to save them escort yalova after that car accident, since I was sure that had an influence on things.

But also especially because Avery secretly thought it would be hot for her mom to fuck her man, and it seemed as if Michelle was also aroused by the idea of fucking a hot young stud. More than that, Michelle seemed to be into the idea of me roleplaying as her son, possibly being turned on by the taboo nature of such a forbidden relationship.

Granted, it also probably helped that she didn’t actually have a son, which might have otherwise made such a fantasy seem too real to want to roleplay it. But technically I could be considered her son-in-law if I married Avery, and even if I didn’t legally marry her, I was sure this MILF would be happy to treat me as such either way.

Likewise, I was equally just as happy to treat her the same.

Granted, I knew I had to be patient for now. All in due time.

I focused on Michelle after we both climbed out of our respective cars. “Looks like my sister is awake taking a shower, but Gabriella and Avery are still asleep,” I explained, just to give her a heads up.

Michelle nodded. “I’ll probably take a shower after your sister is done, and then I’ll see if I can speak with my daughter once she gets up.” She paused. “Might wake her up, if she doesn’t on her own in the next hour or so, since talking about all this is kind of important.”

I tried not to grin. “Just know that what I told you is really true, and that she’s anxious about you thinking she’s messed up in the head. You’ll probably have to make it clear right away that it’s your fantasy too, so she doesn’t feel so bad.”

Michelle’s cheeks flushed at my assumption, clearing her throat as she began hurrying toward the house. “Umm, of course,” she agreed quietly, looking super embarrassed.

However, once we got inside, she realized there wasn’t really anywhere for her to go, other than the living room or kitchen. Thus, she just set her bag and purse down by the door, and then went into the kitchen to begin warming up breakfast again, since my sister was at least up.

Not wanting Michelle to feel awkward with me just standing around, I decided to step into the living room to respond to Mrs. Rebecca’s message, rereading her last message after I asked her if the decision to not sleep with her husband indefinitely meant she was my woman now.

‘Oh baby, you are so adorable. I suppose it does make me your woman. For now. Like I said, don’t let it go to your head…but yes. I am not sure how I am going to go back to fucking normal men.’

Her words sincerely put a grin on my face, even though I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out long-term, in practice. Still, while I definitely loved both Serenity and Gabriella, I wasn’t sure that my sexual experiences with them were ever going to compare to Mrs. Rebecca Watson.

Not that the amount of pleasure was the most important thing, nor did that imply that having sex with anyone else wouldn’t feel good.

No, as much as it felt good, Gabriella’s mom could never take my sister’s place in my heart, or even the place of her daughter.

But the level of raw passion and lust I experienced with Gabriella’s mom felt like it was an entirely different level of ecstasy from anything I’d ever experienced before. Like, I honestly wasn’t sure I would ever experience it again with another person.

At the very least, while I didn’t feel like I was ruined for other women, I could certainly understand how she might feel like she couldn’t go back to sleeping with normal men. I hoped she didn’t end up resenting me for that one day, but for now I couldn’t deny it made me probably more happy than I should be.

More accomplished than I should be, as well.

Deciding to plop down on the couch, hearing that it sounded like my sister might be almost done with rinsing off in the shower, I decided to send Mrs. Watson a response.

‘Not to sound like a selfish idiot, but that makes me really happy. Like, I’m kind of worried how your daughter will feel about that, since we’re talking about her dad, even if he’s okay with it for now. But at the same time, I want you so bad.’

I then took a deep breath as I focused on the empty fireplace, my mind beginning to wander as I thought about last night and today, unable to believe so many amazing things had happened in such a short amount of time. However, when I heard Michelle sigh heavily in the kitchen, sounding like she was typing a message on her phone, I again recalled the black stone due to her previous reaction to it.

Shit, we never did ask Gabriella’s mom about it, and I still felt like that was a major priority.

More than that.

As amazing as sex with Mrs. Rebecca had been, I kind of felt dumb all of a sudden, especially recalling how severely Michelle reacted to the stone. Like, we might be dealing with something really dangerous here, and I’d chosen to have sex, instead of dealing with a potentially life-threatening issue.

Dammit, I needed to get my priorities straight.

Granted, I felt like what happened last night was sincerely important as well, since I myself could possibly be dangerous to those I slept with, but still…

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