Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 03

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One night, we came up with the idea of guy’s retreat…to get away from things, take a week to camp and spend some time hiking and fishing. Nice in concept but we both knew there would be far more hiking, because neither of us really have the patience, required for fishing. We planned things over the next few weeks and finally the departure was upon us. The night before, we did all the shopping for groceries, placing great care in selecting beer, of course. We decided to take his jeep so we finished off the packing, later that night; that way we could head out first thing in the morning.

I was the first to start driving and, at five hours, we would switch at a diner, just off the interstate. We talked for the first hour or so, until Eric dozed off. He’d been working some serious hours so I let the poor guy sleep. There was little or no traffic, so I cranked the music and made good time. We made it to the diner and had lunch. It was the kind of place with great food, incredible coffee and everybody knew everybody.

We arrived a little earlier than predicted, but stopped at the ranger’s office and got our bearings…we were able to park within a quarter mile of where we set up camp. It was an ideal spot next to a beautiful trout stream. Since we only had a couple hours, we had no luck with the fishing that first day. I didn’t really matter because we brought plenty of food with us. It had been a long drive so we had just turned in…we both wanted to get into the tent to start our first evening in the wilderness. The campfire had almost burned out, with a few coals to create a glow in the little tent, we shared. We had just worked off our clothes and started to go at it. Eric, nestled in a sleeping bag next to mine, had his mouth wrapped around my dick and I heard a strange noise. I whispered, “What the hell’s that?”

He quietly motioned for me to go outside, with him, to check things out. We were buck naked out in the middle of the woods, miles from a road or even an address…in other words, civilization was distant. It was a warm night with heady scent of pine that went with the place. The illumination around the lingering coals offered little help with our search. So we put a couple logs on the fire that created a cloud of sparks and increasingly larger flames. Both of us looked a little more, with flashlights before giving up and deciding it was probably just an owl, opossum or raccoon. The ranger had said there was little danger this time of year…so we were comfortable with things.

I went to the car and brought back the bourbon…a very necessary part of camping and thought it would calm things down. We both took a horn from the bottle…Eric winced a little and I grinned because I knew what he was thinking…I sat on a t-shirt and leaned back against a boulder near the fire. I was intent on giving him, what we both wanted.

I ran my hands across my pecs, tracing circles around each nipple and lightly squeezing. My dick began to expand, gradually raising off my belly, as blood pumped to fill its girth. Eric stared down over the defined curves of my lean body, watching me grow larger and larger. Watching it pulse as it inched further up my belly. I took my hand and stroked over my abs on the way to what was now a solid, erection. The glow of the campfire did amazing things for the sculpted shaft, making it a thing of wet dreams…fuck…I was turned on by my own cock. When my fingers stretched to wrap around it, I slowly stroked, up and down, over the entire length, before focusing on the big fleshy head…the crown of my manhood. Precum had just started to flow over the tip, gradually trickling onto the fingers.

With my hand wrapped around a seriously throbbing boner, I was almost too engrossed in my own pleasure, to realize my moans were joining Eric’s. “Yer such a fuckin’ stud…!” He stood above me with the campfire behind him, his face shadowed, but I couldn’t miss what he was stroking. It was gorgeous…he just had a beautiful cock…whatever…it was amazing to watch.

I teased him by edging, stopping just before it was too late. To stall, I held it with both hands and squeezed hard…thumped it around. Precum still Bomonti Escort trickled, but the building orgasm was pushed back and I was able to resume.

He watched me stroke by the fire, in the glow, my dick glistened warmly with precum. He moved closer; I knew what he wanted. I knew what his thoughts were; I could see them in his eyes. Unable to resist any longer…he straddled, steadied my dick and mounted it. He took the entire thing up his tight ass and found himself, face to face, with his desires. “Fuuuuuck! That thing does it…for me…can’t fucking get enough…love that cock, dude! Oooohhhh fuck! “

Eric rode like a pro, bucking like a hot, sexy cowboy…relentlessly, bouncing his hips up and down…up and down. “Ride it dude…ride me…you’re my hot cowboy…ride it!” I felt his fingers dig into my shoulders, when he grabbed ahold to ride harder. He was lost in the pleasure of that shaft filling him…withdrawing, then forcing its way, back into his belly.

His dick was an incredible sight; it was hard and flopping wildly between us…and precum was shiny over the head…it was splattering over my belly and his. “Fuck yeah…fuck me…fuck …fuck…!” When he wasn’t voicing sexy ramblings, he was grunting and moaning with pleasure. “Mmmmm…yer cock feels fuckin’…good, Rob…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me with that fucking big man cock!”

“Your ass makes it feel good. Fuckin’ ride that dick…ride me…yesssss…ride it hard…” I yielded to the pleasure, rolling my head back and humping my hips, harder, up to meet his ass.

He loved it, “Fuck yeah…mmmm, fuck me…fuck that tight ass…it’s yours…use it, dude…fuck it…use it…use it…use my ass!”

My words and breathing, clearly scattered, I screamed from the intensity of a release, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “Yer…fuck! Yer makin’ me…cum…fuck! Yesssssssss”

Eric reacted, fucking harder and slamming himself down over the explosion of seed. He felt it fill his body with heat. “Mmmm…Rob…give it to me…give me all that juice…yessssss…give it to me!”

Still sitting on my lap and impaled, I stretched up to kiss and he trailed kisses over my neck and whispered, “Shit, Rob, you are amazing!”

With his fucked hole, he stood and dripped sex from his ass and down over his balls, “Your dick made me hard as a rock…my turn…I’m giving you a show, now.” Rocking his hips toward me, he pumped the whole length through his fingers. He stooped and treated me to the salty precum, spread over his head…it tasted like Eric.

Leering…lusting, his eyes explored my body (his playground), as he jacked himself. He loved to look at my body…his obsession was equaled with my obsession for his body. Now, though, his sole mission was to relieve himself of a load…a big load, built from riding me with his ass.

“Fuck…are you ready for it? So fucking close…cumming…cumming…fugggghhhhh!” I watched his body shiver and his cock exploded, spraying cum over my chest. He flopped to the ground, cum still seeping, and I gently stroked the fading orgasm from his dick. In return, he reached over to do me. In the warmth of the firelight, we quietly, gazed at one another, not saying a word, just gently masturbating each other. I broke the silence with, “Well, things just keep getting better…don’t they?”

“Fuck you aren’t kidding…sign me up for more camping.”

I woke up the next morning, spooning with my wood, pressed against his backside…he seemed to be moving a little, coming back to life. With his short tousled hair, he smiled, “Let me take care of that.”

“It’s all yours.”

From my movements, rolling over and shifting around, it wobbled and bounced over my belly. I watched it pulse under his gaze, as he moved closer and closer. Knowing where we were with our relationship, I just laid back and shut my eyes…happy to be here, with him…in his hands. We were just waking up and in no hurry…the time together was precious to both of us.

He held me with both hands and slowly worked up over the length, lovingly massaging and caressing. I felt it respond to his touch with a pulsing hardness. He Bomonti Escort Bayan always joked that he had a cock addiction. He really enjoyed the weight and sensation of having it in his hand…I know he loved having a one-on-one, with my cock. When we started dating, he shared with me that he’s craved cock, ever since the first time he got to hold another man…each time he held me it was that time all over again. He loved sucking it…he continued stroking until a bead formed. He leaned in to snatch it with his tongue; it was time…time to take it all. He loved to take it all. He licked his way down over the shaft, then back up again. When he wrapped his lips around the head, I could feel the heat of his mouth. Inch by inch, he slowly pushed down over me, aggressively working with his tongue. I rolled and humped myself into him, but he maintained that slow, steady pace…just enjoying the moment of having me in his mouth.

Over and over, he pumped his face up and down, over me. Face-fucking, harder my breathing skipped and my muscles tensed…I was there…ready to explode. The intense need to cum, forced my fingers deep into his hair, where I pushed him to take it, faster. He just kept sucking until I was done…he swallowed hard as my release streamed over his tongue.

His face just kept pumping over me, till he’d taken every lost drop…it was hot, thick and nourishment for his needs. As the intensity passed, he continued till I felt his head come to rest on my chest…just looking, admiring and worshipping the fading morning-wood. Both satisfied, we drifted back to sleep, waking a couple hours later and ready for breakfast.

It was a beautiful, cloudless, summer day, and we decided to hike up to a lake…we thought we might rent a canoe maybe on Thursday. In need of a little bath when we got back to camp, we decided to take care of things downstream. We knew there was no one nearby, but still scoped things out, before shedding any clothes. Once in water, we grabbed at each other and flirted a little. I was hard and he pulled it down, but it flipped back up and slapped over my belly. The water was on the cool side…it felt good, but our balls did that funny retreat. I cupped his shrunken sack and sucked what I could into my mouth. “Just trying to warm the little guys.” I gripped his hard flesh, opened my mouth and let him watch it disappear through my lips. His groans were intense, when I worked it, in and out. I eventually cast a gaze up at him, when our eyes met, I knew what he needed. I motioned to head for a little sandbar on the other side of the stream. I grabbed at his ass…fuck it was so hot, but I really wanted some more meat…had to have it.

We dried ourselves and came to face each other; he kissed me and my hands went down to grab for cock. They (our cocks) were huddling together, but warm and throbbing after the chilly plunge. I pressed them together and stretched a hand to grasp both; stroking up over the pair.

I laid him down on a towel and straddled his body, in a sixty-nine. I licked over the tip of his rock hard cock and he moaned, as my mouth closed around the head. While, his hand grabbed the root of my dick, just before I felt it bathing in the heat of his mouth. Going at it and sucking each other, we were both humping our way to release. I wrapped both my arms under his thighs, just under his cheeks, to pull him into me. I impaled myself with Eric, savoring every inch, over and over, as it passed through my lips.

He, too, kept his mouth stroking over the entire length, from the very tip to the pubes at the very base. We rhythmically humped into each other, grunting and moaning the best we could, through the meat. I felt his throat wrap around the very tip and his body stiffen…he pumped me full of seed. While I just kept driving him into my mouth, the juices that escaped my swallows, dribbled down his flesh. Our bodies, moving in sync, continued to wildly hump into each other. Finally, I lost it all, slamming hard into his face, with my cock pulsing out a load. The taste of my creamy seed filled his mouth. As my body worked through the intensity of orgasm, I pulled off and moaned Escort Bomonti into the wilderness. Eric sucked till I finished and kissed over my body, licking sweat from my chest. Under that blue sky, we pressed into one another, with our tongues wrapping over each other to share seed…it was salty, musky and sexy…amazing.

“Mmmm,” I softly kissed his cheek, “That was fucking sweet…ready for another dip before we head back?”

“Fuck yeah,” he grabbed at my ass and teased me with a swat, before splashing back into the water. We fucked around in the water for a long time, before returning to camp. Considering how hot and tired we were, it was cool and felt damned good. We had an amazing time sharing the wilderness and our desires with one another. It was a whole week of waking up together, coffee and wood, not always in that order. We loved to have coffee in bed, together, so, we took turns making it over the little, camp stove.

One of those mornings, I stumbled across the maple syrup, when I was bringing coffee; I brought both back to the tent…I thought few things can compare to a really hot dick, covered in maple syrup. First, I put some on his nipples, to nibble and suck them clean. I kissed my way down over his body, his abs, and finally between his legs. Then, starting at that beautiful, purple tip, I drizzled syrup and watched it run down over the shaft. After spreading it with my fingers, I had him suck them clean, while I focused on him…nibbling at the delicate spot under the tip. I repeatedly licked my way up and down over his dick, taking it all into my mouth. After I sucked him clean, for the most part, I dripped a tiny bit more over the tip and placed all my attention there, on that beautiful swollen head. It didn’t take long before he was moaning and leaking his own syrup. I went to work, taking it deep and stroking my lips down over him. He moaned, as I leaned forward to go deeper and push harder at my throat. I tightened my lips over the base and ran them up the entire length, sensing every minute sexy contour of his cock. Eventually, he tensed and groaned, “Rob that feels…good…yer makin’ me cum…so close! Robbbiieee!”

His dick was aching for release; I pulled off and stroked him to orgasm. “Fuck…I’m gonna cum…gonna cum…fuck, gonna cum…cummmmming…aaahhhhhh! Fuckkkkk…cummmming!” The cum shot a couple inches, proud of the tip and sprayed over his belly. After catching his breath, he was ready for more and grinned, “That was fucking sweet! Will you fuck me now?”

I was so fucking horny and hard from the blowjob; I was more than ready. “You bet, let me take that tight, little hole…I need it…I want you to ride!” No hesitation, he pushed me back into the sleeping bag and straddled me; while, I held myself under his ring, I watched him slowly impale himself. He groaned deeply and took it all the way, resting his ass on my hips. His head nodded back and his eyes followed, while he just sat there…savoring the cock inside.

“Yeahhhhh…ooooh god, that’s fucking perfect!”

He pumped his body up and down over the shaft, taking it all, deep inside. I met his strokes by rolling my hips up to meet his ass; he moaned each time our bodies slapped together. My orgasm built slowly, reaching a peak just as I gripped his ass to drive myself harder. As I watched his swollen dick bounce and bob between our bodies, I pulsed cum up into him.

I looked up as the orgasm swept through me…I knew he was close, too. Still holding my cock deep in his ass, he leaned back on his hands and bounced his hips faster. I wrapped my hand around his cock, flopping with his efforts to fuck himself.

I ran my hand over his dick with a few scattered strokes…it didn’t take long before he moaned again, “I’m there, Rob…stroke it…oh god…stroke it…cumming again…already…fuck!”

“Fuck, I’m cumming…cumming again…fuck,” he screamed as his hips moved back and forth to ride me and pump his dick through my hand. He sprayed seed out over my chest, with a load moan.

His breathing returned to normal and he snuggled up to me under the sleeping bag. He just grinned and smiled, “Dude…what a morning…thanks for breakfast!”

On our last couple days, we opted for a beautiful B & B in town. It was nice to have a hot shower, especially together…and he was able to get all the syrup out of his pubes. We never got the chance to go camping again, but we both remember…camping…

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