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John hunched over his computer, scanning his brain for ideas. He had taken up the hobby of writing erotic literature, and up until recently, it had come very easily to him. He could always think up new naughty scenarios complete with long, teasing foreplay and ending with “the best orgasm he/she had ever had.” But after breaking it off with Jessica, he last girl he was fucking, he hadn’t gotten any for weeks and found a resulting writer’s block.

Giving up, John stood from the computer chair and sauntered into the kitchen for some brain food. He found his roommate, Allison, standing over the kitchen sink doing the dishes. John had always secretly lusted after Allison but never let his thoughts about her get too carried away since she had a boyfriend. But tonight he couldn’t help but stop in the doorway and stare at her ass as she bent over the sink. She was wearing little blue booty shorts and a wife beater, and was giving him a nice view of her long, thin legs and tight little ass. He wanted nothing more than to unzip right there and do her from behind as she bent over the sink. Suddenly, Allison spun around, startled. “You scared the shit out of me!” she said. John blushed a little, hoping she had no clue he had been drooling over her backside for the past thirty seconds. And now that she had spun around, he noticed her perky pink nipples were completely showing through her white shirt, since it was soaked with sink water. John felt himself grow hard and casually held a newspaper over his erection.

“Oh hey, I was just coming in for a snack,” he said.

“Good idea. I’m starving,” said Allison, as she rummaged through the fridge. She returned to the counter with some strawberries and whipped cream.

“So what have you been doing all day?” she asked.

“Well I was working on an erotic story, but I couldn’t really get any worthwhile ideas. I’ve been in quite the sexual slump lately.”

“What a shame. Maybe I could provide some inspiration.” She said.

John immediately felt his cock grow hard again. He gulped. “Really?”

“Yeah. Kevin and I have a great sex life. I could tell you all about it if you want; maybe it’ll give you some ideas for your story.”

Now feeling incredibly foolish, but still disappointed, John said he thought that’d be a great idea. He could use all the help he could get.

“Okay, well let me try to recall some of our best sessions. Hmmm… sometimes when he stays the night here, I like to wake him up with a blowjob or if I’m really nimble I can get myself completely straddled on his cock before he even wakes up. That’s the best because he’s always really horny in the morning, so his cock is very hard and it feels really good in my pussy.”

John nodded and took mental notes, trying not to show how incredibly turned on he was getting from her talking like this. As she continued, she was slowly licking whipped cream off her fingers, and there was a little bit on the corner of her mouth. The sight filled John’s mind with naughty thoughts about her.

“Let’s see, what else…. oh I love giving him head. I love the way it feels when he comes in my mouth and I love feeling somewhat submissive to him. Sometimes he makes me kneel on the ground with my hands bursa escort tied behind my back. He says it turns him on because my tits stick out a lot when my hands are tied behind my back, and since I can only use my tongue, it takes him longer to come. I spend hours just teasing his cock with my mouth, vigorously sucking on it and running my tongue all over the tip. Sometimes I get tired doing this, though, so he’ll tie my arms and legs to the bedposts. Then he teases my clit with his tongue until I can barely stand it. It feels the best when he rams his fingers into me and licks my clit at the same time. After making me come once or twice, gives me what I really want. First, he fucks my mouth good and hard. He pushes his cock deep into my throat, making me gag sometimes. But I love it because I feel like he’s overpowering me and I love being his little sex toy. Then he finally lets me take his cock in my sopping wet pussy. He starts by slowly pushing his huge cock deep inside me. Sometimes he’ll just stay there for a few minutes and make me beg him to pump his cock in and out of me. I plead and try to thrust my hips but he holds me down so I can’t move. It gets me so hot. Finally he gives it to me, thrusting his cock in and out of me, pushing his pubic bone up against my clit. I usually come a few times before he does, and sometimes we come at the same time. It’s so amazing. I love feeling him come while we’re fucking. God I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

John was fully erect by now. He had gotten so incredibly turned on listening to her sexy stories and her body provided a great visual to go along with it. Her nipples were still hard as knots, practically begging him to rip her shirt off and suck on them right then and there.

“Well, I think some of that stuff will help my story. Umm thanks?” John said awkwardly.

“No prob. I’m gonna go take a shower. If you need any more help, let me know,” she said.

As she waltzed down the hall John couldn’t help but think she was making some sort of suggestion. If you need any help let me know. That was totally an invitation to rip open the shower curtain and ask her to bend over and give you the inspiration you need.

Still, John ignored his horny boy thoughts and decided not to cross lines that shouldn’t be crossed. He returned to his computer and tried to write again. Meanwhile, Allison had made her way into their third roommate, Hannah’s, room.

Forgetting to knock, Allison walked in to find Hannah masturbating on her bed. Hannah was shocked at first, but then just let out a breathy giggle. This wasn’t the first time Allison had seen Hannah masturbate. They were closer than close and totally comfortable with each other.

“What’s up?” Hannah asked.

“Not much; just about to take a shower. I was just talking to John and he’s having some trouble getting ideas for his erotic story. Poor guy.”

Still in her highly aroused state, Hannah got a genius idea. She told Allison that she thought it’d be “cute” if they barged into John’s room and had their way with him.

“It’d be just the help he needs,” she enthusiastically claimed, trying her best to coerce Allison.

Allison was opposed to the idea at first because of her boyfriend, bursa escort bayan but eventually Hannah convinced her of how hot it would be.

“Your boyfriend will never find out. And besides, I’m there so it’s not really cheating. I’ll do most of the work… you can just be a helper.”

They decided to make a night of it. Allison and Hannah put on matching lingerie, both wearing lacy booty shorts and hot pink corsets, complete with tall stilettos.

They sneakily made their way down the hall and peered into John’s room. He was completely naked, sitting at the computer desk. The two girls drooled at the sight. He had an amazing, tan body. He was tall and lean, yet muscular. His wispy brown hair fell in front of his green eyes a bit. They could make out the outline of his cock, which was half erect, and large even though he wasn’t completely turned on… yet.

“Watch this,” said Hannah. She was the stereotypical fiery redhead, always doing things that were spunky and unpredictable. She quietly crawled on all fours behind John and made her way to his chair. His music was playing so he didn’t hear her coming and had no idea she was there until he looked down and saw her little red lips wrapped around his dick.

The initial shock made his jump in his seat a bit. “Hannah, what he hell are …” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. His cock felt so good in her mouth. He let his head drop back and moaned, deciding it better not to ask questions.

Stopping for a breather, Hannah explained, “I heard you were having some trouble with your story. So… Allison and I decided to help you out.” She glanced at the door and made eyes at Allison to come in. Sheepishly, Allison came out from behind the doorway and said, “Hi John.” John’s jaw dropped at the sight of her perfect tits, as they were being pushed together in that satin corset. He wanted to see it off of her.

John could not believe what was happening to him. His guy friends would always talk about how jealous they were of him because of the “hot pieces of ass” he had for roommates. He’d always jokingly tell them about the steamy Saturday night orgies the three of them had. But now it was really happening.

Before he could make any smooth moves, the two girls had grabbed his wrists and cuffed them to the head of the bed. They lay on either side of him, and both began to lick his neck, run their fingers on his abs, and massage his cock with their hands. Allison had always fantasized about going down on John and after seeing how sexy it was when Hannah did it, she couldn’t stop herself from living that fantasy out. She sucked on his cock firmly, pressing her lips hard against it. She loved sucking dick and John’s was the biggest she had ever sucked. After a couple of minutes, she had deep throated all nine inches of him, bringing John within centimeters of orgasm. As she blew him, Hannah had straddled on his face and he began to eat her. Unable to use his hands, John tongued her pussy and licked her clit with all of his effort, until finally she came and he saw her arching her skinny little back in ecstasy.

“Damn that felt good,” Hannah said, eager now to return the favor. She knelt down on the other side of John and her and Allison began escort bursa to take turns licking and sucking his cock. While one would suck the top, the other would lick around the base or massage his balls. Then Allison stopped sucking for a minute and began to finger Hannah’s pussy. The two girls both stopped and began to make out with each other. John didn’t care that his cock was getting a break because he was so hard from just watching the two of them. They each took off their corsets, letting their big tits spring free. They kissed and pressed their tits together, rubbing them on each other. Hannah put her forefinger deep in Allison’s pussy and massaged her clit with her thumb. Allison moaned with pleasure and before long she felt the urge to have a cock in her. She turned to John and gave him a little grin before straddling his cock and slowly lowering herself on it. She was too tight for it to go all the way in at first, but after a few thrusts he bottomed out. Her face crunched up in ecstasy as she rode John, and he just lay there helplessly being fucked by the hottest girl he knew. He looked over at Hannah, the other hottest girl he knew, who was lying next to him, masturbating. John loved the sight of a girl masturbating almost more than he loved the sight of a girl riding his cock. What he was seeing was almost too much to handle. After cumming a few times, Allison decided to let Hannah have her ride. Hannah uncuffed one of his hands and told him to turn on his side. She lay on her side, facing him, and he put his cock inside her, relieved to finally be able to touch the things he’d been seeing. He cupped her tits, which were a bit bigger than Allison’s, and began to roughly thrust his cock into her. “You better not let yourself cum. We’re not done with you yet,” said Hannah in a playful voice. Her words made John want to cum even more but he controlled himself with all his might.

As he fucked Hannah, Allison had sandwiched him from behind. He could feel her tits pressed up against his back. She kissed his neck and scratched at his abs and back. He reached his free hand behind him to grab her ass. All these sensations mixed with his cock pumping in and out of Hannah made him unable to hold back any longer.

“Hannah, I have to cum,” he pleaded.

She quickly moved back and left his enormous cock out in the open. “Not yet. You’ve been such a bad boy.” To punish him, she cuffed his hand back up to the headboard.

“I will fuck you till I cum one more time, and then you’ll get yours,” Hannah said as she sat on his cock once again. She rapidly thrusted her hips and clenched her muscles around his cock. Allison had moved to the other side of Hannah and was now alternating between pinching Hannah’s hard nipples and rubbing her swollen clit. Finally, Hannah came for what seemed like the eighth time.

The girls let both of his hands free and Allison straddled him once again. Hannah was entirely spent, and took a reclining position on the bed so she could watch the steamy sex that was about to happen between Allison and John.

Now that John’s hands were finally free, he took all the control he could get. He grabbed Allison’s legs and flipped her onto her stomach. She got on all fours and he rammed his cock into her tight pussy just like he had been fantasizing about all day. It was only a few strong thrusts before he came deep into her. Drenched in sweat, he lay on his back to recover from the hottest, longest, “best cum he had ever had.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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