Internet Option #3

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Jill clicked the mouse and the new page popped up on the monitor. “Finished!” she shouted as Dave placed a fresh cup of tea on the coaster.

“Great,” he said, “let’s take a look at how it all fits together.”

The couple had made their own website and had set up an account through a pornographic ISP; “that’s an Internet Service Provider,” he had to explain the week before as he and Jill set to to make up their very own website.

It had taken several long days over the week, but the finished product looked professional. The first click opened the Title Page that showed still pictures of Jill in various states of undress. At the left of the page, a column of hyperlinks took the browser to adjoining pages. These showed more pictures of Dave and Jill, video clips that the browser could download, and several advertisements, one of which advertised the sale of ‘Jill & Dave’s Homemade Pie’, Dave’s video of Jill in receipt if her first gang-bang with Julian, Scott, John and Dave. At £10 a throw, he figured Jill would soon be able to give up her crummy part-time job.

They toasted the finished product with their teas and uploaded the website to the ISP. The following day, the ‘Jill & Dave’s Internet Options’ was live and had already taken over a thousand hits from other internet browsers. By the end of the first month, they had sold over 1500 copies of ‘Jill & Dave’s Homemade Pie’.

“At this rate, we could both give up our jobs,” Jill told her husband as she packed the last case of videos for posting.

“Yeah, at this rate, we might have to expand a little too,” Dave added.

“What do you mean?” Jill asked, a little quizzed.

“Well, we can’t just sell one video, we’re going to have to make several more over the next few months. Maybe a series of videos… ‘Jill & Dave Go Camping’… ‘Jill & Dave Do London’… get the idea?”

Jill smiled at the thought of the fun she might have in making new videos, “Yeah, but we’ll need new people to guest in the videos too. Perhaps more women, otherwise, the world will think I’m a right nympho,” she laughed.

“What do you mean, think?” Dave joked as Jill slapped his arm, playfully. “We might have to get more help for this sort of thing too. Hell, we might even grow big enough to open our own shop. I can see it now… ‘Jill & Dave’s Internet Options’ brandished above a plate glass window on the High Street in a city centre or two.” They both laughed. Then after a moment’s silence, “stranger things have happened.”

That evening, Dave updated the website with an extra page for people contact. Hyperlinks led to chat rooms and other websites similar to their own. Dave also placed an advertisement for an assistant to help with merchandising.

By the end of the week, the email designated to the website had over a hundred applicant for the assistant’s job. People from all over the country had applied, sending CVs and photographs. One or two even had stories attached that described the pictures that Jill had posed for.

“Ernie and Joanne, that’s it,” Jill announced after reading through the many applications. “Ernie and Joanne are a local couple, same age as us, have wanted to experiment with both their sex lives and their jobs. I think they could fit right in.”

“Okay, let’s set up an interview,” Dave told his wife.

Tuesday afternoon and Dave set up his three new video cameras and had two digital still cameras fully charged. The room of their hotel doubled as their office for the day. They didn’t want to show the couple to be interviewed that they too were local, just in case things didn’t work out.

Dave answered the tapping on the door, “Please, come in and take a seat on the sofa,” he said, leading Ernie and Joanne into the room. “Would you like something to drink? This is going to be as informal as possible, so you can relax,” he told the nervous looking couple.

Ernie was taller than he looked in his photograph. Standing a little over six feet, his shoulder-length mousy coloured hair and deep blue eyes gave Jill a little tingle inside. She could imagine taking this man and fucking his brains out. Yes, there was no doubt now; she was becoming a little tart, a slut, a nymphomaniac.

Dave liked what he saw. Ernie looked like a good looking chap, and Joanne was everything he expected from the written description in their application and the two photographs they has sent along with it. Her long hair was almost a strawberry blonde escort bayan istanbul colour. If the room was darker, she could have been mistaken for a light redhead. Her green eyes reminded him of an Irish girlfriend he had at college.

Joanne sat with her husband on the sofa. She crossed her long legs and placed her well-manicured hands on her knees, partially covering her slightly exposed thighs as her midi-length skirt rode up a little when she sat down. Her firm looking breast must have been 36” and perhaps a C-cup. Yes, Dave liked what he saw.

“In your application, you said that you were thinking about experimenting. Can you explain what you mean by ‘experimenting’?” Jill asked fifteen minutes into the informal interview.

“Well,” Ernie began to explain how both he and Joanne had healthy libidos and that they both wanted to experience all forms of sex, from swinging to bi-sexual encounters. But, they hadn’t yet found the right people to experiment with. “At least we hadn’t until we found your website,” Ernie concluded.

“Well, I hope you don’t mind if we take this a little further,” Dave continued with the interview after first glancing at Jill who had a wry smile on her face. “I have set up the cameras for the interview to help us decide on who might be the lucky recipients of the jobs. We’ve already stated that part of the job may include some photographic displays, similar to those already on the website,” Dave continued. “Perhaps you and Joanne might like to do a little posing for the cameras, if you’re not too shy that is.”

Ernie and Joanne looked nervously at each other, then after several seconds, Joanne slowly nodded agreement to her husband and they began to kiss and fondle each other.

Twenty minutes later, the naked couple moaned as they both came together. Jill had made sure there were some good close-ups on video whilst Dave had clicked away with his digital still cameras.

“How was that?” Ernie asked.

“Well it looked good to me. We’ll take a look at the video in the editing suite,” Dave lied, the editing suite was a spare bedroom at home with two PCs and a scanner/printer attached, “and we’ll make sure you get to see it. What happens to it from there is totally up to you two.”

“Can I just say, you looked pretty convincing to me,” Jill added, “and I think you would made a good video couple?”

Jill whispered in Dave’s ear, he nodded and then announced, “Congratulations, you have the jobs.”

Ernie and Joanne kissed each other a congratulatory kiss and shook hands with their new employers. Their nakedness was momentarily forgotten; it was only when Joanne hugged Jill in thanks that she suddenly remembered how exposed she was.

“Oh please,” Jill told her, “there’s no need to be shy. After all, you’ve seen what I get up too,” meaning that Joanne had seen Jill and Dave on the video and website pictures.

Joanne burst out laughing. Soon all four were laughing at the weird situation they were in.

After giving the new employees instructions on how to find Jill and Dave’s place, and agreeing a start date of the following Monday, they packed up / dressed and left for a drink in the hotel bar.

“I wouldn’t mind putting my cock in Joanne’s pussy,” Dave told his wife that night, as they laid in bed reflecting on the productive day they’d had.

“Yeah, I bet her pussy tastes sweet too. And that Ernie isn’t bad with his thing either,” Jill added as she touched her clitoris.

Dave pressed the play button and let the video play for the second time. They watched as Ernie’s cock slid in and out of Joanne’s moist, clean-shaven pussy. The sexual act was a little boring as far as video sex was concerned, but seeing the couple still made Jill and Dave want to fuck hard. And they did. Expressing their fantasies to each other. How Dave was going to lick Jill’s pussy as Joanne was going to ride on his cock. And Jill, how she was going to eat Joann’s pussy after Dave had deposited his cum inside her, and at the same time, Ernie was going to take Jill from behind. It was past 2am before they drifted off to sleep.

Monday dawned and Jill and Dave put on a fresh coffee brew, ready to welcome their new employees. There were twenty large boxes containing 50 copies of Jill & Dave videos. In another box, hundreds of still photographs were ready to be packed for posting to admirers. By the end of their first day, Ernie and Joanne escort istanbul had completed the parcelling and posting of the merchandise.

“I think we should celebrate,” Dave announced as he loaded the last of the boxes into the van. “How about a couple of beers in the local pub?”

All agreed to the suggestion and by 8pm, all were extremely merry.

“Chinese anyone?” Jill asked.

“Sure,” Joanne replied for everyone.

Jill rang the local take-away and ordered a meal for delivery by 9pm. The group finished their drinks and headed back to the house. After the meal, and several more drinks, Dave announced a surprise, “Here it is. The finished product; ‘Ernie & Joanne Gets The Job’,” Dave slipped the tape into the VCR and pressed play.

The four watched as carefully edited clips from Ernie and Joanne’s interview were interspersed with sexy scenes from their demonstration on the sofa. These were augmented with several close-up outtakes from Jill and Dave’s older video recordings. All in all the tape lasted 45minutes. The finished product was good enough to market as an amateur video, and Dave told the couple that they would be entitled to 33% of profit from video sales.

Ernie and Joanne were excited at the prospect and happy at the quality of the video. “But what if one of the neighbours gets to see it?” Joanne asked, a little sheepishly.

“Don’t worry, honey,” Jill told her, “If they do, it just means that they are into porno vids just like us. And the chances are they’ll either congratulate you or say nothing at all.”

“Okay, let’s go for it,” Ernie said after several moment’s thought.

“Are you sure, babe?” Joanne asked.

Ernie nodded, “Yep, I’m sure. This is what we’ve talked about since last week. This is a new break, a change in direction for us, and besides, we agreed to explore, remember?”

Joanne smiled and nodded agreement, “Okay, let’s do it!”

Dave and Jill took their employees to the computer room and the three looked on as Dave uploaded the advert for the new video product onto ‘Jill & Dave’s Homemade Pie’. Then, he uploaded several still pictures onto a new page, entitled ‘Joanne’s Homepage’ and clicked several more mouse buttons causing the computer’s hard disk to whir into action as the information was compiled and the digital information containing video snips and still pictures were uploaded to their website.

“By tomorrow afternoon, we should see some results,” Jill told Ernie and Joanne.

And they did. By midday, there were almost two hundred requests for the new video. Ernie and Joanne we pleased at the response; Dave and Jill saw another business opportunity unfold before them.

“Listen you two,” said Dave to the happy couple, “how about we start planning our next picture shoot and video?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jill added.

“Me too,” said Ernie. Joanne stood silent for several moments before nodding her approval.

The four brainstormed, bouncing ideas off each other. Finally, Jill came up with the idea of videoing their next photo shoot. “We can have a professional cameraman and sound jockey, or whatever you call them, do the video. Dave and Ernie can be the stills photographer and assistant, and Joanne and I can be the models, where Joanne is on her first shoot and is naïve and gets led astray by me and you two,” she explained, pointing fingers at Dave and Ernie.

“Sounds good to me,” Dave said after a moment’s thought. Ernie and Joanne nodded in agreement.

The following Sunday afternoon, Tommy (a professional video cameraman, whose normal Saturday afternoons were spent filming weddings and birthday parties, and Sundays editing them) was setting up his camera and lighting. Jill and Joanne worked on the script, practicing the little dialogue they had. Dave and Ernie set up their camera and backdrop set-up, making the hired cottage look like a professional photo shoot scene for the weak storyline about a property estate agent, Joanne, trying to sell the cottage to a prospective buyer, Jill.

“Okay, I think we’re ready,” announced Ernie after checking on Tommy and taking a final look around the cottage’s olde worlde heritage.

The acting begun, the camera rolling and Dave began clicking away with his camera. Ernie shouted the usual orders: camera, and, action! And the girls began their dialogue.

The intention was to make the film corny, and it was. Within five bayan escort istanbul minutes, the girls were undressed, posing for Dave’s close-ups, with Ernie checking lighting levels and generally looking busy for the video camera.

“Hey Ernie, hold these lips open while I get a close up of this pink pussy,” Dave ordered his ‘light man’.

“How’s that?”

“Fine, hold it, hold it. That’s it, now smile, smile,” Dave was really getting into his part and Ernie liked the assistant’s job. He realised that he was getting to touch Jill’s pussy for the first time, his cock swollen in his pants.

“Okay girls, now for some more intense lesbo shots,” Dave ordered. The girls moved into their new poses for the camera; Tommy zoomed in and out, making sure he got Dave and Ernie in the periphery of his shots, whilst focusing in on the two shaven pussies in his viewfinder.

Two hours later and the lads had finally dropped their trousers. The number of re-takes to satisfy Tommy’s filming had taken more time than they thought it would. No-one complained though. Finally, Ernie felt Jill’s hand massage his aching muscle. He kissed Joanne’s nipples as Jill nestled between his thighs, taking his cock into her mouth. Dave moved in for some more close up pictures, whilst Tommy zoomed in on Jill’s scarlet lips, moist with spittle and pre-cum.

Things were beginning to heat up now and they were beginning to deviate from the original script. Ernie was meant to fuck Joanne as Jill had a good seeing to from Dave. The story had taken on a theme of its own, as Ernie, whilst sucking on his wife’s nipples, suddenly felt the grip of Joanne’s pussy as she lowered herself onto his cock. Dave clicked away as he watched his wife’s pussy swallow Ernie’s hardness. The room filled with moans and groans of pleasure, mainly from Jill, but Joanne too had found she was on the edge of orgasm as Ernie’s fingers worked away at her clitoris.

Dave decided it was time for him to join in the fun. Sitting next to Joanne, he lifted her onto his cock. Now the lads were sitting side by side, the girls riding their cocks. Tommy’s viewfinder was full of ass and balls; the lighting caused the dampness on their cocks to glisten as the girls, now in unison, rode their lovers.

“Cut!” Tommy wanted the girls to turn around now. He had taken over directorship of the video. He restarted the camera and, “Action!” the girls swung around, swivelling on their steeds, exposing their shaven pussies to camera. The four fucked for five or more minutes before Ernie announced he was about to cum. Jill dismounted and took him in her mouth. Tommy zoomed in to catch his ejaculation. His semen leaked past Jill’s scarlet lips, running down her chin and dripping onto his balls. Jill smiled as her tongue licked Ernie’s cock clean of his creamy semen.

“I’m cumming,” Dave announced. At this, Jill turned around and whipped out Dave’s cock from Joanne’s pussy and took him into her mouth. She teased him to orgasm and as he exploded, she moved her head enough for his semen to fly through the air and land on Joanne’s stomach, the creamy fluid trickled down to her clitoris and over the reddened folds of Joanne’s labia. Jill smiled for the camera then extended her long tongue, teasing Joanne’s clitoris, massaging Dave’s semen into Joanne’s pussy with her tongue. Again, Tommy zoomed in to capture every detail.

“I think that’s a wrap,” Tommy said shaking with excitement as he lifted his head from the viewfinder.

“Excellent,” Dave announced, “that turned out better than expected,” he added as he kissed Joanne and Jill on their cheaks and shook Ernie’s hand.

“Aren’t we forgetting one thing?” Jill added.

Dave turned to see Jill motioning to Tommy. Tommy’s discomfort was plain to see. His cock almost stood out straight in his trousers.

“Here, let me help you with that,” Jill said to Tommy as she undid his zipper. Tommy didn’t say a word as Jill dropped to her knees, taking Tommy’s cock into her mouth. Dave grabbed the still camera and Ernie pressed the record button on the video.

Two hours later, they called it a wrap. Jill and Joanne had seduced Tommy and fucked him in every conceivable position as Dave took photographs and Ernie videoed the scene that was to be their second video of the day.

‘Real Estate Virgin’ outsold the combined sales of their first two videos, and ‘Seduction of Tommy’ sales doubled that of ‘Real Estate Virgin’. ‘Jill & Dave’s Homemade Pie’ website became one of the most popular ‘amateur’ websites in the UK and Dave, Jill, Ernie and Joanne became extremely close friends and had changed from your regular urban couples to irregular urban nymphomaniac business partners.

I wonder what Internet Options 4 could be???

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