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It wasn’t that he was initially attractive; if I had passed him on the street I would never have given him a second glance. There is was though, in front of me at a coffee house. His face was covered with hair, too much hair. Had a mop of brown curls and had not shaved in what could have been months (I was right). Once I was seated he approached me. I did not want to be mean knowing that there was no way in hell this man was going to get anywhere with me.

He sat, asked if I was from there, ugh, tourists. He said he was from AK, okay now I am interested, not in him but in the fact that he is from my home state. We talk about the university and that he had been on the swim team. We talk about why he is in this small town. As he talks I take a look at him, take him all in. His lips are full and very sensuous. His eyes have a very mysterious look to them. Under all the facial hair he has beautiful skin. He is tall and lean, when he stands, my guess is 6’5″, and later find out it is 6’6″. I start to feel blood rush…there is an attraction. I can tell that it is mutual. He walks me to my Jeep as the coffee Antalya Escort shop is now closed, we stand outside talking but it is March and the temperature is cold, I ask if he would like to get in and warm up.

He barely fits in the Jeep. His long legs are crammed against the dash; I start to wonder what it would feel like to run my hands through his hair. He leans in to kiss me, it is a tender kiss but there is nothing innocent about it. It says what we both have been feeling for an hour now. The kiss becomes more passionate and heated. I am breathing heavy and I want him. We both laugh knowing that we are wondering where we are going to do this.

He takes the keys from the ignition and tells me to come with him.

We run across the parking lot to his Suburban, we climb in and move to the back. He has been traveling for months; he has a virtual bedroom in the back of this thing. All common sense has been lost, we are kissing and clothes are coming off, he lays me back and he has his tongue deep in my cunt. I cum right then. His tongue is long and thick, oh my god what Antalya Escort Bayan must his cock feel like? He does not stop, only continues his tongue fuck of my pussy. I am holding the curls in my hands I am trying to get as much of him in me. His hands are roaming my body.

I am starting to spasm again, he sucks on my clit, inserts a finger in me and is fucking me hard. I feel the wave start to come over me, I feel my toes start to curl, I lose all sense of time and being, I am cumming and cumming hard.

Just as I start to crest I am flipped over on my belly, he pulls my hips up and thrusts deep into me. I scream, not from pleasure but from the force and the size. There is no doubt this man is well over 9 inches. My screams do not stop him, he pulls my hips further into him, he reaches around rubs my clit, and I can feel that I am now responding to him. I feel all inhibition has gone. We are fucking like animals, like this is the first or last time we may ever fuck in our lives and it is wonderful. I am now on my knees with him still behind me. My back is on his chest and Escort Antalya he is just impaling my pussy with that huge cock.

Again the waves wash over me, I am cumming again. I am screaming and holding on to his neck as he pinches my nipples. Just as quickly as before he turns me around and his cock is in my face, I remove the condom from his huge cock and take it in my mouth. I am gagging but want it all in me. My mouth is stretching even on the side. Holy shit I have never had a cock this big.

He is holding my head, yet oddly quiet. I then realize he has been quiet the whole encounter. As I am thinking about this, sucking him, I feel a pulse at the base of his cock, the head then gets bigger, and I feel it growing in my mouth. He holds me harder and then I feel it shoot down my throat, I feel the wet cum as it is released from his body. I take every bit of this. I love it. When we are both spent we lay back and laugh. I tell him I am not sure I even remember his name. He says he does mine and winks at me. I dress and thank him for an amazing time. He asks for my number. I contemplate giving a wrong one, but then the thought of that cock and I give him the real one. He helps me out, reminds me his name and kisses me.

I drive away with a wicked smile on my face.

The next day I pass the coffee shop and instantly I am wet. Hmmm, this could be fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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