Is It Really Me? Ch. 04

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Saturday morning was a nice sunny day.

I was thinking about the tennis game that Jeff suggested. It could be fun to play tennis again.

I knew that I was in a good shape.

I was determined to show Jeff that I could give him a good fight and who knows, perhaps even win…

I put my tee shirt and short pants on and drove to Jeff’s place.

His house was surrounded by lots of green areas, including a well maintained garden with different type of flowers and several old trees.

On one side of the house there was a swimming pool with a small jacuzzi.

On the other side was the tennis court. It was ready with a net on, 2 rackets and 6 balls on the side.

I rang the bell and Jeff opened the door.

It was the first time that both of us were STANDING together. He was taller than me by 5″ or 6″, dark hair and quite tan. He had his short pants as well as a Nike shirt on. I was impressed… He looked good…

He led me to his kitchen, pulled a big bottle of water from the refrigerator and we walked to the court.

We hit the balls back and forth a couple of times and then Jeff recommended that we start a real game.

I won the toss, so I served first.

In my first 4 serves I did well and the score was in my favor. I felt very proud of myself.

However, I didn’t want to humiliate Jeff, so I slowed down.

It turned out to be a mistake.

Jeff shifted gears and sent me from one side of the court to the other in a losing battle. Jeff won the set 6-4.

Jeff looked at me with a smirk on his face, ” You started well, but it takes more than that to beat me.”

So we played another set.

I didn’t understand where did initial-game-Jeff disappeared. In the new set he made me run right and left, down the base and up to the net the whole time. He won the second set 6-2.

It was noon time and the hot sun was overpowering.

I was exhausted, sweaty and thirsty. I gulped the cool water from the bottle and sat down in the shade.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to continue. I’m tired and sweaty to play in the midday sun,” I told Jeff.

“That’s OK,” he said graciously, “let’s go take a shower.”

We istanbul travesti entered the house and he pointed me to the shower area.

The room was larger than usual and surrounded by semitransparent glass. It had rails at midriff level inside, a big mirror and 3 different shower heads above.

I removed my sweaty clothes and went to the shower. The door closed behind me.

I put the hot water on, while staring at myself at the large mirror. I still looked good for a 40 years old!

White fog began obscuring all details.

Then the door opened and Jeff, now fully naked, entered in.

I stared at his figure in the vapor covered mirror.

He looked great – Tall, lean muscular body, dark hair,piercing dark eyes and… his usual smirk.

He stood still behind, letting my eyes wander over his Greek hero physique and then he hugged me, putting his big hands on my chest.

“You have good pectoral muscles,” he said to me.

He ran his hands slowly down to my tummy.

I felt his growing cock against my back side.

I hoped that he’d reach down to my now starting to harden dick, but he didn’t.

Jeff moved his hands to my waist, held me still and started rubbing his half erect cock against my ass crack.

I was thinking to myself – So this is how it feels when I do it to Ann in the shower…

Jeff reached with his right hand toward the soap and smeared abundant amount on his hand and my ass.

He pushed my upper body forward and put my hands on the rail in front of us.

Then he started massaging my crack with 2 fingers. My anus shut involuntarily.

Minutes later I slowly relaxed the sphincter.

Jeff gently inserted one of his fingers inside, rubbing my prostate.

The soap and the gentle motion made it feel easy and comforting.

Jeff then pushed a second finger in and continued his in-and-out slow motion.

It actually felt good and… arousing. The prostate massage was making my dick throb.

From behind Jeff looked in the mirror directly at my penis and whispered in my ear, “I see that you are ready for me.”

He pulled my right hand backwards and put it on his istanbul travestileri hard cock.

Until now I haven’t seen his fully erect cock in the light, even though I’ve sucked on it several times already.

In the foggy mirror it looked marvelous. It was about 8″ long, very straight and with a big mushroomed head.

I covered it with soap and massaged it lightly.

“You know what to do,” said Jeff in a low voice full of lust.

Of course I knew what he was talking about.

He wanted to see ME to put his big monster in my ass.

I was quite scared and wasn’t sure how much it would hurt. Was soap a good enough lubricant as K-Y jelly?!…

But I was fairly horny and I could not disappoint Jeff now, when HE was very aroused as well!

I took more of the soap, covered his cock as much as I could, then I inserted more soap into my anus.

Gingerly I began pushing his erected tool into my hole.

The initial 2″ were the hardest. At one point I felt that my ass was getting ripped apart… But it didn’t.

Slowly but surely my ass hole expanded and accommodated Jeff’s schlong.

After 10 minutes our mutual synchronized movements became tolerable and later even pleasant.

All of a sudden Jeff removed his dick from my ass and the emptiness felt weird.

He added more oily fluid (was it baby oil?) into my ass and shoved it back in.

By now my sphincter was thoroughly dilated and this time it felt much better!

I matched Jeff’s slow pounding and whispered, “You were right. Your awesome cock feels great inside of me.”

I saw his face in the mirror – He had a satisfied smile….

He moved my right hand, that was guiding his cock in my arse, forward, put it on my very hard dick and helped me masturbate for awhile.

Then he moved both his hands to my waist and started pushing his cock harder and faster in and out.

The intense sexual pleasure while masturbating and the thought of Jeff fucking me anally were intoxicating.

I tensed, my breathing quickened and for the first time with Jeff I was having a big orgasm.

My climax constricted my ass hole and squeezed Jeff’s penis, travesti istanbul enhancing his pleasure too.

Within seconds I felt him erupting in my bowels.

With his softening pole still in my rear, Jeff hugged me.

We stayed like that for a couple of minutes, then he moved out of me and leaned against the back rail.

He was relaxing, his eyes closed. He was having a smile on his beautiful manly face.

But this smile was very different than the one I got accustomed to. Instead of a smirk or mischievous smile, this was a content and happy smile…

I took a long shower, while Jeff was resting against the rail.

When I finished, he moved under the shower stream.

He looked amazingly handsome!

I took the soap and did his back side, starting with the shoulders and reaching above his shapely cheeks.

I continued downward to his muscular ass – It was a very erotic moment…

I finished with his legs and then he turned toward me.

His chest was hairy. I touched his pectorals and felt his strength.

When I soaped his chiseled 6-pack, I noticed a cum drop on the tip of his cock.

I knelled down, licked the naughty drop, then took him in my mouth for a last feel of him in my mouth…

Then we went out of the shower to dress up.

I was interrupted by my cellphone ringing. It was my wife.

She said, “I hope you didn’t forget. Our anniversary is on Wednesday. I’d like us to go in the evening to Studio nightclub. I’ve heard that it’s a great trendy place, so we’ll have fun.”

I wasn’t sure about going there, because I always hated to dance and my dancing skills were awful, but it was our anniversary and 3 months ago I promised Ann to do whatever she wanted on that date.

So after a short pause I mumbled on the phone, “Yes, dear.”

Jeff saw my not-so-happy face when I was on the phone and asked me what was the issue. I told him that I’ve never been to a dancing nightclub before and I hated the thought of dancing in a crowded noisy place.

He put his hand on my shoulder, “Don’t worry, it will be OK. Occasionally I go to this club too. You can reserve a table on-line for Wednesday at 10 pm and just try to enjoy the atmosphere!”

I was still feeling the wonderful after effects of my orgasm and thought to myself, ‘Well, if Jeff recommends it and Ann wants it so much, I’ll try my best to have fun too… I hate to be a party pooper!

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