Isabella’s Reversion Pt. 02

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Note from the Author:

This is a story about ABDL. The first word being Adult. All sexual encounters center around Adults, above the age of 18. This story also contains BDSM, plushophilia, watersports, and various other fetishes. For those that are grammar freaks, please don’t comment on my improper grammar use. I could care less. I do my best with spell and grammar check. I do ask for all to comment on their thoughts of the story, but don’t down any fetish or other things you may not like to do or not do. Please enjoy.


Isabella recently discovered that she is an Adult Toddler, and is finding her path in this new life changing journey. Her best friend and fuck buddy Hazel, a transgender, is helping her to find the path. The best way to introduce Isabella into this new life was for Hazel to introduce Isabella to her life long friend Jade. Their relationship continues to grow quickly, as well as Isabella’s acceptance of her new life and sexual fetishes.


Before leaving Walmart, Isabella slipped into the bathroom and changed out the pink bra she had been wearing, for the white nursing bra. Isabella took a few minutes to learn how to quickly unfasten the nursing flap of the bra.

By the time both were on the bike, with Jade in front, Isabella was able to unfasten them through her dress, and left them that way, as she begun her first nursing session.

As she had one arm wrapped around Jade’s wait, the other hand was pinching and pulling on her nipple, while using her other three fingers to massage her breast.

Thirty minutes later, they pulled up to a very well off gated community. Along the entrance road were several English Cottage styled homes. Varying from one to two stories, and different sizes.

Jade pulled into the first one by the exit gate. Which was a beautiful two story cottage. The double entrance doors were made of a deep dark cherry wood. Jade parked the motorcycle in the circle driveway.

Isabella’s breath was taken away from her as they walked in. All the wood, including the floors, was the same deep dark cherry. The upstairs was a loft area, and fenced off by a black wrought iron railing, with a wood banister. Which continued all the way down the stairs.

The place was an open air design. With a kitchen off to the left, that even a chef would be jealous of. It was old world styled, where even the commercial size double door refrigerator looked as it it had been made back in early eighteen hundreds.

There was a massive dark gray stone fireplace to the immediate left of the foyer. With an old Victorian couch, that actually looked like a person could easily fall asleep on it.

The fabric was black and blood red stripped. A large foot stool laid in front of it. Two Victorian chairs flanked each side of the couch, and all having the same material and cushion as the couch.

A seventy two inch LED tv was mounted just above the mantle.

To the right was a wall, which had a red wine faux finish, as all the walls did. Two large wooden doors were between the foyer and stair case.

Behind the living room was a massive dark cherry wood table, with ten matching chairs, and a black wrought iron chandelier was seven feet above it.

A low soft light shown below the entire length of the plant ledges. Which wrapped around the entire house, just below the second floor level.

A wooden door was next to the dining area, which lead to the massive laundry room, and then on to the rear garage.

A sliding glass door was next to the kitchen, leading into the backyard from what Isabella could tell.

“Grab your backpack and bra’s, and come see the loft area,” Jade said excitedly.

Isabella followed Jade up the stairs to the loft area. A massive four poster hand carved bed stood in the middle. A small table and two chairs made up the sitting area next to a built in bookshelf.

Gothic plushies of all shapes and sizes were all over the bed, in the chairs, and filled the bookcase.

To the right of the loft was two large wooden arched that lead into the massive closet. One side had several dresses of various styles and lengths. Along with various clothes she had never seen before, and some night gowns. Under which were several different pairs of shoes and gothic boots. It started by the left arc, and wrapped around to the middle, which was where a huge built in makeup table was at. Then the clothes rack continued to the other side of the arch.

The next clothing area had blouses, camisoles, and shirts. The bottom was filled with various skirts and pants.

Isabella had never seen so many clothes in a closet before. Jade could open up her own gothic clothing store.

Between the two arches was a body length mirror, flanked on both sides by chest of drawers, each with four drawers.

“Let’s get comfortable,” Jade said, already helping Isabella out of her dress.

Jade used the moment to sneak in a long passionate kiss, as she helped xslot Isabella remove her clothing.

Jade removed the skirt and blouse she had borrowed from Isabella, and hung all of it up in the front part of the closet. Both girls were now wearing only diapers, nursing bras, and heels.

“Let me show you the bathroom now.”

On the other side of the loft was another large wooden curved arch that led into the Master Bath.

Isabella could fit her apartment in it.

On the right side of the arch was a tall linen closet, with a dirty clothes hamper. Against the right wall was a child’s potty chair, which was actually hooked up to plumbing, and a bidae. Then a luxurious four person Jacuzzi corner tub took up half of the right and back walls.

A towel warmer was between the tub and huge walk in shower that had a bech in the back. The shower controls were above the towel warmer.

On the left wall as a large two basin sink, with the bowls on top of the dark brown granite counter top, and faucets that came out of the mirror.

Finally a changing table large enough to hold an adult was last. With four drawers on the side, and a shelf with a baby powder container and lotion on it. It even had a few small sized teddy bears on it.

All of the bathroom marble was dark red with swirls of black mixed in. The floor was wooden as well.

“This is just simply breathe taking beautiful,” Isabella said, full of amazement.

“Want me to blow you mind, and possibly you cunny.”

“Go for it.”

Jade led Isabella back down stairs. The door closest to the front door was a normal office, with a top of the line incline treadmill Isabella herself almost bought from a late night paid program.

It was decked out with a bad ass sound system, and a large LCD monitor that allowed you to jog along the Cancuun beaches, or hike up mountain trails. The treadmill automaticly raised, lowered, and controlled the speed.

They walked through the large shared bathroom, which had a tub/shower combo, a sink by each door, a toilet and bidae in between the middle of the sinks. Linen cabinets were above both the toliet and bidae.

“If you ever want to use a icky toliet, here is the only one. Good girls use a potty chair,” Jade said with a knowing smile.

Isabella actually creamed when she walked into the next room, not a lot, but she still creamed.

It was a little girl’s dream come true. It had built in book cases that went from the main door all the way to the back wall, they were filled with all sorts of toys, barbies, dolls, plushies, board and card games, children’s books, lots of coloring books, with crayons, a crayon maker, scented markers, and colored pencils.

Mounted on the back wall was a dry erase board and a chalk board. Between the two large windows was a doll sized English Castle, filled with Barbies and Barbie accessories.

Large black nets hung from each corner of the room filled to the brim with stuffed animals.

In the middle of the room was a Nightmare Before Christmas child’s table with four chairs. Three of which had a lamb, a brown teddy bear, and a stuffed Godzilla.

“I wonder how much use Godzilla has gotten,” Isabella teased.

“Oh quite a bit. I have another one on the back porch that I was entertaining yesterday,” Jade said with a smile.

“One more thing I want to show you. Then we can play.”

Isabella was led to a door under the stairs. She almost creamed herself again when Jade opened the door.

It housed a black floor to ceiling enclosed server rack. Complete with several patch panels for network, coax, HDMI, and telephone cables. Underneath sat a cable box, a voice over ip modem, a Playstaion 3, and Xbox 360, and two twenty four port power over ethernet gigabyte Cisco switches.

On the bottom was a corporate class server with twenty two terabyte hard drives. It even had a dual blu-ray rewrite drives.

“How much was the setup?”

“Oh I just had to pay for parts and materials. I conned Hazel into doing the cabling with me, while I did the rest by myself. Including the media server.”

“So if my mom would have asked questions?”

“Oh I could have answered them. Listen to this. Hello Shelly.”

“Hello Jade. How are you today,” a sensual feminine voice said from no where.

“I am doing well, and you?”

“Everything checks out above standards. The air is at 72 degrees. May I assist you?”

“Yes dark slow playlist at a low volume.”

“Your wish is always my need, my love.”

Music began playing just in the server room.

“She follows you around the house with infared sensors, but they are set not to detect small animals. I can even use my phone to issue commands remotely.”

“Ok, I am in love with a machine,” Isabella admitted with a look of admiration, as she gazed at the server.

“Sorry but I am a one cunt Lady,” Shelly replied.

“Sorry, but Hazel had a little fun with her.”

“Oh I can Imagine the fun.”

“Listen to this. Wiggle Shelly,” xslot Giriş Jade said smirking.

Moans and gasps began filling the room.


“My mom caught me humping in the living room once, and told me to wiggle in my room.”

Finally Shelly moaned out, “Oh fuck yeah, Jade. I love that little japanese cunt of yours.”

“Hazel’s little tweak.”

“I figured.”

“Shelly I have a friend with me. Her name is Isabella.”

“Welcome Isabella,” said in a warm and pleased tone.

“Nice to meet you Shelly,” Isabella replied.

“You as well.”

“Now Shelly will recognize your voice in the future. You just tell her what music or movie you want, and she will do the rest.”

“Including wiggling for me,” Isabella said laughing.

Shelly began her moans once again, and both girls laughed.

“You need a smoke,” Jade asked.

“Oh yeah. I did cream in the play room.”

“I know.”

Jade grabbed two bud lights from the refrigerator, and showed Isabella to the covered and screened in porch.

There was a outside couch, with two chairs, and an astray sat on the glass coffee table.

At one end was a in ground hot tub, and the other had a stone walkway from the fence, with several small lavender thorn-less rose bushes along the way, and pathway lights.

Jade lit both of them a cigarette from a pack she had gotten at Walmart.

Isabella grabbed the Godzilla, pulled out the stuffed worm from her diaper, put the back of Godzilla against the crotch of her plastic panties, and slowly began humping.

Isabella also opened the flaps of her new black nursing bra, and began pinching and pulling her nipples with her free hand.

“This is nice,” Isabella commented.

“The house or Godzilla.”

“Both. But I really do love the house. I would never leave it.”

“I felt the same for a while to, but I designed it to be a social house, filled with people. But only my parents and Hazel ever came over, and I got too lonely staying here. That’s why I went to Europe for so long.”

“I can understand. I would have too.”

“Your really the first guest I have had here.”

“Guest. Is that what I am,” Isabella teased.

“You are much more. Here let me help you with that lonely nipple.”

Jade began pulling and pinching on the nipple Isabella wasn’t playing with.

“Would you like me to bare hump this Godzilla, while you watch,” Isabella suggested, with a large knowing grin.

“Oh yeah,” was all Jade could get out.

Isabella stood, pulled off her pee and cunt juice filled diaper, knelled back on the couch, and began humping slowly against the backside of the plush Godzilla.

Jade sat next to her, with one leg on the couch, and one on the bronze stained concrete, using the edge of the couch to hump, and resumed playing with Isabella’s left nipple and breast.

Isabella reached down with her free hand, splitting apart her pussy lips around Godzilla’s back, starting to hump just a little faster.

The soft gothic instrumental music was playing low in the background, while Jade watched the girl she was starting to have deep feelings for hump.

Crinkling from Jade’s diaper could be heard, while Isabella watched Jade humping, transfixed on her crotch, hungering for what it contained. She herself felt feelings of affection and caring develop, for the lonely japanese girl that had shown her how much could be truly enjoyed as an ABDL.

Isabella wanted Jade to see how much she could cream, and began grinding down on the stuffed Godzilla, it also helped that the plush back spikes were sending signals of immence pleasure through out her body, whenever her swollen clit hit one.

Jade traded her hand for her mouth, and made sure she could gaze down upon Isabella’s cunt, while she sucked, nibbled, and tugged on Isabella’s hardened brown nipple.

Isabella leaned her head back, and allowed the sensations of pleasure to overtake her body and down into her soul. With loud moans telling Jade how much she was enjoying this.

Jade could not help but to replace her mouth with her hand on Isabella’s nipple, and began passionately kissing Isabella’s already partly opened plump lips.

Isabella was close to orgasming, and ground against the plushie for all it was worth.

“Watch,” was all Isabella could say, just as the endorphin filled orgasm began spreading through her body.

Jade did watch, as the heavy flow and occasional squirt of Isabella’s thick creamy juices came from Isabella’s pussy. Jade was mesmerized.

After a few deep breathes, Isabella regained motor control over her body, and wiped her cunt dry with the entire plushie.

“Your turn,” Isabella said smiling, and handed the Godzilla over to Jade.

Jade slipped out of her piss filled diaper, and knelled back on the couch, putting the partly soaked Godzilla against her bare shaven pussy.

“He feels so good now,” Jade commented, and smiled.

Jade began grinding faster xslot Güncel Giriş against the back of the stuffie, when Isabella unfastened one of her nursing flaps, and began sucking out the containts of her breast, massaging the luxuriously soft flesh between her fingers.

“Oh god, I’m not going to last as long,” Jade moaned out.

Isabella had just enough time to look down on Jade’s cunt before globs of clear golden sticky secretions began pouring out.

“Oh no,” Jade said franticly.

Isabella watched with delight, as Jade began releasing her liquid gold all over Godzilla.

“Here let me clean you,” Isabella said, grabbing the Godzilla, placing it on the ground, and began licking Jade’s dripping wet cunt, while starting to hump the cunt juice and pee soaked stuffie against her bare pussy.

Jade sat back on the couch, scooted her pussy closer to Isabella’s face, and wrapped her legs around Isabella’s back.

Jade loved Isabella’s talented mouth. No girl had ever matched the pleasure she could provide, until Isabella ate her out the night before, and she loved it.

Licking Jade from asshole to clit, Isabella realized how hungry she had been for just the simple taste of Jade’s wondrous cunt. For her it was one of the best she had ever tasted, musky with sex and hints of sweetness.

Isabella began grinding down hard on Godzilla, as she breached the inside of Jade’s vaginal opening with her tongue, enjoying all of the new and old tastes it provided. Isabella could tell Jade even douched. Girls can always tell.

Jade moaned loudly, as Isabella’s tongue fucked her cunny faster and faster. It didn’t go down very deep, but it filled her up. She couldn’t help herself, when she grabbed both of Isabella’s pigtails, and made Isabella ram her cunt with her tongue.

Isabella only ground down into the plushie faster, as Jade pulled back and fourth on her pigtails.

Jade’s inner thighs clamped down on Isabella’s head, as the massive orgasm raged through out her entire being.

Isabella watched as the clear sticky honey gushed and squirted from Jade’s cunt, licking up every drop that came out.

Only seconds passed before Isabella’s creamy secretions only soaked Godzilla more.

Isabella put her old diaper back on Jade, and put Jade’s used diaper on herself, then sat back on the couch, cuddling up to Jade.

Jade lit both of them another cigarette.

“That is the third first for me, with you,” Jade stated.

“What were the first two,” Isabella said teasingly.

“The first is having a lady lick me to orgasm with a magical tongue, and the second was you fucking me with your own cunt. Most girls just have a few licks, then half way through they finger bang me. I am the one that usually ends up pleasuring their cunt with my mouth.”

“Because of you make lemonade and bake brownies?”


“That is horrible. I really like your golden juice. So I will lap it up everytime,” Isabella admitted.

“Have you enjoyed them before?”

“My own pee once, never a brownie. But I was always to scared to ask. Luckily I need never ask with you,” Isabella admitted grinning.

“Where did you learn to fuck like that?”

“I was working a contract job in Orlando, and there was a Subway sandwich shop next to the place I was working. The Manager was one hundred percent Dyke. But she was a shy one. So one day I fixed myself up as sexy as I could, and walked in swaying my hips. She finally mentioned how beautiful I looked, and I whispered that I look better naked. She fucked me hard that night, and I even got rug burns from it. She also tongue fucked me the next night. So I learned how to enjoy a lady from her.”

“How awesome. I have also always wanted to go to Orlando. I have always wanted to see the Harry Potter area.”

“They built that after I was there. But I never went, I really didn’t have much time for play.”

“Because you were fucking with all of your free time,” Jade teased.

“True,” Isabella said smiling.

“If I don’t milk at least three times a day I start leaking,” Jade admitted to Isabella, with a smile on her face.

“Well since I will be helping out a friend,” Isabella teased, while unfastening one of Jade’s nursing flaps.

As the soft full and firm breast fell out, Isabella found dribbles of milk flowing down from the hard swollen nipples, and knew she was converted to breast milk.

Not wanting to waste any, Isabella closed her lips around the nipple, and began suckling it for milk, as she gently squeezed the soft large mass of flesh between her fingers.

Jade could feel the pleasure Isabella was getting from enjoying her breast milk.

Jade unfastened her other nursing flap, allowed the breast to fall free, and manipulated the nipple into her own mouth, sucking the milk fresh from it.

Isabella couldn’t help but to watch in amazement, as Jade sucked her own nipple. She hoped hers would get as large as Jade’s so she could do the same.

Both girls had resorted to grinding, as they continued the quest for milk. Allowing the moment to be enjoyed by both.

After a few orgasms, and both breast had been thoroughly sucked for milk, Jade fastened them back into the nursing bra, with help from Isabella.

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