Island Adventures

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It’s been a wonderful winter.

In October I cashed in. The investment I made earlier in the year paid off even more handsomely than I could have expected. Frank’s proposition sounded loony to everyone else, but I found it intriguing and just enough off the wall that maybe it would get somewhere. And I knew Frank – he was like a crazyass terrier when he got hold of an idea. If there was a rat’s ass chance of it succeeding, he’s the guy that’ll make certain it does. And sure enough five months later a big franchise organization offers to purchase the whole deal. My eighty percent ownership turned into a small fortune overnight.

I started my “retirement” with a week of frivolity in Key West for Fantasy Fest. Wow – that crowd knows how to party! By Friday and Saturday evening there were hundreds of nearly naked women parading up and down Duval Street, most of them scantily clad, many topless, and quite a few wearing nothing but paint. One of my regular squeezes from up north had accompanied me and we had a blast. Friday she wore a semi see-through minidress with nothing underneath and Saturday she went for the paint – just a sinuous black line that started right at her freshly shaved gash and encircled her body like a vine with a few green leaves painted onto it here and there. Both nights we had incredible sex and Saturday we even managed to pick up another painted urchin to join us back in our room. As far as I’m concerned, you never can have too much naked pussy.

She headed back home and I spent a couple days in the Miami area before hopping a flight to first Grand Cayman for a few days of primarily business and then Martinique where I have been since. I’ve a rented bungalow that is part of a complex of 36 similiar one bedroom units, a “clubhouse”, and a pool. I have internet access on a laptop, a sat phone, and no schedule or anyone to report to. Oh yeah, and sunshine every day and no snow.

My typical day consists of tumbling out of bed around seven, slipping on a cotton thong (I sleep in the nude), a pair of short shorts, a T-shirt, and a pair of sandals. I then take a short walk into the village where there is a lovely little cafe where I can get a magnificent cup of coffee and absolutely the very best croissant in the Carribean, quite possibly the world. I sit and read for a while, sip my coffee, and savor the croissant before heading back to my bungalow. I strip down to the thong and exercise (pushups, crunches, and leg-raises), followed by a shower and shave before spending a couple ours online doing correspondence and managing my assets and investments.

Shaving takes a while, as I have taken to shaving my entire body (with the exception of the hair in my head, which was longish before I got here and now reaches my shoulders). I tip the scales at 140 pounds and stand 5 foot eight inches. My body is trim, fit, lithe, and nicely tanned. When I finish shaving, I oil myself up with tanning oil, then reach into my special drawer.

The drawer is filled with thongs. Actually they’re more of a g-string, all identical in size, fit, and construction, but all different in color or pattern. Red, white, green, blue, apricot, black, striped, fushia, paisley, forty-six different variations on a theme. Before I came south, I spent a couple days in Manhattan visiting various fabric wholesalers finding every variation of microknit fabric I could, then sent them all to a shop in Malaysia along with a finished example of what I wanted that I had found a couple years ago and loved the way it fit. When I arrived in Grand Cayman, a good sized box was waiting for me with the finished thongs.

They fit wonderfully and are mere ounces in weight. Actually, I weighed one: twelve grams. Two corners of a six inch triangle of fabric is connected to an eighth inch thick waistband and a similiar sized vertical that runs from the middle of the waistband to the third corner of the triangle. They are beautifully constructed and stretch in every direction. I’m of fairly average endowment with a pronounced mushroom shaped circumcised head and when I slip one on, my cock and balls are nicely packaged and presented.

When I reach into the drawer I’m never quite certain what color or pattern I might pull out on any given day. This morning it was bright yellow. After I’m attired for the day, I grab my sunglasses and a small bag to carry lotion, cash, and a couple condoms (always prepared), then head for the beach and a nice leisurely stroll that lasts an hour, taking me in to Fort de France where I grab lunch from a cart vendor that sets up at the edge of the beach. As I walk the water’s edge, I pass by several large hotels with their guests out on chaises. Most are Europeans, a few Americans, and a handful are South Americans. Most of the men pay me no attention, but many women follow my almost naked progress. I love having women ogle my toned and tan physique as well as my package jiggling slightly as I walk along. If I get hard because I know that I’m being watched, the triangle of fabric stretches to accommodate things nicely. Şanlıurfa Escort I love the way the skimpy stretchy fabric feels. There is just enough give that my package bounces a little as I walk, much like a great pair of tits on a woman does when she’s braless.

After lunch, I strut down the street a block to Marie’s. We met my first week here. Every day she was also at the vendor, also clad in nothing more than a G-string, hers even skimpier than mine and displaying a very nice little cameltoe. We eyed each other lustily each day and finally spoke, although that was limited, as her English was about as good as my French, that is to say minimal. After six months now, I am much better conversing in both French and patois, but that day it was awkward. We stumbled through hellos and each complemented the other on our attire before she extended her hand and then led me down the street she in her miniscule floral print g-string, I in my navy blue one, her tits bouncing ever so slightly as we walked, my package doing the same until we reached a gift shop. Her flat was above and accessed via a side door.

Once inside, her hand went to my crotch and she began to explore. I reached for her lovely breasts, but she brushed my hand away before I could make contact. Instead, she sank to her knees, pulled my thong down to my ankles and took my cock into her mouth. She played with my balls, licked my shaft, and returned to sucking. It felt wonderful and before very long I was pumping a big load of lovejuice down her throat. When I was totally drained, she stood, pressed her luscious body against me and kissed me on the cheek then stepped away. I pulled the thong back up and tucked everything back into place. She showed me to the door and closed it behind me.

I thought that was likely to be the end of it, but next day there she was and again we visited her flat, with the same procedure as before. Since then it has been a daily ritual, with only one change. One day about a month after our first session, as I stood there with my cock in her mouth, I noticed the reflection of a face in a glass cabinet door. Another young woman was watching.

I pretended not to notice, and the next day the same thing occurred. This time I waved to the reflection to come toward us. Initially it just disappeared, but then popped back into view again. After motioning to her again, she emerged, another lovely young thing, also wearing only a g-string bathing suit. She stood there coyly one hand clutching the elbow of her other arm behind her back. I pulled my cock out of Marie’s mouth for a moment to give her a better look.

After I motioned again for her to come closer, she took a few intrepid steps forward. Marie was focused on making me cum and right about then I did and at just about the same time Marie realized that we were being watched.

Initially Marie was cross that we had been spied upon, but I was able to convince her that I not only was not bothered by it and in fact rather enjoyed it. After I slipped back into my g-sting, she introduced the voyeur as Katrin before showing me out. When I returned the next day, Katrin was the one who dropped to her knees and sucked me off while Marie sat watching and smoked a cigarette. Ever since, they have alternated, one watching and one sucking. Never have I been allowed to touch either other than to insert my cock into their mouths.

Each day after my lunchtime blowjob I return to the beach and walk back ot my bungalow, past the leering ladies all baking in the sun. Once back to the complex, I take a dip in the pool and then I exercise again and take another shower, check in on my stocks again after the market has closed, and before you know it, it’s time for dinner. For dinner I dress in slacks and a polo shirt, then head into the village for what is inevitably a great meal. It begins with a perfectly prepared martini at one of the three establishments there that I’ve trained just how I like it. Generally I indulge in some form of locally caught seafood, prepared only as a French based culture can. After dinner I read for a bit, then after the sun has gone down I go out for a nice long nude walk on the beach. It’s amazing how many other people are out there doing the exact same thing. For every ten people you come upon, there’s at least one other, generally couples who are also naked.

One day while I was at the pool I noticed a stunning older blonde lounging in a white two piece suit. Her hair was pure white, she was deeply tanned and she had an exquisite figure – tall, slender but shapely with well defined breasts and hips that balanced them nicely. Every day after that she was there at the pool and every day it was some form of a white swimsuit she wore. A couple times I caught her checking me out, so I started walking right in front of her as she lay there or after I’d gotten my drink at the bar, standing just a few feet away while I sipped it for a while.

I was returning from my beach walk a week and a half after the first time I spotted her, and Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan there she was, coming along the pathway just before it branched off and one leg headed toward my place. That day my thong was brilliant turquoise. She was as usual in a white bikini, this one with ties at each side of the bottom and another between the bra cups. We almost passed without acknowledgement, but at the last moment I said hello and she returned the greeting, then stopped just in front of me. It seemed as though she wanted to say something, but couldn’t get it out. I looked at her inquisitively and finally she spoke up. “Forgive me for being so forward, but I keep seeing you every day and I just can’t help it, but…”

“Go on.”

“I’d really like to fondle you.”

I was stunned and I could see right away that she wished that she hadn’t said it. My guess is that her afternoon Pina Colada rations of had taken over and it had been the alcohol doing the talking, but I wasn’t going to pass the opportunity by to be groped by this stunner.

“Please be my guest,” I said as I stepped closer to her “I would love it if you did.”

Hesitantly she reached forward until I felt her long slender fingers through the thing triangle of fabric. I gave a little moan of satisfaction and my cock began to swell. I think she liked the feeling of it responding like that to her touch. Keeping her hand there she also cupped my balls. I could see her chest was heaving and I decided to see how far this might go. I slipped a thumb in each side of the skimpy waistband of my thong and slipped it down, freeing my manhood for her to see and to enable her to make direct contact with.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and gently stroked it. I slipped the thong further down and off my feet then reached for her breasts, peeling back the white fabric of her bikini top and eventually coaxing untying it so that it slipped from her shoulders.

“These puppies should be allowed to breathe more often.” Her nipples were firm and erect with moderately large aureoles. It was obvious from their whiteness that her breasts were rarely if ever allowed out in public.

“Oh, yeah, sure” she said sarcasticly.

“I mean it. Leave the top in your room from now on, these are gorgeous tits.”

She chose to focus her attention on my penis rather than acknowledge my comment.

“Why don’t you suck it.” I suggested.

Her lips involuntarily opened. I could see she was accustomed to receiving instruction, so I repeated “Suck it.”

She glanced around and I said “No one will see.”

Much to my glee, she squatted, took my member in her mouth and obliged me with my second blowjob in less than an hour and a half. She was good, very very good. Some women you can tell have a real talent for oral sex, as though they have been trained in just how to make their mouths feel like the most juicy wonderful pussy you’ve ever experienced and she was one. She also knew how to prolong the ecstasy, keep you right there on the edge so that when you do come, it’s this wonderful explosion of cum blasting through your dick and out into a hot wet hole. When I finally blew my wad, I found myself rising up on my tiptoes out of sheer ecstasy as I pumped my load into her mouth.

Swallowing as she stood she also smiled and rolled her eyes at me. She picked up her top and I picked up my thong and as she started to walk away I said “My name is Dave.”

She looked back over her shoulder and replied “Andrea.”

The next day I wandered over to the pool area mid afternoon this time wearing brilliant magenta. She was parked at the cabana bar wearing another white bikini, this one slightly skimpier than the previous day and this time with a tie at the back. I sat down next to her and Jimmie the bartender scampered into action, a perfectly prepared Negroni appearing before me before I knew it. She sipped on her Pina Colada and looked at me coyly out of the corner of her eye. I spoke first.

“What’s with the top?”

“What do you mean, what’s with the top?”

“You really need to leave that off. Your breast are magnificent – we’d all like to enjoy them.”

“We all?”

“Yes, we all,” I smiled smiled and looked at Jimmie “Right?”

Jimmie just flashed a big toothy grin. It got even wider as I reached over and tugged on one end of the lower string tie to the top till it fell loose then repeated the process with the top one. The bra top fell into her lap. She looked at me in astonishment and Jimmie just stared at her boobs.

“Tell me Jimmie, am I right? Aren’t these just the loveliest breasts you’ve ever seen?”

“Oui monsieur Dave, Oui.” was all he could muster.

Andrea spoke next “I suppose you expect more of what you got yesterday.”

“Actually, I was hoping I could return the favor.”

A soft smile came across her face and she rose to her feet, picked up her top and drink and began to saunter away. I grabbed my glass and followed, raising it in salute to Jimmie as I Escort Şanlıurfa did. We headed down the same path we had encountered each other on the previous day. At the fork she stopped and I placed a hand on her lower back to steer her toward the left, down the path to my bungalow.

Inside, I slipped my thong off and approached her with my member at full salute. She set her glass down and we embraced, our lips meeting, then locking together and tongues probing, wrestling. When we finally released I lowered my head to kiss her breasts. I licked at the nipples as again her chest heaved in excitement. I sucked and nibbled and as I did my hands wandered all over the rest of her. I grasped each side of her bikini bottom and started sliding it down some, then sank to my knees and finished the job, holding it for her as she stepped out of it.

Before me was a beautifully trimmed bush of the same pure white as that on her head. I have never seen anything like it. The hair was thin and wispy, all in all very elegant and ladylike. I kissed her there then lower and lower again. She altered her stance so that her legs were slightly spread allowing me enough access that I could kiss her labia. My tongue came out and I ran it across them and began to probe.

I looked up at her face and said “Go lie on the bed.” She did so and I pulled her toward the edge. It’s a low unit and I was able to position her on her back with feet on the floor. I spread her legs wide and knelt between them then resumed my ministrations, kissing and licking, sucking her labia into my mouth where I swished them around and ran my tongue between them.

It was easy to locate her clitoris – it was huge. A smooth pink knob, it was almost as big around as my thumb and as it was stimulated it swelled and emerged from with the hood of flesh that normally concealed it. She was highly sensitive there and I realized I needed to proceed with delicacy. As I gently pampered it with my tongue I also slipped first one and then two fingers inside her. She was dripping with vaginal juices and extremely hot inside. My middle finger found her cervix which I began to stimulate deep inside her while I continued with my tongue. She was writhing and straining with her entire body, craving that peak of ecstasy and release that we all carry buried down in our souls. It went on like this for quite some time building to the inevitable crescendo, like a storm in the making.

And then it came. Starting as a low barely audible groan it evolved into a shriek accompanied by feverish thrashing. Her hands were on the back of my head, holding my face firmly in place against her crotch and she wrapped her legs tightly around me as well. She bucked and screamed and the more I wriggled my fingers inside her the more she wailed in delight. On and on and on until finally she yelled “Enough! enough, enough!.”

She released her grip, spread her legs again and I came up for air. Her sex was right there just inches from my face, dripping with lovejuices, all pink and succulent. And there was that magnificent clit, still throbbing ever so slightly. I knew if I were to touch her there right then she would explode. Slowly, carefully I brought my tongue into contact with it again and immediately she launched into another explosive orgasm as I held my tongue there and she ground herself against my face.

This time when I came up for air, she pushed me away and clamped her legs shut then wriggled further up onto the bed and retracted into a fetal position. There was a faint but exhausted sort of smile on her face. She had traces of crows feet at the edges of her eyes. They made her seem very sweet, like someone you wanted to take care of. I thought about getting her a blanket, but it was very warm and she seemed content as she fell asleep. Besides, I liked looking at her naked body.

While she napped, I slipped my thong back on and then quietly slid out the door to make a visit to Jimmie. I exchanged the half finished drinks for fresh ones. When I returned, she awoke and smiled as I offered her the glass of foamy refreshment. We small talked for a bit before she put her bikini bottom back on and kissed me before disappearing out the door.

The next afternoon proceeded along similar lines, except it turned into a good old fashioned fuck for an hour and a half. We ended up getting together every afternoon then for several weeks. I learned that she was the discarded mistress of a wealthy industrialist who had seen to it that she would be financially secure for the rest of her life, but had abandoned her for a younger model with bigger tits. I was astounded when she admitted to me that she was 58. The only part of her that seemed to approach corresponding to that age was her platinum tresses. Yes, there were the traces of crows feet, but as I say, they were only traces.

She stopped wearing the top half of her bikinis. Her former lover had forbidden her from baring them in public when she was with him but she seemed to really enjoy exposing them once someone else gave her the encouragement to do so. Jimmie gave them names – Pauline et Jeanne. It was some sort of private joke for him. I got her to wear a thong, eventually going so far as a miniscule little Y-back G-string that she looked absolutely sensational in. At that point she even shaved off most of her pale muff.

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