It Begins

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I was young and naive as most of us were back then. Kathy, my older sister by a year and 3 months, was 19 and would start college in the fall. I had just turned 18 in April.

It wasn’t the norm for both parents to work back then, but mom started working when Kathy was old enough to baby sit us. So the summers were ours alone.

In the beginning, we got along like any brother and sister. But that began to change as I reached puberty. Things were changing for me fast. Hormones raged, body hair began growing and most of all I had this appendage between my legs that demanded attention constantly.

But it wasn’t until quite a bit later that the realization occurred to me that I was living with a beautiful female, albeit my sister.

It started one day when we were each changing to go swimming. I was in my room across from hers and changed into my trunks in seconds. I was impatient to get across the street to our friend’s pool and stood outside her door asking if she was ready when I noticed the door open just a crack.

She answered, “Hold on, I’m looking for my other suit. My suit from yesterday is still wet.”

My eyes, on their own, peered into the crack to see my sister totally naked with her back mostly toward me, bending over looking in her drawer. The sight of that pale white, soft flesh of her tight rear with the distinct tan lines made me instantly hard. I actually surprised myself with the sudden hard-on and backed off in embarrassment. After all this was my sister! But she was a female, she was good looking and she was NAKED!!

I peeked back in just in time to see her from the side, lifting her leg to step into her bottoms – one leg then the other. From this angle I only got a quick glimpse of what looked like some hair down there. As she pulled up the bottoms, I noticed her breasts. They certainly weren’t that big, but they were definitely naked breasts!

I don’t remember staring at the nipples as I would today, but the areolas were relatively small and quite pink. The side was outlined again in tan and they seemed larger than I expected leaning down as she was.

I watched almost in awe as she put the top on, adjusted it and checked herself in the mirror, finally adjusting the bottoms once more. I backed off again in embarrassment that my own sister would turn me on to the extent it just did. I quickly stood back by my door just as hers opened.

“Finally” I said as a cover, as she emerged.

That’s how it all started. I remember from then on, any time she dressed or undressed, whether to shower, swim, get ready for bed or even once in a while to dress for college in the morning, I was tempted to check her door. It became almost Pavlovian: she would head for somewhere to change and I would get hard.

Well it was bound to happen with my uncontrollable urge to spy on her. One afternoon shortly after all this began, she was changing to swim. There was a slightly bigger crack in the door than usual and I was raging hard just approaching. I peeked in to see her standing holding her bottoms and getting ready to step into them, naked of course with her back to me. I leaned in for a better view and my forehead hit the door lightly, with just a small tap but the door began swinging open some.

I ducked back out of the way but of course I heard her say, “Michael, are you watching me dress?!”

I leaned back and turned my head to make it sound as far away as possible and answered, “No.”

There was a delay, apparently to get her top on, and suddenly there she was at the door. She looked more disgusted than angry, and I gave my best innocent look, but I know I was blushing bright red. She simply shook her head and said OK lets go. I felt like a man on death row being given a reprieve. She didn’t say a word.

I’ll fast forward through all the boring times I spied again, many times unsuccessfully, and move to the next step in this progression. Once more she was dressing for swimming, and once again the door was cracked just slightly more than the original time.

After that first time being caught I was still hooked on spying on her, but my stomach would knot up both in anticipation of seeing her naked once again, even if it was my sister, and the threat of being caught a second time. I had gotten off easy the first time. I expected her to tell everyone she knows and everyone I know and make my life a living hell. I chalked it up to her forgetting about it.

Speaking objectively, my sister was quite good looking. She had long, dish-water blonde hair down slightly below shoulder length, small slender legs and a petite, very fit body that was in great shape from all the activity she did.

When younger she was a bit of a Tomboy, playing baseball and other sports as well as climbing trees, hiking and we both loved camping. Her face was what today I would describe as a very pretty girl. She got that from our mom, who, if you met her on the street, you might think was a super-model.

But I digress. On this occasion I stepped into the hallway and announced that I was ready.

All adana escort she said was “Wow you’re quick”.

That told me she was still changing and the urge was too much. I peeked in the rather broad crack to the vision of my sister’s naked body once more bending over with her rear toward me. As she bent, I could actually see between her semi-parted legs and was treated with a view of both her rear cheeks and a slight glimpse of her pussy lips!

It was all too short however as she pulled up the bottoms and then continued to put her top on with her back to me the whole time. As she tied the bow behind her on her top, I was just about to back off when she said, “I know you’re watching Michael.”

I looked at the mirror to see her looking directly at me. I hadn’t noticed the capability until just then, too late. I jerked back out of view not even knowing what to say. Not answering was an admission and after the delay, it was too late.

I ran into my room and shut the door, embarrassed, frightened and confused. She’d surely tell everyone this time and then probably tell them it wasn’t the first time. I just wanted to die.

There was a knock at the door and it opened without me saying a word. I can’t really remember what I was doing exactly but I wasn’t facing the door. She stood there a second I figured waiting for me to say something. I just said, “What?” without looking her way.

She said, “It’s OK, let’s go swimming.”

I looked at her with my mind whirling. No anger, no threats, no smug ‘wait ’til my friend Susan hears this’?

She waved me to come on and headed out of my room. I followed and when I caught up I said looking at my feet as we walked, “Sorry. Please don’t tell anyone will you?”

She said, “I won’t.” She was strangely pleasant. My sister and I became friends that day.

In the living room, just before we were getting ready to go out the door, she stopped and faced me. She said, “Do you think it’s OK to spy on someone?”

I had to look away again. This was it: the ‘or else’. I mumbled “No.”

She swung the door open without saying anything else and we both went out. She was walking a bit ahead of me and just as she reached the curb to begin crossing she said without turning toward me, “You could ask if you want to see me you know.”

She never looked back and just walked to the pool and so did I. I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. I wasn’t even sure I heard her right and I certainly wasn’t going to ask if I heard that right. I figured she already thought I was some sort of pervert wanting to see my own sister naked. I wasn’t going to prove it to her.

After swimming we went home to change and mom was home so I was happy to just leave things as they were.

For the next few days, I didn’t spy on her. As a matter of fact, I made it a point to leave my room and walk noisily down the hall and from the end of the hall loudly announced “I’m ready when you are. I’ll be in the living room.”

I put the thought of what she had said out of my mind. How do you ask your sister to strip for you?

After a few times of this, she took a longer time than usual and then came out and stopped me and said, “I noticed you’re not spying any more. Thanks”

I just blushed and smiled. She continued, “but…” and she hesitated.

I looked at her questioningly and she was the one blushing now. I said, “What?”

She was stammering around searching for words. I said again, “What?”

She finally said, “Aren’t I attractive?”

Now I was the one stammering. I blurted out, “Of course! But… you told me… not to…”

I couldn’t finish the sentence. She said, “Well I also said you can ask.” Her eyes looked at me, then down, then back up waiting.

I was flabbergasted. I said, “Really… you mean…”

She interrupted and said with a gesture of indifference, “Only if you want.”

We both stood there in the living room. I was digesting what she just suggested. Do I dare? I said, “Now?”

She said, “I guess if you want.”

I smiled and said, “OK”.

She was very uncomfortable and there was a (relatively) long delay. I waited for her to remove something and she waited for me to ask then she said, “What… should I… yo know?”

I wanted her to strip naked and lay on the floor with her legs spread, but trying not to be too obnoxious I decided to begin gently.

“How about your top” I finally said.

She and I were both blushing deeply. This was a very awkward situation, even if it was every guy’s dream. My older sister asking me what I wanted her to take off!! Looking down at herself she reached down and instead of untying the top, she just pulled it up over her small but lovely breasts.

Her eyes searched mine for approval. Nothing was said, but I know I must have lit up with excitement. We were maybe four feet apart and she was standing holding up her top with her titties bare pointing them at me. Finally the silence and the immensity of the situation hit me and I uttered, adıyaman escort “WOW!!”

With that she covered them immediately and said, “See you just have to ask” and with that turned quickly to head out the door as if nothing had happened.

I followed behind her like a lost puppy with a multitude of thoughts rambling through my head. But the Ice was broken!

As would happen, this occurred on a Friday and everyone was home for the weekend. There were no chances for Kathy and I to be together alone until Monday. But as you might expect, I had some great masturbation sessions in the privacy of my room after going to bed. Kathy had offered to show me anything, or at least that’s how I interpreted it. She didn’t actually say ‘anything’ but she did say all I had to do was ask. I had to take her up on that before she changed her mind.

In those masturbation sessions, I wasn’t thinking simply that she had showed me her bare chest, but more of what I might do next. Being the naive virgin that I was back then, my ultimate goal was to have her strip totally naked for me. I’d seen her naked, but from a distance through a slit and from mostly awkward angles. I wanted her to present it to me right there in full view!

The simplest thing I could think of to do just then was to follow her into her room when it was time to change and ask if I could watch as she put on the bathing suit instead of spying. She’d have to agree to that.

Monday morning couldn’t come quickly enough. In my fantasies, I had planned everything out already – well almost as you’ll see. But as I got up in the morning I was raging hard already and I thought the heck with waiting for swim time in the afternoon.

I came out to breakfast in my shorts and T-shirt and she came out in her nightgown and robe as usual. She wasn’t a morning person and was in no hurry to dress or get herself started in the morning.

You’ll hear me say this many times, but if we all knew then what we know now things would have been so different. Even the looks we remember from back then would have been so transparent to us now. I’m sure when she walked into the kitchen in that robe she should have known exactly what I was thinking. Yet, if she did, it didn’t show in the least, at least not to me back then.

There wasn’t much conversation as usual. A simple “Morning” sufficed.

I had fantasized all weekend about watching her dress for swimming, yet here I was trying something totally unrehearsed. Watching her walk around a bit I finally blurted out, “What do you have on under that” – not the most subtle of questions.

She looked at me with a look of ‘where did that come from?’ but only said, “Under what?”

I said, under the robe.”

She flipped the robe bottom open without untying the waist and said, “Just my gown, why?”

In what was probably transparent to even her I said, “Nothing. You look nice.”

She laughed and said, “So what is it you want?”

Defending my position I said, “Nothing, you do look nice like always… besides you said I should ask.”

A slight smile came over her face and her eyes went up in a gesture that a light had come on. “I see” she said.

This wasn’t going nearly as smoothly as I had fantasized all weekend, yet I wasn’t giving up. The prize was too great. After what I considered an appropriate wait, I said again as I took a bite of cereal, “So what do you have on under that then?”

She smiled knowingly and hesitated. “Just my plain white panties” she said without making an effort to show them as she had the gown.

She was making me work for this and appeared to be enjoying every minute of it. I delayed, building up the nerve for the next question. Why did she have to drag it out of me I wondered. Surely she knows what I’m getting at. Not to be defeated I said, “Can I see them?”

“What, my plain old white panties?” She replied.

I sort of shrugged and said, “Yeah, you said I could…”

But I was interrupted by “ask, yes I know” and she laughed. “You’re sure taking advantage of that aren’t you” she said.

Embarrassed and blushing I just shoved another spoonful of cereal in my mouth and shrugged.

“Maybe after breakfast” she said.

Yeeeeeeeeees, it worked!!

After breakfast we had to clean up our dishes and wipe down the table and counters. Once done, I sat at the table waiting for Kathy. When she finished, she just headed into the living room and sat down. She was making me work for it again I thought. Or maybe she had changed her mind. She had after all only said MAYBE after breakfast.

I followed her into the other room and sat across from her. She was reading the newspaper, not unusual for her, yet quite unusual for me to follow her in there. Her robe had pulled open but her gown was cautiously covering everything carefully. A bit of time passed and she lowered the paper and looked at me. Again, she was waiting to pull it out of me.

But then when I said nothing she said, “Oh yeah you wanted to see my panties.”

With afyon escort that she set the paper down and simply spread her legs, which pulled the gown up and exposed the gusset of cotton between her legs and she laughed, closing them quickly.

I said, “Aw, that didn’t show anything. At least not long enough to see anything.”

She stood up then and walked over to me watching me intently the whole way (only a second or two but it seemed intense) and said, “You really want to see cotton panties?”

I didn’t answer. Then she turned her back to me and lifted her gown and asked if I could see them well enough.

They were a simple cotton pair, older but no holes or tears, yet they were nice and sheer for cotton. I could barely make out the shadow of her crack there in the morning light shining in. Her cheeks nicely filled out the panties which may have even been a bit too small. As she held the gown up there, I could even see the muscles in her buttocks flex as she shifted.

I answered her saying, “Can I see the front?”

There was a delay. Maybe I’m pushing this too much. I don’t want to make her rescind the offer.

But then readjusting the gown she held up so the front was uncovered, she turned around facing me. I could feel her eyes bearing down on me like two heat lamps.

From the front I could clearly see the contours of her tight lower muscles, the curves of her hip bones folding into her mid-section and the soft roundness of the tender mound that must be just a millimeter beneath that material as it curved and folded together down between her legs (that were together).

The worn cotton wasn’t enough to hide the crop of hair that I already knew resided there. Either my eyes or my imagination were good enough to notice what I thought was a clump of hair pinned against her there.

Not sure how long she held that pose, but she finally said, “See, white panties.”

I mumbled back something like “yeah” but as she lowered her gown still staring at me from some strength within I heard myself say, “Will you pull them down, please?”

Her eyes widened and as if she needed to ask she said, “My panties?”

I was red as a beet by now and simply nodded, for she was too.

She reached up under the gown and pulled them down in a way I couldn’t see anything and stepped out of them, holding them up with a guilty smile.

I reached for them and said, “I’ll hold them so you have both hands to pull your gown up.”

It was the first time in my life I felt I had the upper hand on my older sister. She didn’t answer but released her white cotton panties as I grasped them.

She closed her eyes and took the sides of her gown down near the bottom and as if her arms were being raised by some crane from above, she pulled the gown up until it was covering her face.

There was her beautiful womanhood totally exposed right before me ever so close outlined by slender legs below and a smooth flat tummy, unbroken except for a navel that just added to the erotic aura.

“Wow, you are so hot Kathy” was her signal to lower the gown.

Looking directly at me and with a timidity I’d never experienced from my older sister, she said, “Glad you think so Michael.”

Then taking her panties from me, she went about her morning chores as did I, after a trip to the bathroom to relieve the throbbing in my own groin. Nothing more was mentioned about the incident.

After lunch however, we decided to go swimming. We were both a bit on edge I think when the time came to change. She headed into her room to change and I followed her closely walking in right behind her, so that as she turned to close her door, there I was.

She said as if the plan was unclear, “I’m going to change, you go get ready.”

I said, “I thought maybe you’d let me watch you.”

The silence was deafening and her look was unreadable. Even today I don’t know what was running through her head, but we stood there undecided and wordless.

Then, without saying yes or no, she backed up still looking my way but almost looking through me in thought. She turned to her bed where her suit was laying and began by taking off her robe.

Her panties lay on the bed as well which meant she had nothing on beneath her gown. She was standing sideways to me and looked at me with a little girl shyness and pulled the gown up above her knees, where she paused. Then with renewed nerve, she whipped it up over her head and began pulling her arms out of each sleeve, giving me plenty of time to view her form unobstructed.

She tossed it on the bed and smiled blushing all the way down to between her breasts. Her neck looked sunburned.

I slowly shook my head and said, “Wow, So hot! I never knew I had such a hot sister” bringing her even more embarrassment.

She was reaching for her bottoms and then turned to step into them when I took her arm and said, “Turn around once slowly for me, please. I want to remember this moment.”

Not knowing what to do with her arms, she held them out and taking little steps she slowly rotated 360 degrees giggling occasionally as she turned, arms out like a ballerina, giving me a view of the very first naked female body I’d seen in it’s entirety in person in my life. It was also one of the most beautiful that I can remember to this day, but then I’m prejudiced.

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