it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 11

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it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 11.

WOW. I really have a situation now. It started by having sex with my sister. Now Dad and Mom have split and I’m having sex with her. I have my girlfriend then of course I have my little “hook up’s” with the girl who is not only my sisters friend but presumably our “cousin”.
I’m really stretching it so perhaps I should consider thinning the herd a bit or if nothing else perhaps I need to take a break !.
Sure I’m thinking I need a break at this moment as I lay here feeling completely spent after our session.
Perhaps I will feel different in the morning after all, I’m young and I can rejuvenate quickly. I also think differently when I “need relief”.
It’s amazing what you can do, let alone what you can justify, when your “under pressure”, so to speak.

I woke up just as I fell asleep, snuggled up to her back with my arm draped over her. I don’t think either of us moved an inch, except for my cock, which has a mind of it’s own. As usual it was rock hard and now and it was wedged between the bed and her butt. Now that I was awake I was uncomfortable with it like that so I eased back and it sprang up. I scooted towards her and my cock poked at her butt.
I pushed into her crack as it slid down and nestled in.

She moaned then moved her hips forward slightly. She reached back and grabbed my cock, stroking it just a little.

“Oh honey lets take care of that”, she said. She rolled over then scooted down and took me into her mouth.
I laid there and moaned out a soothing, “OHHHHHH”, and as she worked I put a hand on the top of her head pushing. I wanted to cum and I wanted to be as deep in her mouth (or pussy) as I could but just as long I was was relieved.
I rolled onto my back then after a minute she pulled off and straddled me.
She raised up and guided me to her pussy then sat back, impaling herself on my shaft.

My hands went to her butt and I pushed as she rode me up and down.
“OH BABY YOU ARE SO HARD”, she said. I was almost wheezing from the stimulation as her soft inner folds encased my throbbing cock.
I was pushing her up as far as possible, wanting to feel her with every inch of my rock hard shaft plus I was getting close already. Close hell, I was there.
“UH, UH, UH, UH”, I moaned loudly as I pushed, begging her to pick up the pace.
“MOM, I’M GONNA CUUUUUUMMMMM…………, OHHHHHHHHH”, I shouted, as I began to shoot into her.
She sat back with me still in her and squeezed as she extracted the remainder from me.

When it was done I let out a final, “uhhhhhhh”, oh that felt good, I really needed that”, I said.
“Well I know how young men are in the morning, it’s nice to get a little relief bursa eskort first thing, makes for a great start to the day”, she said
She pulled off and stood up,”You need to get ready for school and I have to go to work”, she said.
Thinking I may get out of it for a few days I thought it better not to argue so I got up and headed for the shower. Afterwords I dressed and headed out the door as I heard her in her room showering and getting ready.

Trying to stay focused in school was tough, it was almost impossible. I was consumed with thoughts of, well you know “the usual”, plus I was trying to prognosticate. With things in constant flux it was pointless to even try and predict what could happen next. It wasn’t as much as trying to predict but where I was steering this, where did I want this to go, what future did I want, what future was I making, etc ?.

In between classes I ran into my girlfriend. She kissed me then pulled back looking at me, “mmm, I need you”, she said. I closed my eyes trying to stay out of sex mode. Like I needed this stimulation, said my inner voice sarcastically.
“It’s been crazy, I know we haven’t had a chance to talk and…..”stuff”, I said.
“I know, sorry about your parents” (the bell rang) “gotta go, she said as she ran down the hall.

I stood there looking at her run with her ass jiggling slightly while I was thinking, “mmm, I have to get me some of that”, then it hit me, “how the hell did she know about my parents, we haven’t talked ?”.
I opened my mouth to ask then thought there isn’t enough time.
I finished out the school day while thinking about my girlfriend………….or girlfriends, I thought, as I laughed inside.
After running into her earlier, with her being suggestive and all, plus all the nice pretty things walking around school all day and my own thoughts and needs, I was as stimulated as I could get right now.
School was done, FINALLY !. I walked looking for my girlfriend figuring she would be in the parking lot. I pulled out my phone and texted, “where u”, then pushed send.
After a couple minutes my phone beeped.
“had 2 go c u later !”, she replied.

FUCK !, I said on the inside. I was horny but now I’m pissed. I wanted to text a reply but didn’t, I just began to walk.
I wasn’t in the best of moods now. All I could think was “Dam that bitch”.
I walked as if on automatic, not even cognizant of where I was being consumed with extracting some revenge and all. I walked along, eyes to the ground thinking next time I’ll just “hate fuck” her.

A voice broke my concentration, “Hey mister”, she said.
I stopped, picked my head up closed my eyes and drew in a breath. No longer horny but in pissed off mode I opened my eyes as I breathed out then turned and my mood immediately softened.
She was wearing shorts and a spagetti strap top, both of which displayed her tanned bursa escort bayan and lean slender body.
“You seem a little stressed, maybe I can help”, she said as she raised her eyebrows.
I stood there for a few seconds without reply.
“Yeah, maybe you can”, I said, nodding my head.
I walked towards her then she turned and walked as I followed. As I admired the view before me it didn’t take long to get back into horny mode, I was getting stiffer as we walked. I wanted EVERYTHING she had.
As we rounded the dense foliage that provided the privacy for “our spot” I saw a blanket on the ground. She was already prepared I thought as she stopped and turned to me. She got up close and said, “we have plans for you”.
I caught movement from the corner of my eye as she grabbed my wrists and started walking backwards, pulling me with her. My immediate thought was “shit, this is a trap of some kind”. I stood there aprehensive but my tension eased after I looked from one to the other as they smiled.
As I was letting myself be pulled down to the blanket by this slender little seductress, “your quite the stud muffin”, I heard from behind me. Then I was descended upon. I thought “this can’t happening, please let this is be happening”.
I willfully complied as I was being stripped naked.

My cock was being engulfed as I had a pussy planted onto my face. I lapped at that cunt like a dog while running my hands up and squeezing those soft titties.
I was busy with my dick being sucked while I had a dripping cunt mashed down on my face then after a few minutes of licking, she began moaning, “oh, oh, oh.
She reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face in deeper as she began rocking her hips and moaning, mmmmmmmmm, then she caught a breath and let out a, “UHHHHHHHHHHH !” as I was rewarded with a drenching bath of hot jizz which I took in what I could.

I laid there with jizz coating my face and dripping off my chin as she rocked on my mouth and finished squirting while I felt that sweet little mouth pull off my cock.
Being done, she let go of my hair got up and pivoted around to straddle me. She raised up and fully grabbed my cock with her hand. Sufficiently wet she plunged down taking me all the way in. She leaned forward placing her hands on the ground and rocked on me taking as much of my cock as she could while I had my hands pushing on her ass.

As I laid there being fucked I looked to my side as she pulled her shorts and spagetti strap shirt off. I eyed her lean slender body while she looked down at me smiling.
“You enjoying this mister”, she said.
“OH YEAH”, I said.
She stepped over me and lowered to her knees, her little cunt hovering just above me.
“Now it’s my turn”, she said.

She lowered herself to my mouth and I started licking. I moved my hands and now had them running up her görükle escort back and around the front to rub across her tits. She kept herself off of me as I teased her little cunt lips while alternately flicking my tongue across her clit.
Looking up at her she had her head level, eyes lightly closed and mouth slightly open taking in shallow breaths.
I licked at her sweet little pussy for several minutes and continued to run my hands up and down her slender body as she slowly leaned her head back while her breathing stayed steady, she was getting close.
Sensing that my light teasing of her lips and clit was what she wanted I didn’t increase rather I stayed steady with what I was doing.
I was close myself, the pressure was built up inside my shaft but I had complete control and kept myself closed tight as I saivored the feel of my cock pistonning in and out.

I looked up again as I licked, her head was all the way back now, she had her hands on her legs and her breathing picked up. She never made a sound she only started taking quick breaths as it built up in her.
She took in a last breath and held it. I raised my head up and placed my open mouth over her mound and licked her slit as she let out a slow breath. Instead of a gush her sweet juice dripped into my mouth. I pulled my head back and licked her entire slit trying to get as much as I could.
I rolled my eyes back and loosened up and let out, “UHHHHHHHHH”, as a stream of cum shot from my peehole. She kept rocking on me as I squeezed closed then let loose and and moaned, “AHHHHHHHH”, as another streamed of sticky cum coated the inside of her cunt.
With a final, OHHHHHHHH, BABY !”, I let loose what I had left.
She slowed then stopped rocking on me as I finished licking the pussy that was above my face. She pulled off of my cock breathing and turned around and took my slowly deflating cock in her mouth. I was soaked down there, a mixture of juice and cum dripping off my balls as she worked to clean me off.

Before she pulled her pussy from over my face she looked down at me, gave the side of my face a few pats with her hand and said, “your good”. Then she stood up and started to get dressed while I was still having my balls and cock sucked and licked clean.
When she was dressed she look down at me winked and mouthed a silent “later” then turned and walked off.

I didn’t figure this happening. I laid there in amazement while remembering my thoughts from this morning about predictions, what can happen, what I want to happen, where am I going with this and how to steer things, etc.
STEER !, hell I’m not sure if I’m doing any driving. I don’t know where it’s going but I sure like the ride, so far.

I sat up and looked down while shaking my head side to side. With a smile on my face I finally looked up at her, “You are SO naughty”, I said.
“I KNEW you were able to handle it”, she said grinning back at me.
“You know I have a ton of questions”, I said.
“I know you do”, she said.
“OK, tell me about you two”, I said.

She just looked at me, keeping me in suspense………………………………..

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