It Started With Her Panties…Pt. 01

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Big Tits

It started innocently.

My neighbors of the past 10 years, Mark and Tara, decided to downsize and moved to a town 30 miles away. We had been close, keeping an eye out for each other, sharing a drink, dinner, dog sitting. When I divorced, they had been supportive. When they told me they were leaving I was surprised and a little disappointed. I had always enjoyed their company and I especially enjoyed watching Tara sunbathing along with Kathy, their 18 year old daughter.

I decided to throw a party and invite some other neighborhood friends over for a BBQ and drinks to celebrate the move. The party turned out well and a good time was had by everyone. Tara had dressed to dazzle in a short form fitting sun dress that showed off her 36DD tits, tight stomach and glorious legs. I didn’t know, but I assumed, Tara had little or nothing underneath her dress. She also had on sandals that showed her sexy and perfectly pedicured feet with burgundy colored nail polish. In a nutshell, she looked incredible.

Towards the end of the evening, everyone was feeling a slight buzz and content from the great meal we had eaten. Tara approached me while I was cleaning up in the kitchen.

“Thank you for the wonderful party. You outdid yourself.”

She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a kiss that I wasn’t expecting. As her lips crushed themselves againt mine, her mouth opened and she slid her probing tongue into my mouth. Immediately my cock hardened and pressed into her stomach. At the same time I felt her hand slip into the pocket of my pants and she deposited something.

Tara said, “Don’t look in you pocket until after everyone is gone. Call me.”

And with that, Tara rejoined the party. I stood there a little shell shocked. Tara and I had always flirted, Mark didn’t seem to mind, but this felt different…and exciting.

The party ended and only Mark, Tara and me were left. Mark thanked me again and again for the good time and then went to get the car. I was alone with Tara and as soon as Mark was out the door, she approached me and I took her into my arms. I leaned down and kissed her as I pulled her into my body. Once again my cock was pressing into her.

“Thanks again for the the wonderful time and for being such a great neighbor. Don’t forget to look in you pocket after we’ve gone. Do you still have my cell number?”

I replied, “I have it. When can I see you?”

She kissed me again and said, “Soon.”

I could see Mark pulling up in their car, so we pulled apart and I walked her to their car. I opened her door, she got in, flashing me a look at her beautiful legs, and they drove away.

I was in a daze and in possession of a raging hard-on. I walked back into the house and, in spite of dying to see what was in my pocket, I finished cleaning up.

When I finished getting everything back in order I got ready for bed. As I sat on the edge of my bed I reached my pants pocket and pulled out a silky, powder blue lace panty thong. I raised it and smelled a musky, tangy bahis şirketleri odor that was from Tara wearing it as it creased and folded into her pussy and asshole. It was the most erotic smell I had ever experienced in my life. Without thinking I peeled off my clothes and wrapped the thong around my cock and stroked thinking about Tara. Almost immediately I erupted in a epic orgasm, but I managed to not cum on the present she had given me. I showered, fell into bed and dropped into a deep sleep.

The next morning I looked to see the time on my night stand and saw the powder blue lace thong. I almost couldn’t believe what had happened. I had always wanted to fuck Tara, but I respected Mark and didn’t want to ruin a friendship trying to get into his wife’s pants. Now she had practically invited me in and, without any hesitation, I was going to try my best to make sure that I took advantage of the situation I had been presented with.

I got up, cleaned up, dressed and went about getting some breakfast. It was hard to stay focused because Tara was always in the back of my mind. I heard my phone vibrate and I looked to see that I had gotten a text from Tara asking if I had liked her present. Immediately replying I said I loved it, but wanted more.

My phone vibrated again and it has a picture attached showing Tara nude, but covering her tits and pussy with an arm and her hands. The note attached said, “Is this enough?”

My text, “You’re getting close, when can we meet?”

Tara’s text: “Mark is leaving on business trip Tuesday, take an Uber to this address. I’ll be there at 5:00 p.m., please don’t make me wait.”

This message was followed up with another picture of Tara, but this time her tits were on full display. Her breast were perfect, fleshy mounds topped with dark, two inch areolas and erect nipples pointed straight out at me in her picture. I was aroused and amazed. I didn’t know what had caused this behavior in Tara, but I was determined to take advantage no matter the reason. I’m not normally jacking off all the time, but I again was hard as I had ever been and I stroked again staring at Tara’s picture and the memory of how she felt. Needless to say, I made another mess.

The next two days passed in slow motion. Going from Sunday to Tuesday was torturous. I kept smelling the lacy thong and looking at the pictures Tara had texted to me. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand the change she had gone through. Maybe she had always been sexually adventurous and I was only finding out now that she had moved. Maybe the distance between us had embolded her to show me her true self. It didn’t matter to me, I just couldn’t figure it out.


The time had finally arrived for our meeting. I had looked up the address Tara had given me and found it was an up-scale Italian restaurant. I called for a ride from Lyft and was on my way. I felt like a nervous teenager on my way to a first date. I felt like I was in a dream and totally not in control. After a 30 minute car ride, I paid the driver bahis firmaları and walked in the restaurant.

I didn’t know if I should ask for a table or wander around looking for Tara, but she was at the sign-in desk telling an employee that she had reservations for two. I stepped behind her and kissed her shoulder. She turned, smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss and I felt like I had just won the lottery.

She was wearing a short green skirt that showed off her fabulous legs, a black spaghetti strap top with obviously no bra underneath and a matching green jacket, and, finally, open toed stiletto, four inch high CFM heels. She looked fantastic. As we were shown to our table, every eye, male AND female turned to look at her. She had captivated the entire restaurant.

We were sat in a dark booth, and I ordered drinks. From our time as neighbors I knew what she liked and I asked and was given permission to order her drink.

“I’m impressed you remember what I like to drink.”

“I’m impressed you’re here with me. I don’t want to spoil the part before its began, but what are we doing here?”

“What we’re doing is that we will have a fantastic dinner followed by an even more fantastic night. If you’re wondering why, I’ll talk about this now, and then never again, deal?’

“That works for me, so, again, what are you doing here with me?”

“Right after we moved, I found out Mark was having an affair with one of his co-workers. For some reason I wasn’t upset and I wasn’t surprised. We have a good marriage, but we’ve become more like roommates than husband and wife. I told him I wouldn’t ask him to stop and I won’t ask him anything about his behavior. BUT he’s also lost the right to ask me anything about what I do. When I decided to ‘branch out’ on my own I though of you. I know you were attracted to me, but you were always a perfect gentleman. I’ve always felt a spark for you that I knew could get out of control. Now I decided to throw control out the window. To be blunt, I’ve thought of fucking you and now it going to happen.”

“I’d be lying if I said I had never thought of you laid out underneath me, but I can’t believe it’s happening. I’ll only say this once also. Mark is my friend, but he was a fool to chose to be with anybody except you.”

Just then our drinks arrived. We lifted our drinks and toasted “To our new adventure.” We ordered a light dinner and a bottle of expensive wine. Dinner passed like a new date. We talked and laughed and shared dessert. I asked for the tab, paid it and looked at the beauty sitting with me and asked her, “What now?’

Tara explained, “The reason I wanted you to catch a ride here is that I’ll drive us to our new house. I have a toothbrush there for you and if you need more, we’ll go get it. How’s that?”

I replied, “Perfect. But I need you to do something for me.”

“What? I’m up for anything.”

“Are you wearing anything under your skirt?’


“Good. I want you to take it off, right now, and give it to me.”

Tara looked at me kaçak bahis siteleri with surprise and wide open eyes before she started smiling. She looked around and then, under the tablecloth, reached down and started squirming. After a few moments, she sat up and moved her right fist into my hand and dropped a small, black thong into my hand. She scooted around to my side of the table and put her hand on my semi-hard cock through my slacks and squeezed.

“What are you doing with my underwear?” Tara asked.

“I’ve decided to start a collection of your underwear.”

I leaned over and kissed her and we got up. I rearranged my swelling cock and walked out to her car. I opend the driver’s side door and before she got in, we kissed as my hands groped her ass and tits. She pulled away and said, “Let’s go home.” As Tara drove, she reached over and stroked my rock hard dick by slipping her right hand into my pants and taking a hold of me. As she drove she jacked me off. I knew I wouldn’t last and suddenly I exploded. She scooped up my cum on her fingers and promptly licked her fingers.

Tara asked, “You have more in reserve, right?”

Me, “Absolutely no problem.”

I put my left hand between her legs and I spread her legs. I moved to her wet pussy and found a pleasant surprise; Tara had completely shave her cunt! I inserted two fingers into her sopping vagina and started finger-fucking her as she drove us to her house.

Suddenly Tara put her hand on mind and let out a long moan, “Oh my god, I cumming…oh fuck…oh fuck!” My hand was flooded with her fluids and we nearly drove off the road. I withdrew my hand and Tara regained control of the car.

“You need to stop touching me until we’re home.”

I reluctantly said “Okay” and we both were more subdued until we reached her home. She and Mark had moved into a new, modern development. The homes were ranch style houses sitting on larger than average lots.

I looked at her and said, “Really? This doesn’t look like downsizing.”

Tara replied, “We got a ton from selling the old house and found a perfect house.”

Just then she pulled onto her driveway as her garage door opened. She drove into the garage and once we were in she closed it behind us. We had gotten to her house and now the fun was going to begin. I leaned over and kissed her while she was still seatbelted. I put my hand on her breast and squeezed for a moment before I pulled her jacket open, torn down her top and took hold of her tits, pinching one, then her other nipple. Tara was moaning.

“Let’s go in, I want you inside my pussy!”

We struggled out of our seatbelts and the car and I followed Tara into her new house. She took me by the hand and led me to what I thought would be the guest bedroom. Where we ended up was the master bedroom.

Tara started pulling off her clothes and I stepped in to help. She stepped out of her green skirt and I was rewarded with the sight of her completely bald pussy, glistening from the juices dripping out of her very wet vagina. She returned my help by pulling off my clothes and then she dropped to her knees and grasping my engorged cock, Tara licked me before swiftly sucked me into her mouth. I couldn’t help myself and started face fucking her.

End of Part 1

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