It Was Worth Waking Up

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I never thought the phone could ring that loud. I tossed in my bed, searching for my cell phone in the sea of comforters and sheets, and the vexing ring was echoing in my skull. I finally found my phone wedged between my bed and the wall and looked at the front screen.

“What the hell could she want?” I asked myself, annoyed by the 4:34am phone call from my sister. It was a Thursday and I had work in five hours.

“Hello,” I answered in a groggy voice.

“Hey Mike! What are you doing?” She yelled above the voices in the background. She was obviously at a party or a bar, and drunk.

“Um… sleeping.” I said, trying not to sound too annoyed, but it was obvious.

“Oh, sorry, but we need a ride back to my house, our driver left and none of us have any money. Could you possibly give us a ride?”

I was so angry, I knew I had to pick her and her friends up, but not a muscle in my body wanted to move. I knew I was still drunk from before, but the morning after rule was in effect.

“Yeah, I guess, just give me like twenty minutes, where are you?”

“We are at the Spotted Zebra on Seventh Street. Is that okay?” She asked as if she cared if it was okay or not.

“Yeah, twenty minutes.” I muttered.

“You are the bes…” I shut my phone and rolled out of my bed. By the time I was standing upright I could feel the alcohol still in my system. I wasn’t drunk, and I wouldn’t drive drunk, but I felt buzzed still. I wandered around the darkness of my room, stubbing my toes and knocking over a beer bottle. I could feel the beer soaking into my shirt as the aroma lifted into the air.

“God damn it, now I have to take a shower.” I was agitated by now, and it seemed it was only getting worse. I grabbed the towel from my door handle and walked out my bedroom door. The bathroom was hot, the only room not air-conditioned, and the summer heat was thick and strong. I turned on the light and could feel my pupils constricting and my eyes squinting. I realized I looked like hell as I caught sight of my reflection in the mirror.

“Great, all of her friends are going to see me like this.” I was praying the shower was going to help me out. I took off my boxers and stepped into the shower. I turned the water on and felt the warm water running down my body. I was the typical nineteen-year old when it came to my body, not skinny but not fat, but just toned. I scrubbed down and rinsed quickly, and I instantly felt awake and alert. My body was covered with goose bumps immediately. I dried off and walked back to my room, and turned on the light in my room and stepped inside. The room smelled of beer and sex, and it should have considering my night. My parents had gone away for a long weekend, and I had a girl over for a crazy night. Unfortunately she left abruptly when her parents called her, leaving me with a painful set of blue balls.

I threw on a t-shirt and jeans and stepped into sandals. After grabbing my phone and wallet, I walked out of my room and then outside. It was very hot outside still; my goose bumps vanished quickly as I stepped up into my jeep. I put on some music and peeled out of my gravel driveway.

I got to Seventh Street to see the place packed with cars, people and cops. It looked like Bourbon, and I knew finding Kristen and her friends was going to be impossible. Suddenly I spotted her out of the corner of my eye, standing on the sidewalk with 3 of her girlfriends. I beeped my horn but none of them responded.

“Damn it, Kristen!” I stepped outside of the car and waved to them, but they still didn’t notice. Finally one of friends spotted me as I whistled loudly into the hectic crowds. As I watched them walk towards me, I was no longer upset that they called me to pick them up. All of them were about 25, a year younger than my sister. They all wore very revealing tops and very short ruffled skirts, showing off their tan, sexy legs. Even my sister looked sexy.

Since I was about twelve, all I ever heard from my friends was how hot my sister was, and it used to drive me crazy. She was about 5’6”, brown hair, blue eyes, and great skin. I never really paid any attention but I knew she had great assets, despite her constant complaining about them. She was my sister though! I mean I knew bitlis escort she was beautiful, but hot and sexy never seemed to be okay with me. But tonight I could finally see what they were talking about. Maybe it was just her outfit, or maybe it was the beers still in me, but she looked hot.

“Hey Mike!” Kristen yelled out to me. She was obviously drunk, but probably the most sober of the group.

“This is Jill,” she pointed to a very sexy blonde. Her hair was pin-strait, down to her shoulders, her skin tan and unblemished. Her tits poured out of her tank top. I reached out my hand as I caught sight of her perfect smile, but couldn’t keep my eyes off her chest.

“This is Jess,” she said as she pointed to this beautiful brunette. Her body was tight, and her ass looked amazing in her tight skirt. She had amazing brown eyes, and she looked very seductively into mine as she shook my hand. These girls blew me away, and just when I thought it couldn’t get better I was introduced to the third.

“And this is Megan.” She pointed to the sexiest red head I have ever seen. Her body had amazing curves, and her creamy white skin has only a touch of tan to it. She had amazing blue eyes, and a perfect smile.

“Wow look at Charlie’s Angels: the blonde, the brunette and the red head.” I joked still looking into Megan’s eyes. They all smiled as we started to walk back to the car. I walked ahead of them, and I could hear giggles and whispering behind me. I was praying that it was good things. I wanted them, especially Megan. Kristen ran up and jumped on my back.

“What did you do tonight babe?” She asked me obviously knowing my parents were gone for the weekend.

“Nothing special, had a date, got a little drunk.”

The word date seemed to attract all of them into the conversation. Suddenly all four of them started asking questions and giggling. God they had the sexiest laughs I thought to myself. I told them it went okay, but was a disaster in the end, leaving out the blue balls part of the story.

They all gave me a fake “awe”, as I opened the car door for them. Kristen got into the back with Jill and Jess and Megan sat shotgun.

“Riding up front?” I looked at her, just trying to make conversation as I lowered the rap blasting through my speakers.

“Yeah, if that’s okay with you,” She said as she shot me a very sexy, playful smile.

“Oh my God, I love this song, pump it!” Jess yelled from the back seat as I turned the volume up. All four of them started to dance in the seats. I kept giving Megan looks as she continued to look at me. I started getting excited, I wanted her and I could tell she wanted me.

I felt her hand grazing mine as I shifted. Her hand started to move across the seat and found my lap. She began rubbing my cock through my jeans and I could feel it getting hard. I looked her as she gave me the sexiest look ever. I turned the interior lights

as I felt her beginning to open my fly. I started to panic, realizing my sister was in the back seat.

“Wait, we can’t, Kristen is back there I whispered.” I said looking at her concerned.

“She won’t care, she told me to.” She continued to pry my hardening cock from my pants.

“She what?!” I said aloud as I looked into the rear view mirror and realized all of them were laughing and watching.

I realized my cock was now out, and Megan had a firm grip on it. Then I realized her two friends were watching. I was overwhelmed by the idea of them seeing it. Kristen turned after saying that she couldn’t see it. Megan continued to stroke it as the other two kept watching.

“Kristen, your brother has a really nice cock.” Jill said as I watched her eyes in the mirror.

“Oh you can’t tell me that, it’s my little brother!” Kristen yelled, her eyes still locked outside the window.

“He’s not so little!” Jess yelled as the girls laughed.

Megan bent down and began to lick and suck on the tip of my cock. I felt my foot slowly coming off the accelerator. I turned off onto a side road and pulled over as Megan began sucking my cock hard. I turned on the red neon lights in my car. I can feel Jess and Jill’s hands rubbing my shoulders and chest. I can’t believe what was bolu escort happening.

And then something crazy happened. After watching Megan pumping my cock in and out of her mouth, I looked into my rear view mirror. Over my shoulder was my sister watching, and her two friends making out. I couldn’t believe my eyes, she was staring at her friend sucking my cock, and I could see she was getting turned on. Her friends pulled her into the kiss and I could see their hands feeling each other up. I don’t know why but I am turned on so much by my sister.

“Go back to my house.” Kristen whispers into my ear and then softly bites my ear. I almost come right there, but I am far too excited to ruin it now. I take off down the road, Megan still working my cock. All of the girls take their shirts off in the back and I can see hands holding and pulling at the bras. Megan takes off her shirt and I can see her soft, white skin glowing in the red lights. I feel someone sucking on my neck and look in my mirror. It’s my sister and I can see Jill sucking on her neck as well. I realize I am doing seventy down her street, and finally we reach her driveway. I pull the emergency break and all the girls rush out from the back seat and run to the front door. Megan releases my cock from her lips and slides out of the car. I tuck my aching cock back into my pants as I step out of the car and follow them to the door. Jess and Jill start kissing me as Megan sucks on Kristen’s neck while Kristen opens the door. We walk inside as Kristen runs into the kitchen as the girls drag me into the living room, all while pulling my pants to my ankles. They push me onto the couch and start licking my cock.

Kristen returns holding a bottle of tequila, wearing nothing but her boy shorts. I look at her amazing tits as the girls share my cock. I look into Kristen’s eyes as I push the girls from my cock. They turn to Kristen as they all stand up and unhook each other’s bras. Kristen walks towards me and hands me the tequila as she drops to her knees. I can see her eyes staring at my cock before I feel her hand grasp it.

I am shocked at this point. My older sister is holding my cock, and looking at it like she’s going to suck every drop of come from it. Suddenly I feel her lips wrap around it and she starts to suck it hard. Next I have one of Jill’s and one of Jessica’s tits in my hand as I suck Megan’s. I can feel Kristen pressing my cock against her lips as her hands stroke up and down on it. I pull down Jessica’s thong and she positioned herself above me. I start to lick her shaved pussy, swirling my tongue around her clit as she moans. Megan and Jill start pulling off their panties as they kiss and fondle each other. Jill pushed Megan onto the couch and got down on her knees and started eating her pussy. After a few minutes of this, Kristen stops sucking me.

“Girls, I need some help sucking this big cock!” Suddenly all the girls were on their knees staring at my cock. I move from mouth to mouth, even though all I want is to leave it in Kristen’s. She sucked it so good. But it was so hot watching all of them share it, and make out while one sucked it. Jill and Megan sucked on Kristen’s tits as Jess sucked me hard. I know I am going to come, and I want to unload on all of them.

“I am going to come!” I yell as Jess continues to suck me. She wants it, I can see it in her eyes and my knees begin to buckle. I feel the load of cum spewing from my cock into her mouth. She opens her mouth as my cock slides out, come still covering it. It doesn’t get far before Megan wraps her lips around it and starts to suck my cock clean. Jess, with her mouth still filled with warm cum, kisses Kristen’s mouth and I can see the come dripping from their lips as they make out. I feel my cock softening in Megan’s mouth. I realize that Jill has yet to get anything. I take her by the hand and pull her up to me. I kiss her hard as the rest of the girls kiss and lick my cock. She gets down on the couch as I take a look at her pussy. It is so clean and looks so tasty. Megan and Jess start sucking her tits as I begin to eat her pussy. I lick and suck and kiss her pussy as she starts moaning incredibly loud. Kristen straddles her mouth as Jill stars to work her pussy. The room burdur escort is filled with moans and heavy breathing.

I feel myself getting hard as I watch my big sister riding her friend’s face. I stand up and get my cock ready to fuck Jill.

“Wait! Stop!” Kristen yelled as everyone looked at her. “I get it first.”

She got on her knees on the couch and holds onto the back as Megan and Jill sucked her tits. All of the girls finger each other, as I get ready to fuck my own sister. I run the tip of my cock between her asses until I find her pussy. I plunge deep inside her as she yells out. I go until I can feel my balls pressing against her. I pump in and out of her as she starts to hold onto my arms. I watch her amazing ass bumping and grinding against me, and I know I won’t last long.

“Kristen, I am going to come!” I start to pull out but she presses back against me.

“Don’t pull out, fill me with that cum!” She moaned as I began to spray hot cum inside her. Her body began to shake as she came. My cock started to grow soft inside her as cum ran down her legs. The moment I slipped out of my sister’s pussy, Jess shoved my cock into her mouth.

“Let me have that fat cock inside me next?” Megan asked me, Jill still pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy. She was spread eagle on the couch. Jill started sucking her tits and fingering herself. Kristen and Jess got into a 69 position as Jess licked the cum from her pussy.

I didn’t even give enough time to get hard before I entered Megan. Her pussy was so tight, and gripped my cock as I moved in and out of her. I made slow, shallow movements at first, and then fast, deep thrusts as she began to moan and dig her nails into my back. She came hard, panting and cooing. She ran her hands allover her body as she switched positions with Jill. I got onto the couch as Jill climbed on top of my cock. She rode me hard and fast as I watched her tits bouncing up and down. She grinded her hips against me and I knew her clit was driving her crazy. She came so hard, dripping down on me. She fell down onto me, licking and sucking my neck as I pushed into her again. She almost jumped as she smiled and laughed. She got off me, and joined the girls on the floor Megan. The four of them licked, sucked, and fingered each other as I stroked my cock, sitting on the couch.

Jess got up and sat on my cock between my legs. She started bouncing up and down and then grinding on me. Her body looked amazing as she fucked me senseless. She had the sexiest moans I had ever heard. She held onto my knees and rode herself into an orgasm, her body shaking and contracting as she leaned back against me. I rubbed her tits as I continued to fuck her cuming pussy. I loved running my hands over her smooth body as she took my cock out of her, as her cum dripped down.

I was still hard, stroking my cock as the girls kept going at each other. Jess continued rubbing her body, lying on the couch.

“Kristen, you want to finish me? I want that pussy again baby!” I said looking at her rubbing my cock. She smiled as she walked over to me, and turned. She gave me a view of that great ass as she began to shake and dance in front of me. She straddled me, and moved her hips, teasing me. Then she sat down hard on my cock as my balls pressed against her ass. She rode me hard as I sucked her tits. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my sister, and it was absolutely amazing. I never had a pussy that felt so perfect. She rode me up and down until I could feel my balls aching.

“I’m going to cum!” She jumped off and all the girls gathered around me as I stroked my cock. I began shooting laces of cum at the girls as they took turns sucking cum from the tip. By the time I was done, all of them had cum on their faces and lips. They started kissing and licking the cum off each other.

After a while longer of rubbing and caressing each other, all of the girls fell asleep. It was 7:00.

“Shit I have to go to work soon.” I whispered to myself as I looked for my pants. I found them under the couch and put them on as I walked towards the door. I walked outside and felt the heat again. I don’t think what had just happened really set in my mind.

I reached for my car door handle, and felt a hand grab mine. I turned back to see Kristen, wearing a bra and her skirt.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She said with a mischievous smile. “I’m not done with you yet.”She took my hand and pushed it up her skirt and I felt her warm, wet pussy.

“Looks like I am calling in sick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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